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: They're still in the process of developing an unknown entirely new game. For all we know, they ARE making an mmo as we speak. this is just a fun gamemode for league, you can't make a whole nmmo a fun little side gamemode for a bigger game....
I mean MXM had a story mode and a moba game as well so the possibility of a ARPG isn't outta the question as a game mode that can be added to league... Arpg mmo doesn't have to be WOWesk... You can have a story campaign like a Diablo 2 or Diablo 3 with league story's and lore.
: Teamfight Tactics
Why didn't you explore the possibility of making a Arpg mmo game you already have most of the mechanics the right camera and by doing so you could expand the lore and have players experience it not just read about it?
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: Sort Annie's tibbers out! and auto smite
You can control tibbers just use alt click.
iiGazeii (NA)
: Zoe's Sleep has a cast time, travel time, and a delay. It's possible that it was already in the air when the knockup happened, or you already had it applied and the delay was just happening. Zoe can redirect her Q if it's in midair while she's stunned. Her W mimics summoners, and many summoners can be cast while stunned, like Barrier.
: Change my mind
You can disable your chat quite easily and still communicate with pings just type /mute all
: The toxicity of this community astounds me.
I just think the Toxic behavior stems from the game it is, it's a competitive game everyone wants to win. Complaining and being toxic is a result of competitive nature, in any competitive game there is gonna be toxic players look at other games like Cs go, Overwatch, Dota, WOW ect. There is always toxic behavior.
Plummed (NA)
: May I please Get a 2 Week Ban Instead??
You would think your 14 day ban was your warning/ second chance and permaban was your consequence of you not heeding your first ban.
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sunamcm (NA)
: Someone else is logging on to my account and playing?
I think this is a good reason why league should have 2 step verification like SMS or something by now.
sunamcm (NA)
: Someone else is logging on to my account and playing?
Did you ever give out your account info to anyone? Visit a fan site and used the same information to register a account? There are many ways that hackers can get your info. Welp if you don't have the email I don't think you can get support because you could potentially be the one trying to steal the account.
Saezio (EUNE)
: If you could play with yourself as the other botlaner...
I would probably pick {{champion:518}} as my sup I'm pretty good with her sup. Adc wise I'm not very good have to get better but I'd pick{{champion:67}} she just melts people if you can play her properly.
NY64 (NA)
: What would it be like if League of Legends balance team and Fortnite’s balance team switched roles
: > [{quoted}](name=p a t r i o t,realm=OCE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=pp6NPfuV,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-04-09T18:36:19.107+0000) > > I just hope that when Shaco gets work its for AD assassin shaco and not something to do with boxes and the "trickster" narrative that comes up so often from people who dont play him. I agree. The boxes are the least used part of Shaco's kit for the majority of people who play him, AD Shaco doesn't make the best use out of them. Nor should he.
> [{quoted}](name=Workshop Shaco,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=pp6NPfuV,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-04-09T18:37:39.185+0000) > > I agree. The boxes are the least used part of Shaco's kit for the majority of people who play him, AD Shaco doesn't make the best use out of them. Nor should he. When I play ad shaco jungle I only use the boxes for the fear cc not really for the damage so yeah unless your playing ap shaco there useless besides the tiny fear.
Rustypug (NA)
: when you kill a azir
: Why does the League Community HATE Yas/ Zed /Talon so much?
{{champion:157}} Well with Yasuo I think people hate him because hes a either feed or be fed champ your either really good or really terrible. He never really seems to fall off in damage he can always make a comeback no matter how far behind he gets. {{champion:238}} With zed his early level 3 is annoying especially with the electrocute damage is strong unless you can seem to dodge it every time and with him only using energy can sustain lane and not have to back when you may be playing a champ whom uses mana and have to back due to mana cost. Eventually when zed hits 6 he pokes you low enough so that he can all in you under tower with his ult pop you and get away easily recalling to his ult shadow. If you don't have zonyas its kinda annoying if your against a good zed player. (if hes a good player and doesnt kill you with ult because of zonyas but are low enough to kill he will shadow your spot and q e you after your zonyas expires depending on his energy level or cd's tho.) {{champion:91}} Talon is probably annoying because he can get outta situations with his parkour skills kill you with his rotation and jump over the walls, really difficult to catch him.
: Ban the people who makes a joke but not the ones that troll in the game, system needs some work ASAP
Pretty sure you got chat restricted because you said something to warrant a ban.
KTFresh (NA)
: Account penalties should be handled by humans, not a bot
So you said muting all and didn't do it your own fault for feeding into the toxicity maybe /mute all for real next time?
Kobune (EUW)
: When will Riot do something about Shaco ?
I main {{champion:35}} he is my favorite champ and I do feel that {{champion:35}} is not what he use to be.
: Riot's at it again! Blatant over the top sexualized champion! Sylas the Magic of Hunky Studs
Have you seen Sylas in game he looks like a bony dollar store kratos god of war.
LazyW0lf (NA)
: Is anyone else just not having fun?
I don't like the new system I feel paper thin on any champ even a tank and can be killed by anyone easily. Not very fun, So disappointing.
: Lag/packet loss problem
Yeah I am having this exact problem as of 5/29/16 its hard to play with this going on.
oAiya (NA)
: Lag Spikes.
Lagging about 3 days now on and off getting random stuttering and minions and champs teleporting around. have around 120-200 fps and 80 ping my ping is usually at 60. I don't know why its been happening lately.
: Jesus fucking Christ I've opened several Hextech chests and only got skin shards.
Hahaha people complained that the drop rates on champs were greater than skin shards and now all those champion shards people thought were useless are worth something hahaha thats all people do is cry about stuff that doesn't matter you can earn chest and key fragments just get good at the game get S in a match and earn the chest and keys if you're too cheap to buy chests. Oh and Masteries are useless only thing they're good for is to spam when you kill champs and to flaunt, but really nobody cares.
Majael (EUNE)
: Rito, pls do some buff to shaco on his ap side - in the meantime. I suggest that his boxes should be stacking - just like teemo's shrooms, and he can hold up to 2 boxes in the time. What u guys think ? I know, he will be reworked soon, but for now it will don't change him to op champ, and just help to run out of teamfight, where he assasinated their adc or something :D {{champion:35}}
I think shaco is good where he is I main him and he seems fine to me as a ad crit assassin.
Ternt (NA)
: Do something about autolocking.
Well first thing "Autolocking" is just stupid if you want to play a champ then pick them stop following these outside rules that sheeple follow break the mold its your own fault if you don't play the champ you want and its your fault if you dodge stop blaming others for what you do Riot doesn't make this game to conform to the needs of the few they made this game for everyone to enjoy.
: Join the team for an URF Q&A
{{champion:24}} I think that URF mode should be a game type that should stay I actually like that game type better than the normal game type.


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