: Bring Us Your Bugs!! Celebrating 10 Years of LoL
Tryndamere has bug with his AA after using his E. (Gragas has the same bug but he's less affected) 1. AAing target A 2. Cast E somewhere else(towards target B) 3. AA command on target B 4. Tryndamere will attempt to AA target A, moving away from target B Link for the video demonstration: https://youtu.be/qChmiaD8h6w P.S. also could you guys look at his ult? It seems like his ult doesn't work while moving, casting an ability, and casting ult immediately after.
HaeRicky (NA)
: New conquerer gives too much option for a single rune. Its better to just split it into different runes(sorcery tree could have a fourth key rune) You can keep the true damage identity and lifesteal for conquerer(meelee champs are more desperate for heals), considering conquerer needed a mild nerf. and give the adaptive stats per stack for the neo-fervor-of-battle. It would be better if the stacks were only given through skills hit rather than skill&basic attack combined. Don't make this into a second Dark Harvest that everyone can abuse until it gets heavily nerfed. P.s. at least make the max stacks required higher. Most champion can easily QWER to get 4 stacks already
You knkw there is a problem when all champions seems to synergize with the rune(except the original users) I first thought it would be a great rune for my main, then again, other champion mains were thinking the same thing. I really love the idea of increasing adaptive force as battle progresses, but I don't think it belongs with the conquerer.
: New conqeror has the possibility of being abused by many types of champions is that something u have considered since there are genuinly worries that this might make it alot more unbalanced. Yi and guinso players for one. Also i like to see that Zyra/Brand is on ur radar as nerf objectives hope u find some way to fix it.
I'm worried that conquerer would be abused just like Dark Harvest
: Wait so youre going to leave Akali in this useless state for a month? That seems a bit unfair. Shes literally unplayable in the state shes in right now. At least throw us some sort of bone until 9.5....
At least pros won't use it anymore XD0
Beniona (NA)
: If I am reading the new conqueror right, wouldn't attackspeed ADCs with multihit be able to access it nearly instantly in a teamfight? Think hurricane kogmaw+twitch R on 3+ people. Is this an unintended consequence of the room that shares a teamfight steroid similair to lethal tempo. As far as toplaners with conqueror. Would champions that have multispell on autoes (Jax W has Auto and W dmg on his empowered auto) would this count as 2 stacks towards the cap of conqueror? And does this new conqueror with less true damage but more flat adaptive stats not do what the pre nerf conqueror with too much early stats was contributing to helping the conqueror bruisers burst squishies too effecitvely?
Conquerer doesn't need that much adaptive stats
Straps (NA)
: Hi Meddler - I was hoping to see you comment on Sylas today. I love the champion design, but it feels like he needs a bit more damage in his base kit (P/Q/W/E). Was he intended to have relatively low damage in his base kit due to how powerful his kit can be? Do you think the Q change on PBE will be enough to get him into a good place?
He's meant to survuve long in battles and utiloze passive as much as possible. I think his damage output is decent considering his unlimited possibilities for the ult
Tylosus (NA)
: Hey Meddler How are Akali mains expected to play a 38% winrate champ without changes for over a month? Is it not possible to hotfix the champion for the time being so she can be at least playable?
I just feel like they killed Akali because of the frustration from players' complains
Galiö (NA)
: Does new conqueror active benefit get reset by attacking/staying in combat? 8 seconds is decent time for a 5 hit combo but seems weird if you have 8 seconds to get the 5 hits in and then benefit afterwards. Even more awkward for ranged champs of they get 3 seconds of benefits AND no extension. Either way interesting direction although I feel the healing/true damage will lead into issues down the line (especially with champs like fiora). Nice buffs for Reksai but I think she needs more? Also how is Galio looking since his pro presence dropped off a lot in 9.2 (he had surprisingly bad winrates other than in NA when he was busted in 9.1)
Conquerer's out on PBE go check it out via youtube etc And yes it resets every time you attack. Definately longer than 3 seconds
Snowbrand (EUW)
: What's your thoughts on ap bruiser/divers itemization? Champions like Sylas, Diana, Mordekaiser and maybe Rumble and Singed? Right now there isn't anything for them like there are for ad bruiser with Trinity force, black cleaver and steraks for example. Any plans to update that kind of items for this class? Felt like the introduction of Sylas made it very obvious that items are lacking in this area.
>makes AP bruisers >there's only AD bruiser items >builds AD on AP bruisers >nerfs it >gotta buy AP items >now they're just assasins lul
: Shouldn't ranged attacks not give full stack for the new conqueror? The only reason the old fervor worked was because ranged attacks stacked it slower than melee. Otherwise, it will be too strong on marksmen.
I just feel that this is going to be a rune version of guinsoo, but any champions can abuse this one
Infernape (EUW)
: I personally think that Conqueror does not need the healing on top of also giving stacking adaptive damage and true damage once stacked. This iteration is similar to Fervor (except it's now adaptive and gives more damage). Fervor didn't need healing for its users to deal sustained damage.
New Conquerer needs to give up some of its utilities :P
XeRan0th (EUNE)
: Hi Meddler! Any thoughts on Wit's End? It's only built in some on-hit builds, and even then it's not a priority. Any plans for a buff/adjustment? Also do you intend to rework some of the old/outdated passives like wu/kog/shyvana?
I always thought that wit's end is a strong item, but it was, at the same time, very unappealing to buy. I would appreciate additional stats for a increase in price.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 8
New conquerer gives too much option for a single rune. Its better to just split it into different runes(sorcery tree could have a fourth key rune) You can keep the true damage identity and lifesteal for conquerer(meelee champs are more desperate for heals), considering conquerer needed a mild nerf. and give the adaptive stats per stack for the neo-fervor-of-battle. It would be better if the stacks were only given through skills hit rather than skill&basic attack combined. Don't make this into a second Dark Harvest that everyone can abuse until it gets heavily nerfed. P.s. at least make the max stacks required higher. Most champion can easily QWER to get 4 stacks already
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 28
Please add a movement speed increase option under the sub sub runes section. Movement speed is a universal option important to most champions, and after the clerity nerf, there's absolutely no way for champions to get their movement speed up until they buy boots. This nerf wad critical for champions with 325~330 movement speed(especially Aurelion Sol) who easily gets kited during laning phase.
: A (hopefully) thoughtful discussion about funneling in 3v3 / 3's / Twisted Treeline
Idc whether there is a gold funnelling strat or no, as long as it remains a unique, situational, and an unexpectable strat, as variation is what makes League so fun. All I want is having a fun gamemode that I can always come back to whenever I get bored in SR(like how ARAM is played by many SR players) To make the map less boring(for the majority), we gotta fix the gold earning system. If you played a single game of ARAM and TT, you would realize that you play the game for fairly similar amount of time, but you end up getting 1 or 2 more items in ARAM. If we can make the gold gen for TT much faster, it would reduce the snowball on kills(I believe it gives same gold as SR). This will allow space for counterplay and comebacks, get rid of gold funneling, and make the game, eventually, more fun.
: Gj idiots turn master yi already a pain in a busted op as fuck champ keep it going you'll reache you goal of destroying the game.... (ps)Remove the emotes from the fucking Chest nobody want tis shit
Tis means 'this is' Also master yi and trynd are fairly weak if they get cced
Vlaedon (NA)
: Good lord RIOT, WHY WHY WHY would you buff Yi and Trynd? They are cancer on a good day for the other team and have a relatively low skill cap. There are other champs that fit that same bill but not gonna go into that here since they didnt get buffed. BUT REALLY IS IT THAT HARD TO ADDRESS OP EASY AF CHAMPS? I dont mind if the champ requires some skill and is strong but there are a good number of champs that are far to strong for how simple they are to play and leave little recourse for the other team to combat them, and it is truly hell when the other team runs multiple of said champs. It leaves the game unenjoyable when faced with them and it is not possible to ban them all.
Have you tried ccing them? XD
: Kayn is way too broken. If you don't nerf Kayn it will be too insane. He's been too strong for the half year. I'm a jungle main, and I haven't won a single game whenever Ive been playing against Kayn. 80% of my wins have been from Kayn since he's so broken. If he doesn't get nerfed soon I might quit just because I haven't seen such a lack of balance since 97% win rate Kassadin. Please nerf him.
Stop complaining and ban him. Search up guides. Just play him in blood moon and you'll learn his weaknesses
: ok so you guys/gals are telling us, that Ryze can no longer zhonyas WHILST ulting??? but champs like, Kennen, Morgana, Fiddle Sticks, Taric, Kindred (although she cant heal, but it still doesnt cancel) Nasus, Renekton etc....can zhonyas whilst they ult...with out canceling it??? i dont know man, seems a bit unfair, and the new ryze is nothing compared to the old one, but you cant even give him this? like ive tried it, it can be pretty hard to do the timing so its not easy. so can yall either fix it back or make other champs cancel there ults too? or at the VERY LEAST! just give us an explanation?
His core items are getting buffed, many mana+cdr items incoming
yacless (NA)
: {{champion:136}} needs a sweetheart skin. A bunch of hearts rotating around him all game and smacking enemies with them would be kinda funny.
: Patch 8.3 notes
I want next patch TT Also RIP morellonomicon
: New free champion rotation: Talon, Leona, Swain and more!
RIOT pls: Can you put a small amount of heal on Lissandra's passive? That wouldn't affect her role as an initiator, and will fix her laning weakness. You guys tried to change her passive before, but I would appreciate if you guys worked more on that.
: Hey Meddler, some questions about Karma (I know you're probably tired of this) When Karma was first reworked, she was reimagined as a solo-laner with support potential. Later, after much balance difficulty, she was instead changed around so that her support would be stronger. During this base stat adjustment, she was given the same treatment as other mid-laners as opposed to other enchanters. So what's up? Are you guys trying to support her as a mid laner or as a support right now? Please note: I am not saying I'd rather see her support lane, well, supported, I'm just curious what is happening with her, because it kind of seems like a mess. I actually prefer her as a mid-laner, I think the utility she brings is ultimately more interesting from the mid lane than from the bot lane, but maybe that's just me. Glad she got a slight buff this patch, though!
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 11
Either the jungle camps damage should get nerfed, or the armor for each junglers get buffed. You have to becareful since this means both emergence of offmeta and extermination of current off-meta jungle. Armor or attack speed runes removed will seriously affect some junglers(such as amumu ><)
Galiö (NA)
: Any thoughts to nidalee, ivern and poppy tweaks? What about ezreal?
Btw instead of making his q crit, why not make his w crit? Doesn't really make sense, but who cares
: On Ryze and reducing power difference between pro and regular play: Perhaps he could lose his rank 2 ult (as in, ult can only be leveled once). Doing this cuts out what made him really strong in pro play and opens up room to buff other things like base mana for an easier lane phase. The extra skill point could be used on Q an additional time.
Maybe make his ult scale with mana, so more mana, farther you travel, and make it available at lvl 1 Since most Ryze end up with 4000 mana, the radius should be Distance: 100% bonus mana Or Distance: 70% total Mana Or Distance: total mana-1000 This way, Ryze gets to lvl up all his skills once more(Q,W,E) and gets extra mobility in early game(travels a little over than flash at start of the game.) Also, if you build 6000 mana, you could have longer teleport in sacrifice to the lack of damage.(his mana scalings for q gives only about 150 damage, with 230 ap(okay that's a lot) from seraph's I mean Ryze needs utilize his mana!
Adalvar (EUW)
: And how has that worked out? *No one* picks up Tear anymore, unless you are playing Cass or Ryze. We're in a meta where lategame champs have cropped up in every lane even down to Kog'Maw himself and Tear items are still nowhere to be seen. That says more to me about how the item is currently built. Used to be if you we're playing for lategame you'd have a ROA or a Archangel's to go into. Both items took heavy hits with the mage update and have barely been used since. Item diversity? You mean {{item:3165}} or...{{item:3165}} right?
Yep they should probably make tear easier to stack, or add ap to it, cuz no one uses it. Btw, if tear gets biffed, Ezreal is probably going to be op again, since tear almost does nothing to him
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 22
For Ryze, a possible buff is making his health/armor/mr/movementspeed/whatever scaling with mana. The mana scalings with ryze aren't the best, and is really insignificant to build too much mana on Ryze, as simply building AP will just deal even more damage. Btw, i have this small idea that i got from a friend, and it is to add knockback to amumu's e. He says it fits the description lol.


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