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: I compared his design to how the same gimmick is handled elsewhere. Here it's given a ton of tools. There it's given minimal tools. It's a valid point. Now please stop harrassing and insulting me while I'm trying to actually talk to other people? If you want to talk about the subject do so. Don't throw insults. And especially don't call bias when you're clearly also biased.
That's like trying to use rubick from dota... 2 different games a similar mechanic so what... balance plays a huge difference in this...
: > [{quoted}](name=Àzír,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Awn7ddhj,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-12-20T22:28:39.887+0000) > > Itll never happen. The company that bought out riot owns an mmo already first rule of business is dont create your own competitor You do know the company that owns shares into RIOT owns shares in Activision and many other game/ MMO companies right?
They do not "own shares into riot" they actually own riot 100% of the way the company invests in big companies they cannot buy out and they dont do it till after the release of game when they see money coming from it they would not remake an mmo as blade and soul is 100% theirs as well so there is a greater risk factor if it tanks.
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: Riot was not bought out by anyone
Tencent had about a 7% stake in it when league originally released 2011 came and tencent bought the last 93% they were missing. Which is why the game went to hell and is not worth even a second of anyone's time anymore but my phones news feed wont leave this stuff out of it
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: I'd be down to play an open world game with runtera sort of like World of Warcraft.
Itll never happen. The company that bought out riot owns an mmo already first rule of business is dont create your own competitor
: Riot, I think it's time to move on. Or should I say, move forward.
Riot was bought out in 2011 by tencent. Tencent owns an mmo called blade and soul.
: I play solo. It doesn't bother me getting teamed up with premades. I was just simply suggesting that if you have an issue with the premades, get a premade of your own. Do that and you won't have anything else to worry about.
Dude I solo q and end up with 4 other people who are also solo'd on my team and against us is a 5 man premade who have outstanding communication and make my game a living hell everytime and me and my friends are outside of the rank barrier to play together and my smurf isnt as far caught up as my main so its harder and less fun to play on Im not going to just find some randoms to play with in hopes that if I play another game with them theyll do good or not feed the games supposed to be one that you can play smarter and win but I find that with the new queue its impossible for me to win playing smarter which means I have to play harder and that leads to a lot more lost games Its very hard to win a game where your entire team is as bad as Trick2g's hairline or regis ability to land on a gold card
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: @Riot: give us two separate MMRs in dynamicQ, help solo players staying engaged with the game
Id rather just have solo/duo q back with this dynamic bullshit it ruins the game for me when I go to play alone and I get against a 5 man premade and makes the game very difficult to win or even play
: > It pretty much seems that way when every single time someone brings these things up you comment along the lines of: "But these items are already being nerfed on the PBE," even though each change made to them is a joke compared to the stat blasting you give any other items. Isn't the Scimitar nerf on the PBE like 5 or 10 AD? That's a pretty big deal. We've seen memes born from nerfs that size. I'm sympathetic toward your concern here, I really am. That said, I don't think the proper response to past changes that felt like knee-jerk reactions is to continue to make more knee jerk reactions in the present and future. If anything, it's in my best interest for mage items to be really powerful on their release, since I have several mages I'm working on that I want to make sure have attractive itemization options.
: Both items have significant changes planned for the midseason patch.
Can we just revert rengar changes already and bring back items that made him a lot more fun like sword of the occult?
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: Can we remove devourer from the game and then actually fix champs that rely on it to function?
Even so you cant have a devourer jungle if they get counter-jungled its necessary to farm if you have nothing to stack off of theres no point its required to actually not get shut down in order to do shit
: Personally I just think right click champs need about a 30-40% damage nerf. I feel like abilities should be the defining feature of a champion, not it's ability to right click things. But, that would be a major design shift this late in the game.
So youre saying nerf every adc or every single champ that uses auto attacks (all of them do) or every champ that needs tor right click to move? Good idea that show true skill and insight into how to balance a game
: Or just make him unable to cast E while jumping.
I disapprove that would butcher his damage and assassinating carries is what hes made for get a steraks or a zhonyas not that hard to beat him
: It might. I think it would be a good idea, but not many people play dominion, so we'd have to see how it would work out.
Lots of people play ranked though and theres even people that refuse to play normals because they just arent that fun it would be a good way to draw people into dominion (Sorry for delay had to be a rengod {{champion:107}} )
: what they should really do is turning 3on3 ranked off, lol. but yeah, if you take 3on3 ranked as an argument, there really is no reason to not have ranked in every mode, even if its stupid.
It would make things more interesting honestly ranked aram and dominion
: its not balanced enough to be competitive and it cant be balanced without making seperate champion changes for this mid which would result in all dominion champions being different than summoners rift champions and that would be total bullshit.
A few balances here and there and it would be fine they can always change some more items on there
: 30 minute wait time for draft dominion....while last time I played blind dominion, everybody (besides me) was an intro bot.
But look how many people play ranked if you go look at 3s something rarely played theres a lot in ranked maybe turning dominion into a ranked mode as well would get it some action
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: Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance revealed
Nerf her NOW {{champion:23}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:4}} {{item:3454}}
: End of Season Rewards and the new Master Tier
Wish the victorious skin is {{champion:23}}

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