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: WTF is with this matchmaking system
Riot tells me all the time to 1v9 or lose. Not saying im a pro at All, im actually really bad. Just saying myth is that you can climb with consistency. And again, while I am no pro and am not always the best person on my team, I rarely am the weakest link. This more often than not turns into me roaming, taking turrets, and trying my fking hardest to 1v5 the enemy team............. just for my teammates to feed and throw anyway. So........ I feel ya. I call BS, if consistency got me ELO than why do i get matched with people i HAVE to carry through the mud EVERYGAME if i ever want to see the Victory Screen? Yet I stay in low ELO because again im no pro and cant carry my whole team while fighting a fed enemy team, the 1v9 is real.
: sound like ur stuck in bronze my friend. get good and you wont have these problems
Have neither the time nor desire it takes to become good enough to 1v5 a fed team, hence 1v9. Glad some plp do though. Must be nice.
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Aenaeus (NA)
: Ok honestly, why did I get banned here?
Yep agreed, im convinced riot promotes trolls and will stand by that statement. They expect you to be 100% nice ALLLLL the time but then ban you for saying one thing. This Game Doesn't Care About Its Player Base.
: I Will Never Understand Riot
Dunkey Said it Best
: Well I doubt you got chat restricted because you asked your teammates to surrender. Harassing and pestering your teammates to surrender isn't going to want to make them surrender anymore. Just put up the vote, and keep quiet. If they don't want to then you can't force them. I know it's frustrating, we've all been there. But if you really think it's over use that time to practice csing or something. 5/10 minutes isn't much, you're gonna waste that time playing league anyhow, just play out your match.
How do you practice csing when you have no lane pressure and are defending? How do you concentrate on practice, when you are so far behind you cant leave your base, or enter your own jun, or STAY Under your turret because you are getting 2 and 3 man ganked over and over with no MIAS or pings. How do you practice when you are the only one placing vision that gets swept because the enemy is that far ahead.................. but yeah its not a waste of time...... My point is sometimes its a lost cause, and the fact that i get punished for SPEAKING it Out Loud is asinine.
: They're behaviour doesn't excuse yours. If you see a bunch of guys beating up and mugging an old lady, do you join in too?
No, but according to riot if i were to SPEAK OUT and make their actions known, it would be up to the muggers to decide whats happens..... Like i said I AM Expected to Behave 100% of the time, regardless of whats going on around me.
Chermorg (NA)
: It has *never* been okay to insult your team or try and force them to want to surrender.
there's a difference between insulting your team and asking them to vote yes..... so yeah id agree. I dont flame people for no reason, but if im 5/5/4 and you are 0/8/0, and its 7/35 at 23mins, you bet im going to ask you to surr. and yes you are hurting my feelings by forcing me to play a game that YOU think we can win. I understand what you are trying to say, but this is how my games get majority of the time. so im not going to feel bad for not wanting to drown through those matches.
: I feel like a lot of labels get thrown freely around in this game (i.e. 'boossted', 'wood', 'toxic', etc.,) but I feel *troll* is usually applied correctly. People can tell the difference fairly quickly and easily with constant questionable item builds and in-game behavior. Yes, off-meta stuff CAN work and to amazingly devastating effect on game outcome, but that comes with game knowledge. Buying something that would have no positive effect on the game is 'troll', such as a Darius buying {{item:3165}} or 6 {{item:1056}}. *That* is troll. Honestly, they aren't hard to spot at all.
: Sorry, but if you are ready to surrender at 10 minutes, why did you bother queuing up? This is a game, people make mistakes, on both sides of the rift. Some champs scale. Some are strong up front.
there's a 15mins sur timer for a reason.............. when its 17/3 at 15 mins.................. yes i want to sur. idc how much you scale, most games are lost at that much of a deficit at 15mins, and im not pro, i cant carry, and i dont claim to be good enough too. So id rather not waste my time Maybe getting a 50min win when i will most like lose anyway. So, yes, id rather surr and start new when i call tell its a lost cause, something like losing the battle but not the war............
: I Will Never Understand Riot
O and i also LOOOOOOVE how you only want to show one side of chat logs as if its not a two way street riot.................... Because none of these people EVER flame or start crap.................. its when you go harder then they do and cross some imaginary line that you care and start banning people? Basically its only be 100% nice in chat at all times or your account gets punished. Never mind that you are being trolled, never mind that people are flaming you or talking crap. You Have to SAY Nice Things..... like wtf happened to free speech? In this game its okay to BM people all the time, talk crap and make them feel like crap when you are stomping them, going 16/0. But if im on the team with the guy getting his butt kicked and i tell him to stop inting, im the problem? If i want to leave the game because people wont surrender, im at fault?, when we are 20 mins in and its 28/2......................................... So glad of all the hurt feelings out there, so glad all these other people are considered, yet there seems to be no consideration thrown in my direction............. Riot would have to do much more to convince me it actually cared. im over it. This Game Stinks and has for some time. That's why people are leaving all the time, and new players don't even want to try because they just get crapped on. Over Riot Games....
Chermorg (NA)
: They don't neglect the trolls. They don't promote the trolls. Most people just simply call people trolls who **aren't**. Further, flaming these "trolls" (who probably aren't trolls) makes your entire team (and possibly the enemy as well) put up with your flaming. It's not just the person you direct it at.
So when my bot lane feeds and we are now 0/10 in less than 10mins, my top lane wont/cant roam to help and mid lane inevitably falls, so we are slowly choking out a 50min loss, I'm the bad guy for saying you inted, can we please sur to start a new match?.......... Yep sounds about right. Then its No No im not going to sur, im not going to try again in 10mins anyway, and you are reported......... This game has spiraled so far out of what's okay and not, i don't even care anymore. This game was fun years ago before riot's head got so big it forgot what made a good game environment.
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