: > [{quoted}](name=DestroyerDome,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=7hY7mjg5,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-04-21T05:45:10.592+0000) > > How the fuck are you trying to justify yourself? You are literally the Racist 2016 Tyler1. Get off of League, we don't want you here. Too bad normie already have another account ranking up to level 30 as we speak.
can u plz add me you sound hilarious
: Permabanned
this board is a hive-mind of people that got bullied in school and play nothing but arams, don't bother trying to get any sympathy here. i agree tho, it's sad this game permanently bans ppl for flaming, yet they never see a difference in the amount of toxicity. maybe after all these years of no improvements they should consider a different punishment system? it'll never happen because i'm pretty sure the player behaviour employees are actual communists
rujitra (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hawckey,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vxjYLh3T,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-04-21T06:01:46.630+0000) > > i could see your point on social media and such, but on a game cmon. and you don't know that btw Uh, we actually do know that vaccines don't cause autism. Period. Full stop. End of discussion. And regardless of what venue it's in it's nowhere near acceptable to tell someone to kill themselves.
i got vaccinated and i have autism, so take tht
TrulyBland (EUNE)
: >who cares People who are capable of empathy? Which - despite the popularity of cynicism - covers the majority of the human population.
ya only a cynical person would bother reporting for someone who types shit in chat, honestly
: > [{quoted}](name=Hawckey,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=wmZkBTef,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-04-20T13:30:03.194+0000) > > because it's funny. got a problem with that? I do gotta say though. I mean I understand it's only a game and people troll or have fun cause it's funny to them. But people at least gotta be considerate. I mean there are games where everyone wants to troll or have fun, but why not just do that in normal cause I mean I troll as well but only in normal and that's where I laugh and watch people flame as well as troll them but in rank I at least want it to where I can set my goofiness aside and be a bit more serious and learn to improve.
no, ranked is where it's funny because people actually care
: So he wont tell that to future players. Ya know ,,,
who cares they're more likely to end up on the other team statistically
rujitra (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hawckey,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vxjYLh3T,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-04-20T13:25:52.813+0000) > > because this game was overrun by fruitcakes that think people actually kill themselves when they get told "kys", so it's an automatic ban. whereas in most other games you can spam it all you want and it's just banter And this is the problem with society. People do kill themselves after being encouraged to by others. And vaccines don't cause autism either.
> [{quoted}](name=rujitra,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vxjYLh3T,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-04-20T16:00:39.005+0000) > > And this is the problem with society. > > People do kill themselves after being encouraged to by others. And vaccines don't cause autism either. i could see your point on social media and such, but on a game cmon. and you don't know that btw
: If somebody says k*s in champ select will the report be valid after the game ?
: > Never cussed, just complained, but that's enough to warrant a permanent ban I guess lmao. If you got a permanent ban, then that means you somewhat recently came off of a 14-day ban. And when you got that 14-day ban, the reform card explicitly warned you that _any further misbehavior would result in a permanent ban._ If you chose to ignore that warning, that is wholly on you. --- Also - for the sake of trying to make some light of this; > Never cussed... > > Kayn We Not: shit This doesn't have any bearing on your punishment, of course; just arbitrarily saying "shit" won't get you punished, but it's still worth pointing out that you did, in fact, cuss. Jokes aside, back to serious matters. --- > I like League but banning people and not just chat banning for an online game is really dumb. Chat bans wouldn't work. Riot has previously tried what amounted to chat bans - moreover, indefinitely-scaling chat restrictions - and people under those longer-scale chat restrictions showed no sign of improvement. They either used their allotted chat for hardcore flaming, or they turned to gameplay toxicity to display their contempt for their teammates. And that's just due to chat _restrictions_. I can only imagine the uptick of trolling and intentional feeding cases were Riot to issue straight-up chat _bans_. > No other game does it, and for good reason. Doesn't Overwatch punish chat toxicity in a similar vein to League of Legends?
no. ive played a lot of games and this is the only one that perma bans people over petty bs
: Just got permabanned!
this community disgusts me, how can this ban possibly be seen as justified, it's a PERMA ban for complaining in chat lmao
: Please don’t give advice to a losing enemy team
or they can just turn off all chat if they're that sensitive. or they could get off the internet altogether
: Players not taking rank seriously
because it's funny. got a problem with that?
: 14 day ban
because this game was overrun by fruitcakes that think people actually kill themselves when they get told "kys", so it's an automatic ban. whereas in most other games you can spam it all you want and it's just banter
: If you're low honor Riot actively pairs you with inting chimp for brains because their systems is just like that. So if you get punished for having a bad game or two you'll instantly start matching with more griefers, trolls and afks. This aggravates toxicity and if you slip up within the 200+ games required to get from honor 1 back to honor 2 guess what? You're now honor 0 with people even worse. My tip is either get a friend to carry you out of bronze (gold is the same as bronze except the people there are less toxic and actually work together) or better yet only play with a 5 stack. There's no point in trying to solo que in low elo if you're under 2 honor.
imagine being a support main stuck in silver with a negative win rate talking about gold as if it's bronze, what are u then, plastic? btw im honor 0 n play only solo queue. doesnt matter how many chimps i get this game is trash n it's meant for people with no job that can play all day grinding with a 51% win rate to climb, fuck tht
: YoU ShOuLdNt HaVe GoTtEn BaNnEd (Every league forum user ever) {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} I agree though would help, i mean the sensitivity definitely stopped me from being toxic, so in that sense it worked but at the same time i don't feel like it made me less toxic for the right reasons.
and whenever I say it they think i'm triggered cause i got banned, nah i had my account since s3, but every time i have a friend that comes over to league they quit because of how cluttered pre-30 is with smurfs and toxic people that got banned, riot seems to be completely blind to this
Dukues (NA)
: Pleeasseee start punishing intent afkers
right? literal 14 day ban just for saying the "f" word, a word that 90% of the popualtion used freely like 10 years ago, and that u can mute instantly. but leave as many games as you want and waste everyone's fking time and you'll get a slap on the wrist 5 min queue timer? WAKE UP RIOT GAMES, BAN THE PEOPLE THAT CREATE THE TOXICITY YOU ARE SO OBSESSED ABOUT. BAN THE SOFT INTING, THE AFKING, FIRST OFFENSE 14 DAY BAN, SECOND IS PERMA. STOP OBSESSING WITH VERBAL ABUSE HOLY SHIT
: Smurfing is a real issue man
yea they need to stop perma banning people into making new accounts. on top of that the people on multiple accounts tend to care way less about bans/punishments. just lower the sensitivity for PERMA bans ffs
rujitra (NA)
: It has been studied and is generally accepted in the scientific community that you're more likely to remember (and thus record) negative actions that directly affect you. Riot does not alter matchmaking to enforce any sort of win rate, period.
nah bro i got some hardcore scientific methods up in here bro this excel sheet is a masterpiece of objective facts. and lemme tell ya, these inting chimp for brains are always on my team
rujitra (NA)
: I mean, it's possible you're **incredibly** unlucky. But virtually all players, over hundreds of games, will see their rank rise slowly because there's 5 players on the enemy team and you only have 4 teammates. There's more AFKS that win you games by being on the enemy team than lose you games by being on your team.
that's such bs tbh, I've made an excel sheet since the time I started playing in s3 to keep track of how many afk's and trolls come into my games, and it's overwhelmingly on my team. if you have above 50% wr, riot will pair you with <50% wr monkey dog creatures to try n make it even
: Ranked and Riot, We need to Chat.
are you serious, they should INCREASE the penalty for dodging. it is so frustrating to queue for 5 mins and wait through champ selects only to have someone dodge cause they dont like their comp. the game would be unplayable if penalties were even lower for dodging
Kalikain (NA)
: Is Riot's skin as thin as paper?
mods on this board are heavy power trippers
Jo0o (NA)
: SirhcEz should be the model of good League behavior
: Its really hard to not be toxic when
learn a new champ until they buff him?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? HELLO
: The reason ranked is so bad is because all the good players get reported and banned The only players left to play ranked are the trash bags who enjoy destroying games, drawing their allies into a blaming argument, and then reporting their allies.
: I have been issued a two week ban for shit talking
That chat log wasn't bad at all tbh
: The 0.006%
They probably include all the inactive accounts
Kei143 (NA)
: It is very easy to catch. But if you don't believe me, go pay that £1K to OP and buy his account.
It's really hard to prove unless one of the ppl expose themselves by being stupid. An IP change to another state could easily be explained that he moved
Kei143 (NA)
: Transfer of ownership of accounts is forbidden based on Riot's Terms of Use. Any accounts found to have transfered ownership will be permabanned.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hawckey,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=6NeijsIP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-22T12:39:09.767+0000) > > They're already stricter than any other game, so nah The punishments being?
If behaviour is bad enough like inting or slurs and shit, it usually goes straight to 25 chat restrict or 14 day ban, and then next instance is perma. If u r being mildly toxic its 10 chat to 25 chat to 14 ban to perma. Usually games don't perma ban people unless you're cheating or griefing constantly
: but who really is gonna use voice comms for anything other than toxicity in soloq?
Lots of people including me and everyone I know, lmao
: >[...] If ... Eve or anything like that is MIA, you probably shouldn't be roaming [...] So 99% of the time you shouldn't be allowed to move out of lane if there is an Eve in the game? ^^
She is so useless in team fights late game, she clearly has a big weakness
Vigopl (NA)
: Probably because there's only like 10 adc's and 3-4 of them get banned.
TrulyBland (EUNE)
: Not entirely. Trash talk during the game is, to a certain extent, understandable. But "gg ez" doesn't happen in the heat of the moment and it's not a "strategy" to tilt the enemy. Those are weak excuses for trash talk to begin with, but they simply do not apply after the game is over. At that point you're just being an asshole. [Edit: "you" as in "people", not you in particular] Is it some major game ruining insta-permabannable action? No. But that doesn't mean it's not reportable. Riot's system is able to distinguish between various degrees of negativity.
Pretty sure if someone made an account and said ggez after every single game with no other reportable behaviour he would not get banned, ggez is probably just another flag to see if you are being toxic elsewhere
: >Letting him? He can Q the whole wave twice with little _energy_ cost, only a few champs can actually stop that FIFY
I'm replying to him saying that all you have to do is "Stop" ekko from spamming his Q on the wave
Rioter Comments
: Soraka and Greviois Wounds
I'm glad they made a counter to someone who just spams point click heals constantly
Vigopl (NA)
: Only draven is worth banning on that list.
I see Trist in like 90% of my games, not sure why :thinking:
: Because at that point in time, most games are still winnable. Effectively, you're just a quitter, probably hard stuck in a low elo because you don't know how to win close games and persevere when things start going wrong. Knowing how to turtle and overcome rough patches in games are key to climbing and doing well.
When 4 people in your team want to surrender and it's still winnable, I'd just surrender instead of playing with people who are already tilted. I still don't get why you need a unanimous vote
: When is stealth ever fair? Not being able to see somebody until they decide to show themselves and unload their combo on you before you realize what is happening isn't exactly a battle of skill.
That's your fault for walking alone in obscure parts of the map. If Twitch or Eve or anything like that is MIA, you probably shouldn't be roaming around by yourself. Stop trying to dumb the game down
: They are nerfing her at the same time too, which we have seen happen to much. Lucian got nerfed when the item that made him "busted" was too. Now he is sitting at the 3rd lowest winrate of ADC's. The same thing might happen to her too.
She deserves a nerf on top of ardent, she was at 55% even when Ardent wasn't a thing. Stop trying to defend your brain dead cancer supports and play a real champ
: With the exception of Zed, all of those are ranged champions. I don't recall Zed ever having his waveclear nerfed either, but I could be wrong. But you know what the biggest problem is? Ekko isn't safely afk clearing waves. You're letting him. He's using the skill he maxes first on the minion wave at well within retaliation distance. Attack him. Sacrilegious I know but it really is possible.
Letting him? He can Q the whole wave twice with little mana cost, only a few champs can actually stop that
: Ziggs support makes me cry
It's really not hard to stay away from his Q, and he runs out of mana sort of quickly at early levels if he spams Q
Chermorg (NA)
: Or why don’t they just punish people who abuse the system?
They already do at an extremely high rate so I don't even see why people are upset about it
: ***
LOL I've never actually seen a bronze 5 in person before, didn't know they exist
: Stricter Punishments for Flamers?
They're already stricter than any other game, so nah
Rewt (NA)
: I will always report you for Saying GG ez.
that is like the equivalent of pressing the mastery key when you kill someone, you really gonna report someone over that?
tavla75 (EUW)
: Do we really need the chat system?
Never understood why people think we need to remove good features because they themselves are sensitive!!! Why don't YOU use the mute option?
: "League has the worst comunity" myth
I BEG RIOT to add voice comms, if they want to force teamplay down our throats it's an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY. Idc what anyone says, complex plays/strategies are impossible to ping or type in the middle of the action, with voice comms it's SO much easier and direct. * Just because some kids will use it to flame does not mean we should remove something useful for non toxic people, what a stupid argument, letting trolls win.
invaled (NA)
: So, I go 14-1-11 as Diana mid, I get an A+, the twitch who went 10-5-10 and got S+ should get more LP than me? They need to fix the grade system first lol EDIT: All twitch's kills came from my ganks mid
If you only got an A+ going 14-1-11 it means you were doing something else wrong. But yea they should add less weight on the cs, more on warding, kill participation, tower damage, damage (overall), etc, all this obv factoring the champion/role you play. Again this would not be the entirety of what determines your gains, but it should definitely at least be a factor to give less power to trolls when they dumpster a game.
: Tell me how this is deserved of a 15 day suspension
Never in a million years would this shit get you banned in any other game. Fuck Riot
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