: Visual and Sound Effects Update: Anivia
Anivia Main here: Especially loving the new walls. Any word on if Blackfrost is going to get a new recall? Thats the only part of her that doesnt feel legendary.
Sirhaian (NA)
: May I reply with our famous... Soon™? :') For realsies though, we should preview it in the coming days!
Ahaha Ill accept that as better than nothing. Anything you can tell me about the possibility of her Legendary Skin Blackfrost getting a new recall? Or is that not on yalls radar. Everything else about the skin I find exceptional.
Sirhaian (NA)
: We haven't locked anything yet so far. The only ones that we know for sure are the ones mentioned in this post: Anivia, Gragas, Teemo, Renekton and Mundo.
Anivia main here, Any kind of eta for the anivia preview?
: So it happened again and I got leave-buster 5 games for 20 minutes even though I reconnected and we won. I've reconnected to all my games and played them out, may not have one them. But I did my hardest. Its super frustrating, I love playing this game. But I'm getting punished for something that is out of my hands. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
Any solution? Getting this exact same problem and support has no fixes


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