Gidrah (NA)
: Got an email saying I'm permabanned but I can still play
Make sure to dispute any and all rp charges via paypal or your credit card. Dont let riot keep your money. You can apply it to your new account.
jpguy902 (NA)
: I've actually been to small claims court. You cant even begin the proceedings until 180 days after the paperwork is filed. Then you are given a date to see a judge, (Riot doesnt have to be there for that) and if they approve, they give you a court date, minimum another 180 days. The defedant (Riot) can also reschedule a set number of times, as long as they do it in the proper way. All in all I didn't get my money back until a year and half later, I don't think you've done this before.
The time limits for claims vary by state. I've been twice and had verdicts in 30 days both times. Never needed it here though. Refunds all processed fine.
Geen (NA)
: Banned again
Make sure you go to paypal or you credit card and dispute all the rp charges if any for the last 6 months. No reason to let riot keep that money. Just get refunds and apply it to a new account. I've done it 3 times now. Makes the bans not hurt at all. :)
: Time to get my RP refund and start a new account. :)
The best part is, if they contest the chargeback you just file a claim in your local small claims court for the same amount. Riot does not send representation out to adjudicated in your favor with no contest. :)
: Time to get my RP refund and start a new account. :)
Try it and see. I've had every penny I've ever given to RIOT refunded every time they ban one of my accounts. Literally costs me nothing to make a whole new one with all the RP and champs. Takes a week or 10 days to hit 30 with the new speedy leveling. :)
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: Let's talk about the state of New Yorick
You mean the People's Republic of New York, communist stronghold.
: @riot when is soloq coming back
Soon...just like all of last season... Likely they are trying to kill it and bait and swap yet again.
MagÊ (EUW)
: Shaco threads, Akali threads, meanwhile Zed
If by healthy you mean banned almost as much as yasuo then yeah...he was super healthy. All the assassin update did was ensure season 7 will be the season of banned assassins as best I can tell.
: Can we hotfix the Fervor of Battle bug?
It doesn't leave him with no keystone. It just lowers the effectiveness which was intended.
: Can we hotfix the Fervor of Battle bug?
It was changed FROM on hit damage TO attack damage because it was too strong on attack speed champs and too weak on others.
: When is rengar getting beat with the nerf bat
I have only played a single game vs. the new Rengar but I was surprised several times that he was able to shread my 150 armor Randuins wearing Mordekaiser with over 3k damage in two seconds with the new lethality stat. We ended up winning but the damage output from stealth was quite impressive.
: Flex pick Match Making needs to be fixed
And this is a large part of why people spent the entirety of last season demanding solo/duo queue back. The inherent advantage to having team communication vs. a lack thereof combined with the difficulty of quick matchmaking forcing greater skill gaps between the teams exacerbating the problem.
Hrd2H1t (NA)
: Heimerdinger is the cure to Bronze.
Heimer has counters just like most healthy champions. It takes him time to do damage to anyone so assassins that can burst him down quickly or become invulnerable while they do damage are quite effective. Also there are several champions in game that can move his turrets. Most of these also do AOE damage so they counter him well. Finally the new assassin item that provides a channeled spell shield may very well push Heimer to trash tier as he tends to be very weak if he cannot land his long cd hard to aim sole crowd control grenade.
: If you don't know how to use teleport properly you might as well take ignite or exhaust
Dear bot lane. I'm not going to teleport to the middle of the creep wave because you have no wards down behind your enemies in a vain attempt to help save you from your visionless overextension. Sincerely, Your top laner.
KayleeT (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hail Kaiser,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=LAH2eEwO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-14T22:08:14.970+0000) > > Homophobic slurs = insta ban. Bye. are you a baby? do you know what the point of a punishment is? you'd best stay off the internet
I almost care what you think. Really. Almost...but not quite.
: Let us see opponents levels and honors
You think the game is toxic now? Show borders and mastery levels and watch people troll right from the beginning of the match.
ADC Lulu (NA)
: PERMABANNED **without** previous warnings [linked log] THIS IS OVERKILL
: not even close, i still remember dying against yasuo at lvl 2 due to that base hp.
Don't forget the base armor. Huge hulking figure in full plate mail with sub 20 starting armor...
: Can we have old morde back with new visuals ?
I actually really enjoy the new Morde compared to the old one. He now brings a bit of utility through his W and the dragon ghost passive besides just being a damage dealer. Felt like it added a bit of depth to his gameplay.
: Thank you for your constant reporting. Have you submitted a ticket
I submitted a ticket first. They suggested that I report it here so I have done so. Repeatedly. On many accounts. Over many months.
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Verxint (NA)
: > They'll just look at you and you can actually watch their knees shake at the pure possibility of some sort of confrontation. No, they'll look confused because normal people don't start random confrontations. They'll be concerned because people who act this way are often irrational and hard to reason with. This isn't because they're afraid of confrontation, but because they already have enough shit to deal with and don't need this retard making things worse. Just because you don't get into a homoerotic wrestling match over every little thing that crosses you doesn't mean you're a spineless doormat. People who are actually secure and confident in themselves don't feel the need to accost random strangers over petty matters. > Beta effeminate milk toast populace is easier to forcefeed whatever communist policies they want to enact without fear of reprisal or uprising. Go away Alex Jones
Ouch. Looks like that hit a nerve. Beat up too much on the school bus must be.
Verxint (NA)
: So let me ask you something, in the real world, do you go around calling your co-workers "cucks" and "insecure pussies"? I don't get why these people who seem to have the emotional control of a toddler go around telling other people to grow up.
I mean to be fair, have you walked around and talked to people? Have you watched the news? People nowadays are a criminal's delight. The vast majority of people ARE pussies. Its just truth. I mean the government wants people that way. Beta effeminate milk toast populace is easier to forcefeed whatever communist policies they want to enact without fear of reprisal or uprising. Try it. Walk down the street and pick a random person to call a pussy or cock. They'll just look at you and you can actually watch their knees shake at the pure possibility of some sort of confrontation. If they can't curse you out via skype or twitter they have no idea how to react. Its quite amusing.
: TFW you wish you had the power to punch the rager over the PC
I'm sure the rager would happily punch the feeder that made him rage as well. Works both ways.
: The Mordekaiser R AI "fixes" actually broke his clones altogether
And while your at it, fix the bug that causes his autos and abilities to do no damage after he activates the 2nd cast on his W. I mean its only been reported for months and should be pretty easy to replicate since it happens EVERY TIME!
: Probably because it only build into one item.
*Clap clap clap* We have a winner ladies and gents! Much like QSS, it needs more final build options. QSS needs an AP final item, this needs some other final versions to make it worth building for a more varied pool of champions.

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