: Riot doesn't care enough to fix technical issues
true, I don't see them responding or helping anyone with anything on here. its like talking to the wind.
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: Just because im low Elo doesnt mean I have nothing to contribute to League.
you must understand these snobby gold and platinum players, for many of them it will probably be the greatest achievement they will ever receive their entire lives.
: game constantly boots me out after character select and needs repair.
Just uninstalled my league. Since the support department doesn't exist or acknowledge any of the people having problems on here, I'm assuming everyone who has issues has to just put up and shut up. No notifications about the leaguers who called me every name in the book for riots terrible client, no notifications about why i keep booted from games, no nothing. I had 2 20$ gift cards I was going to use on this game, but since the new client is a terribly written piece of unreliable trash, I'll happily spend them on something else. Until anyone even bothers to address this issue, my account stays closed.
: Got put on Low Priority Queue, beacuse of bugsplat!!! NOT FAIR!
this has been happening to me frequently now. on top of my low priority, I also get the joy of dealing with 12 year old keyboard crybabies who act like the 10 minutes i was unable to log on ruined their entire lives.
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