: How much LP will i get from playing with a friend several divisions higher than me?
It wont be instant. Your MMR will go up not your LP however if you lose your friends MMR will tank
: Another Post Insulting Dynamic Queue (at least it's well thought out)
You don't even get to play with all your friends if you are D5+
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: AAGaming is recruiting! Full team roaster (Main Roaster and Subs) (Platinum V or higher)
IGN: Hor the Dor Role: ADC Rank: D5, D1 Peak Top 5 Champion: Lucian, Kalista, Twitch, Caitlyn, Ezreal Discord Y/N: Y
: NA Server Roadmap Update: NA Server Move on 8/25
@Riot Ahab, hey as far as partnering up with some ISPs I don't see mine on the list. It's Cass Cable and they serve a lot of people in central Illinois. Their twitter is here @https://twitter.com/CassCableTv Let me know if maybe you guys can reach out to them.
: PvP Patch Kernel is not working.
I'm having this same problem.. any fix?
: need botlane for ranked 5s. NOW!


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