: Tactical Gaming
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: Can Blind people see their Dream?
Blind people dream about sound, smell, thoughts and emotions. They dream about conversations and interactions with others. They have nightmares just like anyone else. Pretty much everything except visuals.
Mrs iDell (EUNE)
: All Girls 5 v 5 Casual/Ranked Team
This post is extremely offensive. I demand that you delete it - at once!
: To all those who fantasize Jinx getting bigger cleavage from Lulu's Hugify, you must know
I think Jinx is adorable just the way she is! She wouldn't look like herself if she had MF boobs.
: How am i not supposed to be toxic when i have to deal with vayne
: Pokemon GO will kill all other games.
Man you lost me once you clarified yourself. Way to break my heart man WTF.
Hòpe (NA)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Defended,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=Q07M4AVV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-07-14T21:42:28.153+0000) > > you're fucking disgusting. You wanna ''level to 30 smurfs only'' Thats horrible. I hate people like you. > > You're trying to ruin the game for new players goodjob. Much skill bro Maybe he means he wants to play with some fellow smurfs? But that's kind of worse. Poor nooblets.
: Toxic lobbies and being held hostage for LP
It's not that Riot is purposefully "allowing" this to happen. They can't control what people do. The only thing they can do is inflict some kind of punishment after the fact. We live in a world where shitty people exist and no one can predict when they will come along and annoy us. All you can do is report them after the game. There is no magical way of keeping this from happening.
: A new ranked team.
Add me! I play both adc and support. Let's be best friends : ]
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nexona (NA)
: Holding auditions for a ranked team!
I main adc. Feel free to add :]
: Bronze I Support Looking for adc duo (Please Read)
Feel free to add me. I was silver 5 last season, but have a feeling I will place lower this time around after some horror stories from friends. I play ADC :]
Ignd (NA)
: LF Girl Duo Partner.
You can add me. I main adc

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