: All the priests who administered Ascension are dead, but its' doubtful that they had anything to do with the aactual Ascension in the first place. Renekton became Ascended despite "not being worthy" and believing he would die carrying Nasus up the steps, Xerath was clearly not worthy and got MEGA ASCENDED before Nasus and Renek slapped the coffin on him he was clearly in a League of his own among Ascended. Azir ascended way after the priests got C L A P P E D. All the future Darkin were recommended for Ascension by them, but they obviously shouldn't have been "worthy" based on their following actions The priests were full of shit and their rituals probably were just malarkey that they used to justify their existence and paychecks.
to be fair darkins were dicks only because of the insanity that seeped into their minds because of the war with the void.
Abandon (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Karn Bishop,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=QVppAaJX,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2019-07-30T02:24:12.328+0000) > > Correct he hates the aspects which are the divine like pantheon, the mortal pantheon took over was not worth Aatrox's time or effort and given how much energy he wasted slaying a true aspect and wiping out its constellation he was just too tired to waste the energy to vaporize a MERE MORTAL. take off your rose tinted glasses my friend. LMFAO, ME TAKE OFF MINE? WHY DON'T YOU TAKE OFF YOURS. AATROX HATES EVERYONE, HE HATES THE ENTIRE WORLD, BUT HE HATES ASPECTS THE MOST AND HE HATES HUMANS FOR TAKING ADVANTAGE OF ASPECT MAGIC TO IMPRISON HIM. I CAN'T EVEN... YOU REALLY CAN'T SEE THIS?
aatrox wants a fight to the death so that he could finally die. it was never about taking revenge on humans (although he definitely would feel great killing as many aspects as he can) its either he kills everything on the planet so that he can be alone in oblivion or finally get killed for good by someone strong enough to break his sword. why would he care about a dieing mortal that he just literally impaled on his huge ass sword. the fight with the aspect of war was his true goal, mutilating his soon to be dead body wont give aatrox his true goal and is probably a waste of his time
: Fiddlesticks design feedback
i disagree. i like the one with multiple hands and the lamp. the cage makes him seem a bit too mechanical of a scarecrow. i prefer to be scared of whatever the F is actually underneath the burlap sack then the obvious threat of crows eating you
: Rework Concept: Mordekaiser, the Iron Revenant
as long as morde can still summon a ghost dragon in some way im fine with whatever riot does. but your idea seems awesome especially the unique passive and ultimate. EDIT: now that i think about i. t fuck it! riot should give in to the glory of DragonForce and allow morde to truly fight with Fire and Flames by making his ultimate actually summon his own personal pet undead dragon with its own name, stats and abilities AND RIDE IT. change his abilities to do different things according to whether he is on the dragon or not and viola! change his niche into a team fighting juggernaut General/king that greatest strength is marching foreward on his tanky dragon with his team beside him.
: Who are the women in the trailer that he kills?
: It seems like for the Warwick rework he's going to lose all his humanity, so why not...
where did you hear that? if its for the ban phrase for WW that said i almost feel human thats not a reference to the upcoming VGU but a unused quote that he used to have a long time ago but didnt make the cut to ingame
: Which Race is the most Powerful in League of legends? I list them & you Vote for one
it was said before factions and races are 2 different things. majority of the places you listed are populated only by humans which is one race
: Nocturne Ultimate Fear
: instead of doing that why don't they just fix the broken hitbox?it literally never hits when it seems like it should, and hits when it seems like the target is 5 miles away.
this is exactly what the aquire target thing is designed to change
: Please stop saying a broken champion's counter is CC
which is why riot is trying to nerf these builds. see old tank fizz. yasuo and ecko tankbuilds has a few ways to go before they are killed while keeping their regular playstyle intact so until then.....
: Rolls eyes. Yes it also depends on the "brokeness" of phantom dancer and guardian angel I mean why are there even items in the game at all?
to be fair phantom dancer doesnt make you broken like mallet
: If you have a tumor you don't just trim some pieces of it away...
the nerfs are designed to affect ONLY tank ecko not ap ecko. they are trying their hardest to nerf things that ap ecko doesnt need and tank ecko requires to be effective. this recent nerf was to his base ad which trinity force bruiser ecko was abusing with sheen to do damage and be tanky. i do no want them to nerf ap ecko because of his bruiser build as your suggestion would affect. if these go through ap ecko will be hit in some way and need counter buffs to keep him relevant. as much as possible i want the changes to those two builds to not affect each other
: The Rek'sai Armor nerf
they are nerfing reksai armor to prepare to turn her into a bruiser instead of a tank like she is normally played atm which means reducing armor, and utility and increasing damage. maybe they will revert some nerfs she did had before but thats their plan. seriously i thought people would be rejoicing to finally build her as a damage dealer more than the mobile cc knock up ward that she ended up being now a-days
: Then they should fix Gnar. He already has tons of CC built into his kit. Its not the mallets fault.
yes it is. if your aatrox win streak depends on the brokeness of mallet you should instead wait until aatrox gets rework in the new class rework where aatrox will be fixed and turned into a champ whose success doesnt need a broken item thats makes aatrox powerful and other champs broken.
: Hes not. And your comments about staying mad are unnecessary and unappreciated. Go away troll.
actually he is,. gnar has been destroying high tiers and LCS teams building mallet and perma slowing everyone. its why they nerfed it along side yasuo(who have also been useing it)
: What is Evelynn's niche as an assasin?
i want them to change evelynn into a darkin. preferably into one similar to a succubus. Aatrox feeds on blood and regularly goes around inciting war and massecers in various battles across history. maybe evelynn could feed on fear showing up in places where there is a high concentration of fear causing people to increase their fear. for example when gangplank was cutting and drawing on the leg bone of that one dud while he was alive the fear he exibited would draw evelynn to the spot where she would cause either GP to go out of his way to torture the guy even more or cause the poor tortured guy to feel even more fear and pain than he normally would due to her presence. some people dont want evelynn to have a specific lore stating she is supposed to be mysterious but i think that muddles up her identity even more. how is riot supposed to rework her into something better than she is now if they dont even know what she is in the first place. we still dont know a lot about darkins so the mystery would still be there but they need to know what she is and what she should be able to do before fixing her. her main role should be assassin. i truly think that her entire kit needs to be focused into one specific goal instead of a hodgepodge of different playstyles all requiring different things to be successful. perma stealth is defenitly on its way to being removed in the stealth rework that is coming in the assasin rework so soon evelynn will need a new unique mechanic. i like the kiting idea the OP came up with. running circles around people you gank while you slice into them is fun way to play her and is reminiscent to her ap playstyle which is my favorite playstyle. if her W makes her freely go through walls, make her Q another source of constant damage like the OP said replacing AA almost entirely when your killing someone or her passive is just immunity to wards only and not true stealth, maybe that will be enough to make her unique idk
: Please take this statement to heart champion update team, you can accomplish great things such as the Sion and Poppy reworks, but you never ask us; The players if it is the thing you should do. With many of the updates I have seen since early October of 2013 when I started playing this game, they were great; but for every great rework released there was an equally shitty one to follow it. I know your team cares a lot about the game which is why you update champs in the first place, but weighing the scales a bit more heavily for champions when it comes to the need for your team to touch them in the first place in the future seems like a good idea. Champions such as Vel'koz, Shen, Skarner, Mordekaiser, and to an extent even Sona (and some more I am not really qualified to speak of as I didn't play them) were all changed for a small reason such as not being very engaging, or being hard to balance; and then missed their marks entirely resulting in interesting ideas that never panned out correctly requiring future reworks or heavy changes (such as Shen, and Skarner), literally changed nothing (such as Vel'coz), or were just reverted almost entirely due to how un-fun, and clunky they were to use (as was the case with Mordekaiser). I just hope in the future we get more transparency with your plans, and we actually get a say (even if its the smallest fraction of one) on what should actually happen to the champ during its rework. because I don't want others to have their favorite champions ripped away from them like I did multiple times throughout the years and maybe even into the future. Best of luck going forward, liking what you've done to Yorick that shit looks fun as hell to play, but since his rework went well does this mean we will get a shit rework next. I hope not, but that's what the past has shown me. lets hope it doesn't end up like this, as I don't want to go through it again, and you all probably don't either. ~from a fan of your teams work, and a saddened Mordekaiser main.{{champion:82}}
im surprised people dont like the velkoz rework? it was hella exciting to see his passive get ap scaling and true damage on his laser. where did that excitement go? is it because as you said nothing changed?(which i would disagree with.)
: I thought Riot is all about counterplay and stuffs
Promotes passive playstyle: "just farm until you have rageblade" isnt that like....every other major item in the game?
Dasdi96 (NA)
: "Just get qss against fiora lel"
or you can bait the parry.....
: I'm honestly quitting league because of this
u do realize any problems that you are experiencing are currently being worked on as we speak? the new champ select/queu just came out of course there will be bugs and problems lol
: Spirit Blade definitely doesn't feel like Shen thematically
: Pick order still????
NO ban that idiot. you PICK the role you ask for. if u dont u should be eligible for a report
: I just started playing about a week ago, but I spectate matches and study the champions (using the wiki and this website) more than I play matches. The roster is a lot to take in all at once. I chose my name based off champion biography, Fizz seems like somebody I could be friends with irl and I've always loved Wukong way before LoL or Smite was introduced. LoL's bio of Wukong doesn't really do him justice, honestly, but that's ok. I'm not sure what level the match I was spectating was, it's the matches that appear on the main page of the client on the bottom, right-hand corner. The summoner spell feature disgusts me. There are certain kits in all mobas that are meant to dominate/counter specific kits but they can use summoner spells to overcome that, giving them no real weakness. I noticed champs like {{champion:122}} can't get close to you, oh well, just take {{summoner:4}}{{summoner:3}} , now you have this hulking axe warrior glued to you with no chance of hell to escape. Summoner spells break this game. So I doubt I'll be playing until RIOT fixes it.
i have never seen a darius take exhaust. and for good reason. yes he gots to go in on you but the cooldown is so long that that is hardly something you should count on as a strategy. besides taking exhaust means you give up the other summoner spells like the mobility of teleport just for a beter 1 V1 something darius already excells with. its like complaining an immobile champ whose major weakness is his lack of mobility taking flash. the cooldown of exhaust is long enough for you to capitalize and punish the darius useing your ignite or more importantly an extra teamate to gank him since he is usually very slow.
: League of Noobs: Summoner Spells
thats what happens when someone uses 2 offensive and defensive summoners against someone who has just tepeort. however just those summoners are not enough unless he outplayed her. and out played her HARD lmao. diana W should have been enough of a sheild and damage to protect her as zed ults in toward her and kill him with the damage and her AA attack alone not to mention straight up ulting unless of course this zed is better than you gave him credit and waited until she was out of mana or out of cooldown to fight back before going in and bursted her down with his ult
: Well as the supposed _Grim Reaper_ of Runeterra, I think an ult that saves more people than {{champion:16}} seems... stupid. As a rework, maybe {{champion:203}} ult SHOULD be a nuke. It should take longer to finish but any enemy left inside instantly dies. It would add more risk/reward to the champ as opposed to http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-wmN8MaNrlsI/Vf7QUyqHDlI/AAAAAAAAC9U/-Qmr-VwAJBo/s1600/tumblr_m5klg1iZ1i1r3tqll.gif
as the grim reaper she should choose whether someone lives or die. in this case a short moment where she makes it so that you literally cannt die. but only for a moment since death is inevitable and can only be prevented but for a brief moment
Ralanr (NA)
: Changes with Trynd's ultimate.
so turn tryn into a better aatrox now?
: Reminder that no sight wards in the shop
......you know there are purple wards still in the shop right? at around the same price as green wards used to have....
Junkyard (NA)
: Suggested Soraka Nerf
you would kill her! in a team fight where EVERY heal you do is game changeing healing someone once reducing their armor will make them die faster than if u didnt heal them at all
: To those complaining about Mundo...
KatCraft (OCE)
: Rapid Cannon generally outclasses Statikk, people were prioritizing Cannon even on none poke champs like Tristana. The range bonus and the greater single target damage is more worthwhile than an AoE proc. I could be mistaken on which is slightly better than the other but the differences are superficial none the less. No other two items are this identical.
they both have different uses. statick may be worse in fighting outright but thats on purpose because it alows an adc to have a really good waveclear and aoe chain teamfight. now that they wont stack you will have to give up something. wave clear/ aoe or the range poke and seige and of course certain champs will perfer one over the other
Atuko (NA)
: [ VFX ] Can we make Sona's auras rise off the ground?
: Any worry about immobile champs becoming weaker because of vision loss? I would think the lack of wards would hurt these champs since they can't really get out of sticky situations and now won't be able to ward around that either.
trinket gives 2 wards instead of one.
: Aatrox is a BROKEN GOD of misery in the toplane /ff
HA....AHAHHA............HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!!!!!! oh....he isnt joking and is actually serious?.......... HAHAHHAHAHAHAhahaH LMFAO ROFL AHAHHHAHAHAH!!!
Vekkna (NA)
: Kindred ADC Healing is Kinda Bonkers
kindred looses SOO much potential damage i think having her heal alot is worth it
: ok let me say this as kindly as i possibly can: FUCK COMPETITIVE NUMBER CANCER. im talking about buying something for what it is and it then being changed completely into something else, how would you like it if i made a fucking fiat panda out of your chevvy corvette overnight.
more like taking a house cat and turning it into a lion. pre sion was bad.....like old cheese bad.
: And dont rework Taric's skills, just give him the graphic update he deserves i fucking beg you, its my main.. PLEASE dont give him that horrendous sion treatment. I payed real money for skins cause i love the way he plays as much as the way he looks (wich wasnt great in perspective)
horrendous sion treatment?!?!?! sion used to be especially top tier. now he is just at the good status...which isnt a bad thing
: DoTs can feel impactful if you show how much damage they WILL do as soon as they hit
: What does Ahri trade for having insane mobility, escapes and safety?
: Honest Fiora discussion
the only way fiora does more true damage than darius ult is if the enemy does absolutly nothing and stays still while she runs circles around them. which takes a good 2-3 seconds. compared to darius insta ult. fiora has to do so much to actually pull of a good ultimate the aoe heal is needed lest she dies in the teamfights every single time. not to mention her god awful laneing against her counters. if you get a top heimi you might as well go mid or something.
: They should just change her ult to cause her normal attacks to perform Q effect, letting her AAs have a bounce effect, and make it like a shot gun effect where if 5 minions are behind the target the AA hits the main target and the other 5 behind it, leaving the feel of her having a huge aoe ult, but letting her AA while doing it, and as the trade off its AOE is reduced and she has to be in AA range,
you mean give her a sivir E? idk i think she gonna need more than that
: The Great Evelynn Debate
i think she needs both a visual and gameplay update. but the gameplay doesnt need to be sion level...just......juggarnaut level. enough to properly give her an identity, a reason to pick her and counter play other than use more pink wards
: remember the last time they released a simple champion? me neither
Pheron (EUW)
: From Fizz' lore: "... Bilgewater. As he stood at the docks, a massive dragon-shark attacked the port. Fizz defeated the beast, using his resourcefulness and knowledge of the creature's weaknesses to his advantage. " The ult actually 'baits' (the sticking fishy thing) that shark-dragon out of nowhere rather than just summoning it, and it's not even being controlled by Fizz himself. Where does that shark-dragon come from? It's a magical shark-dragon. Period.
i thought fizz killed it....regardless so now the dragon shark is a magical monster that can create portals of water wherever even on grass in an effort to eat fish? .....cause i dont think that was mentioned in lore
: If you're trying to put in logic in the game, how about start with Vladimir sucking gasoline (or w/e it is in) from Blitzcrank and not die from food poisoning. It isn't about the logic, it's about the lore, Fizz is a "TIDAL Trickster", if Morde can pull out souls, do you want him to be able to control baron's ghost as well? Hell, he's supposed to be able to control every single minion that he killed then, cuz they're supposed to be a lot easier to control by logic.
im not saying we should make brand heal from ignite or have brand one shot zyra because of plants or that morde Has to command an army of minion ghost(which he probably could) or baron . im just saying it sounds annoying when people complain about morde controlling dragon souls(Which is AWESOME AND BADASS and brings a whole new meaning to the dragon knight skin(kinda wish the dragon knight skin gave new golden visual to the ghost like armour or something)) for no other reason than "he has never done this before therefore i dont like it"
: > [{quoted}](name=Time2Wreck,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iHEiVsPE,comment-id=002e,timestamp=2015-07-29T23:30:53.303+0000) > > I feel like Irelia is much more "op" than riven Riven is like a AOE MANALESS irelia.
Kuroi86 (NA)
: >Those buffs are not little, those are quite big buffs which not only give him strenght but lowerr his skillcap significantly. Admittedly his passive buff is big, though really that's all that he benifits from. The other so called "buff" will rarely if ever see practical use.
ONLY when someone specifically TANKY is hit and ONLY to people the tanky dude is sent flying to. very conditional. most lee only use their ult to insec. so its even more irelevant
: > [{quoted}](name=HailFire Dragon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=icAJOJm2,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-08-26T16:12:11.819+0000) > > define free power? morde definitely suffered from E nerfs and mvm speed nerfs to attain such a passive(that only works in a duo lane -_-) > > i wouldnt call it free I think OP refers to "free power" as random stats present inside a champ's kit that have no reason being there, clashing with the champ's identity either thematically, gameplay-wise or both. Such in the case of Morde, the free exp, the new W and dragon ghost all make no sense to Morde's character in terms of both his own backstory and gameplay (let's not even mention his current state of balance, so badly tuned it makes released Xin chuckle a little).
"morde backstory" the small insignificant amount of backstory he has.... then again in lore morde is seen as a general for the shadow isle. a focus on teammates and ripping souls out of creatures that isnt a human(dragon) isnt as much of a stretch as people make it out to be
: So 2 Morde mains got together and theory crafted the New Morde. Enjoy.
amazing guide. i play morde but im going to hold off on playing him until people get uesd to the idea that he has changed. maybe after World people will stop banning him in solo que
: > [{quoted}](name=toonpang,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=icAJOJm2,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-08-26T12:00:11.961+0000) > And sure the dragon controlling thing is cool, but that's not thematic either. Mordekaiser has no connection to dragons outside one skin. Totally this, never even once in his lore a single dragon is mentioned.
does it have to be? nowhere in fizz lore does it mention the ability to control sharks yet his ulti uses a giant sharks that pops up OUT OF A FREAKING WATER PORTAL. and yet noone complains. beside mordekaiser is known for pulling and controlling the souls of his enemies....why would a being as powerful as morde be limited to controlling humans. why cant he do the same for dragon souls. their souls are not that different from human
: "Mordekaiser is impossible to balance as a solo laner"
define free power? morde definitely suffered from E nerfs and mvm speed nerfs to attain such a passive(that only works in a duo lane -_-) i wouldnt call it free
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