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: There is one, it's called "custom game".
I have never ever left a game, I have had to reboot my computer which takes about 5 minutes... and I still get leavebustered.. i'm at 20 minutes now... and this isn't daily its maybe once a week my computer will just lock up... I can't pinpoint why and i make changes hoping for the best but this is just stupid, especially when my team won all but one of the games....
: Looking for someone to duo with i play top/mid
I am also similar top / mid main... I would duo.
: Free coaching for low ELO players
More about yourself and why you think you can or should coach would be nice.
Mannny (NA)
: I need help Ranked is just horrible for me...
we should duo.. i have the same problems... i went on a streak but .. yeah i know for a fact i'm better than my rank, i've played gold and silver from the start of the game and now i'm struggling b4... i just need to duo with people that know how to play.


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