: you are the minority and if u didnt play riot would not care sucks that you cant use a keyboard, yeah i feel bad, but i really doubt riot will do much about it thats my opinion
> [{quoted}](name=noxus roolz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=th1GUeNG,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-03-10T05:59:31.644+0000) > > you are the minority and if u didnt play riot would not care > sucks that you cant use a keyboard, yeah i feel bad, but i really doubt riot will do much about it > thats my opinion Hopefully some rioters will see this and we will find out!
: Bump
> [{quoted}](name=DragonManSquid,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=th1GUeNG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-10T00:01:25.574+0000) > > Bump Thanks fam
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: dude you need to post a video. "press D" "fuck i said R not E!" "no no no don't open that xxx site" "...there we go"
I actually use numbers for my main abilities, but sometimes my software will think I say the keystroke to {{summoner:4}} flash… And you can guess what happens next. XD
: Hey man, I feel you. I have muscle deficiency that makes me unable to lift my toes or have full control of my feet. The doctors said it is also present in my arms and hands but in a lesser degree. My name is Titanium Legs not because of Camille but because I wear leg braces to walk. I sit on my computer like a potato all day and play league partly because of this. Godspeed, brother.
Potatoes can't last hit.
: We can always hope! We'd only truly know if a Rioter spoke up and answered, but we can use past experience to come out and say you'll be fine. And also, I find it fucking awesome you used voice software to actually cast spells and skills in LoL. Sorry if that's fairly childish, but it's really neat. It even reminds me of the Dovahkiin; You could call yourself a Dragonborn if you'd like - and you wouldn't really be wrong.
I appreciate your kind words <3
: ....dear god I can only imagine how you'd play {{champion:30}}... Just constantly saying QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQWQQQQQQEQQQQQQQQQEQQQQQQQR
Yeah… Champions that require spamming I tend to stay away from :p
: ***
I'm not a vegetable, but that's pretty messed up to say.
: When you play skyrim do you shout FUS RO DAH
XD I can't play games that need WASD for movement
: Good news! It works more like Vi Q so if you take it off quick cast then you press it once to start it and another time to reactivate it.
That is great news! Thanks for your help. Hopefully future abilities will react the same way.
: Does that mean you have a lot of *Say* in League
Phreak would be so proud{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: I assume it would act like new WW E, where you can cast it, it channels, and can be recast at any time
That would work for me, but I'm also worried about future champion/updates.
: I am pretty sure that if you take those abilities off quick cast they require two inputs. The first input starts the channel and the second activates it. Are you able to go into the option settings and change that abilities quickcast at the start of the game?
With Warwick you still had to hold down the button in order to follow using his Q. Haven't had the opportunity to test out the new Galio W, but I assume it requires you to hold down the button regardless of whether or not you have quick cast on. Thanks for the input :-)
Leo1024 (NA)
: if you can't use a keyboard there's mouses designed to let you play with only one hand, the mouse itself has buttons, i have a friend who was only born with one arm but still plays extremely well with a mouse designed for people like him! it's just a thought, something you could use, even MagikarpUsedFly (popular league youtube) uses a special mouse to reduce stress on his hand since he has lots of pressure in them from working with his hands a lot tl;dr if you can't use a keyboard there are many different options that will make gaming easier than talking, no keyboard needed for even a game like league! best of luck to you :)
That's something I forgot to mention, thank you. I only have enough strength to hold an iPhone, which I have a mouse app that I use. I'm not able to use a traditional mouse. Thank you for your input :-)
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