: There's Too Much Damage
Played since season 2 and this is my first comment ever and its to necro a thread :) Just uninstalled for this very reason. - You die in one cc because of the burst and tenacity seems bugged. I've sat in CC from 1 ability on multiple occasions for up to 8 seconds with mercs. Not that it should matter because no champ in the game has 8 second cc at any point. Spaghetti code programmers. - Games bugged beyond belief on many other champion mechanic interactions. - Players still leave lobby without much consequence -- there should be 60min penalty at the least or fix que system either way. - They have been rotating what's "op" every season, and this season it's mages -- again, which is cancerous considering tenacity is bugged to shit. - Dev's are liberal hipsters with good social skills and sharp smiles which apparently helps them keep their job over -- being good at their job. - Riot is so big in the Esports scene now that they don't listen at all and probably never will again. - The only allow certain types of personalities to play in the pro scene. Mostly it's just 85 pound 20 year olds with hipster haircuts and non-prescription glasses that say things like, "are you actually" or "wait that's actually" that teenagers in high school can still relate to because well.. They still look like high school kids.. Kinda sad really. I just miss the league that was if you won lane you could solo carry your garbo team.. Yeah that doesn't exist anymore really because 1 bounty can change everything you've built if some champ with 8 cc abilities which also deal 800 damage each gets the bounty.


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