: Patch 9.23 notes
I would love to see a skin for Nasus and some of the OTHER Egyptian themed champions "Guardian of the Gates Nasus" or something of the sorts. Could fit skins for Skarner, Rengar, Senna, Lucian, Azir, Galio, Qiyana, Shen, Olaf, Warwick, Xerath, Renekton. It would be really fun to do a History themed patch and skins. Always wanted to see a Nasus specific Item that could scale with melee "Hand of Anubis" or "Trinket of Anubis" "Oath of the Gate" "Pharaohs Staff" would be as hilarious as it would be cool.
Arkhan (NA)
: Which 4 Champs would be the 4 Horsemen?
War: Xin/Poppy Pestilence: Brand/Zyra Famine: Vlad/Warwick Death: Nocturn/Nasus
Salron88 (EUW)
: i dont like the guessing game with shaco.
While true. If he gets behind by 2 or more level's he is absolutely trash for the rest of game. If he gets ahead gg. Behind he losses. Not like most junglers who can still recover.
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: WorldBreaker Skin not Redeemed
Thanks bot. Been struggling to do that because the boards and support pages wouldn't properly load up on my PC. Just got a ticket put in. Thanks for the link helped me get it submitted through my phone.
: Bought a Skin and it's still Locked
Ok thanks guys. Sorry for slow response. I do own him. The boards are for some reason having compatibility issues with firefox on my pc. Had to come through my phone. I just now got a chance to submit a riot ticket on my phone app.
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