: {{champion:53}} everything when BLACK FOR THE WHOLE GAME
Fönikku (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=HecarimSpeed,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=KeEsHRU3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-24T22:19:22.518+0000) > > now i just got 2 back to back .... +1 I've been having the same issue since day i started playing this game, do you know how many leaverbusters I have got so far? Only God knows...sent a ticket to support they gave me the same answer they do to everyone, hardware issue, check ur internet, drivers not updated, use hextech repair tool...etc, but the problem is that it happens in THE SAME PLACE RIGHT AFTER CHAMP SELECT, like u said a pattern .so i thought well it could be my old PC, but noticing how others with decent PC i5 and up, better GPU still having bugsplat i don't know what to think since this bugsplat been before 2012 if u believe me, yet no one seems to fix that, seen youtube videos that "offer" solution but didn't help, "change ur gpu use ur system card..." why the hell use my integrated gpu for that? how many games have backward compatibility? better gpu= better performance. I play decent games without a freaking problem either offline or online games, no issue whatsoever except in this game, game is good but client is trash. You see that you have two clients one u browse and u enter champ select after that ANOTHER client with old icon (i guess they didn't update it) opens, and the transmission where all the assets are processed gets bugged, instead of working on that area, they are busy making snow ARURF, and releasing toys, and fwi, sometimes it takes 5 minutes to repair, what's the point to get back to game later to find that ur teammates already "remake" or that you lost ur lane and in the end of game u get no loot (preseason update) but I digress... tldr, sorry mate...u r not alone, and this will keep happening and unfixed cuz Riot doesn't care.
: Bugsplats not allowing me to get into a game
now i just got 2 back to back ....
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