: There are loads of champs who suffer from the early game meta. Riot isn't and shouldn't buff all of them. You just need to wait out the early meta and wait for the next meta. It's how the game goes there are always a load of champs out of the meta.
I agree with you in that Riot shouldn't buff every champ that falls out of favor. However, the 1250g cost was always a problem, even before Season 8. If you died once in the early game, the delay in getting the first upgrade would put you much further behind your opponent than any other champ. The early game meta only amplifies this to a greater extent since the probability for comebacks is smaller than before. (imo)
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: I don't agree with increasing the slow percentage. Champions without mobility should be able to escape it as well. But I don't see a problem with adding a Grounded effect and removing stacks. In short, I disagree with 1 but agree with 2 and 3.
Craktite (EUW)
: Just bring back his old passiv with old stats and price. I remember it gave at the first upgrade 40 flat AP et 1xx flat mana + some ap/lvl for example.
I remember them saying that they nerfed his hexcore due to the uninteractive gameplay Viktor brought where he would just waveclear and just wait in lane. Now it seems every other champ does the same thing. KInda sucks
: Maybe ground anyone who is in the gravity field and reduce the slow slightly or keep the same....becuz gravity lol
I would say that keeping the slow would be best. It starts at 28% and caps at 44% at max rank. It isn't too great but it is enough to leave an impact.
: Eh... I’ve never played viktor but yes his gravity field is SUPER EASY TO ESCAPE even a xerath or velkoz can do it. Even though they don’t get in range. It’s sooooooooo easy to dodge,
Honestly tho, it seems anyone can walk right out of it. It feels quite ineffective to use unless they are cc'ed prior.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 14
Thoughts on Viktor after the buffs? I still feel like he could use a bit more love.
: I think Twitch is perfectly fine right now
Patch 99.3: Aurelion Sol Q now hits every champ in every game. "We really felt that ASol wasn't living up to the promised fantasy of being a space dragon so we're giving him a bit of a nudge in the right direction." ######turrets might be a bit weak too
: Star Guardian Files added into PBE
It's time boys. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CuIP-mHVYAAS4ej.jpg
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Aurelion Sol
With great star destroying, dragon infused abilities comes a 200 IQ
Sharjo (EUW)
: {{champion:432}}
Nah man, the meeps are obviously the real mastermind behind Bard's ingenious chiming.
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