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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 1
Whens the next champion roadmap?
: More around 4, like you changed it too, and in in my experience, not many people buy much tenacity, and even with that, the most likely type of people to walk into bushes into what i assume is before late game will be squishies roaming, such as a mage mid or an assassin esc toplaner such as Fiora or Riven, and just to put it in perspective I'm almost sure that the nocturne fear is around 2 seconds at most, and at late game, thats enough to kill his target without any resistance, it makes sense to have the fear be longer, but you can't build an ability, a passive especially, around the fact that people will build a certain stat to counter it.
ah ok so its better now right? and thanks for the critique :)
: PAssive needs to be tuned down, a 6.5 second fear with any circumstances is way too much.
how long should the fear be you think? i was just like thinking ahead and taking tenacity as a thing
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: LGBT Team?
Add me: TokSikTrix :3


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