Terozu (NA)
: What characters from other mobas would you like to see in LoL?
DVA ... or Winston would be cool both from Overwatch
: When the fuck is Camille actually gonna get nerfed?
I dislike that her dash takes precedence over pretty much every Cc ability barring a few. If a Vi is Qing towards Camille in hookshot Vi gets stunned Camille doesn’t get knocked up...how is that fair?
: Effectively, yes. ):
Proof? Sounds like a bunch of wild speculation to me
: > This is what you perma-ban for? No. You were perma-banned because this is your 8th penalty. You were told, not long ago, that the next penalty of any severity would result in a perma-ban.
: Post game stats bug
Lmfao I clicked the link all ready to post a reply about this exact bug.
: > [{quoted}](name=Gear Jammer,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=spv75EHb,comment-id=0002000000000000000200000000,timestamp=2018-05-04T04:09:46.879+0000) > > I'm only a silver level player and I CAN carry my self out of bronze done it 3 times so far didn't play much for a few seasons so placed bronze in those. > > If your not willing to accept the possibility that you can improve the no you won't be able to carry out of bronze. > > It is only difficult to carry at or near where you belong. > > The pros even don't have really high winrates in solo q usually between 50% and 60%. Let me make something very clear because it apparently isnt. This post isnt about complaining about whether or not I can carry myself out, or about the losses really. This post is about complaining about Intentional trolls match after match in row. If you want to make comments about how to deal with intentional trolls or ACTUALLY offer a solution about how to be a better player, then do so. But your comments have offered nothing, except to put another community player down.
There are only two options...mute all and carry yourself or ignore them and carry yourself...either way, if you actually do it guess what? You climb
: > [{quoted}](name=Ron Gurgundyy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=spv75EHb,comment-id=00020000000000000002,timestamp=2018-05-04T03:50:53.210+0000) > > I mean you can bitch all you want...ESPECIALY in bronze...if you can’t carry yourself out of there then you belong there if it was simply unskilled or bad lane match-ups, id agree, but not when it is intentional trolls. Sorry, I don't agree with that oversimplified statement that doesn't take other things into consideration.
Bro literally that is exactly what everyone is referencing when they say to carry yourself out of bronze. Find yourself a good champion for you that you know mechanically in and out that you can win lane and then proceed to 1v5. For me it was Gnar...and I carried a LOT of games with trolls, inters, toxic rages the whol kit and kaboodle. So seriously stop blaming other people for the fact that your bronze, focus on yourself improving every game and you’ll get out of bronze. Oh and I’d stop playing ignite jinx...you need an extra defensive summoner (aka HEAL)...if you run heal Jinx and stop worrying about your team I guarantee you you start to see success as long as your Jinx mechanics are up to snuff
: Patch 8.9 Mundo ult buff summarized
Lul 4K...try 8k after stoneplate hehe xD
: Requesting Blind MMR adjustment; this is absolutely insane.
While I’m guessing you’re exaggerating a little bit, I feel your pain. AND for the first time ever we have someone begging for their MMR to get adjusted by making it lower.
: I didnt "fall" to bronze 5, I started there... Obviously you did not read the post. Additionally, Clearly, from your comments to me, and some of your past comments to other players, yes I investigated before wasting my time arguing with you, you are the guy that goes on here and just argues with whomever you can find, so I wont continue debating anything with you. You are not offering anything except a put down. Wish you the best of luck on the Rift.
I mean you can bitch all you want...ESPECIALY in bronze...if you can’t carry yourself out of there then you belong there
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Salec (NA)
: Yeah, they're prioritizing Worlds 2017 results. Since Brazil made it out of Play-In Group Stage, they seeded higher than Gambit, who didn't even make it out of groups. From there, it's an "easy" tiebreak to put Brazil as the 8th seed since they're the only #2 from a group that won a game.
Meh...its a dumb reason if that's the reason. CIS deserves the spot imo
: Dream Teams Assemble: 2017 All-Star Event Update
Somebody wanna let me know why Brazil gets a spot instead of CIS??!! Albus Nox Luna anybody? Not to mention the CIS squad represented the Wildcards at All-Stars 2015. I just don't get why we would have Brazil but not CIS
: ok so you want to make the all star event more competitive thats cool. How about changing your mind on the BO1 format for NA so that the focus can be on our region being more competitive at international events!
Dynamia (NA)
: The HUGEST problem in Bronze and Silver elo...
Grouping is not always the answer...if I'm on Gnar and I have a lead, I want to be in a side lane as much as I can ... or even kennen, or jayce or pretty much any top laner, when I have a lead, the way to punish it is through split push pressure not through grouping
XeroKimo (NA)
: Actually it scales with level, and her crits are now crit slows which doubles the slow value
Still gets stronger than gnar slow with Frozen Mallet
kile147 (NA)
: I mained Gnar for quite a while and while I agree that he can be strong in the right hands, he's definitely not freelo. He requires some team coordination that you don't see in Solo Queue (Don't engage while I'm mini and expect me to tank), and a lot of meta picks counter him pretty hard (Yas, Jarvan, Fiora all stomp him if they are good). He's a risky first pick because of that and given that he's a little on the weak side you might be better off picking another champ that does the same job. For example Teemo counters almost every meta and a lot of non-meta top laners, but he's easier to play and solo queue teammates usually have a better idea of how to play with him.
Give Gnar level 9, and black Cleaver and he beats pretty much every top laner right now AND team fights better than them. The reason some Gnars don't find success is they don't know when they are actually strong and so they try to pressure when they're weak and then they never get to their power spike in time. If you can do that, Gnar is free right now
AL000 (NA)
: Buy FM as 3rd or 4th item. of course. ;\
kile147 (NA)
: The stickiness that FM provides is not unique. Black Cleaver makes you difficult to escape and IBG is basically no cooldown too. The slow zone is too big to get out of immediately if you build some armor, it lasts 2 seconds, and the spellblade cooldown is 1.5 seconds. Anyone who can stagger their abilities can use it for almost perma-stick as well. Yas and Gnar would both use IBG if it was viable, FM is basically just a IBG for manaless champs, and they both can build Black Cleaver for added stickiness because the speed boost essentially stacks with the slow from FM. Pretty much all the champs you listed don't bother using FM because they either already build IBG or Black Cleaver for stickiness ({{champion:83}}, {{champion:420}}, {{champion:122}}, {{champion:86}}), or have inherent stickiness in their kit and don't need either item ({{champion:24}}, {{champion:59}}, {{champion:164}}, {{champion:266}}, {{champion:92}}, {{champion:98}}, {{champion:122}}). Shyvana, Kennen, and to a lesser degree Teemo have all built Frozen Mallet primarily because they don't have synergy with either of the other two items that champs normally buy for stickiness. Shyvana and Kennen would both rather build BC or IBG if either was viable on them. Teemo only uses FM for his rare on hit builds that are pretty sub-par and niche anyways.
Why on earth....would Kennen buy Black Cleaver........
: It's not even entirely Mallet. Gnar just negates bruisers so fucking hard that they need to undo the buff to his W damage.
Gnar was on like a 44% winrate or something awful like that...the buffs were fair...not to mention, they already did undo the buff to his W damage that they put in last season and gave him a different buff this season
: She's balanced around that fact. Gnar isn't or else they'd nerf his W's magic damage.
They did that...last season...and made his trash tier
: Yea, her kite is her slow, that's what I meant. Also, her slow is pitiful at early stages of the game, and isn't even that good later in the game. You can't compare a 90% slow to a 25% slow, lol.
You gotta remember that Ashes slow will scale with crit chance, making her slow stronger as she gets more and more crit chance to where the slow is likely stronger than the Gnar-Frozen Mallet slow
: Ashe is immobile and has nothing to kite champs unlike a lot of other adcs. She is THE CC carry and that slow isn't very strong early thb.
Has nothing to kite champs??!! She's one of the better kiting ADCs in the game just because of her passive lmfao
AL000 (NA)
: Define between Pro and Main.... FM is just situational item IMHO... BTW, you should not copy Pro all of time.
Lmao y'all don't play Gnar like at all do you?
: Frozen mallet is good on Gnar if he is ahead and can duel you. In an actual team fight, it is super negligible.
False lmao. Never underestimate the ability of Frozen Mallet Gnar to secure 1-2 kills on the backside of team fights because they are slowed and can't get away.
kile147 (NA)
: He's still not strong. Gnar is still only countering Juggernauts and immobile tanks (and Lissandra apparently?!) and Frozen Mallet helps with those matchups while doing basically nothing for the matchups that he already loses. It's core because you build it against the only champs who you'd willingly pick Gnar against.
Idk man, I think you're sleeping on the Gnar...think about what are the strongest top laners we've seen lately? Jarvan, Renekton, Galio, Shen, Rumble, Fiora...while a couple of those lanes are trickier for Gnar, they are all winnable and winnable with not the highest level of outplay needed. Here's my thought, if you play Gnar already, he'll be freelo. If you don't play Gnar already, you'll get shit on
AL000 (NA)
: http://champion.gg/champion/Gnar/Top 40.56% Win Rate | 2086 Games 45.17% Win Rate | 259 Games Both is using FM item... so what's wrong? FM is pretty situational item IMHO...
I mean...the champions win rate had been trash for a while due to some nerfs and then post buffs expect to see more people playing the champ that maybe don't know him as well for the flavor of the month feel...both of those would lead to lower win rates. And actually, the higher win rate was when they went Frozen Mallet before black Cleaver lmao so right there alone should tell you that Mallet is pretty damn strong on Gnar
AL000 (NA)
: You can't build that item at every games... and MAW on Gnar?!
AL000 (NA)
: {{item:3022}} is something for pure tank should buy... in my experience... Honestly there is much better item than FM for Gnar. I guess Gnar itself needs better rework since he is lack of burst damage while playing as mini-gnar... mega-gnar is much reasonable to play tho.
....huh?? Of course mini gnar lacks burst damage, he's a sustaineddamage dealer.... And no pure tank should ever have Frozen Mallet, it gives zero resistances so you just melt in team fights... Need I mention there is really only one item that is better on Gnar than Mallet and that's Black Cleaver, and even then in some matchups Frozen Mallet is the better option
: YOu shouldnt press one button and negate a spell completley with a SUMMONER SPELL
Cleanse does the same thing to champs like Tf or Lissandra
: So just roam a lot then? Isnt it a bad idea to give my opponent so much free farm?
If you don't do it stupidly, you don't give away free farm. One of two things happens. Either you get to hard shove first which means you can start the roam/tp while the other top laner is catching his wave. Or, the other laner feels confident enough to shove you in which means he's playing aggro enough for you to engage him and pick the 1v1 fight. Also, it doesn't matter if the enemy top laner gets free farm if you got a good roam off and got two kills and a tower for it. Two kills alone is worth like 3.5 waves of cs. Which more than makes up for what the other top laner got while you were gone on top of the fact that your roams then puts the rest of the team ahead as well. As a top laner, if you can't force kills in lane and you need to snowball, through kills, roaming is always a respectable answer as long as you aren't doing it like a monkey and wasting time or dying.
: > [{quoted}](name=Gnarles Barkleyy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AE3Erg30,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2017-06-01T00:42:58.428+0000) > > I think vlads also more difficult then swain...swains kit is a little more straight forward whereas Vladimir takes some work into figuring out It could just be me but I don't find Vladimir too difficult to play. Even for players who are new to LoL. His Q, transfusion is a targeted ability, R is a point and click, his E can hardly be called a skill shot when it hits 10 directions, and w just makes you untargettable to most attacks. His Q and R is like Annie's, which was why the transition between these 2 champions wasn't hard.
It's not that the specific mechanics of each ability are difficult more that the way in which you use the abilities and all of the little nuances that come with the champ are difficult to master
Sateless (NA)
: vlad is played more than swain that could always be why his win rate is lower. They play two different roles on a team, vlad no mana lots of sustain easy lane bully and yes decent team fight and dmg, swain generally more of a tanky sustain mage late game with some lock down i feel that vlad will always have better burst.
I think vlads also more difficult then swain...swains kit is a little more straight forward whereas Vladimir takes some work into figuring out
: Why would Flyquest pick up Wildturtle?
I mean freeze hasn't really proven to be better than doublelift either
: This is the wrong way to judge whether a champ is viable in high elo. You should be looking at current master tier+ players who are mains of these champions and you will see every on of the champions you have listed have mains who are currently in master elo
...wut? His point was that there are other champs who are as underplayed at that elo and up... If any of those champ had one tricks playing those champs, they would have a lot more than 15 or 16 games played in the last month.
: So is {{champion:22}} but she is one of the most played champions in high elo/pro play.
Think about why she's contested in high elo? It's literally two reasons, hawkshot and her ult. Both of which take a hell of lot more skill to properly use then Garens kit lmao
: when is Riot going to realize Garen is the weakest champion in high elo
: I want MMR Change or make consequences worse for children under 18.
Lucian, Vayne and Ezreal would a word on the whole "most mobile ADC" thing
: Frozen mallt should be Melee only like the Hydras
Lul so much salt...it really isn't that bad of an item; get swifties, don't fight if you know you'll just get kited. Of the ranged that use Mallet (mostly Teemo Gnar Kennen I've seen lately) if you can get on top of them and get into melee range they are screwed.
Neamean (NA)
: IMO I think Nunu should be classified as a juggernaut rather than Warden
Lul nunu deals no damage unless you build damage, juggernauts are champs that can do damage with no damage built, sure most juggernauts will build on damage item but they don't always have to
Joxcab (NA)
: "Waaah, Xayah is broken because IDK how to sidestep, time to exaggerate and lie to farm upvotes!"
It's not her rot that's busted it's her absolutely outrageous does output in team fights.
: Self healing shouldnt exist on Darius/Illaoi/Maokai
Darius and Illaoi lack mobility tho. That's the trade off.
Cibreca (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Gnarles Barkleyy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1uHFcyLu,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-05-25T00:05:15.525+0000) > > Over the last few patches? Quinn hasn't been in patch notes at all for at least two months They lengthened her e cooldown recently. But they also nerfed AD, Armor Penetration (% and Lethality) and buffed Armor. So as an All AD champ, she was nerfed. Even her R damage was nerfed.
It wasn't "in the last couple patches tho" that Quinn received direct nerfs
Cibreca (NA)
Over the last few patches? Quinn hasn't been in patch notes at all for at least two months
jpguy902 (NA)
: I Came Across an Account That Might be Being Boosted
There's one really easy way to tell Granted this system isn't perfect but if the persons flash key changed at all over a significant stretch of games, odds are it's getting boosted
: @Meddler, if you have to nerf Galio, please don't hit his AP mid play style
: I'll pay more than $25 for gentleman gnar
Isn't...that gentlemen cho'gath....
kasfas (NA)
: well im not sure what else im supposed to do really, i have thought about going black cleaver > tank , and also ibg > spiritvisage, but im not sure how much better those will fare. Maybe ill try some other stuff out right now.
For tanks it is totally arbitrary for what you build. The first thing you have to prioritize is survivability. If you're on poppy you honestly simply can't afford to build greedy and go for what is ultimately a damage oriented item in BC or IBG. You need health and armor/mr. You should prioritize based on what you need. Playing against Fiora, Yi, Yasuo, Vayne, etc. you need an early Randuins Omen. Against Rumble Ryze or Azir, maybe think about that new Adaptive Helm. Just you really want to make sure that generally, barring weird instances where you against all ap or all ad, that on tanks you have one armor/health item and one mr/health item. From there, you can add in your items like Frozen heart, IBG, Gargoyle stoneplate, thornmail, etc. The thing is that if you go for all armor early, you have no health to back it up and mages melt you.
kasfas (NA)
: That doesn't explain why poppy's winerate had declined in the patch of the update though Something like 2%. I'd argue poppy is still ok in lane, but her Midgame sucks now relatively speaking. She still works, and in fact I've been rushing ibg and steraks and doing ok in lane, but immediately become shit after lane phase ends.
Well that's because you don't have enough health imo. Streaks doesn't give much and IBG gives none. So you have little health and no mr, of course it's shit, and mid lane Mage who sees a Poppy with no mr and little health is gonna jump on you instantly
kasfas (NA)
: Shen is a special case who also has reliable damage coming from his q. I'm talking about the tanks i like to play: Sion, Poppy and Malphite a bit
Malphite is just not in a real good place right now tbh. So that's not a scenario that we can really base tanks off of. Poppy has plenty of tools in her kit to be more than Lane dominant into the right matchups. Her W counters a heavy majority of the strong top laners (Renekton, Irelia, Pantheon, Kled, Fiora, etc) as it cancels out mobility. Also having a point and click form of Cc with a conditional stun is very strong in lane and her base damage are high enough that she can lose a threat to squishier laners. Sion is a champ that imo just doesn't have the mobility or the instantaneous Cc needed to survive top lane right now. When I can just play Fiora into Sion and dance around his Q and then dash around his E and, if Sion all in, riposte the ult, there's just so little that Sion can do; regardless of what items are strong. And, imo, there a incredible multitude of champs that do what Sion does but does it better.
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