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Solanine (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY] Zyra Plant AI intermittently not attacking targets (patch 8.16)
Hello Riot? This shit's still going on. Plants frequently just sit there doing nothing with multiple minions and champions standing right next to them.
: We are working on a gallery that <fingers crossed> we can have available on Monday. There is a lot of artwork to sort through.
Are all the honorable mentions also angry faces?
: 4 out of 5 were angry/raging expressions, so much for diversity there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . I don't know maybe I'm a bit salty since this contest was so unorganized.
You're not salty this whole thing has been bullshit. Did community votes even matter in any way? It sounds like they didn't...
Kringlas (NA)
: Honorable mention, awesome!! I just noticed though that all of the winners (except the Bard) were angry faces..Kind of odd.
It's a serious wtf, especially when you consider the contest was to depict intense emotions and uncomplicated rage is probably the EASIEST emotion to depict visually and the least interesting one.
: Champ Memotions Contest Voting Begins
Uh.... WTF is the criteria we are supposed to base our votes on?
: ward bug
Has there been any fix for this? It's a pretty huge bug and seems to affect many players. My ward skin options now include five or six ward skins duplicated several times each, most of which I don't actually own, and **no longer shows most of the ward skins that I do own**. Selecting a ward skin does nothing anymore, so I always have only the default ward skin in game now.
: Patch 7.23 notes
What an awesome patch! I'm super stoked about being able to view the skins owned and unowned, and also all the cool champion page and info stuff and being able to see the full champion splash in client. All the adjustment tweaks seem really good too. Some champs are still out of line, but it makes sense to let things settle out a bit more with the new runes and how people use them before adjusting power levels too much on individual champions. All in all, this game is more fun than ever right now. Keep up the great work guys!! And challenger spectating is back? Super!
: this is a quality post
Yeah, I want to say that this was a really quality post you made and super appreciated! On a personal level, it honestly makes me feel much better about the Blue Essence changes. Lowering the level-up penalty ceiling to level 50 is particularly welcome and a nice response to player feelings and concerns. Keep up the great work!
Siqsa (EUW)
: Came here to say this. That change is absolutely terrible. Good junglers are constantly pressing tab to figure out what camps the enemy jungler has taken. It's HUGE part of counter jungling and keeping track of camp timers. No one is actively saying 'Woah, Yi has 25 cs and I have 5, HOW?'. We all know he took krugs or raptors etc.
I mean, that's sad, it shouldn't be that way in the first place. You aren't tracking shit, the game is giving that information automatically and it shouldn't.
: It hurts so bad. It is so ridiculously sad someone like you exists. I'm very sorry for whoever has to interact with you. Good thing you've typed enough to at least let the lower Rioter's get the inclination you are absolutely clueless. That is what is important. Oh, and I've been playing for 6.5 years. I just reached 2200 in season 4 and peaked 2350 on kr server. I don't play on this server very much, and so I don't have a level 30 account for it. You don't know anything. You are worse at the game on every single possible level and aspect and lacking in knowledge that new players here have in half a year. Please keep pretending to know things, it is quite cute.
Basically you're saying there is an annoying feature of the game that can be abused to give you advantage over others who find doing so too boring to bother with, and you are going to be pissed if that feature is removed. On the other hand 95+% of the player base will be happy to see the feature go. Obviously Riot should listen to you, because, reasons....
: Until Riot finally changes it, google Yolomouse. It's the only way I can play the game anymore.
I would love to use something like that but I'm pretty sure it is technically against the terms of service and don't want to risk a ban. :/
Ququroon (NA)
: We've responded to the cursor comment in a few places, but for added measure: The current cursors are terrible and need work. Badly.
It would be nice and make a lot of sense if there were a few different options for the cursor. You don't have to just trash the current one, since some players are emotionally attached to it. But the current one is hell for new players, it is extremely visually indistinct and easy to lose in the graphic chaos of a team fight. I would love to see something that is so bright and distinct that it is extremely hard to lose track of it in a team fight.
: Yeah, that one's basically our participation trophy and most folks will get it. The other four are meant to be hard-mode rewards. We tried to guard against ribbons being shitty the last couple years by including the top 10% of honored players per category.
Makes sense to me. I can understand why people are butthurt, but they are being unreasonable. I have only played for about a year and got the honorable opponent icon today -->> never had a ribbon afaik, so it means I must have been in the top 10% metric. To be honest, learning that made my day. It would be crap if the reward was one most everybody who played the game for a long time automatically received. The way it is now, that icon is actually special to me. Nice work, Riot, thank you and keep at it! :)
: Share All Your Matchmaking Experiences (2017)
Nice post. The matchmaking is really strange in LoL. Your first two links shed a lot of light onto why it is this way, but I also think there is even more to it than that. Riot fucks with matchmaking in weird ways that they do not disclose, such as flagging new accounts that do well with a sort of smurf flag and giving them different matchmaking than others. If you read posts and such from Riot employees over the years bits and bobs like that trickle out that paint the picture of a system with little "tweaks" that are not officially disclosed to the users. Based on Riot's "success" with other game design tasks, such as releasing balanced champions, it would not be at all surprising if their little tweaks to matchmaking cause problems more than solving them. That seems to be the case, as the matchmaking in this game FEELS BAD. Many huge fuckups that Riot does, such as dynamic queue (which Riot actively lied about, remember, and produced many graphs of "hard data" to prove it is "working great for 99% of players") -- many of these huge fuckups only ever get fixed after enormous outcry from the player base. Since the tweaks and weird fuck arounds Riot does with matchmaking (such as what is demonstrated in the second link op posted) are not disclosed, it is hard for players to have an outcry about it. Also many players who have reached a "high" rank, whatever the definition of that is to the individual player, are extremely emotionally invested in their rank so they will refuse to even contemplate that anything could be broken with the system unless it is directly hurting them personally. New players lose many matches and their mmr gets trashed, then matchmaking inertia kicks in and it is extremely difficult for them to climb to a different level that more accurately reflects their hard earned skill; this makes it so the lower tiers are a clusterfuck of disparate skill levels which is not fun in a game where you are continuously graded upon how well your TEAM performs. As the lol booster site linked above indicates, it can take a long time to boost accounts that are on a loss streak or have mmr in the dumpster -- this is true even for professional boosters who are not only top players but afaik almost always use scripts. We have all played in online games where matchmaking was just random, whoever logged into the queue got put into the teams at random and everyone played. The weird thing is that the LoL matchmaking manages to feel much worse than that. The most satisfying matchmaking I have played with in LoL was in Devil Teemo special game mode where teams were made randomly, and sometimes you got a team of fuckwits, sometimes you got some diamond players in your team, but it felt like you got a fair roll of the dice and everyone played and had fun. The general matchmaking in LoL doesn't feel like a fair roll of the dice, there are long streaks where you get fuckwit dominant teams over and over again while facing non-fuckwit dominant teams. Playing Devil Teemo I played more than 100 matches and I never got a streak of a particular type of players like that, but in normal LoL matchmaking this happens regularly. **We almost all have experience in games with simple random matchmaking and Riot's matchmaking feels clearly WORSE than random.** Another part of the matchmaking problem is Riot's misuse of the ELO system (which was designed for chess, a single player game in which luck is virtually absent as a factor). Especially destructive is the fact that they put new accounts into the middle of the mmr stack instead of starting them at the bottom, which creates chaos in all mmrs from silver down.
: Patch 7.16 notes
Those Corki chromas are off the chain! Great work!
: I feel like Riot is underestimating the ability of the current 10 ban system in competitive to bring it over to Live client. I feel like it could easily be implemented. It just wouldn't be as targeted as the Pros make it. It would have 100% less confusion in this case and you could easily ban the 5 champs you want depending on situation. Oh look the bottom two players havent picked either support or adc *bans 2 adc*. It really feels like we are getting this weird confusing mode of 10 bans because the player base isn't as smart or something?
It would also help a lot to increase champion diversity at every elo.... WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT IT ACCOMPLISHED IN THE PRO LEAGUES! I mean, that was the whole point of having ten bans in the first place... :/
mumuyyy (NA)
: Your statement is probably valid for very-high elo, or ranked 5s. But for the vast of majority and solo queue player, teams hardly coordinate a strategy before they are in game. It is even more unlikely that teams will target ban based on team strategies. So for 99% of people this is a good start. This also made sure that we don't spend 10 min just on p/b phase.
If you're implying that players in lower elo don't try to exercise any strategy in the alternating ban phase, that isn't true at all. Even in Bronze V people frequently adjust their bans based on the other team's bans.
: Ban can duplicated across teams? I don't know about that one. I'd rather prefer if they didn't.
Yeah, it's really disappointing news tbh when many of us have been waiting for 10 ban to hit solo queue for a long time. What has made 10 bans successful in pro is that it has forced more diversity into the picks. Duplicate bans in solo queue could easily accomplish the opposite. At any given time, in any given elo, there are usually at least two or three champions that are basically must ban if you want your team to have a decent chance at winning. Having duplicate bans is really a cop-out and takes the solo-queue game far away from the pro game, which is altogether bad for LoL.
Wendígo (NA)
: Bans really shouldn't be duplicated If you get a duplicate your ban is wasted and that feels bad
Yeah, what has made 10 bans successful in pro is that it has forced more diversity into the picks. Duplicate bans in solo queue could easily accomplish the opposite. At any given time, in any given elo, there are usually at least two or three champions that are basically must ban if you want your team to have a decent chance at winning. Having duplicate bans is really a cop-out and takes the solo-queue game far away from the pro game, which is altogether bad for LoL.
: Ryze bug makes me tilted
This bug is a big problem for Ryze players. Riot please fix! TY
: Found and documented the same bug, for me it started a new Q cooldown though as far as I can tell. [My clip]( shows me using W, resetting the cooldown and then using E, which sets the cooldown to 2 seconds or so.
Yeah, I think this is the bug I was having too. Watch it in slow speed if you don't see that he casts E at the end and it puts Q on cooldown instead of resetting it.
: Hey guys I'm NickInComing an OTP Ryze and I explained this bug! Hope it will get some visibility somehow! :)
Hey, thanks for going to all that work, but I don't think this is the same as what OP is posting? Actually in your video I can't understand what is the bug. When I played Ryze sometimes since the new patch: sometimes the E simply does not reset the Q when cast. The target takes the E and takes flux from the E, but Q is still on cooldown.
MozmoHD (EUW)
: Gameplay Bug for Ryze in Patch 7.8: The E Ability sometimes does NOT reset the Q cooldown.
This is a huge bug and needs some attention. I was playing Poro King and my Q was failing to reset MANY times. I thought I was going crazy because my combos kept getting screwed up, then I tried it slowly on some minions and sometimes when I would E on them it would not reset my Q. A very bad bug. EDIT: Here is another example of this resetting bug, with an explanation of how to reproduce it: BUT that doesn't explain the video example posted in this thread by XtendedImpact. Therefore it appears that in patch 7.8 there are multiple bugs affecting the Ryze Q resets.
: Daily Reminder that if you are usually toxic, switch to another server
Hmmm... What kind of ping do you get? This game would honestly be a lot less stressful if I could just snap back at people when they go at me.
: Same problem here, i wonder if it's related to the legacy client....... i wanted to enjoy the last few days of it......
I'm not using legacy client and the same thing happened to me.
: Game disconected and now stuck on authenticating
Same. Glad to know it's not just me. Probably just happened to a lot of people.
Scootz (NA)
: You can basically always assume that Riot has much more complete data than whatever anecdotal nonsense you have lying around. They're not idiots. What makes your personal experience more trustworthy?
lol, what? there's a bridge for sale in Brooklyn....
: There are third party item set creator tools that work with League that even a Rioter himself recommended. If you want I can link you to the Ask Riot that explains that.
I mean, just the fact that Riot is telling their player base to go to third party websites/apps to create and alter their item sets (which are still a feature in the game) is laughable.
: It does kinda suck. The good news is that item sets are still there—just not the item set creator tool. So all of your item sets still work and you can set up as many as you like between now and the 24th using the legacy client. We also support third party devs using our API and some of them have built tools that'll let you tweak your item sets. I personally like this one:!/editor I know it's not perfect, and some people just don't like using third party stuff, but that's why we are rebuilding the item set creator tool, so it won't be a problem for long.
I like the fact you guys still lie about how hardly anyone uses item sets and this announcement pretty much says "don't hold your breath waiting for them"... Just another fuckyou to the community like dynamic queue last year and all the lies about how that was "really good for 99% of the community"... feelsgood
: Custom Hotkey Bindings Broken With Recent Patches
Ok, I don't know why this was downvoted since it is a legit problem and a bug introduced in recent patches. NEVERTHELESS, IF YOU ARE HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM I WAS HAVING HERE IS A POSSIBLE SOLUTION FOR YOU: You can rebind the middle mouse button on almost any mouse, one way or another. So rebind the middle mouse button to ctrl/alt/shift and then use that for your combo keys. In this way you don't even need to edit the input.ini, you can just assign it in the regular hotkeys screen because the hotkeys screen works correctly by default with alt/shift/ctrl key combos. Does that make sense? I believe it is also possible to rebind keyboard keys in the same way, especially using third party programs, such as so that when you play LoL your tab key is assigned to 'ctrl' instead of 'tab'. **tldr: Assign your middle mouse button (or other button/key) to function as ctrl/alt/shift and then assign your LoL hotkeys in the regular way [i.e. ctrl+r, alt+r, shift+r, etc]**
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: Much much harder Bots
That's weird, I've been playing some intermediate bot games over the past couple months and could swear they actually have gotten stronger/smarter in the past week or two.
: We don't ban people for asking for reports
Honestly, I think this (Riot NaKayle's original post) makes sense and is a good policy. The main reason people are so bothered about it imo is because there has been so much conflicting communication from Riot on the subject and it seems to contradict what some people have long trumpeted as the "gospel truth" of Riot rules. That 'gospel truth' goes hand in hand with the idea that one report against a player in a game has the same impact as nine, which is obviously not true but something that some people cling to really strongly based on misleading stuff that Riot has said about reports over the years.
: We’re updating our policy so unusual play styles don't get 14 day bans
Great work, Riot. This seems like a wise, fair, and equitable way of handling these fringe cases. Thanks for updating us!
: > [{quoted}](name=HarveyRabbit,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=F9EIwh01,comment-id=000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2017-03-17T10:18:55.347+0000) > >It doesn&#x27;t look at all like a typical string of random numbers That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. By the nature of randomness, there is no such thing as a "typical" outcome when all options have an equal chance of happening. Stop spewing bullshit. The string 222222222211111111112222222222221111111111111 is precisely as likely as 1112122121112111112121212222221211221111 which is precisely as likely as all 2s.
You obviously have a problem both with logic and reading comprehension, so I don't know what to tell you. I guess when you listen to someone talking you are like, "Just random sounds as far as I know!!!" lol You think I'm dumb, but you are the classic example of how a little bit of knowledge can be a terrible thing.
: I'd use Nunu support vs a normal AA Marksmen (Ashe, Jinx, etc) but never vs a Caster Marksmen (Ezreal, Lucian, Corki, etc). It's possible to win with Nunu Support if you actually play as a support. E's slows (movement and attack speed) are both really good for giving advantages to your ADC and any incoming ganker and your W's movement and attack speed buffs also do the same thing. Try getting the enemy ADC's flash out if possible, then have your jungler gank, E the ADC when the jungler is coming in, W on your ADC to up their damage output, and if you're level 6 just run up next to the ADC and ult (if all displacement/interruption CC has been used) for the massive slow and channel damage.
It's possible to win doing what this guy does, in fact he wins more than 50% of his games in Diamond ELO. Imagine how high his win rate would be if his team didn't pitch a hissy fit and tilt themselves off the face of the earth in at least 50% of his games.
: Honestly if you have ever played with this guy he just keeps going on and on about how good the trade for the tower to the jg farm is but he always feeds his ass off. Half the time the adc afks from the 5 or so games ive seen him
Since he manages to stay in diamond with this strategy even under those circumstances, it is amazing to imagine how successful he would be if his team didn't pitch their binky out of the pram at least 50% of the time he plays.
: I dont think people on the boards actually understand just how hard it is to 1v2 bot lane. I don't even play bot lane and I know that shit is impossible. They will either freeze the wave and the support zones you from any farm whatsoever. Or they push in and dive you with the jungler and take first blood tower. The people who defend this kind of play style are idiots.
Uh, no, in low ELO and blind, which is what most people start with, having to 1v2 a lane is not unusual at all. Also even in pro play having to 1v2 a lane for some periods of time is inevitable. In fact it is a basic skill required to play bot lane at all.
Rock MD (NA)
: I just played as AD to the Smite Support Nunu.
If it's so terrible, how come he does that in every game and somehow stays in the same ELO as you?
Dynikus (NA)
: I didn't make it up, I went to and generated a number from 1-2 40 times.
The probability that you are lying is higher than the probability that it was the first random string of 40 that you pulled up. But maybe you are telling the truth. I generated 500+ and didn't see one section of 40 that had as many groups of 2s and 1s as your example. So in either case it is not what a typical string of random numbers looks like, as you were suggesting in your post.
: > [{quoted}](name=HarveyRabbit,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=F9EIwh01,comment-id=000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2017-03-17T10:18:55.347+0000) > >It doesn&#x27;t look at all like a typical string of random numbers That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. By the nature of randomness, there is no such thing as a "typical" outcome when all options have an equal chance of happening. Stop spewing bullshit. The string 222222222211111111112222222222221111111111111 is precisely as likely as 1112122121112111112121212222221211221111 which is precisely as likely as all 2s.
I don't know if you have some kind of reading comprehension issue or a problem with logic, but if you think that 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222211111111111111111111111111111111111111111 looks like a random string of 1s and 2s then you are mixed up about something. It obviously COULD BE a random string of 1s and 2s, but the likelihood that it is is almost incomprehensibly low.
: Too Many Chests, No Keys!
I like your idea fine, although if you are getting tons of S scores (on lots of different champs) and not in at least Diamond+ you are probably playing in a way that is detrimental to your team. For example, some guy got level 6 mastery on every champion, and he said how he got all the S scores was by intentionally not helping his team win games and instead focusing on K/D/A and farm without regard to anything else (note: this is what many bad players do without understanding it is bad). He said it felt guilty to play in such a destructive way, but that was the cost of reaching his goal.
: If Ninja tabi is unhelathy for ignoring 12% of auto attack damage
Yeah, the whining about ninja tabi is quite bizarre. Just because an item is good enough that people buy it SOMETIMES is not a good reason to nerf it. Every item should actually be good enough that people buy it sometimes. It is like the whole thing with ghost before and Riot's decision to nerf it. The explanation to nerf it made no sense, so because some players use that summoner spell that is why it should be nerfed? Are we only supposed to use flash and teleport or what? It was never a must have, just like ninja tabi is not a must have, but as soon as it starts to be a popular item for people to buy then for some reason it is too good and has to be nerfed back down to where people rarely buy it anymore... makes no sense. tldr: Don't nerf an item just because people use it, that's the whole point of having it exist in the first place.
Leonerdo (NA)
: I mean yeah, every time you win, your MMR goes up slightly, and you get slightly tougher opponents (and better teammates). If you're not getting better at the same rate, then eventually you gotta lose. Even so, you can still climb somewhat with as low as 50% winrate if your MMR is higher than your current division, because of extra LP gains. If what you're really upset at is that you have to lose at all, then I'm sorry but that's not how fair (matchmade) PvP games work. For every winner there is a loser. Unless you're a challenger god, sometimes you gotta be the loser. It's hard to accept; everyone wants to win. Every game. But we all gotta find way to cope with the losses and hopefully learn something from them. (Ideally, we could even have fun when losing, but I'mma be honest, I don't think that's a realistic goal for most of us.)
I mean, if your opponents are getting better because your mmr is going up, your teammates should be getting better too. The weird thing is that often when you have a streak of good performances you suddenly find yourself matched with HEAVIER AND HEAVIER teammates instead of better and better ones.
: EASY riot system work in way with your match history If you win 3 games riot dosent care if this games are rank or normal or ARAM they only care about the 50% win ratio on YOUR MATCH HISTORY So what to do? after a big win streak play normals you will notice that you will lose normal games many of them and then back to winning then you can play ranked again THAT WAY i have manage to keep an 79% win ratio through some times its hard to see what games are win For more understanding of what i say check my match history you will see that i have 3 ranked games then i play normal games i lost them and then i play again ranked games and i win them and let me tell youi something you can see taht this is true by one thing the game have a a weird algorith of loses/win number so if you have a DAY with lets say 3 losts and 7 win on your 10 MATCHES the next day you will have the opposite which mean YOU NEED TO PLAY NORMAL GAMES and you will notice that you will get the same THING this may take 1-2 days to occur not it may sound weird but trust me follow that and then play a ranked game that you know its a win do nothing feed do everything possible to lose YOU CANT LOSE i have try it i have reach accounts up to diamond and so on by doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING Like is say check my account tho is not 100% possible to know what games are win becaus ethe algorithm shit to 2-8 and 6-4 which is hard or there is a week every 20 of the othe rmonthe (every 2 months) that you get from the 30 games you get first A-9-1 THEN 7-3 THEN BACK TO 8-2 this would lead your account after a drop to 5-5 6-4 and so on to have HUGE lose streak PLAY THAT LOSE STREAK IN NORMAL OR ARAM GAMES you will notice that you will have 20-30 games LOST but they are not ranked game and you beat the system Dont believe me? that your problem i just solve you the problem its not eays but in less of 2 month monitor your games you will see a patern if you examine it you will understand it My job here is done
It seems crazy, but makes a lot of weird sense; I have definitely noticed when I am put on a loss streak, drawing teams over and over again that are deeply inferior to our opponents, the same will happen in every game mode I play until at some point it ends and I start getting teams that are more evenly matched again (for example: that don't hard lose EVERY lane, even lanes that I camp and gank for them repeatedly). It won't just be a loss streak in summoner's rift, for example, if I switch to ARAM i will be put on a team that is far outmatched by the opposing team, or even the same in the special mode games. It's fucking weird, actually. I have often wondered if Riot's system is intentionally fucked, or if it's simply another example of the company's famous 'spaghetti code'. Most of us have plenty of experience playing other games where matchmaking is true random, just whoever happens to queue in a given time period, and it is bizarre how those true random match experiences feel much more fair than the "balanced" matchmaking in League of Legends.
Dynikus (NA)
: >I like how you're saying "my theory" Because it _is_ a theory. If you have good matchmaking, odds of winning or losing should be 50%. Here's a set of data from 40 randomly generated numbers from 1-2 (50% chance for either) 1112122121112111112121212222221211221111 Notice how you have streaks of 1s and streaks of 2s? Convert 1s to wins, and 2s to losses, and you have something that looks like a majority of league players match history. Games obviously aren't perfectly 50/50 though, as there are a substantial number of factors that go into each game. And as you win more games in a row, if your mmr gets to a level above your current skill level, your chances of losing will be higher until you get to where you belong. Riot matchmaking isn't _forcing_ you to a 50% winrate, it's trying to place you in games to achieve a 50% winrate, as that's fair for everyone. >they might not put 2 autofilled players on 1 team and 0 autofills on the other team. That all depends on how many people are in queue, how long your queues are, what roles people are queueing for, etc. You can't have everyone always get their preferred role without making queues substantially longer. >Promos don't need to be extra hard If you're playing matches that are supposed to show that your skill sits higher than your current rank, you should have to play against people of the higher rank to prove that's where you belong. If you're trying to get to gold from silver, you should be playing against gold players to show that you can compete with them rather than playing against silver players and stomping them. >and the lp gain/loss is too harsh on players, etc.. If you're well below where you should be, lp gains are great. If you're well above where you should be, lp loss is substantial, because it's all just matchmaking and rank trying to place you where you actually should be.
Why don't you be honest and admit you made that string of numbers up. It doesn't look at all like a typical string of random numbers, such as: Just like your example, I could say that a real string of random 1s and 2s with 50% chance of each looks like this: 222222222211111111112222222222221111111111111 Sure, that can happen, but it would be unusual.
: 14 day ban because playing Nunu Support with Smite is "stealing other people's roles"...?
: Wow Riot, you butcher Shaco and leave lee, hec, vi, kha untouched...
Dumpstered worse than Kog'maw, wow. Rito at their best. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Candoodle (EUW)
: Why I dont ban Yasuo at my elo
Yasuo is a huge pain in the ass if he gets fed, which happens a lot at low elo. I think that is why he is banned so much at lower elo and not as much at higher elo. At high elo people are less likely to feed their ass off to Yasuo, so he is somewhat less of a concern, but it happens a lot at low Elo and he turns into a monster.
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