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: Patch 9.16 notes
Anyone else not get their Crownguard icon?
buda1337 (EUNE)
: Random Number Generator - basically items are numbers from 1 to x and the system rolls a "dice" on you
> [{quoted}](name=buda1337,realm=EUNE,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=ihJaVrOE,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2019-07-09T00:23:37.087+0000) > > Random Number Generator - basically items are numbers from 1 to x and the system rolls a "dice" on you Now that completely makes sense! Thanks!
Russ4ya (NA)
: Ranked RNG? "TFT"
: Teamfight Tactics-- /Dev Update: Your Feedback and the Road Ahead
It would be great if you could port TFT to phones. The style seems like it would work well on a phone and it would be a great time waster for me when I'm not home. :)
Russ4ya (NA)
: Ranked RNG? "TFT"
Help a girl out. I keep seeing RNG. What does that mean? I couldn't even find it on google lol
Moñarch (NA)
: dont know why people are bashing you. If u play a multiplayer game and expect everyone to be super nice and happy you shouldnt be playing. If you cant take the fact that some people will tilt then dont play...
I realize that but 30 minutes straight of abuse is crap. I ended up the 5th with 4 friends. They knew where they wanted to be. Claimed top, mid, bot and jungle. I’ve never played support but I tried my best. Went down to bot to try to support. I was told ‘I called bot. Leave.’ The mid asked for help so I went to try to help and was told ‘I didn’t ask YOU for help. Don’t lie.’ Then top chimed in and said don’t bother coming up here. At a certain point I asked if I should just stay at the base because I clearly couldn’t do anything right. The response? Yes because I was the stupidest Kog’maw ever. I’ve faced this type of behavior a few times when paired up with 3-4 friends. There is tilting and then there is flat out abuse. Telling me not to play or assuming I’m being overly sensitive is an unfair characterization.
: While I can't save you from toxic people, there is something I can do :) If you want, add me, and I can teach you a bit. Im totally tilt proof (promise!) and I know a fair amount about almost every champ, so I might be able to help you out!
Thanks for the offer OlympusSworn! I’ve sent a request. I don’t have many friends in the game yet so any knowledgeable player is a great ally!
: I wish there was some solution I could tell you, but this will happen even if you were challenger. You can't have bad games. All I can say is try to be the difference you want to be, and don't fight back. Simple things like "I know I'm not the best", and "I really want to learn this champion" could perhaps put a more positive spin on it might help, but overall your best option for learning new stuff is with friends that are okay with dealing with those growing pains.
Even if you try to say that they don’t seem to care. In an ARAM game I got a champion I haven’t even faced. I view ARAM as stepping outside my comfort zone. From the get I said I hadn’t played the champion before. I got ‘that’s a tank. Clearly you aren’t a team player. Can’t you read your abilities?’ The thing is the more someone attacks you the worse you play. Or at least me. The more I get attacked I forget everything I do know. In champions I feel comfortable with I can do okay. Got my first S- rank today which I’m pretty darn proud of. But I also know I can’t just learn one or two which is the goal of ARAM. I guess mute will be the way to go when I play it. Thanks guys! Good to see helpful players out there!
Saezio (EUNE)
: ./muteall at the beginning of each match is your best shot. Now I know this sounds harsh especially for a new player that would ideally like the rest of the team giving feedback but League community consists of very insecure people that like to bash others over their skills on a video game. You should also report every person that makes you not enjoy the match, it sounds vindictive but the report feature is there for this reason. And if those dipshits can't even keep their cool in a normal game we are all better off without them.
I hate the idea of muting but ultimately I’ll need to sometimes. This game should be a team game and it’s hard to be a part of the team when everyone is muted. That being said, true I could report. I hate going that route. I know many people have invested a lot of time and money into it and I don’t want to be the reason someone would get banned. It’s not that I’m a crybaby because I’m not. In games I do well in I see it happen to others. It’s a shame it happens so often or to so many others.
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