: Absolutely a rampant issue right now. I would say conservatively 30% of all ranked games I play have a person who abandons. The LP lost for those games should be returned just like it is in CS GO or other games where people are actively trying to climb. Furthermore, people who abandon games should have progressive bans, that are IP based, not account based.
I agree 100% valve's system of cooldowns should be implemented, leaverbuster is a failure.
: ***
I might do that the next time someone leaves, but the system needs a complete rework.
Abandon (OCE)
: There are too many strong champions right now. Please balance the game.
Pyke should have never been released, his kit is absolutely toxic to the game itself. It just shows you how much China has influence over the game.
: Plays the dumbest champion in league.
The emote system just further toxifies the game when its already toxic to begin with, I'm seeing that ez bs all the time. Riot has practically gave up on league of legends and are focusing on newer projects, their Chinese financial team has taken over the game.
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Valkeri (NA)
: A large portion of the player base has been having issues for a few hours now...
Wow, I thought I was the only one. Glad to know I'm not. How is it possible that there isn't a quit or disconnect button next to the reconnect one? Is this a small indie company?{{champion:119}}
: Early 9.10 Patch Discussion
Small indie company >.>.
: today I got a 75 game chat ban even though I am positive in nearly 100% of my games. on the same day that I got this chat ban, I got rewarded by riot and got a 4 game ip boost, what type of system punishes and rewards users at the same time? I rarely talk in my games unless it's to respond to other users or to have good communication during a game and according to riot this should be punished.
Then you should advocate for a Tribunal return or else we will get instances like yours. Automatic banning based on reports is not enough.


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