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: The base attack speed is almost negligable (initially) BUT you feel it as you get your % attack speed boost items... since there is not flat numbers like every other stats. New kayle had (I'm pretty sure) the highest flat attack speed in the game so she synergized more with attack speed items better than most (regardless of building AP or not, her itemization was innately better due to this). They are trying to force Kayle into needing AP to scale as well as her levels since her most successful builds were crit, bork on-hit, or trinity force builds. Her weakest builds were the AP ones. So between the increase AP ratio last patch and trying to hit her base attack speed they are slowly trying to push that out.
I understand that, but I'm just saying that it seems like they're not actually changing her attack speed, but they're still changing the attack speed she gets from items and such. Why not change her attack speed? It's an invisible change that nobody will ever know about unless they have read that specific note. It looks like her attack speed and the "attack speed" that items multiply off of are different, and it just seems like a stupidly unnecessary complication.
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: Cmon, you know that'll be OP AF. (If we could do that in a reasonable way, I'd totally argue for doing that).
I think if anything, it should be a longer beard at lower health percentage for that extra display of power!
: Xin Zhao Gameplay Update - To the Arena!
You just put Sejuani's W on him: a cone attack in front followed by a longer range thin line attack with a slow. Aside from numbers, how is it functionally a separate ability?
: Did you already earn a chest on the champions you were playing?
I completely forgot that rule. I probably had. Either way though, with my friend earning a chest, shouldn't I have gotten one too? I mean his earning a chest for my premade shouldn't be ruled out just because of my champ, right? He was playing Xayah, and I've probably gotten a chest while I played her. Does me getting a chest on a champ mean I can't get one when a friend plays that champ? That'd seem a little obnoxious. I understand rewarding me for playing different champs, but I shouldn't be denied for my friend playing the same champ that I had already played. Seems too restrictive.
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: Hey! The skins that are being replaced in your Lunar Revel Shop are scheduled to go on sale either in January or February. We don't want you to get a Lunar Revel sale only to see it in a regular sale over the next few days, so we have replaced those sales in the Lunar Revel Shop with different offers. For reference, here are [the sales for February](
Thanks, Khaos! I'm glad that it wasn't a bug and that it was something that was intended for the better side of players :) And thanks for the reply!
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: Inibonn The Strongest Alive
I really like the idea of a tank that's sorta masochistic (happily takes the damage to get stronger in doing so), but the W and E don't fit in a tank. A trapper tank doesn't really work. On top of that, the ult needs a major nerf for multiple reasons 1) It reduces the enemy's damage on the target to anywhere between five and fifteen 2) it does this for TEN seconds 3) Redirected damage is reduced by up to half Any of these alone aren't really much of a problem, but all three of these together are ridiculously overpowered. You can give any target between six and twenty times the survivability that they would usually have, making it that much more difficult to kill them. That alone isn't a problem, but it lasts for TEN seconds, you could literally have a Jinx walk up to the enemy team to engage by having her bate then when they try to damage her, just ult her and the entire enemy team could blow literally everything in those ten seconds on a marksman but still not kill her. On top of that, you're receiving a doubly reduced amount of that damage since it's sent back to you at a reduced rate THEN again reduced by your resistances, and assuming you're going to be building tank, you're not really going to feel too bad about the damage that you're taking. Places you could reduce the damage: 1) Make it have a smaller base value (if you feel like you need to, you could make it scale with your resistances to match the hyper tank them you have going on) 2) Don't make it last so long 3) Make the damage that's being redirected to you be true damage, if you feel like it's going to do too much damage then, you could definitely make it be reduced even further (I'd recommend it if you think of this one to be a way) 4) Maybe put a leash on it so that you can't just ult a teammate then they tele across the map and 1v5. You talked about Yi doing well with him; picture a Yi walking in 1v5 after teleing from your ult. This is an extreme case, but either way, it shows how distance could be a lever you could pull on it. 5) Make it an AoE centered around you that's over all less effective, but hits the whole team (maybe another instance into which you'd reduce the damage that you take even further). Only problem I see here is it'd sorta just feel like a Maokai ulti. Honestly, I think picking any two of these would balance it since I don't think it just needs to be nerfed to the ground. Back to something I said at the beginning. I don't really understand what you've got going on with the W and E. A tank that's a trapper doesn't really feel right. You don't really play tank to set traps and wait for the enemy to walk into them (you've got Teemo and Caitlyn for that sorta gameplay). You play tanks to do one of two things: Protect your squishies or lock down the enemy team to set up kills while doing damage when possible (more of a side goal, not your main goal). Right now you've set yourself up for the former, protecting, and I like that. However your W and E don't really feel like a tank sort of ability. I'm guessing it's you trying to add to the support role on Inibonn, but a tank needs to be able to react quickly to what the enemy does, traps aren't quick reactions. You've also got a lot of really high ad and ap ratios on him. You've got 3-1.0 ratios on him (two of which are on the same ability), and that's a lot. Even if you don't build a whole lot of ap/ad (building bruiser items such as Titanic, Abyssal or Black Cleaver) you'd be getting a lot of strength from a little damage, and it'd make playing against him feel unrewarding (like against an Illaoi, only a little damage in her build, but a lot of tankiness, still does a lot of damage). While that was a lot of criticism, I hope you see it as constructive. I actually really like all of the abilities (specifically the passive and Q). Inibonn sounds like a cool idea for a champ, but the kit could use a bit of tuning, maybe split the W and E into another character. People do love to play trappers, and you could build around those two to do some cool stuff. I think if you focussed more on the aspect of taking damage and sending it back at the enemies, that'd be pretty cool! Maybe give him a passive that returns a small portion of damage back to the enemies (not much since it's be op with a thornmail, like ten to fifteen max). You could maybe make that his W and give it an active that causes him instead to reduce all damage taken by that amount for a few seconds, cancelling the passive until the cooldown is back up. TL;DR: I like the concept of the masochist tank, but not the trapper tank. Tone the ult down a bit.


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