: More like giant monster wolf batman! He's the hero Zaun needs but doesn't deserve.
"You either die a hero-" {{champion:19}} : "Heroes always die!"
: Technically he's Chimera but he does have the characteristics of a wolf but with other animals such as having bat ears and a fox tail
So he IS a giant monster wolf/bat dude! :P
Varuset (NA)
: I was so excited for super buff giant monster bat/wolf dude and then I saw him and was like {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} What makes it worse is that Wukong and Rengar are vastayan so they literally could have done this.
"giant monster wolf dude" {{champion:19}} : Am I a joke to you?
Jacksin (OCE)
: You very much stretched it with the males there. Taric is the ONLY one I can accept.
Garen the Demacian patriot boy scout who never shuts up about justice is old, dark and edgy? Draven the egomaniac is old and dark (i could MAYBE see edgy, maybe)? Teemo is devilish in the community and his Omega Squad skin is edgy AF but his base? He's cute and sweet and fun. Galio is bright, enthusiastic and fights for justice. Ivern is about as dark as the f$#@ing SUN. There are others, too. Braum, Ezreal, Ornn? Your complaint is patently *false*.
: I am not sure If the joke is "What did you say, bitch?" or "Oh so you want to take my spells... I still have a knife, bitch!"
Jacksin (OCE)
: I'm just so frustrating with Riot's refusal to push past gender stereo types.
>All we get are old edgy dark males with the girly colorful females Illaoi, Taliyah, Rek'sai, Katarina, Diana, Leona, Kayle, Morgana, Tristana, Sivir, Sejuani for darker/less girly ladies Garen, Draven, Teemo, Galio, Ivern, Fizz, Taric, Zac for colorful/less-edgy guys Off the top of my head There are over 140 champions in this game, across every archetype from lonely little girls (Annie) to grimdark old warlocks (Swain) to prettyboi tomb raider/Indiana Jones (Ezreal) to angels, fallen or otherwise (Kayle, Morgana, maybe even Soraka kinda) to Star-forging dragon (Aurelion Sol) to Slaanesh on its day off (Evelynn) to a child on his very own Where The Wild Things Are adventure (Nunu and Willump). If you can't find something that appeals to you throughout this line-up, then frankly I don't know what to tell you. Riot has a lot of faults but to claim they have TOO FEW CHAMPIONS is ludicrous.
: Where do black people like Lucian, Ekko, Pyke and Senna originate from on Runeterra?
This isn't very important, but if someone put a gun to my head and demanded I guess... My guess would be the southern part of Shurima. Skin color came about in our world because of climate; darker skin colors came from closer to the equator (where the sun would be hottest and brightest during the summer). We don't know exactly where the equator would be on Runeterra, but we know that Qiyana is part of a long-lived royal line in Ixtal, meaning she's the most likely to have a skin tone indicative of her homeland. Her skin tone is Arab/Indian, perhaps mesoamerican (in fact that's probably what she's meant to be given Ixtal's aesthetic). Meaning that she'd be near (but not quite AT) the center. Go further south (I sincerely doubt that it's further north, where you go into mostly white territory before you hit the Freljord) and you get southern Shurima.
: Selling Champion Shards
*You have 100+ shards?!*
: And yet every noxian still pales in comparison to the one true noxian Patriot. {{champion:240}}
{{champion:122}} "Well he might be if he stopped killing every Noxian he sees!" {{champion:240}} "THEY CAME ONTA *MY* PROPETY! THEY DESERVED IT!!!" {{champion:122}} "Half of your titles come from your OWN commanders!" {{champion:240}} "Oh yeh? How'd YOU get your first command again?" {{champion:122}} "I... but... you..." {{champion:119}} "He's not *technically* wrong." {{champion:122}} "I know and I hate it."
Jacksin (OCE)
: I love that Darius is disgusted by Noxian people who use their power against the powerless.
Morality is a fun topic to explore in fiction precisely BECAUSE it leads to characters like Darius: it's hard to call him a "bad" guy, other than the fact he works for the ostensibly evil faction of Noxus. But his presence and his own ideals call this "fact" into question in a way that most other Noxian characters simply don't. Draven is a self-aggrandizing glory hound, Vladimir is a corrupt aristocrat, Leblanc is a liar and manipulator, Swain made a deal with the devil (almost literally), etc etc. But Darius? He is the same general character as Garen, but through the lense of Noxus and aged several decades. Big, strong, dedicated and loyal warrior who fights for the ideals of his nation. The major difference is in what those ideals are. Darius fights for Noxus not for his own gain or because he wants anything the nation can give him; if anything it seems he LOSES a lot by staying true to his nation ("No daughters, only soldiers"). He does so because he genuinely believes in what Noxus stands for: strength above all else. Your merit determines your worth, both as an ally and as an enemy to kill. Fighting a strong enemy is the right thing to do because it pushes you to new heights and keeps your own skills sharp. Killing a weak enemy is wrong because it doesn't show your strength, it just shows you're an opportunist. (Hence his disgust for those who prey on the weak, as you noted) So much of his nation falls short of those ideals, partially by necessity. Noxus employs assassins like Katarina or Talon, liars and tricksters like Leblanc and Swain, or even dishonorable sociopaths like Singed to get what they want. People like Draven are undeniably strong but they lose sight of what matters to a "true" Noxian, turning his strength from a fact into a showy spectacle. Kled is completely insane but is also responsible for some of Noxus' greatest victories. He's not BLIND to these facts, which partially puts his commitment to such a flawed nation on his shoulders, but at the same time he calls out such cowardice and weakness for what it is. So you end up with a character whose circumstances make him evil, rather than the man himself.
Ormylar (NA)
: Elder Dragon buff is unfun?
I like the new dragon buff execute. It is CRAZY fun in game. 20% seems kinda high, but I'm not too deep into the math side of League so I'm not sure if it's too high. Also I haven't had many games with the new buff.
: I don't play support, so what is the difference between the new support items and the old ones? I thought that the execute thing was still there? Is that not the main thing? I am genuinely curious. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
The execute thing was only one part of relic shield; it also healed the user and the ally it gave the gold to (your adc most of the time). That heal is gone. Spellthief's had a lot more poking power that's been removed. The Ancient Coin line is entirely gone (it was the one that made minions drop coins the support could pick up for gold and mana)
: they also removed kleptomancy for supports so that they can't be relevant in the game anymore with lack of gold even with the little gold gained from the relic items.. and they only did this due to plebs complaining about ezreal being too strong with it and now they give him even more power with the new bs rune prototype omnistone... i mean was it too hard for you idiots sitting there in riot games to just make a 4'th rune set for inspiration like the domination tree or precision tree... i mean at least with klepto i had the chance of getting mana pots to help me in lane with the high mana cost of abilities.....
They also removed most of the gold cost in support items It was previously 500 to upgrade from Spellthief to Frostfang, and another 550 to upgrade from Frostfang to the Relic of the Watchers, iirc (too lazy to look it up and Support was my secondary). That's an extra 1050 gold to play with in the early game. You don't need klepto on top of that and most supports didn't take it anyway.
: Games will barely last 20 minutes in s10, it's gonna be even more of a clown fiesta then it is now....2 fucking rift haralds? gimme a break baron wont be needed.
The bigger issue for me is the changes to dragons and the elemental rift. I like the change to Elder, but the rest? Just... *why*?
: Goodbye Season 9 and Good Riddance
..... um I liked S9. Maybe this is because I played most of it in a low elo (Iron and Bronze), but I didn't feel like the games were that awful. At least before the end of the season, where I get someone trolling in basically every ranked game ("Why is Syndra picking up our team's red buff and throwing it into the dragon pit?!" "Apparently so Anivia can wall us off from it." "Zac support is flaming the adc for being terrible, YOU DIDN'T EVEN GET A SUPPORT ITEM! ... ACT LIKE A TEAM?! YOU'VE BEEN FLAMING THE ADC SINCE BEFORE THE 8 MINUTE MARK" "ALWAYS IN MY PROMOS!!!"). But I don't think you can blame the game itself on people intentionally feeding or just being terrible. It's still absolutely possible to carry a game. And in the pro scene? We had more champions at this Worlds than any previous. We didn't have the same Aatrox top lane, we didn't have Janna/Lulu shooting for Ardent Censer in the bot lane, and the less said about the Juggernaut meta the better. I actually heard the casters talking about what *these particular teams* were good at. Sure, there were some definite favorites (cough Qiyana cough Garen/Yuumi bot lane cough) but they weren't the sole champs in their respective roles.
: ZED #1
I do not like the art. Not at all. Seems to be building to a good story tho.
: Why is Riven called the Exile when she is not actually an exile?
: > [{quoted}](name=HalfTangible,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=P0fJeEKi,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2019-11-20T00:01:35.481+0000) > > The impression I got was that the mage rebellion is still ongoing. Sylas left to gather allies because he's smart enough to know his people aren't going to last as just randos in a rebellion. > > It's also worth noting that he didn't think the trip would be as dangerous as it ended up being; this wasn't as much of a desperate move as it seems in hindsight. Oh the rebellion is still going. I never said it's over, merely that it feels like a defeat. Its a battle vs war comparison. And probably, but I still think his choice will have more long-term consequences which might actually end up with his death at the very end of the conclusions. Honestly, the way this lore is going I see it only ending in 2 ways. Either sylas has a full on victory or he dies. Demacia will definetly NOT imprison him again considering he's the single one type of mage who can't be restrained by petricite.
I can think of a few different ways the mage civil war might go (a lot of it comes down to what happens to the Mageseekers by the end of the war) but I didn't even consider Sylas allying with Sejuani. In hindsight, it makes perfect sense, given that we've seen the Freljord tribes interact with Demacia on multiple occasions. And Sylas' views on Demacia being full of fat, self-indulgent "swine" would certainly appeal to the raiders of the Claw. Sylas is definitely too far gone re:Demacia for him to do anything but win or die, true. Although perhaps not; he could perhaps become the figurehead of a new mage rebellion in the future. Or he could have an interaction with one of the more obscure champions.
Selfiry (EUW)
: i think thorva lied because she believed the gods wanted him to survive. she just made sure that vrynna wont kill him by telling he dreamed fo the 3. and not only because he is a cutie :3{{sticker:sg-lux}}
Sylas and Thorva sittin' in a tree~ "Wait, why is there a tree in the middle of this icefield?" "Shhhh... make outs."
GreenLore (EUW)
: Sejuani is definitely not gonna be killed, she wasn't even featured extensively in any lore so far.
Probably not, no (Sej has been featured in a few major lore bits but she's too connected to the Freljord's overarching plot to die yet) But it'd be interesting to see the two fight, at least And if that fight comes at the end of a long alliance, that would presumably count as featuring her extensively in the lore.
: I dislike the story for the simple reason that Sylas' venture to the north feels like defeat to him. So far demacia seems to have a record of somehow being unbeatable and this event just stirrs that rough assumption more towards being true, and I honestly dislike it. Sure, Sylas got further than any noxian ever did, starting a civil war and getting the king killed and forcing lux to reveal herself as a magician, but I don't think he should have had to retreat gen north to begin with. Althoe, if the changes start bringing him devastating victories, why not? It would certainly create a build up towards a climatic finale if Sylas begins to seriously win against Demacia thanks to the Freljordians, forcing them towards the south when they aren't really united yet. It would push Ashe and the Avarosians in a place of diplomatic dispute with Demacia as well as force her hand for good against Sejuani and Lissandra, which means that this event just might finalize Ashe's arc and whether or not Freljord will truly be united or not. Furthermore, it might actually cause Ashe to side with Demacia to stop the Winter's Claw, which might change her view on the southerners and loosen her up to peace negociations. Overall I see this as a massive potential for the final development for all of Freljord. Whether that was intended or not will be a different question entirely.
The impression I got was that the mage rebellion is still ongoing. Sylas left to gather allies because he's smart enough to know his people aren't going to last as just randos in a rebellion. It's also worth noting that he didn't think the trip would be as dangerous as it ended up being; this wasn't as much of a desperate move as it seems in hindsight.
Naalith (NA)
: I wouldn't mind a new skin line based around non-humanoid champions. Riot refuses to make new monster champions (Last one is either Aurelion or Rek'sai, depending on what you think counts) but seem to have forgotten a time when major top selling skin lines for these champions made them popular. Battlecast is the main one I can think of. Honestly, Praetorian or Eternum could be revived for monsters or a brand new line could come out. Also I wouldn't mind a dubstep or electronic music Bard skin.
: What kind of new Skin Line do you want to see in S10?
I want to see the Marauder and Warden universe expanded on. Pulsefire Ezreal makes mention of the Institute and the League (of Legends).
: Hmmmmm
Pulsefire Ezreal makes direct references to the Institute of War when he encounters Warden skins and the Marauders. IIRC each is from a universe where the institute of war descended into a civil war and one side or the other came out on top. They could only exist if the Institute did; and judging from Ezreal's shock and sudden fear (I think it's the only interaction he takes even remotely seriously), this is a very bad thing for the multiverse.
: The Shackles of Belief - New Story
-Why she lied Thorna absolutely believes that the gods want Sylas alive. She also knows that Vrynna's warriors are superstitious. She lied to preserve Sylas' life, because there's no way for him to know about the sisters. So the "fact" that he saw them in a dream tells them that he was led here by the gods. Speaking of which... -The Three Sisters While the Winter's Claw are not worshippers of the Sisters in the way that the Avarosans are, they still hold the three in reverence. They're old figures, and anyone in the Freljord will know their names and know them as heroes. It's a place of myth more than reality, and names like theirs have a lot of weight. Hence why Ashe is using Avarosa's name to recruit. -Permanence of magic drain Sylas' magic drain is temporary, and limited by touch. Else Lux would no longer be a mage. It's possible that Lux regained her power because of all the petricite in Demacia, but that seems a stretch imo. -Sylas, enemy of the Freljord? I wouldn't say that Sylas is an enemy of the Freljord or the Winter's Claw. While he's definitely driven by the singular goal of crushing Demacia, we don't know his opinions on other powers in Runeterra. His interactions suggest that he hates Noxus as much as Demacia (IIRC), for example. He's primarily after their magic, but he could still prove a staunch ally (if a self-centered one). The mage rebellion allying with the Winter's Claw is definitely an interesting development regardless... hmmm... # Maybe I'm just a shipper at heart but I love that Sylas now has an ice queen to melt :P This entire story was great.
QMighty (NA)
: Only a month and a half left for that wish to come true, so good luck.
Last Yordle to release was Kled, I believe. We're not 10 years out from him, now are we? ;)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wrathof300,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=y8XRe2P9,comment-id=00090002,timestamp=2019-11-16T23:31:05.021+0000) > > Any _DianaxAphelios_ shippers to combat the mainstream _LeonaxPantheon_ ship? > {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Wait... is this the real reason Riot's making another Lunari? Wait people ship Leona/Panth when they could be shipping Leona/Diana???? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
IIRC there was a hint in older lore that Pantheon crushed hard on Leona but the reverse was left up in the air.
: Unpopular opinion: in game, Senna looks like an ulting Jhin
A Jhin VGU would turn his pistol into a BFG, make him into a black woman with no mask, make his cloak bigger and change his name to "Senna" in the login screen?
: The lore.. meh. I can come up with better stories than they do, given the fact that riot try to convey a passive world view by officially shipping a noble man with a killer instead of shipping him with an innocent angel, and it's just because the killer is female while the angel is male.
Not entirely sure which ship you're referring to, both of the angel characters are female. Whoever you're talking about you have no reason to assume it is because riot prefers straight ships. Literally none.
: New player and looking to learn about the lore, but where do I start?
Best place would be to look up whatever champion catches your fancy and start reading up on them. If something about them catches your eye (their region or the mention of another Champ in their story, for example) go read about that.
: I'm appalled that no one has yet recommended you read **'Realms of Runeterra'**, much of which is geared toward folks who are looking to get into the lore/setting... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
You gotta pay for that. Why would anyone pay for lore on something they know nothing about?
: Lux ult with a lane wide shield is underwhealming? It's also a true global, not just nexus to t2 turret.
It SOUNDS great until you realize that it doesn't do much damage and the shield is barely half of a Lux W. The fact that it's global is its major saving grace. (Also it's not quite a Lux ult; there is SOME travel time, but it's so little it's barely worth mentioning)
: Senna is amazing thematically
She is *so* much fun to play. She's always got something to do in lane, which is a huge plus on a support. She also feels kinda like Jhin in that every attack *feels* powerful (even though they're really not cuz, ya know, she's a support). Her ult feels so satisfying to look at. Her heal isn't great, but it's great for fighting (since it also does damage) and that root, *that root*! Its range is great and its damage is insane, and then it ROOTS
: > [{quoted}](name=Moska Nax,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=bfeE00AQ,comment-id=00b6,timestamp=2019-11-08T21:45:27.004+0000) > > As a child I always wanted to have a special magical friend that others wouldn't know about, someone to help me deal with my troubles growing up. > > A story about a yordle like Teemo {{champion:17}} meeting, helping and befriending a child would be very sweet, with a stark contrast between how he deals with kids, and how he deals with adults, mostly of the hostile kind. > > Another story I'd like to see is anything involving Twitch! {{champion:29}} > He's infamously charismatic ingame, but little is written about him lore-wise. He has a lot of potential for a darkly humorous ~~tail~~ tale. While I want more lore about Teemo I do not think he's the best yordle to befriend a kid, remember he's a soldier who protect his town, probably he would just shoot darts at them lmao if he spot them close of his territory. I think someone like Lulu, Poppy or Heimer were more fit for that kind of story.
Teemo in mission and Teemo off mission are apparently two very different Yordles. Teemo is a very chipper person, very kind, always has a smile on his face, is friendly, and a really good guy to know... ...but when he's on a mission he turns into the most massive psychopath in all of Bandle City.
Riot Pls (NA)
: These are all awesome suggestions so far! Also really cool to see what folks are excited and curious about. Also, I see those ships sailin' on the horizon... {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
I feel like League's biggest Lore issues can't be solved by small short stories. Some examples: -I'd like to see the conflict in several regions get more defined. Demacia got Sylas, the instigator and leader of the mage rebellion that exemplifies the conflict in the region: magic vs brotherhood. Lux is the clear middle ground, where she values her comrades in Demacia but also acknowledges Sylas is a major threat. Garen, Jarvan and the like are on the purely antimagic side. Etc. But that's not something that can be done in a single short story; it requires build-up and a lot of support. -I'd love to see Riven and Yasuo on a buddy-cop adventure to break out of Noxus with the various Noxian champs biting at their heels the whole way (and then they could go find Taliyah in Shurima maybe). But to do that you'd first have to establish a friendship between them (which was kinda hinted at in their last story), establish that Riven was captured and brought to Noxus, show how she won her fight against Draven (or rather how she survived it) and then bring in Yasuo and have them escape. (Before Riven's whole deal was revealed I wanted them to work together to find the 'real' killer of Yasuo's elder but it seems that's not gonna happen) -The Freljord is a huge mess of various ideas and plotlines that don't really fit together entirely. -Bandle City barely even exists in League's lore, can we PLEASE get more on this place?! -Actually... small idea: Annie and Nunu on an adventure. It would be adorable.
: Bandle City and League of Runeterra
Teemo is a scout. He can (and will) go anywhere in Runeterra. His mushrooms apparently come from Kumungu, so it's possible he spends most of his time there.
Riot Pls (NA)
: Future Stories
Oh man, where do I begin... -Riven's capture at Noxian hands. That scene in the arena in Awaken is, apparently, canon, which immediately makes me wonder how she got there given she was a farmer the last time we saw her. -Bandle City needs a conflict. Demacia has brotherhood versus magic, Noxus is an expansionist empire at war with pretty much everybody, Piltover has Zaun, Ionia has traditions in the face of a changing world, etc. Currently Bandle City is just... *a place*. A very weird place that the Yordles are connected to. -Evelynn and Twisted Fate. Specifically the scene from the Tango skin splash. -Aurelion Sol needs advancement. He's too big of a player to just be ignored outright. -Sona makes absolutely no sense in the current canon, PLEASE give her an update!!! -I wanna see more short stories where champions meet each other briefly. Mundo's short story has him encountering and fighting Ekko, I'd like to see more of that. -Syndra, despite her power and the sheer length of her one story, has no real presence in Runeterra. She's just kinda there, floating in her sky palace. -Swain being a tactical genius would be nice. -Any of League's big rivalries. Garen and Katarina, Quinn and Talon, Kayle and Morgana, the like. Potential romantic pairings would also be interesting to see (Garen and Katarina again, Ekko and Taliyah, Akali and Kayn).
: Pretty much all yordle champions are flying under the radar with low playrates, because they have no real appeal. They sound weird, look weird, have weird personalities. They just aren't really fit for this game. I'm glad there are no yordle junglers, riot actually knows their playerbase pretty well. They remind me of gnomes in WoW, no one wants to play them, even if they are the best mage class no one would sacrifice their pride to be one.
Off the top of my head, Tristana, Corki, Rumble, Gnar and Kled all appeared at Worlds. Teemo mains exist. Veigar sees a ton of play. You can't just say "they have low playrates" and expect to not be called out for being wrong.
: Thresh prince of Bel'air lost a big one that day https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Cy4Ecja9p2M/maxresdefault.jpg
Here's how he became the prince of bot lane https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2C4XB0sFBc
: *cough* *cough* Bilgewater *cough* *cough*
Bilgewater had its leader deposed and replaced by MF, and she's been wrestling for control of the city. Which is somewhat of an individualistic story, but given how Bilgewater runs it's a pretty big shake-up in the status quo. Or it was when it was first introduced several years ago
Zeanix (OCE)
: Can we please move Shurima forward?
Counterpoint: Shurima and Demacia are two of only three regions to have any kind of story progression. Noxus, Ionia, Piltover, Zaun, Targon, the Shadow Isles and even the Freljord have yet to have ANY kind of story progression for the region. Hell, Bandle City hasn't even had its *current* lore state fully established. Now, we've had a lot of INDIVIDUAL stories advance; Lucian just got Senna out of Thresh's lantern, for example. Yasuo was found innocent while Riven was found guilty of killing his elder (and apparently the events of Awaken are canon, so she's been captured and brought to Noxus for some reason), Syndra brought her castle into the sky, Ahri visited a garden of memory-eating flowers. Etc. etc. But as far as regions go? I mean... Mostly we've been either getting backstory (see the Ashe comic) or getting their current state established.
DeusVult (NA)
: Seeing the quality of all the most recent skins makes me sad for the champs that I play
*cries in {{champion:203}} * (She has TWO skins and NEITHER are any good)
: With Hell Before Them Appreciation
I like the story itself but I'm not a fan of the way it's told. The whole thing feels very impersonal and distant. Darius' fall into darkness is something we're told about, but we don't actually see it. Same with descending into the skeleton of a dead god. The idea that Ashe and Darius went from trusting friends to enemies is absolutely laughable, as is the fakeout death with Darius; there's no reason for Ashe to make it look like Darius died if this is a journal entry written after the fact. The journal dates getting more and more uncertain was a nice touch, and I'm always happy to see more of the demon cowboy universe, but overall, I'm not a fan of this particular entry.
GreenLore (EUW)
: I think you are overthinking the whole "allowed" thing in Threshs lore. It likely means that Thresh is still ok with this situation, it doesn't really bother him that much since its just one soul and he thinks its interesting. It doesn't mean that Thresh decided to let Senna go. Also in the new lore of Varus, he does loose his family just like in the old one. Granted we don't know if he had a son like in his old lore, but otherwise its the same situation of Varus choosing duty over his family and regretting his decison later on.
In Varus' new lore he's two gay dudes fused with a darkin and the two EXPLICITLY have a home to go back to if they manage to fight him off. They had no wife nor son.
GenoXx (NA)
: So it doesn't bother you at all that thresh's character got changed just so senna can look pretty? He doesn't even torture people no more. I cant think of any other way why they would do that.
It bothers me that Senna has a body and giant gun with no explanation. It does not bother me IN THE SLIGHTEST that Thresh is unable to give a person physical scars when all he has is their soul.
GenoXx (NA)
: I gotta say....Senna's lore made do a 180 for lore hype...
I've complained previously about Riot's constant retcons and how they lead to a completely meaningless world... ...but I feel you're overreacting. This is one instance where they actually did it right, for the most part. Senna had no character before now, so most everything related to her isn't really a retcon (other than in the strictest 'retroactive continuity' sense). The fact that Lucian and Senna met through the former's father is new, but it's not contradictory AFAIR. Senna and Lucian seeking a cure for attracting the Black Mist is also new, but it's not a significant change; more of an addition. (As I recall, previously Lucian and Senna just happened to be on the Shadow Isles?) The hardest bit to swallow imo is the bit at the end of Thresh's bio, wherein it states that Thresh "allowed" Senna to get away because he was intrigued by the fact that she escaped at all. While this *is* dumb, it's one error in an otherwise perfectly serviceable bio. Overall this has added to the characters and world rather than take away (Varus' family and Shyvana's dragon dad, anyone?) and has managed to advance the story at the same time.
Salty Nami (EUNE)
: Short Story - The Twilight Star (Featuring Lux, MF, Janna, Jinx, Lulu and Poppy)
I'm not a fan. It's not BAD, by any means, but it's... underwhelming. It feels more like a teaser for the event to come than the event itself. This event is supposed to introduce Xayah, Rakan, Zoe and Neeko to the Star Guardian universe. But the issue is the short story tied to this event doesn't even have anything to do with them. Sure, Zoe is probably the cause of the monsters that Lux's team (and MF) fight, but she never makes an appearance herself. Xayah, Neeko and Rakan are (at absolute best) cameos, meant to draw parallels to Lux. I like Lux, but she's not the only character in the SG universe. Hell, you just introduced *four new ones* we could be learning about. Compare this to the other major SG events. For the first one, we got an animated trailer covering the entire team. There was a short story there, where the main focus was on Lux (the original) and Jinx (when got the Legendary skin for this line). There was also a website giving a small bio for each of the team members that was expanded upon later. For the intro to Ahri's team, we got a longer introduction that covered both teams. Aforementioned short bios were expanded upon to make each of the Guardians into their own character. However, much of the focus was placed on Ahri as a standard Lux could measure herself against, and the team she'd built. Even the pajama party skins had the event focused on the pajama party. The point I'm getting at is that for each of these events, the Guardians getting the skins were the focus, and we learned more about the world and characters through them. The animated trailer does this beautifully by putting all of its focus on our new guardians, hinting and prodding at their story and struggle. Here, though, none of the new characters have any presence in the short story. I'm glad that the Guardians skin line got some villains; I've been saying since Ahri's team was introduced that they needed some bad guys to fight. But the villains don't really do anything, certainly not in this short story. And if your villains don't do anything, do you really have a villain?
: > [{quoted}](name=HalfTangible,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=K5ftfXLA,comment-id=0015,timestamp=2019-10-02T18:25:00.326+0000) > > {{champion:17}} x {{champion:18}} > {{champion:86}} x {{champion:55}} > {{champion:99}} x {{champion:81}} > {{champion:134}} x {{champion:238}} > {{champion:92}} x {{champion:157}} > {{champion:498}} x {{champion:497}} > {{champion:59}} x {{champion:102}} > > "Well that's boring and deriva-" > > Look. > > I see no value in being shocking just for its own sake. Just because I COULD come in here with something off the wall like {{champion:80}} x {{champion:267}} or something silly like {{champion:245}} x Harem ( {{champion:163}} , {{champion:246}} ,{{champion:254}}, {{champion:222}} and {{champion:51}} , for those curious; although in this headcanon he likes Vi, she likes Cait and Cait likes Ekko) doesn't mean it's a good idea. > Some answers are obvious because they're *right*. > > My favorite "unlikely but would be kinda cool" one, though? Hmmm... {{champion:28}} x {{champion:13}}. Not out of genuine affection, but for a story idea I had a while back. Eve tries to lure Ryze away from his path of protecting the world runes through the promise of a loving wife and family. And Eve would (try to) do this because it would be a perfect trap, and lead to the World Runes being taken and used again to reignite the Rune Wars. If her charms didn't work, Ryze would just fight her. If they DID, though, we might get some more insight into what Ryze really wants; what could tempt him away from the path he's on. He would eventually realize what was happening and have to break free of her demonic charms, probably fighting her in the process. > > Whether or not Eve has affection for Ryze would probably depend on the writer. I think it'd be more interesting if she DID (he's gone through so much pain but has yet to be truly broken), but also that that wouldn't fit her character at all. There is one issue thought. I read the headcanon lores several times and NOWHERE do I see Ekko liking Vi, His crush went to Jinx, which faded with time because of how much cray she became. Teemo and Tristana have yet to be legitimized because we don't know anything about Teemo except that he enjoys drinks with her. What we DO know is that Rumble is the one who Seriously likes Tristana and he sees Teemo as some unspoken love rival. Their love triangle is confirmed so I do like that ship because I want to see the outcome. (I low-key root for Rumble) Lux and Ezreal are a hilarious dynamic. Lux has a quote specifically targeted to that, saying something the lines of "Are we supposed to be..dating...or something? I don't even know you." Basically, I would agree with them being likeable and reasonable ships, but unlikely is still more desired than "Proven to never happen."
Ekko's vo notes that Vi "used to be cool", iirc. It's an incredibly small thing, but Vi is still hot and relatively sane. (There's also a rumor that Jinx and Vi are somehow related to Ekko's old street gang or something?) Teemo and Tristana were rumored to be dating back when the Journal of Justice was still a thing. *shrug* I just like that ship is all. Lux's VO indicates they haven't met yet. This is not incompatible with shipping, and Ezreal's VO indicates that he does like her and is interested in her. Zoe's... hints at it, but given how childish her dislike for Lux over the ship is, doesn't really count as proof imo.
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: Aint gonna lie {{champion:1}} ×{{champion:20}} is a cute ship
Jacksin (OCE)
: What's your personal favorite ship?
{{champion:17}} x {{champion:18}} {{champion:86}} x {{champion:55}} {{champion:99}} x {{champion:81}} {{champion:134}} x {{champion:238}} {{champion:92}} x {{champion:157}} {{champion:498}} x {{champion:497}} {{champion:59}} x {{champion:102}} "Well that's boring and deriva-" Look. I see no value in being shocking just for its own sake. Just because I COULD come in here with something off the wall like {{champion:80}} x {{champion:267}} or something silly like {{champion:245}} x Harem ( {{champion:163}} , {{champion:246}} ,{{champion:254}}, {{champion:222}} and {{champion:51}} , for those curious; although in this headcanon he likes Vi, she likes Cait and Cait likes Ekko) doesn't mean it's a good idea. Some answers are obvious because they're *right*. My favorite "unlikely but would be kinda cool" one, though? Hmmm... {{champion:28}} x {{champion:13}}. Not out of genuine affection, but for a story idea I had a while back. Eve tries to lure Ryze away from his path of protecting the world runes through the promise of a loving wife and family. And Eve would (try to) do this because it would be a perfect trap, and lead to the World Runes being taken and used again to reignite the Rune Wars. If her charms didn't work, Ryze would just fight her. If they DID, though, we might get some more insight into what Ryze really wants; what could tempt him away from the path he's on. He would eventually realize what was happening and have to break free of her demonic charms, probably fighting her in the process. Whether or not Eve has affection for Ryze would probably depend on the writer. I think it'd be more interesting if she DID (he's gone through so much pain but has yet to be truly broken), but also that that wouldn't fit her character at all.
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