Robrono (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Penns,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GK8Omz1Z,comment-id=00050001,timestamp=2016-09-25T13:47:17.271+0000) > > She is called cancer for a reason lul Mostly because people like to bitch when they get outplayed.
Yeah man, out played by massive % HP damage even though I managed to land all my skills on her.
nep2une (NA)
: So like. Let's ignore the fact that her Q's CD is only low if it hits an enemy target. Let's also ignore the fact she gets no meaningful heal just from her regular passive. Let's also ignore the fact that her tank Fiora build has been long-dead meaning she can't just tank turrets over and over. Let's also ignore the fact Master Yi's ultimate prevents slows and gives him bonus AS/MS while Fiora has... what that's like that...? Let's also ignore the fact one of the two slows only happens if she lands said W skillshot which has a 0.75 second window for her to time it. Let's also ignore the fact losing in lane magically prevents you from ever getting items and catching up again. Let's also ignore the fact you still decided to 1v1 one of the best duelists in this entire game. Yes, she is extremely high skill-cap. Problem? Try playing her against any actual good player.
Sir, Fiora has a few problems. 1. Better early game than Jax. Thanks to free healing off her passive she's actually very strong early too, even outscaling Jax by level 5 now. 2. Better late game than Jax. Well she has a good early game, practically free thanks to passive healing, but she also has a good late game. 3. Percent HP true damage. Ok this is the stupid stuff. AT LEAST VAYNE NEEDS 3 ATTACKS. Fiora's ult is already 70% MAX % HP TRUE DAMAGE. HOW DO YOU COUNTER THAT ITEMIZE AGAINST IT? It should at least be magic damage.
elduris (NA)
: It's illegal to drink and drive because you can literally kill someone. It's not illegal to drink and play league because there's no chance of you killing someone else as a result of your stupid behavior. See the difference?
No but instead you ruin games, by choice to be fair. Which is why it really shouldn't be allowed exactly, but I think it's a really rare thing.
ybuR (NA)
: Getting outplayed by Anivia ER sure feels nice
Really love getting outplayed by Azir's R. Just shove me into his tower and free kill to him... Yeah, but everything else about Azir is bad. But anivia, she's got no weakpoint.
: I don't know about you, but I'd rather not *encourage* Crit Riven in the first place. There's nothing *stopping* her, but there's also nothing *encouraging* her to build it. Much like how she *can* build Sheen/Trinity/Iceborn, the main thing keeping it off the mind is the fact that *they don't need Mana.* If Riven needed Mana, she would look through options for Mana items that fit for her playstyle.
Wrong, if Riven wanted Sheen procs she'd buy Trinity anyways, like Yasuo does. Legit seriously, giving Riven mana doesn't give her any better OP itemization.
: If we're talking preseason changes, I'd say why even have boots at all? Sure, the mobility they provide is necessary, but the items themselves... not so much. Riot has struggled for years to give boots at least some form of gameplay, including with enchantments, but they inevitably end up being items you mostly just buy and forget about for the rest of the game. In the worst case, one variation dominates and it distorts balance and design at large due to the associated stats (e.g. Alacrity incurring the removal of enchantments, and Mercury Treads being in part responsible for knockup creep). The simpler solution might just be to give every champion a growth stat to their movement speed, which would allow everyone to move across the map faster as they level up, without incurring arms races (legs races?) around boots and the rotational advantage they give. Whichever interesting effects are worth keeping, e.g. Boots of Mobility's roaming speed, could be moved onto items, perhaps even new items entirely (Furor is basically another version of Phage's passive, for example).
Because boots being removed changes the game so much it's painful. Mobility creep gets harder, game massively slows down due to slower rotations, they'd need to make new % basic attack reduction, new tenacity, new magic pen, new AS, new anti-slow items.
: PSA: Being Platinum or Diamond doesn't make you a god among norm match trash.
> What rank is it exactly where you turn in to Hashinshin? That's harassment and slander, if this were Reddit you'd be shot down by mods. Also, barely anyone beats Hashinshin in lane. But if we wanna play dumb here, losing 5% of the time 1v1 is LITERALLY ALL THE TIME.
: Ive had many instances where my team mate pushes his lane 24x7 gets ganked and starts spamming missing ping on me when im a level 4 warwick trying to rush level 6. I don't think you should ever expect your jungler to gank. If you lower your expectations it will be a nice surprise if he actually ganks.
I mean, if I've been ganked twice, I'd expect that my jungler ganks top or mid (or me, I mean I play all roles). As a jungler you should try to stay up in kill participation.
: JUGGER. NAUT. i s2g every time somebody says "tank meta" in response to yas or ekko I die a lil inside.
{{champion:54}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:245}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3065}} These are tanks.
: Essence Reaver Riven. Do I really need to explain why **giving Riven a viable Crit build** is a bad idea?
I mean, nothing is stopping her from building it now, hell ER PD IE is a pretty decent build except no lifesteal. Riven's abilities don't crit.
Keti (NA)
: PSA: Higher Elo Players Aren't Infallible
"Omg Hashinshin made a bad play, he's completely garbage" -Reddit Thank you for an intelligent post Boards.
syssun (NA)
: Here is some ideas- Passive - Same Q- Same as before BUT CANNOT BE DISRUPTED W- Every 3rd hit gives you life back(doubled below 50%hp, life the old one), you can activate this ability to also get more attack speed and percent of hp damage for the next 5 seconds. E- Same as before, but give him two charges and in return reduce the slow. R- Words of courage (based off of his lore) - All attrox's allies (or allies around him at the time of the ult) gain a "Pool" of extra hp for the next 5,10,15(at each rank) seconds, at the start of the ult all the allies pools would be at 25% full, but dealing damage fills them. (similar to attrox's passive) If an ally would take fatal damage during this time they will tap into the pool of extra hp to keep them alive. (pool reserve can be around 200hp-300hp-400hp) While tapped into this extra pool they gain extra attack damage and movement speed. (This means while they are below 0% hp remaining) At the end of the time any ally who is under 0% will die. Also regardless of lifesteal or spellvamp once you are under 0% hp you cannot go back above it. Just some ideas, I believe this ult would make him unique and also it is based off his lore (inspiring solders to turn the odds in battle) {{champion:266}} Tell me what you guys think
No charge system, just increase the slow. Also lower Q delay. Also, keep his ultimate the same as live, hell make the AA animation smoother and like 10/20/30 MS.
: I played Kog'Maw jungle the other day and ignored my team. I felt bad but I started playing farm junglers since gank junglers rely on the team, and that's a variable I can't control. I want to do consistently well. Anyway, in teamfights even though we had a Braum I was useless because the Braum wouldn't engage or peel. ADCs are just too reliant on their team. So I, regrettably, said screw the team and kept farming. I could solo baron and dragon in a very short amount of time, so while my team was fighting I'd do that instead of joining the fight. I'd rotate towers since they were basically butter and I was the hot knife. 2-3 seconds and they'd fall. So you need ADCs for objectives even if nobody likes em.
Play Kayle then, good late game and great counterganks.
: which begs the question. if no one really has fun playing marksmen, unless theyre ungodly broken op. no one likes babying them and being dependent on that one guy to do his job by midgame, otherwise your team loses out on most of its power. it sucks playing them, it sucks playing against them, it sucks playing with them. why is the game so focused around them? sounds like terrible design to me.
Good thing ADCs are the best class all season (Except tank meta)
: I'm finally understanding the mentality of some ADC's
I play ADC time to time, I only have one legit complaint. My support is doing nothing or being an idiot. Like, I myself know how to support, and I know these boards love supports that it's practically illegal to bash them, but come on, pressure the lane at least. Same applies to junglers too, don't just farm. Gank a lane please.
Sherogarth (EUNE)
: @Riot. Why do we even have runes and masteries at this point?
Some champions need CDR runes. Just lowing cooldowns more just will make some of them buy more CDR and have even lower cooldowns.
: Every time someone complains about a manaless champion
> Open up itemization options that they'd left alone previously Oh yes, because that Muramana Riven or GOD FORBID MURAMANA AATROX will be completely OP.
: PSA; Some champions remain weak/UP because they're inherently toxic in their design
To be fair, they could buff Aatrox if they nerfed his healing a bit, thought he mostly needs animation buffs and not numbers EXCEPT REAL BASE STATS.
: What if I'm actually Korean?
Being Korean has nothing to do with it, Korean's just play more LOL.
: just because im playing a healing support or one that can shield
You're the support, you're suppose to compensate for the ADC's idiocy in your peel.
GerAvos (EUW)
: I'm just happy to get him for free. Haven't bought kayle at all yet, maybe he's fun to play.
: Pls no
Dude, Kayle is garbage jungle. 5 AD would help that bad clear speed.
cupcaker (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=HaloDragonX,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oa9WMdTj,comment-id=00050001,timestamp=2016-09-13T21:33:32.205+0000) > > Now if only they buffed her next patch, something like.... +5 AD... **Make jungle Kayle great again** kayle was seriously cancer incarnate not even 10 months ago thanks to sated. seriously. cancer. rework her, because her kit is outdated, and stupid as fuck. literally taric has her ult as AOE for a SLIGHT delay.
Her kit is simple, why should it be reworked? It fits the Angel of Justice perfectly. Sated is gone and it was 13 months exactly when she was cancer with Sated, because 13 months ago they gutted Kayle jungle.
Rìcco (EUW)
: Please don't make Rylais the "Squishy kite option" (Some arguments inside)
So can we just do this? Please. Rylai's Crystal Scepter 3000 gold Needlessly Large Rod + Giant's Belt 400 HP, 80 AP Passive: Spells apply a slow based on type: Single Target: 35% for 1 second. AoE: 20% for 1 second. Multi-Hit, Damage over Time, and Summoned Minions: 20% for 1 second. Notice what I did? I fixed the item by letting it not permaslow and have a drawback of lesser AP. Now personally I'd like to see the AP on Luden's buffed so we have an opposite to Rylai's. A squishy damage kiting option.
: Yes, I hope we can deliver on 1 (or even 2) champs with a reasonable skill floor in the next year. There is a great elegance to some champs where the mechanical skill requirement isn't crazy, but there are still lots of nuanced ways to make plays. See: Singed, Blitzcrank, Morgana, Lux
Kayle too. Also, can these champions not be completely outclassed by overloaded versions? Azir and Kayle, Fiora and Jax, Kalista and the entire ADC class.
: Athenes is a weak item
20% CDR powerspike and a massive 200 heal mid game is really good for carries.
: Jax is hardly Unplayable.
I mean, he deals little damage compared to nearly every other champion and is outscaled by Fiora, and Fiora also has a better early game. He has no items to build. Gunblade was nerfed, Mallet was nerfed, BoRK was nerfed, Titanic Hydra was nerfed, Rageblade was gunned down.
: Its honestly a good way to get more people to play Kayle.
Now if only they buffed her next patch, something like.... +5 AD... **Make jungle Kayle great again**
: They like to give kayle's skins. They gave us judgement kayle back in 1 season.
Gives us Championship Riven but can't give me Judgement Kayle :(
I7A6X2v2 (NA)
: **If only she wasn't so boring.**
She's not to boring, killing everyone when fed is fun.
: You know what made Rylais/Mallet feel so much more frustrating to play against?
Dude, this is like the 4th post. We get it, but guess what, Swiftness meta sucked. How about, NERF THE SLOWS, buff morde's base MS by 10.
Rozair (NA)
: If you were to rework your main, how would you do it
{{champion:10}} Base Stats: +5 base AD Passive: New shreds 5% armor/MR per hit, maxing at 25%. This reduction only applies to Kayle's damage. Second Effect: Kayle has no attack speed maximum. Q: Unchanged. W: Now grants an attack speed bonus to her target equal to half the movement speed boost. E: Cooldown down by like 1 second at all ranks, 20% bonus AS ratio added to E's passive effect (activate doubles to 40% bonus AD.) R: No change.
: @Meddler, I really hope you're going to be taking a look at Morde when you start working on Rylais
No one considered Kayle or Jax in the rageblade change, and hey look, jax is unplayable and kayle is no longer competitively viable.
: It'll likely be changed at preseason. May or may not be Melee Only - we're exploring larger changes that might not require us to make it melee only.
Just remember, it is the raw stats, not the passive.
: Yes there is LMAO. If not, everyone would pick the easiest champ in a certain position and dominate because you don't have to try or practice with them nearly as much. Here's an idea, work really hard to master your champion and not get rewarded for it....
So Azir should be better just because he's harder? Isn't that unfair that Azir is better, isn't that bad balance. Being easy shouldn't mean worse.
: @Meddler, regarding your statement about Rylais
Still nerf the slow, like Morde is a champion, but with Viktor and Azir in the game, and being more relevant in balance terms, you have to nerf the slow.
Eedat (NA)
: People don't realize that he gains range on his ult per level so they complain about level 16 AP Kog. They won't admit how insanely vulnerable he is in lane or in general or that he sacrifices a ton of early game strength for his late game power. Or that the ramping mana costs prevent him from spamming it without going OOM insanely fast. Or that he has no form if hard CC or escape. I mean even Xerath has a stun and Ziggs has an escape
I saw a streamer playing with an AP kog mid. The guy went Tear.
: Should Riot change the way they make patches?
No not really, pro play only is a huge problem for the 99% playerbase and the 0.0001% high elo solo queue base. However I agree that balance needs to be fixed. Champions who are problems are nerfed on small things, not their problem. Then sometimes, you nerf the problem and you're left with a worthless champion. Other times like now, problems are straight up ignored. Mallet slowing too much? NERF THE DAMAGE! Fevorer being op? Ignore it. Jax being weak and bugged? Not touched. This is why I miss Riot Morello. Back 6 months ago when Kindred was meta, he would have nerfed her passive's Damage Per Stack and her armor slightly, not completely gut her. Instead Ghostcrawler just nerf Q, nerf W, nerf E, nerf R, nerf base stats. Ok you got the base stats and permadash down, but now that you nerfed R and W and E for no reason, she's horrible.
Tentaku (EUNE)
: Yes pls. AP kog wasn't the best champ in League, but one of the most fun.
Draico (NA)
They also damage SKT. This is how C9 will win.
: Rylai used to be a niche item
Yeah and now everyone buys it because they just get that, 40% CDR and permaslow.
: Because harder champions tend to have more counterplay options???????? Easy champions don't always see high level play because they're counterplay is usually one dimensional (build this item, do this thing differently). Hard champions have more options to outplay which inherently means they have more options to _be_ outplayed sorry to burst your bubble
Wrong, Riot just never buffs easy champions for them to be played. Pros have said "We just play whatever is OP."
: I think they aced graves' rework. I think he just needs more tuning. It'd be a shame for them to revert it.
Tuning how? Remove his sustain? Or free tank stats? Or mobility?
: Why not make kindred's passive benefit from life steal
Sure if they nerf her passive so they can buff the rest of Kindred. By all means buff Kindred if her onhit damage per stack gets nerfed.
: No. It's not. Anyone who learns a high skillcap champion well will destroy and carry everyone.
This. There is no reason fir Azir to be a better Kayle because "he's harder" or Fiora to be a better Jax because "she's harder".
: * Always follow up on your bot lane's engage * Always have Sweeper's / Oracle's / Raptor smite to clear wards * Always have Drake warded * Take Herald and make sure your top gets it * Don't take ANY kills when ganking (or else it's obviously killstealing) * Always have the perfect smite * Addendum: if you can't Drive-By smite as Zac uninstall * Find that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald * Defeat the 8 Robot Masters * Cross-examine the Raptor camp Jungling's easy man {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
> Cross-examine the Raptor camp Nice
: why would he lack damage late game with an ADC's build? because with sustain like that you can do it. Aatrox has a gapcloser, old Sion didn't and I still had some success on him(but tottaly got kited to hell half the time[it helped to play like an assassin and flank the enemy team]).
Because he's AAtrox and doesn't build like an ADC. He's a fighter.
: I guess you never played sated rageblade aatrox lol Actually all of them went sated, rageblade, titanic, full tank. Shyvana didn't always build rageblade but it was okay. Udyr could go sated rageblade too so... that's that.
I do play Aatrox. Infact, he still sucked with Devourer Rageblade. Mages still 1 shot you because you're Aatrox, ADCs still permakite you, your Q still gets interrupted. Shyvana and Udyr do not build Rageblade.
: %max health damage based on your own health is not hypercarry? I might be wrong but isn't tham a hypercarry due to his %max health?
Tahm Kench is tank, a support tank, not a hypercarry. Maybe he's a hypertank? But no Tahm Kench builds Rageblade or would want to.
: Except they shit all over the normal Queues? And aatrox also used it, shyvana too, udyr too, literally every single aa jungler did, don't spread bullshit m9
Shyvana was going Devourer Titanic Full Tank, not Rageblade. Aatrox is irrelevant and actually doesn't even get to count as an example. Using Rageblade on him just made him a subpar champion. Udyr was building Runic Echos full tank with Zzrot.
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