Tankaxe (NA)
: Rotating Game Mode: 60 Minute Start
2 changes: 1) Infinite gold - you need to be able to change builds every B 2) call it "Big Game Summoners"
: Unless you're like me and got Ivern the day he came out and main him now, the few of us have to compete with nooby people to make sure we get Ivern now lol
Knalxz (NA)
: Just tell them that, it isn't exactly hard.
but that would take basic social skills
: > [{quoted}](name=Hatsuma,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=lNQrWL4w,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-10-23T22:04:20.105+0000) > > I clearly had a punny quiz attached :> That doesn't mean it makes it OK for Memes & Games. The primary purpose of the post has to be fit for that section. In this case, it was fan art so it was sent here where it belongs.
To preface, I don't actually mean this as snide as it sounds. I wasn't entirely sure that sticky still applied, as the bullet against fan art also includes "posts targeted at other Memes & Gamers". Between that, and the fact that like 90% of boards traffic is on that board, well, I took a shot. (Seriously, how are you even posting on this so fast? I thought no one even checked concepts and creations anymore)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hatsuma,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=lNQrWL4w,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-23T22:02:30.101+0000) > > Mods deleted this the first time... Because you posted it in the wrong section.
I clearly had a punny quiz attached :>
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1uhannie (NA)
: lol is dat bunny rivenn XDD so cute {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: Can someone tell me how MRR works?
The very short answer is, your MMR will *always* go down with a loss, and up with a win, regardless of your performance.
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: > Anyone doing Inktober this year? *Shamelessly self-advertising* Here's my first one: https://twitter.com/ItsDwarvenGiant/status/782405899948294145 This was really fun to work on and I'm gonna try my best to keep up with the challenge (being 31-days and all), so I'll probably do some League-related Inktober drawings. :P
you can do eeet
1uhannie (NA)
: The master yiii looks aawesomeee~~~~ hey hey can u do a tropical fruits sona someday {{champion:37}} :3 it be awesome to start that series and Tropical Nidalee and cougar can be be leopard cheetah stylee{{champion:76}} a lot like the rumble in the jg skinnn
Thanks! I'll keep those in mind! Would Order of the Banana Soraka fit in...?
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: The problem is that the new system works like a traffic jam. one person hits their brakes a little too hard and causes 40 other cars to have to stop. if there's 20 supports and 200 of everything else joining the queue every minute, the line gets longer indefinitely.
Or they could you know _tell you_ it's an infinity wait for anything but support and people could use their judgement to decide if they want to wait or be support...
: /ALL Chat | Guide to Champion Pronunciation Part 2
{{champion:35}} Shocko best assassin
: Characters like him, i.e. god tier characters capable of altering the fabric of reality tend to generally make other characters seem grossly insignificant, and sometimes provide a stupidly cheap deus ex machima. It's not quite him and his lore being boring per say, it's the useless trope he represents.
====Watchmen's message===> ->your head Next you're going to say one punch man is stupid because he's too strong
: Dynamic Queue Statistics for 61,977 Matches
The real question is, if 5 man premades have such an advantage, why can't challenger/master players manage to put one together more than 1.8% of the time? Don't they care about winning?
: name 5 things you miss and want to see in leauge again
1) Gangplanks ORIGINAL, original raise morale, where you had to shoot your own minion to do it. Now that's a real pirate. 2) PROMOTE! I remember back when everyone thought it was useless 3) Graves's cigar 4) summoner's rift seasonal maps 5) Meglings huehuehue
: 1. Stealth that could last an entire minute. 2. Shen's W on release, a spell that absorbed ALL DAMAGE UNDER A CERTAIN AMOUNT. 3. Spamming old Heimerdinger's laugh. 4. AP Sivir boomerangs. 5. The first version of Ezreal's W: healed allies it hit, damaged enemies, increased his ally's attack speed, and LOWERED HIS ENEMY'S ATTACK SPEED. Yes, I'm a monster.
Bring back the ability to backdoor nexus without taking down turrets first :3 A.K.A. GODDAMMIT TF
: > [{quoted}](name=Jonxx,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZX3AtxQK,comment-id=0004000200000000,timestamp=2016-06-09T14:36:56.550+0000) > > I think you've heard that wrong. Not only many runes are cheaper now, but champions are getting price reductions once in a while too, when new ones are introduced. Many of current 3150 ip champ were 4800 and 6300 in s2~. I'm aware of that. I'm talking way back in like the beta and season 1. I'm pretty sure I've seen screenshots of champions for a few hundred IP that are now 3150 or 4800. Runes I don't believe I've seen anything. I am aware that the "core" tier 3 runes had their prices halved.
I can personally confirm the price tiers (450, 1350, 4800, 6300) have been the same since the end of beta, at least. I don't think we had the weird high price first week back then though.
: Lol I hope all the people who upvoted that realize that I made it
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/memes/BLbi9TTB-riots-round-table-sessions-are-full-of-lies and you stole the joke from this thread. Nothing is new. No thoughts are novel.
majulito (NA)
: Assassin: Do you feel outplayed?
Assassins outplay you _strategically_, by doing things like outmaneuvering your team before a big fight so they can pop behind the squishies, or catching people overextending while splitpushing. Assassination is all about having a plan, being prepared, making sure everything is just right, and then striking. What Riot are now calling divers outplay _tactically_, by using mobility and technique in the middle of fights to dodge skill shots and get around the front line to engage the squishies. Diving is about yolo charging into the middle of the fight, pulling off some sweet moves, and getting rewarded with tons of damage.
: Oh Look, more people whining about Dynamic Que, Honestly I feel that Solo Que is overrated _Body now prepared for Downvote slide_
I actually prefer Dynamic Queue, but I'm also not a _monster_ and wish other people's queues to be destroyed. I think Twisted Treeline is overrated, but I don't think Riot should disable it.
: Yeah, this is why MaRo has been doing his job for like 20 years and Magic is still going strong. Mark Rosewater is a fucking god.
_Making Magic_ should be required reading for any aspiring game designer. The entire archives.
: This is an example of Riot doing what we call in system design a "Direct Conversion". This means that the brand new system immediately replaces the old when it is ready. What they should have done, and I'll get into it later, is called a "Parallel Conversion", but like I said, later. Direct conversions have one major upside: They are fast to implement and relatively cheap. On the down side, there is no way for you (or the users for that matter) to catch any bugs or errors until we are using it, like we are now. This can have MAJOR disruptions in the company when shit doesn't work (sound familiar?). Now, what they SHOULD have done is a parallel conversion. With a parallel conversion, you KEEP the old system and the NEW system running together for a few months. This allows users and creators to dabble in the new system and report any bugs. This, of course, takes more time to implement the new system AND costs more (we are running two systems that achieve the same goal AND having to maintain both until the new replaces the old. Not very efficient business wise), BUT you catch a lot more bugs. The upside as well with a parallel conversion is that if you find the new system not fit for release, you can easily pull it to keep working on it and then bring it back up later for more user testing along side the old system. Now I know what people are going to say "We tested it on the PBE". Yes, because PBE testing 100% matches the amount of people on the live servers. Get outta here. It could have been really easy to make this work too. They could have given users incentives to play on the NEW system to test it so they could collect data. "Play X amount of hours in the new system this month and you get Y% discount in the store/merch store." "You get X% bonus IP for playing in the new system for this month as a thank you for helping us collect data." But they didn't. They took the fast and cheap way out, and now they are suffering the consequences.
Not to mention rolling it and new role select out at the exact same time. Two huge changes that have both caused headaches, in the same area of the game, simultaneously.
Castman (NA)
: You know who this exactly reminds me of? The Blizzard Diablo 3 team. Their game design and concepts are based on what THEY perceive as fun. And the game is shit. Complete shit... Learn from that Riot please...
Real money auction house is our Vision(tm)
: Have a look at Nerfplz tiers lists of champs. Understand why there is a "meta" list and a "division climber" list. And notice that anyway, most champs are in tiers 1-2. You have a few outliers in God tiers, that are ever evolving (because balancing is fuckin' hard). And you have some semi-off meta picks in tiers 3, and it's normal that Sona mid hasn't the power level of Syndra mid. But most the "logical" picks, for lack of a better word, are tiers 1-2, and changes from one to the other every once in a while. There isn't a small group of champs that are always in God Tiers and that overcrowd every other, just because Riot likes them more. That's complot theory.
That site's pretty cool, thanks!
Ereiser00 (EUW)
: LCS Teams quitting Dynamic Q for in-house Solo Q -report from reddit (not mine)
: Cheaters have fun by hacking, but mean and rude developers ban then telling them they have to have fun by their standards! How oppressive!
Cool strawman bro EDIT: how do I boards
: > [{quoted}](name=Hatsuma,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lewE7Wux,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-06-03T11:30:39.130+0000) > > **Don't tell players how to have fun.** > > Mark Rosewater (lead designer of Magic the Gathering) said it best, recently: > > > **Make the players do something they inherently want to do, not something you, the game designer, force them to do.** > Playing some devil's advocate here Didn't the players wanted to have the freedom of choice to occasionally play with more than 1 friend at time even if they couldn't assemble a full 5 man squad, though? Riot gave this possibity to them, withouth touching solo players (the only one that got hit were the guys that played regularly 5vs5 ranked with a group that had big skillgap discrepancy inside their members) Because you are not forced actually to queue up as a premade now, you could do your solo climb and not face 4 or 5 premade teams if not in a completely insgnificant percentage of games until you get to super high elo (1 every 1000 below Dia+), for which extreme outlier situations they just inserted the 3 man premade limiter to adjust the system This is something players wanted and then ended up refusing it, with odd reasonsìing about representations of skills and stuff like that - 4-5 man premades don't face each other? If they climb isn't because they are better than the other premades, so their skill is represented accurately? - If anything, Riot broke the inverse role, don't let the community dictate what to do because they don't really know the consequences of it - see also queue timers caused by New Champ Select -
The most freedom would be to offer both queues. There was an understandable perspective that dynamic queue should be everything solo is, and more, but no one can claim at this point that it satisfies everyone's wants. There's no point in arguing if the ranking is "polluted" by dynamic queue or not (which they actually agree with[0]), some players just don't want it. Twisted Treeline players shouldn't have to present a convincing proof that it offers substantially different gameplay than SR to keep their game mode of choice going. All that needs to be established is (A) players perceive a difference between the two, and (B) not every player prefers one choice over the other. [0] "We agree dynamic queue standings don’t reflect pure individual skill as well as a solo ladder" - Dynamic Queue roundtable
: MARO loves to talk, but they still make crappy sets after so many years of experience in making MTG...
Say what you will about set design, but Magic has had healthy growth and been the top game in its category for a decade longer than WoW (arguably the longest lasting video game before slowly dying now) was even *in existence*.
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: Everything's balanced. At high level play with 5v5 teams on skype. Because that's where riot makes most of their money, so they get the special attention. Sorry about 'ya.
* game is balanced around premades * community complains when riot ~~makes~~ strongly encourage them to play premades
: Lets make a poll on the forums, where everyone who hates DQ comes to bitch. Very representative......
I find it interesting that even in the heart of anti-DQ territory, it's still only 2-1 against at the moment.
Canidae (NA)
: One of these days, I'll get over how ugly the MS Ram Quints looks and will buy a set for every champion I play...
Back when I first hit 30, I bought MS quints Armor Pen reds (they didn't have mixed pen at the time) CDR blues Gold/10 yellows under the sole reasoning that they were the stats I couldn't get at level 1 with base items.
: Aurelion Sol Ultimate doesn't feel like one anymore
Given your last suggestion, I get the feeling you're starting fights with his ult. That's not how you use it. The main draw isn't the slow, it's the knockback.
: ***
Adc's can play 3 other roles? {{champion:8}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:143}}
: How many times did riot actually go back on something they did? The answer is not even once. If they screwed a champ with nerfs then they would buff him and make him op, afterwards they would nerf him and make him weaker than he was before the nerfs. They added this ban bot and never went back to the tribunal that they said for years they are working on. If they ever changed a champion they would never revert the changes, they would change other stuff but never revert, thats how riot works, the game is bad cause the people making it are bad, unless they get fired and new people will come in then nothing will ever change, it will only get worse.
Off the top of my head, they recently went back a little on death timers after everyone pointed out they were awful midgame.
arc95 (NA)
: can you put the mastery score back under the portrait?
It's visible on 7: http://i.imgur.com/xhItb0I.png
: thanks for sharing, but we already know what riot wants. -> save precious dynamic queue at all costs
If enough people see this, maybe we can get them to say what their plan is. If enough people tell them their plan isn't going to fix things, early enough, maybe they'll change it. Wishful thinking, I know.
: Wouldn't fix the gameplay, not even remotely interested. If the game itself doesn't reward individual skill, who cares if some stat tracker does?
Yeah, I think one of the major concerns is that premades have an inherent advantage over solos, and this wouldn't address that. The worst player on a premade probably still wouldn't *lose* points for a win, so it'd really just take more grinding to advance. And if I know anything, it's that people are _astonishingly_ willing to grind things.
Rioter Comments
: But getting any S is way too easy, so that wouldn't work out well. I think increasing the total points to level up would have been better.
I think he means only S games would accumulate *any* points towards the next level
: You CAN carry as support!
As a (last season) Silver stuck in Bronze (and pretty salty after yesterday), how do I fix my teammates being completely unable to teamfight?
Arkhan (NA)
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/p32oAdks-ranked-how-does-it-work here's my long post on the subject that nobody read {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Its just them having a shitty gui. Aurelion sol's page show that, and he's wasn't even out in 2015
It does make me wonder how fresh that data is though, and how long of a range it spans (is it still a whole year?)
Càmmy (NA)
: Can we Have solo q back
I'm tired of this blatant stereotyping of people who play in premades. I'm willing to play in a premade, and I'm not toxic, and I'm not elo boosting. Stop demonizing me. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Kindred mains average a 62.4% win rate with them, the highest of any champion.
> [{quoted}](name=MealReadytoEat,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vMim0MGb,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-15T21:00:19.288+0000) > > ([Source](http://champion.gg/champion/Kindred), for platinum and up ranked games **this patch**) It says (2014-2015 Ranked Experience)...
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