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: Neeko is surprisingly fun to play against
She didn't outsmart you. She clicked a portrait
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: Petition for loosing same LP when AFK on team!
The Remake system is way too considerate too. There have been multiple times when someone AFK'd under 5 mins and we weren't able to remake the game because of the strict rules. Imo if no one gets first blood/tower/objectives you should have the ability to remake up to 5 mins regardless if they leave the fountain or not.
: I just read the game client anti-cheat post, it mentions maybe the kernel debugger issue this just remind me that the anti cheat release date is kinda close to date when I get the issue I am still installing lol, I think I will try it after that. You can take a try
: 42 hours to install lol, is this normal?
I've noticed an increase of fps lag too when the queue pops or joining into champion select. I don't really know whats using so much resources to get into champion select. I run AAA titles fine on my PC. There seems to be a lot of bugs since the latest patch hit though and I know Riot has been having trouble with the servers lately. I literally lost a ranked game earlier today because I disconnected during 2 major team fights and after my game ranked was disabled for "lag" issues.
AidanWR (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY] Incorrect plcement on scoreboard
I was going to post this thread too. Here's a screenshot of it: It only happens on allied side after this patch went through.
: Umm actually he did figuratively outplay you.
Bugged mechanics that look like they're from season 1 isn't outplaying.
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: Negativity towards the State of the Game goes far beyond the boards.
You know its bad when Doublelift and Faker are complaining about the state of the game.

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