: Just quit leagues and go play brawlhalla, mobas are a thing of the past.
Wrong. DOTA 2 still growing like crazy
: Hi Meddler, I think {{champion:131}} is champion, who should have a little buff... I think passive third attack needs have more range, something like {{champion:84}} passive range, and the passive needs to be triggered after using an melee abilities. And I think she needs AD scallings on passive, Q, W and R. Why??? It is not only make {{item:3146}} as the first item, but it is very good buff for her, because she would using more basic attacks on the lane, without be passive before 6 lvl.
That would make her too strong honestly. Akali didn't have ranged autos when she could R to people and hers doesn't cleave. Having Gunblade first item would give her an even more obscene amount of burst when she gets to two-three items, plus she'd be healing a lot for auto attacking as well when she gets a shield already
: > Assist me this is literally asking for help. Wtf even. nah lemme just stop playing every time i wanna ask my jungler for a gank right? > ! - does not mean "you cannot fight this person leave now!" no it doesn't, it means DANGER. You picking a wrong fight isn't my problem, you can ignore my warning and get your "learnin experience" but if you had listened you wouldn't be dead. Just cuz you can't see the danger ahead of you doesn't mean someone else doesn't? > "target this" ping when someone who is dead or not even part of the fight uses it. Oh i'm sorry i'm trying to help you when i'm already dead. Just keep focusing the ulting alistar instead of the carries, noone's stupid right? I'm sure the only one stupid for that lucian thresh fight was the guy pinging, not you for being dumb enough to switch your agro from lucian to thresh. And aside from all that, there's multiple uses for something to be used. If someone is spamming ??? on a lane, it's prolly missing. If someone starts spamming it on an ally it's prolly "wtf are you doing" or "why?". If someone starts spamming ! it means there's danger there, wether that means unseen people or not doesn't matter. If i use the help me ping once in lane, i probably want a gank some time. If i'm spamming it i'm probably gonna die soon if you don't come help me. Like pretty much any form of communication, Context matters.
: Why does this have so many upvotes neither of these champions build this item.
Riven does, and Tryndamere used it before crit changes which was insane on him
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations
Please do not change PD, it's already defensive on the damage reduction, and really nice offensively too. Not all ADC's build it as a first zeal but the ones that do really rely on it. And the Yasuo and Tryndamere mains will be really sad as well
Kosm1K (NA)
: Question, is Neeko supposed to be able to ult during zhonyas? seems particularly powerful on her as compared to other champs that do it. Imo her ult in general does too much. Also there's been a bug where Neeko's icon gets stuck as the ally she camo'd herself as, even though her camo has already ended. Makes it a bit hard to recognize who's who just from the minimap.
Yes she is supposed to be able to ult during Zhonya's, only death stops it since it's not technically a channel. I think if she is stunned it should stop it though. It's so easy to land compared to like Morgana ult.
Pika Fox (NA)
: Because neither are juggernauts.
How are they not? They build Tri>Hydra>Steraks>Tank/GA most of the time. They could go more damage, but it's unlikely. All those items have HP or a resistance or shield.
Pika Fox (NA)
: If she got stomped in lane, and you let her become relevent.... Thats on you. Shes only good early game, because mid-late is teamfights. This isnt a LB issue, its a you issue.
So she can't catch out squishies mid-late? It's purely 5v5? Not playing the same game lmao, and he can't babysit his teammates trying to anticipate where she could be. Mid-late she can have and item or two off CS and GOT and still one shot anyone not building MR and/or HP
: 7.16 patch release date?
Urf isn't released until Friday 12:00AM PST


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