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: I'm giving you a lot of cred for acknowledging that you can improve and don't jump to the conclusion that everyone else sucks! So +1! Having had the time to have fun in this game, i've taken on some challenges over the years, i've done some unranked to diamond accounts playing only one champion, like Blitzcrank, Sejuani, Draven and support Wukong. The best tip i can give you would be to have strategies for each game. Start by looking over your champion pool and pick one champion, figure out something you can do in game that would be unexpected. Most players play like everyone else does, think outside the box and abuse it. I'm currently juggling between a super movement speed build for Draven and an early game invade strategy for jungle Trundle. When i played support, i started roaming as soon as possible, bought mobility boots as my first item. The faster i can get all of my lanes ahead, the more turrets, dragons and gold we'll get. I think your champion pool is fine, you could play Soraka, Nautilus and Morgana all the way to diamond, but if you're gonna play supportive champions, you need to help your lanes more than with other champions, that means more roaming etc. As long as your team is strong, you'll win. I'm happy to see such a mature post!
Hello, I believe part of my transition from silver to gold in the past is because of me taking on a better over-all attitude in games. Now that I am so close to plat, I am glad I asked the questions. Thanks for the roaming tips as a support, it is something that I am still trying to get a good grasp on currently, and perhaps it is what differs a good support player and a great support player. There are games where I roamed a little less than I should where other lanes started to falter, and games where I roamed for too long and neglected the ADC so much that bot lane sometimes got rolled over. It certainly has shined some light on thinking outside the box, as you said. I appreciate your input as an experienced player.
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: Are we ever going to get different maps?
Perhaps one day we will get 4 different seasons of Summoner's Rift rotated throughout the year, they will only be for visual and aesthetic purposes, but no fundamental strat and meta are changed... One can only hope, that one day... Soon™
: I wouldn't overthink it.. just play the game like u usually do and like always, limit the amount of errors you make to increase your chances. Sucks that you have failed so many times but their is no secret formula. Just do your best, if you made it to gold 1 you care capable of plat 5 my friend. I play mostly jungle, occasionally top, and sometimes mid. I can play a lot of champions but i limit the ones i play in ranked to ensure that i'm playing a champion im very confident on and know through all stages of the game in the various situations that come up. Again, just keep truggin along, you're bound to win them.
Hi, thanks for the comforting words of encouragement. I see that you seem to main 2 junglers and alternate in between Udyr and Rengar. They are both powerful picks, and from your stats it seem that you are proficient enough to earn the rank that you are currently in. My initial thought was that I don't have a large enough champion pool, but this somewhat contradicted my reflection. Perhaps, like you said, I'll just have to tough it through. Do you think it's better for some players to actually limit their ranked games to fewer champions per role like you have? And what are your match habits? Such as all-ranked all-day or several normal/ARAM in between each ranked? a one-day break between the promo series matches? Thanks for the fast reply, btw.
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