Barkley (NA)
: I suppose you want people that honk their horn at you on the freeway thrown in jail, too.
It's not even remotely the same, I just want a kind environment where people are polite to one another. If Riot starts on this early and fast this time, instead of waiting 5 years to fix their community, it'll remain clean. The dude didn't say it just once it was every single round followed by "LOL". I get he's probably like 12 but still man, I don't want to see that.
Dynikus (NA)
: > I want permanent bans for any unsportsmanlike conduct whatsoever. lmao relax. That wouldn't even get you a 10 game chat restriction in league, and you want it to be a permaban?
Unsportsmanlike conduct has penalties in most sports, if not all of them. I requested a perma ban because if you rule with an iron fist, you'll weed everyone out and set an example real fast. Maybe give people a warning. Not to mention riot gives out perma bans like your school's health department gives out free rubber.
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AuronRoo (NA)
: At least increase it after carousels.
Yeah, even like 5 seconds per carousel would be HUGE. It would also be helpful to allow players to "lock-in" to skip the timer if they're good to go.
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: I'm SO FUCKING fed up with Riots BULLSHIT.
Holy shit, I thought I was the only one who's ran into this. This is literally how my account go banned in ranked. The sad thing is that the things I thought I was saying in that game were within the rules. Apparently they were not. Whatever though, their monetary loss. Created a new account, haven't spent a dime since. Because screw losing an account worth about $1.5k to bs like this.

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