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No I said for all he knew I COULD be. To make a point about assumptions.
: > [{quoted}](name=HailFall,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YqjQOwIe,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-10T12:08:48.447+0000) > > She is completely worthless until 6, and even then she is still pretty bad. She needs buffs all around. She is a terrible champion. Eh no. I can only assume from your observation that you are totally new to the game. While you are right that she needs to be careful early game, she is a dominoing freight train waiting to happen in the hands of an experienced player. As a top laner, there are few champions I fear as much as even a moderately fed Akali, her capacity for mayhem level damage output and singling out champions for unstoppable death is terrifying. I find as a player however I prefer her top with me then mid. Top Laning champions can really bully her early on and cause her to domino in the other direction which is critical. Nothing worse than watching Akali get fed in the midlane, its like fortune telling of the horrible shit that is going to happen to you when she is done with the mid lane. She does require some moderate skill to play though, she is definitely not for the uninitiated first time League player, though in the same token she is by no stretch difficult to become really good with.
I am new to league but I have been playing hots for a long time, so I have a general grasp of concepts like map awareness, soaking exp, stutter stepping, and so on. I was a valeera main so I also have experience with more assassin specific concepts like intercepting rotations, ganking, etc. I am not completely clueless
: We can literally see what level you are. And if that's not your "main account" level, guess what? That doesn't matter because that's not what you present yourself as; you present yourself as level 7 HailFall. that's so messed up. You shouldn't be allowed to look at my personal profile information without my permission.
: You'll change your mind once you're not level 7 and actually know what you're doing.
Can you not assume my level with no proof? For all you know I am the #1 ranked player. I think you need to be less close minded
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Nhika (NA)
: Bring back tanks, and fix the jungle.
Tanks need more nerfs if anything. I am still getting one shot by Darius and Garen when they are below my level
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