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Pale Mask (EUW)
: So, Netflix is supposedly going to cast a non-white actress as Ciri for their Witcher show
Netflix has been ran by some SJWs that are more interested in virtue signalling and politics than putting on good shows for a while now. This honestly doesn't surprise me, but it definitely does disappoint me.
Audhulma (NA)
: Seems really stupid that this was a problem at all, given that players simply needed to click any champion and hit ban. That anybody insisted that they shouldn't have to do this, despite the whole process taking less than 5 seconds, is more stubborn (and stupid).
> [{quoted}](name=Audhulma,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=TMfORE89,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-07-21T15:02:53.301+0000) > > Seems really stupid that this was a problem at all, given that players simply needed to click any champion and hit ban. That anybody insisted that they shouldn't have to do this, despite the whole process taking less than 5 seconds, is more stubborn (and stupid). Indecisiveness is a thing you know, and there are a lot of champions to pick from.
: @Ghostcrawler, Greg you are a great guy and a shit manager.
I've said it before and I'll say it again. The best and most balanced I have ever seen league was back during the cinderhulk meta. Right before the juggernaut rework and right after the first round of nerfs to the more abusive users. Every champion saw play, and there were several different playstyles that were viable. It was truly the most fun I had during the game.
: Probably preemptively nerfing him because they're nerfing teleport so people want to play him.
Which is dumb, because Shen is really reliant on TP
: Is League even fun anymore? The current Meta and general state of the game is downright awful
I'm enjoying urf, but as soon as that ends (tomorrow) I doubt I'll stick around. At least until the next bout of urf anyway. Balance this season is just a joke.
DeusVult (NA)
: Pyke is the only assassin that actually works as a balanced assassin
I honestly agree. The only thing that I feel is somewhat imbalanced is the gold passive on his R (giving the party lots of free gold is just a bad idea imho). Other than that, I think he is actually very balanced.
Assists (NA)
: My friend said ARURF doesn't count for that mission after talking to a Rioter.
That doesn't make sense though, because there have been instances where it says "win a game on summoners rift" and it would work for special game modes (despite not specifying the game mode).
Arammus (EUW)
: bring back the option to honor the enemy
I second this! There have been several times where there were enemy players that were just incredibly friendly, and by that I don't mean intentionally feeding or griefing in any way, they were just super polite.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Yea garen is so fucked by conqueror and IE
Garen does fine because Conqueror is also good on Garen. That doesn't change the fact that conqueror and infinity edge both counter garen because of their true damage. Though he is countered less than other champions that are more reliant on it (especially WW and alistar) simply because his damage reduction lasts significantly shorter than either champion.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hawkefire,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=xx2iYivj,comment-id=00470002,timestamp=2018-07-01T21:46:27.304+0000) > > What happens if the mission expires from our list though? Very bad things. You forfeit your maidenhead, your Harvard scholarship, and your will to live.
Ulanopo (NA)
: Short version, they're aware of the problem and match records are being kept.
What happens if the mission expires from our list though?
Quinzley (EUNE)
: Missions are not working
I also had the same problem. None of my missions tracked my progress yesterday.
: Tanks don't normally rely on a big nuke, they have average but consistent damage (see Amumu cry, Malphite W and spammable E, Shen Q, Rammus AA, reflect and R). It's those that are gonna get amplified, which is far more useful since you can't burst tanks, and this gives dps against other tanks.
Sure, but they do have abilities that do more damage than other abilities (within their kit), and thus would want to make the most of it by converting part of its damage to true damage.
: Magic tanks running Conqueror?
Well, it converts a percentage of all damage to true damage, so it definitely works. Trouble is maintaining the buff and having the buff up when you want it to be up. Granted as a magic damage tank that actually isn't a huge issue (only becomes a problem when engaging for a teamfight), and just waiting for the buff to activate before unloading your highest damaging skills.
5050BS (NA)
: Riot Can we get Largest Crit changed to Largest Hit?
: Which season do you think was the most balanced and fun to play in?
: Remove Gun Goddess Miss Fortune from the PBE and keep working on her like Sewn Chaos Blitz/ Amumu
Honestly, I don't think that people hate the skin. They just don't think that the title (Ultimate) or the price point (really damn high) fits what the skin actually provides.
: I'm going to call you on your B.S. Provide those "several studies" as well of the credentials of those involved in the study. What does "almost entirely created" out of Western belief mean? Define "almost entirely" in a way that supports your statement i.e. any evidence? A 100% Western invention? Not 99.9%? 88.7%? 100%. Got it. I'll definitely take your word for it. More false, vague and inaccurate generalizations? U.S. alone has more deaths per capita, more pollution rates per capita than most other developed countries as does Australia. A country with 1+ billion people having "a higher number of deaths" but a lower ratio per capita... means that the rate/percentage is **lower**. China and "the mongols"? Who are "the mongols"? Because of Mao and "communist party"? You sound like you came straight off Breitbart. No doubt that the Mongolians were bloodthirsty for there time, as there is no doubt that groups such as Christians or Pilgrims were also savages. I think SEKAI is simply trying to tell you that Western culture isn't as great as it seems to think of itself (and even other cultures are fed positive, fantasy-like images of the West). We're great propaganda machines and manipulators. Great enough to have you believe that a humanities movement or the act of studying it, was all pretty much thought of by Westerners and that multiculturalism is a 100% Western "thing".
I never said that western culture is perfect, and his statements on it were, at least in my opinion overly harsh. Plus he flat out stated that the west has done basically nothing great in the realm of humanities, and I strongly disagree with that. Multiculturalism originates from the civil rights movement, which is a western creation. Seriously, grab any respectable history book and you can read all about the civil rights movement. The reason for this is largely because the west is one of the few cultures that was most open to allowing other cultures within it, and practically because in the US there was a very strong immigration movement located there. Try and find any form of multiculturalism movement in China, Japan, hell even Africa and South America. Of those lists the only one where you _might_ find some evidence of a multiculturism-esk movement would be Africa and South America, both of which are home to former western colonies and thus are pretty heavily influenced by western culture and ideas. On top of that, I am shocked that you don't know who the mongols are. Have you never heard of Genghis Khan? If not I strongly recommend looking up the man. During what was essentially a reign of terror and slaughter, the mongols slaughtered the peoples of the world, be they from the west or from the east. Chinese censuses prior to the mongol conquest was around 120 million during the 13th century. After conquest in 1279 their population is purported to be around 60 million. Granted the mongols influence on that stark decline is somewhat muddled, they most certainly played a significant factor, especially since the mongols practice bio-warfare and would spread the bubonic plague by launching diseased cattle via catapult. Persia dropped from 2.5 million to just about 250-thousand. Around 1 million people in Hungary were also killed by the mongols. Half a million from russia also killed, 700-thousand in Merv, and more than a million in Nishapur. Then there is of course communist China, which is responsible for the deaths of between 49-78 million people and counting (although this is somewhat arguable, and it largely depends on how things play out in China at this moment, but it isn't looking that great and I fear we may see a resurgence). I might add, that those people killed by the communist party of China were also all Chinese people, virtually none of them were foreigners. Now you may argue that these numbers are disputed, and I do agree with you they may not be correct. But I must point out that it is _extremely_ difficult to get this information out of China, and it seems those that try to pry too much out of China seem to end up with a bad case of death. So with the way they act about it I am far more inclined to believe these estimates, especially since China itself has the power to reveal any true numbers, but (more-or-less) refuses to do so.
Cocho (NA)
: why dodge when i can just pick a champ ive never played before
Well....that only works until you have played every champ xD
: I feel like Riot just gonna do a bandaid fix of pigeonholing it into a support only mastery by making it go on CD if you kill minions.
Honestly, this sounds like a pretty solid idea. It would probably need some buffs after doing that, but still, it would probably work out pretty well.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hawkefire,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=261kjo7R,comment-id=0001000200000001,timestamp=2018-03-05T04:04:09.136+0000) > > What? Western culture never practiced kindness...what? Do you even read history? Have you ever heard the phrase respect your elders? How about the phrase do onto others what you would expect others to do unto you? Kindness and respect has always been a part of western culture, a very big part in fact. To say that it hasn't is frankly ignorant of what western culture really is. > [{quoted}](name=Hawkefire,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=261kjo7R,comment-id=00010002000000000000000000000002,timestamp=2018-03-05T04:09:34.492+0000) > > SEKAI, are you forgetting the fact that it was western culture that was the _first_ culture to outlaw slavery? And also one of the first to actually take action against racism? The first to attempt abolishing slavery were Ancient Greeks and the Romans, but both of whom only had interest in 'debt slavery' (forced into unconditional labour and servitude to return debt), and they did not touch on other forms of slavery and the practice was thus still commonplace; also, non-Greeks and later non-Romans, either by blood or by allegiance, were still viewed by the Greeks and later Romans as barbarians and either inferior or inherently slaves (a belief even great thinker like Aristotle who pioneered the concept of "ethics" also held). The first civilisation that attempted and issued blanket ban on slavery were the Indians and quickly followed by the Chinese. ..... You also said western culture is the first to "take actions against racism". Though the thing is that, many other cultures never had a racism issue, at least nowhere as extreme as what occurred in the west, to begin with. For a couple more notable examples regarding the cultural juggernauts: The Chinese never seemed to really care about race for the very most part and there is no records suggesting they did either (they only really cared when it's about their emperor's ancestry, which they believe only Han people were legitimate, but otherwise they just didn't care), and the Indians had anti-racism and anti-discrimination logos that traced all the way back to their ancient epics and was in fact never exposed to the notion of racism until British colonial rule that introduced it to them. In fact, if we take the examples of East Asia (since it's not like most people know about small CA and SEA nations), the most racist locations are easily Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan, and outside of Japan which did have a history of racism that followed somewhat similarly with the colonisers who had arrived at the US, the other 2 are only racist due to the exposures to western culture. Sure, the west wrote the laws against racism, which others also did, okay. But the thing is, being one of the first among the racists which they were a part of (not just being a part of, they were leading the charge on the damn thing because no other racists quite did it like the west who even went so far to introduce and develop state sponsored scientific racism and other things), to come to realise and take step to right their behaviours which while is definitely good, but it's still not "the first". ..... Also yes, considering the west has been the big player who was behind the largest scale on slavery trade yet; largest death numbers from genocide and slavery; highest presence in ethnic cleansing campaigns in history; state sponsored the largest drug trade until very recently (taken over by the rising narco-states who live off selling drugs); behind the largest wars the humanity has seen (WW1, WW2) and outside of Middle East which was ruined by the west's proxy wars, the west is really the only people who are even fighting wars out of their own accord today; with other regions heavily inspired by Abrahamic religions, the west together with Middle East and a couple other less prominent places, are the only places to EVER have issues with LGBT people; the fact west centrism and supremacy are still so unbelievably ingrained in public school programmes and mass media that focus on stroking their own cock while also dedicating the most amount of time than any other regions (outside of warzones and totalitarian regime like NK) to shat on other people/nations with a rotating list of accusations and insulting portrayals while criminally and intentionally ignoring the most to elaborate and promote almost any positivity from and towards other cultures/civilisations; the fact racism in the west is still so rampant it rivals the most underdeveloped nations despite being supposedly currently the most advanced region; the fact the west has statistically the highest homicide and violence tendencies; or even simple things like how the west has the highest divorce rates that left the most amount of children growing up in broken (or at least more broken) family environments who will then continue the cycle by producing more broken families for children to grow up in, etc; these all point to the notion the west has some fundamental attitude problems even today. This isn't to say the west only has problem and no good things out of it, but let's not forget that it has a HUGE shadow of fuckery as well. Sure "Western culture never practiced kindness" may be a little bit unfair, but I would not pretend they were, have been doing anything anywhere close to being particularly great as a whole as far as humanities are concerned. "Respect your elders" and "do unto others what you would expect others to do unto you" are something that exists in every culture, because it's the basis of even having a viable society, and merely having the base minimum really shouldn't be a reason for celebration.
I strongly disagree with you that China hasn't harbored racist views. There are several studies showing how the Chinese people are fairly racist towards other peoples, and tend to hold such people in less respect (although whether they are more racist than other cultures is definitely debatable). China in particular also practiced slavery through the 1930's to the 40s. I also strongly disagree with you on the view on the humanities side of things, considering the humanities movement and study is one that is almost entirely created out of western belief. On top of that, multiculturalism is 100% a western invention. I could go further into why I disagree with you fundamentally on this issue, but that would be delving too far into politics and I would rather not do that, unless you truly insist on doing so. Although at that point I would almost suggest swapping to pms as the mods tend to get touchy when it comes to politics (for somewhat good reason, given todays climate). The west is also not responsible for the highest numbers of human death and slavery. China and the mongols holds the title for causing the highest numbers of deaths, because of Mao and communist party and the mongols because they were extremely bloodthirsty and their lifestyle involved waging a ton of war. The most slavery is held by the middle east and Africa, where it is still practiced _to this day._ To say that western culture has not been doing anything great for humanity is honestly a really ignorant thing to say, and somewhat insulting.
: > [{quoted}](name=JESUSSAYSNO,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=261kjo7R,comment-id=000100020000000000000000,timestamp=2018-03-04T08:14:56.523+0000) > > I had a long, close to 1500 word response typed out, browser crashed. I'm winding down for the night, so I'll write a TLDR. > > Western culture in its modern definition isn't exclusively Eurocentric. Western culture takes and optimizes what exists in the world, at the potential cost of casualties elsewhere. Technological and social improvement has overall trumped regression, and that hasn't changed. The act of mindless acceptance of beliefs without considering the truth of action is what made witch hunting and the KKK viable socially. Racism and bigotry typically disregard truth in favor of a fantasy of falsehoods. Over time these falsehoods have been eliminated and society has benefited. Racism and bigotry was commonplace because they were thought to be scientifically and rationally justified. The fact people could be prosecuted for being "heretics" came about at the time when a faith was considered absolute and therefore could not be disobeyed, the fact mistreatment of other races was okay'ed was due to a series of studies that arbitrary attributed certain features with underdevelopedness unscientifically but was still published as a scientific study hence enabling people to be racist towards them, and KKK came about because it was founded very shortly after the legislation that finally recognised black people as people which one can very easily see that it was a kneejerk response to it. "Progress" and "truth" do not exist in a vacuum, it exists when others are objectively proven wrong in what they do or think, it is impossible for those at the time of tension to really tell what's really right or not because they have not been into the future where a debate has already been properly resolved. Therefore using the results to work backwards is utterly invalid and void. Just like as, elementary schoolers we were all told rocks fall faster than feathers before the concept of vacuum was introduced, or that it was thought plants do not feel pain until we find traces that they probably do, or how we all accredited the famous triangle theorem to Pythagoras until we found that some random nameless Babylonian beat him by almost 10 centuries, current knowledge should all be treated with a bit of uncertainty because it can all be false one day. And that is the essence of progress and truth to much extent. If we do not improve upon from what we had, through re-assessment and taking in more ideas, technological and social improvement wouldn't have been possible. Which is why, you're here telling me that being considerate of others and judging their ideas without prejudice is wrong is both the very notion of "regression" you personally abhor (hence a contradiction) because it completely ignores how current progress even came about to begin with, and it is also completely false because it's never a step back to be open to others. What, are you gonna tell me the ultimate society is when I stab any stranger, and reject any other people's ideas on the spot because it's different to mine? > Never did I say kindness wasn't practical. Kindness as an ideology leads to a very corrupt culture. See the Soviet Union and the principles of communism that allowed the Soviet Union its corrupt power. There must always be an arbiter of good and evil, and that arbiter needs to be within ourselves, guided by scientific truths and the desire to make the world a genuinely better place. Without the ability to determine good or evil, we allow external forces to determine what is right and wrong, and can be complacent in abhorrent behaviors. Do you think all Nazis were psychopaths? Many of them were just average people who got FUCKED by WWI and wanted to do something about it, and the cultural hate of the jews was manipulated into them. That acceptance of hate was the problem. We need to strive to be good, not to be accepting or tolerant. The Nazi ideology was, and continues to be in the blackest circles, abhorrent and disgusting, but it rose in favor due to negativity and hate on a societal level. > > There's this huge mixup between being a bigot and being intolerant. If somebody is committing abhorrent behavior, it's your obligation as a good human being to do something about it and be absolutely intolerant at the face of evil. > > Being tolerant and accepting isn't being Good. Being good can include tolerance and acceptance, but only based on truths. Soviet Union collapsed because it died a painful slow death after Stalin took power and ran it down to become a totalitarian regime. For what it was worth, the only fault of the Soviet Union before Stalin was pretty much that it was poor as its ideological model was unsuited for competitive economy. A failed experiment based on a noble idea such as communism which was based on social well-ness and kindness, does not outright say there's anything wrong with them; if that's the case then we can all say democracy is such a bad idea because Ancient Greeks first seriously practiced the idea and went under. Ofc not. If you think the central idea of kindness and various aspect of communism is corrupt, then you can say disability support and infrastructure are corrupt and those without legs should never climb a god damn stair, pension support are absolutely corrupt because old people should just die from this world who gives a shit, public schooling should be damned because if you ain't born rich enough for schools well too bad sucks to be you, public health fund and insurance of any sort should go to hell because once again if you ain't got rich papa to pay off your broken leg that was not even your fault well good luck sucking it up with a broken leg because fuck you. But I guess having some sort of actual decency is a problem? Also, how in the actual fuck was Nazi regime born because of kindness? What? It came about seeking revenge for defeats in WW1, and then spiraled out of control into some ultra nationalist and racist shit, which part of it even had anything to do with "acceptance" being anywhere near the root of the problem? Aren't you grasping the straws a little too hard? No. You're also keep repeating the question notion that kindness come at the expense of the improvement, willingness to seek truth, or action against the wrong doers. No, that's not the case, at all. The only difference of a kind person and a normal person is that the kind person can see anybody including criminals eye to eye as a person (doesn't mean they will ignore their actions and whatnot), which while simple, it's also the hardest step for anyone to take. That's it.
SEKAI, are you forgetting the fact that it was western culture that was the _first_ culture to outlaw slavery? And also one of the first to actually take action against racism?
: > [{quoted}](name=JESUSSAYSNO,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=261kjo7R,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2018-03-04T06:41:52.026+0000) > > I don't think that Necessary and Kind always go together. Criticism is necessary for improvement, if it comes from inside or not, doesn't matter. If I hear a player tell me exactly what I did wrong, I will typically agree with it, if not in the moment, then upon reflection. Kindness has nothing to do with Necessity when considering LoL a competitive game. Now in normal games, sure, kindness is more applicable, but kindness is far from necessary in productive environments, so long as there is sufficient motivation to continue. > > Kindness is really a blight on the current western culture in general, and it would be so much better off if we were all just honest instead of kind. Because being honestly kind to somebody is the most rewarding thing you can possibly do, and its also the most rewarding thing you can receive. I'd rather show tough love to see a result I want, white lies and omission of truth for the sake of kindness is a form of social cancer in my opinion. Cultivate a culture of honesty and truth, not one of kindness, because a positive truth is leagues better than a white lie. The real issue is that Western culture never practiced kindness. Or rather, the practice for it barely even took off and you're already talking as if being kind is the problem, rather than the civilisation being practically fundamentally hard grounded in cruelty and and self-centrism for the very most part of its history that's in the way of the development of active kindness. Also you know know what a white lie is, a white lie is a lie that typically both party (the teller and the listener) both know it to be a lie where the listener already knows the answer to the question. It's told not for deception purposes, but for psychological relief purposes. Very different.
What? Western culture never practiced kindness...what? Do you even read history? Have you ever heard the phrase respect your elders? How about the phrase do onto others what you would expect others to do unto you? Kindness and respect has always been a part of western culture, a very big part in fact. To say that it hasn't is frankly ignorant of what western culture really is.
SirPurrr (NA)
: Emotions < Truth - enforcing mindless conformity is the opposite of justice
I just wish people would stop assuming the worst of others. A lot of this could anger and frustration could be so easily avoided if people didn't just assume the worst. If the Nid in your example had assumed that you were actually trying to help her and not insult her, then I feel that interaction would have gone over quite differently.
Shahamut (NA)
: I still think Fiora's W/passive is too forgiving.
I still don't understand why they don't just remove the attack speed slow from it, that or make it so that the attack speed slow is only triggered if she blocks a champions autoattack with parry. I can understand leaving the movement speed slow in, but coupling that with the attack speed slow is just a bit too much given how strong the ability is.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hawkefire,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TeyAbARB,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2018-01-05T05:15:52.732+0000) > > If they nerf shyv then hurricane would simply replace it. > Both items are simply too strong in their current form, and I still question whether or not making hurricane into a crit item was even a good idea in the first place. what if it was made into a pure onhit AOE item like rageblade but instead of the double on hitpassive it was the aoe passive on build up?
Could be neat, but you would have to give it some form of compensation in the form of stats, and I don't know what stats would be most fitting on the item.
Hibeki (NA)
: shiv crit instantly kills an entire wave.
If they nerf shyv then hurricane would simply replace it. Both items are simply too strong in their current form, and I still question whether or not making hurricane into a crit item was even a good idea in the first place.
: if your auto is 550 and his pull is 535, trying to kite him could get you killed because he'll cross those units during your auto animation, then pull you in, which will grab you even if you flash the animation IIRC. Then you're dead. Not all range is caitlyn.
Not true, Riot fixed that and Darius cannot pull you if you flash during the animation (provided your end point was not still in range of his initial pull)
: this should be said about all hypercarries, they are shining at a time where games last shorter then ever. i hope riot fixes it before season 8 starts, but we all know whats gonna happen. they will just nerf gragas lux blitz or some random shit
I have no problem with hypercarries being meta. I have a problem with hypercarries hitting hypercarry status at ~15 minutes into the game, if not sooner.
: As someone who actually plays the game, this doent actually happen really. I dont get all these threads that make it out like ADCs abuse supports because its complete bullshit. I've seen "This ADC is fucking trash" just as much coming from supports as ADCs bitching about their support
I have seen it, it is really dumb and incredibly annoying when it happens, but thankfully it is fairly rare.
: > [{quoted}](name=Thefrostyviking,realm=EUW,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=AITwp8pt,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2017-12-31T17:55:40.371+0000) > > Since you are here in sight you know why it&#x27;s considered alright that {{champion:22}} basically can&#x27;t do anything vs a {{champion:2}} or a {{champion:11}} when they ulti? > > > Their ults disable her passive.....olaf actually pretty much disables her entire kit except her E. > > Yi is just fast enough to avoid her ulti. > > > But because neither can be CC&#x27;ed she can&#x27;t apply her passive, which means almost no damage against either of them. > > Buff please {{sticker:sg-soraka}} See, this is an example of one of the issue -- **Riot Sparkle** came in to address this question, and is, as his/her title indicates, an **Experience Designer**, not someone who specifically works on champion balance. Using this opportunity to pester Rioters about things outside their purview and/or outside the thread topic is a good example of behavior that makes the boards a frustrating experience for Rioters. They want to chime in to a conversation, or answer a question, or make a joke, and people come and try to pull them every which way on completely unrelated subjects.
: When you gank top
What is Lee Sin Holding in his hand?
: They answered this in the last Ask Riot 5 days ago. The short version is that when reg URF shows up, when it leaves again, there are actually less ppl overall still playing LoL. It's like ppl get burnt out from too much LoL too fast with URF and quit. Anyway, there you go.
Hell, part of the only reason I play LoL anymore is actually to play URF. I hate the way the standard game is balanced right now, so I don't play the standard game much if at all anymore. Those people that are no longer playing LoL are probably holding similar opinions to my own honestly, as many of my friends do essentially the same thing.
Eedat (NA)
: Not exactly. They got a pretty valid point comparing it to playing a game with cheats. Once you cheat to get all the best stuff / expensive items in the game at a whim, playing the game normally feels like a downgrade and dissuades some people from playing it further
I disagree, because that would imply that you have an unfair advantage over your opponent. However that is not the case (usually) in urf.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hawkefire,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=sBdf6JWA,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2017-12-26T04:47:00.318+0000) > > Why would you list volibear? He cannot even touch you because of your W. Same with Garen. It's just a little jump, and both Garen and Voli have MS buffs, and sometimes, dead man s plate.
True, but that little jump is on a fairly short cooldown and is generally more than enough to get to the safety of turret. Lategame I could somewhat understand, but generally most nid players I find are building {{item:3285}} which grants a pretty huge boost to MS, couple that with the fact that nid is generally going to be standing pretty far away and you have a recipe where garen and voli just wont be able to get to her in time.
: "your main has no counters.." oh really? - list your counters game
Why would you list volibear? He cannot even touch you because of your W. Same with Garen.
: Anyone remember Trickster's Glass? LeBlanc would really take advantage of it
I liked trickster's glass, it was quite fun masquerading as my friendly ADC and then BOOM its actually darius.
: When Boards turn into French Revolution
This post should be updated with this post being the one interrupting the neck
: I'm a Garen main, so that fear is an instant tilter when I already have to put so many resources into getting on top of him. I'll admit he used to be worse back in the day (been playing since season 1) but he is still on my list of most hated champions.
Is fiddle really that bad though? I mean, he (fiddle) has no mobility, so once you get past his fear fiddle is pretty much screwed, as Garen has higher base movement speed and movement speed from his Q if needed. Plus with your tankiness (as Garen), he should not have enough damage to actually be able to take you down 1v1, especially since you can interrupt his drain with your Q. Also, if you are fairly certain that fiddle is going to fear you, you could try preemptively activating your W for the added tenacity bonus, but that does require a tad bit of luck (or fiddle being desperate) to be able to make the most of that.
: If she doesn't cs the minion, I don't think she gets the tp. So if you harass her while she's going for the minion, you can make her pay for grabbing some of those tps.
I have seen them drop even when the minion was no where near here (ex when I was playing pantheon and I was top lane, one of the minions for some odd reason had the little icon that it would drop one a spell for her, and when the minion died to the other enemy minions the spell thing was available for her to pick up in that spot).
: Tahm Kench "The River King" Gets Beaten Up By Red Buff
I still don't understand why Riot refuses to let kench proc his passive on jungle monsters. Seriously, allowing him to treat monsters like champions (excluding Dragon and Baron obviously) in regards to his passive would instantly make him a decent jungler.
: Then new runes are the old masteries, just reworked.
I can tell you exactly why they did this. They did this so they would have some way of justifying them charging you for additional "rune" pages.
: > [{quoted}](name=Demon King Maou,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EVp2ONZR,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-25T07:47:48.535+0000) > > Thats just guessing what jinx did > While ago (2015) they could get notifications where you recalled but riot banned out that software so people couldn&#x27;t script as freely > Scripts nowdays are pretty damn rare but people still like to blame them : p I'd give her the benefit of the doubt, but having played many games, people usually fire closer to the turret or center of the lane.
Looks more like she just correctly guessed your position.
Kaìju (NA)
: It goes down to about 55 seconds, 40 with Ultimate Hat. That's pretty low. And self reliant ADCs generally don't scale. Hyper carries are usually immobile. The traditional hyper carries are Kog, Jinx, Twitch, Tristana Vayne, and debatably Ashe as well. Four immobile, one with some, one with a lot.
: Mages need better magic pen item variety Mages need better early defense against AD item choices Mages need more CDR options Mages need something else to build out of lost chapter Mage itemization is so uninteresting and linear it's actually quite off putting
I kind of disagree with you on CDR options, a huge amount of AP items have CDR. Agreed on everything else though.
Kaìju (NA)
: I think you have to have ally champion blocking because if not the adc could just sit in Cho'Gath and be ultra hard to kill. You would have tanks body blocking by sitting on the carry.
Why not just make it so that you cannot end your movement on top of another champion. IE if 2 champions occupy the same location, one of them (preferably the smaller one) will be shunted towards the nearest unoccupied space.
: And now it seems to be working... My bad
No, it is still a bug. It seems to be purely random as for when it happens. Trying to figure out what the cause is, but it is very annoying and difficult to test for, as I have not found a pattern other than it screwing up when trying to edit something. I think it might have something to do with the rune page presets, as the game seems to automatically shunt my rune page over to one of those whenever the bug occurs.
Durzaka (NA)
: Gnar might be able to use Klepto, but he doesnt want it. He needs to push his advantage starting at level 2. Otherwise he cant take control of the lane and hes going to lose. Klepto is playing too much towards the farming lane that Gnar doesnt want.
Gnar scales really really well with gold, and Klepto gives him a lot of gold early on. On top of that, it can give him other bonuses in the form of potions which can give him an advantage in certain situations (although that is more RNG based). Basically, while Klepto doesn't do as much damage as other options, it doesn't actually sacrifice laning potential to do so, and allows Gnar to hit his mid-game / late-game much much quicker, especially against opponents that are unable to retaliate.
Durzaka (NA)
: Gnar is MUCH MUCH better off taking PtA than Klepto.
You are probably right, but PtA is also really damn strong, overpowered strong imho with its current iteration. In fact, it is fairly likely that it will be heavily nerfed come next patch cycle (and if it doesn't I will question Riots sanity). Doesn't really change the fact that Klepto is really solid on Gnar though.
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