: 3 Champs that NEED to be addressed come 8.22
Pls kill viktor top and make him viable in mid lane again. Revert rework would do just that.
: Rylais feels like a wasted slot
It is, they nerfed it into the ground.
: Wow, Good Thing Assassins Have Delayed Burst Now...
Eh at least 3 of them have to build damage to one shot you. Cho Gath does it while building entirely tank and still being able to peel as a frontliner for his team. Annie also typically has to commit flash to one shot; with proper positioning and defensive items she has plenty of counter play. Draven's a bit overtuned but his range is really low compared to most of the other adcs and you have to be pretty good to play him mechanically when he's not overtuned like he is rn. Then there's Twitch who can mow down you're entire team from a mile away....uh yeah. Nice champ rito.
Durfain (EUW)
: The tank update left pure tank items so bad that people are buying support tank items instead
: I've had it with people belittling the amount of effort it takes to play tanks
Eh tanks are the most forgiving, easiest class in the game undoubtedly.
: Can we please introduce more item variety?
This post feels like it was written back in season 5, item variety is light years ahead of what you describe. Morello isn't always the first item built on AP champions anyway. Some build RoA, GLP, Protobelt, Archangel's or even Zhonyas/Banshee's first depending on the matchup/team comp.
: Can we stop pretending tanks are weak?
: I think towers need a buff
Agree, I think they should add a small amount of % max HP true damage so they don't become invisible to any champion with any semblance of armor/health purchased.
Eedat (NA)
: "AP is weak"
Here, have a downvote.
Zahreik (NA)
: Alright Riot, I've had enough.
> playing Urgot support should just be a punishable offense by itself. stopped reading
Azureee7 (EUW)
: You know what LeBlanc really needed in her rework?
What she needed was someone competent working on her.
: Patch 6.14: Sona hits 58% WR. Gets hotfix nerfs. Receives more nerfs on the two following patches.
I also want to mention Ivern manages to make Sona look like a mechanically intensive champion
: ***
Came in to post this literally.
Wygol (EUW)
: Two things seriously bother me about Vlad's recent return to popularity.
You're crazy if you think his ult is the only reason he's popular in competitive. His combination of damage + survivability plays a bigger role
Imfao (EUW)
: Just a reminder that Vladimir has a 25.9% winrate in LCS patch 7.4
He's still straight up busted in competitive in the right hands
: Once more, I will continue to stress that Riot needs to stop treating Riven as an assassin, nerf her AD scalings, and give her back her defensive scalings that they nerfed into the ground. She was once a Fighter/Bruiser, these days it's '100-0 or I'm shit' Also they need to remove animation canceling and stop treating it like it's not a bug.
They can't remove the animation cancelling, she's balanced around it at this point and the compensation she'd need to receive to be viable after removing it would make her skill floor a lot lower. This thread is a bunch of fuss over a champion that isn't even a problem right now.
: Morellos has become a crutch item for mages
Morello has risen to the top because AP itemization is garbage. If you want cdr or utility you sacrifice damage, something that you can't say for AD caster itemization at all. Zhonyas gives a measley 70 AP, Abyssal gives 60, deathcap and void staff offer no CDR/survivability/utility. Aside from maybe removing GW because its a bit out of place and tacked on, riot absolutely should NOT touch this item. Don't screw with the AP/mana or the CDR, end game AP values are already getting systematically lower as it is after the nerf in AP to zhonyas/abyssal/athenes/rylais on top of the straight up removal of the 15% extra AP from blue buff. Take the mage anti circle jerk somewhere else.
Ralanr (NA)
: It's my sneaking suspicion that whenever someone complains about tanks doing too much damage they imagine that tanks should do so little damage that you shouldn't even have to kite them. Some answers have proven me correct, others have shown otherwise.
There will always be a need to kite tanks, and it's because of the CC they provide. it shouldn't be because of the obnoxiously high damage some of them bring without building any semblance of damage, and hopefully the tank update does a little bit to address that.
Ralanr (NA)
: Squishy people, do you think you should just facetank a tank?
lol have fun getting away from zac or maokai
: I'm ok with nerfing MF, but are we sure we want to take away an expression of skill?
Not entirely sure what's so skillful about walking back into lane with a serrated dirk and doing 60% of the other adc's HP with a single Q is, particularly given how stupidly forgiving the cone behind the target is.
: Those Leblanc nerfs in PBE looks like a big fat slap at her face
Total failure of a rework. Not that she was well designed before the rework, but good god did 20thcenturyfaux screw this one up.
: So we seriously have to go 2-3 week of Edge of Night again?
: Watching a Kassadin vs Malzahar lane is sad now
Kassadin doesn't need a rework, he's arguably in the most balanced state he's ever been in. Perhaps slightly underpowered, but that might be for the better because of how devastating he can be if he gets snowballing.
: What are Lee Sin's weaknesses?
He's a master of all trades
: So an item that gives offensive stats, defensive stats, and ***blocks the fk outta an assassin if they somehow makes their way to that shit mage throwing spells from 100 miles away behind safety of them frontline {{item:3157}} how it feels
Eedat (NA)
: How long are we going to pretend that items don't need to be balanced around melee/ranged?
Edge of night needs to be nerfed period, not merely for ranged champions. Riot went overboard with their lethality buffs.
: Zyra no longer viable in mid lane
There are other ways to make her more viable mid than to give her back that stupid mechanic that lets her plants do all of the work for her without landing a single ability.
: edge of the night active should be melee only
It's just a poorly designed item in general. Everybody called this when it came out.
: Great, this will have a positive impact **BUT:** #The heaviest offender remains in business unscathed https://s23.postimg.org/8oz4vm8pn/thunderlords.jpg _Thunderlords decree. Allowed to continuously screw over early/midgame duels since 2016._ Sorry, but when I can take away half a NASUS Hp with ONE rotation on my toplane Akali, which takes me about half a second to execute, then something isn't right.
: Honestly? I can't wait for the Vanguard rework and the impending TANK meta
Geropac (NA)
: If ADCs are so shit, why do people continue to play them????
Reality is that adcs are never even half as bad as adc mains let on
Wygol (EUW)
: PSA: Please Don't Ban Warwick in Norms.
> He's not worth the ban. Do you really think Warwick - who has retained his simplicity and is still incredibly melee - is worth banning over Vi, Camille, Hecarim, etc... Too early to say.
: INSANE Vlad buff on the PBE!!!!
Not gonna lie I am extremely skeptical that riot can ever truly balance a champion with the theme/play style Vlad has.
: How long are you going to let Rengar 1 shot squishies with just 2 damage items?
: When you guys decide you overbuffed solo Lulu
IIRC I read somewhere yesterday from Meddler that they intend to revert that ratio buff and replace it with something else.
Divewing (OCE)
: Lee Sin is being protected by Riot for the exact reverse reason Azir was brutalised.
It took a while, but they nerfed him and the jungle changes are a very minor nerf to him as well because he'll be more behind in level relative to last patch.
: It really depends on the matchup. I know, as a Yasuo main, the WORST champs to deal with are Anivia and Annie. They out range you, burst the hell out of you, and have some sort of cc that ruins your whole day. But yes, choosing Yasuo into a good matchup with a decent amount of skill as a Yasuo player can win you every early and late game, just like every other champion. He's not very weak early or late as of now, where he suffers is mid game when he has one item that was powerful for a little while but just falls off until he can build some damage to go along with it. Unless he's fed, of course. Then, again, like every other champion, he will be strong.
Post rework anivia should be a really easy matchup for Yasuo. She needs to hit you with a slow moving skill shot or tag you with fully formed ult to really burst you with her E, and with yasuo's mobility + windwall that should never happen.
ømg (NA)
: @Low Elo Posters
You should've said stop making balance suggestions based on anecdotal experience. Even a bronze player can make a high quality suggestion if they support their argument with math/stats/analysis of the meta.
Sniperkaj (EUW)
: Can we give "Biggest Whiner Award 2016" to Shaco-mains?
Igglet (EUNE)
: I honestly love the fact that Mages are now viable in the Bot Lane.
: @Riot, let's just make something very clear...
Some of the adcs really do need buffs. Like Lucian, for one. He was nerfed because of the Ghostblade/BC combo and left in that state after the lethality changes. And there's just way too much incentive to gank/roam bot at the moment between dragon, first blood tower, 2 kills available and of course no fortification on bot turrets.
: Why Redemption and Locket are toxic and centralizing, with math
Great post, thanks for providing the math as well.
: Well, they could at least stop from putting it every 2 week ends in january february march april may june july august september october and november, then maybe, MAYBE Poro king could be fun
It's not every 2 weekends, more like every ~4-5 weeks or so. Anyway even though I've played a lot of it I think poro king sucks relative to before the changes they added. Would much rather have one for all or hexakill right now
: Can we stop acting like queue times are more of a deal than game quality
I've been saying this for a while but for whatever reason people that play support secondary think their experience is more important than everyone else's, because quite frankly they are the only group that benefit from autofill.
: @meddler "Courage of the colossus is still too strong"
You're delusional if you think CoC is balanced. Other resolve keystones being underwhelming isn't a reason to keep it as it is now, the solution is to buff and/or replace the other resolve keystones.
Meddler (NA)
: Current Thoughts on Marksmen
>Courage of the Colossus is still too strong. That contributes to some characters feeling unkillable for marksmen. Some of those champs are also too strong in general as well (hi Poppy). THANK YOU. Delusional tank players that want to jump in 1v5 cant come to terms with this truth.
: "We don't want URF to get boring..."
Poro king during snowdown is standard, last year it was enabled for like ~3-4 weeks non-stop. This time it's just here in short bursts.
: Why do people have to flame in post game after they've won?
Because this a large part of the community is toxic & reporting people who flame doesn't result in anything happening more often than not.
: Daily reminder that Morde desperatly needs a tiny Movespeed buff
I think his enormous amount of bugs contribute more to his state than base ms.
: Only mage I can think of that even builds dps is {{champion:268}} . I'm not counting {{champion:17}} since he isn't really a mage.
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