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: Tackling the Master Yi problem
Well the patch came out only 2 days ago but as a high elo Yi main I'm sure the winrate in diamond+ will get lower and lower
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 16
I have been waiting half a year for Atmas and Shojin. You decided to remove Atmas and I expected Shojin to make it to live servers but you removed that item as well, I waited half a year for that item.. just why? Also the new Shojin is literally ER with less AD and no mana at all, for the same cost. Current ER is my first item and I expect a compensation for this big nerf at least..
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations Part 2
I dont know why would you touch ALL crit items when ppl only asked for a IE revert. All other crit items are basically the same as they were before.. But a thing I totally disagree about this is the change to ER and Shojin. I've been waiting half a year for Shojin to hit live servers and you removed all its stats and passive and turned it into a TOTALLY WORSE version of ER. What happened to all the hype I had for Shojin and Atmas? You removed BOTH items.. I wanted AT LEAST 1 of them to make it to the game.. not only that didnt happen but you also nerfed my ER A LOT. The new Shojin is literally the current ER but with less AD and manaless, same cost.. All this.. just why..? You completely messed up my build. As a high elo Yi otp you ruined the only way I had to make my gank and teamfight playstyle as viable as powerfarm which I personally dislike.. and crit Yi is hard countered by just a zhonyas/guardian angel and high elo teamwork.. thanks for ruining my playstyle and not making Shojin live up to the hype I had for half a year.
: New Player Against Diamonds?
Dont act all innocent kid. You'll quit the game just because Riot doesnt want smurfs stomping and ruining the game for actual new players? Is it so bad to keep playing {{champion:11}} in the elo where you belong to? You should've noticed that your first normals were actual iron 4 level but then ppl suddenly started playing way better, this is because by winning all your first games you're proving you're a smurf and the system matches you with other smurfs as well. And the closer you get to 30 the more high elo players will appear
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: with rageblade and cdr, he hardly needs kills for that, as long as he can aa he only has 1-2sec between alphas
Dash away/outspeed him. If a Yi can't hit anything he's pretty much done for.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 6
Hey there, I've recently found a problem with Hail of Blades in some champions. The 3 AAs from the rune are consumed by double AAs such as Master Yi's Doublestrike and AA resets. Is there a way to make an exception for these kind of abilities? Since I really want to use the keystone on Yi but now that I realised this I'll have to use other runes until this gets fixed..

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