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Morolth (NA)
: Looking for a serious mid laner for our plat + team
Age: 19 Timezone: CT When can you play: M/T/Th/F/Weekends Best 3 mids you can play: {{champion:157}},{{champion:268}} {{champion:127}} Your pros: I am alert and will conform to the needs of the team. Your cons: I am a conceded league player. What we should know about you: I am generally quite at first but will grow more and more social as you get to know me. I am currently at school and getting a job so time might be limited. Are you willing to do tournaments when the team is ready: I have participated in a few tournaments before, so yes! Are you willing to attend practices when they are set every week UNLESS SOMETHING HORRIBLE HAPPENS (We're still humans, y'a know): Yes! Summoner Name: Heelwax Rank: Plat II
: LF Duo Partner [Click post for more info]
Hello! My name is Christopher Kottke and I am currently trying to make my Diamond dreams possible and hopefully take someone with me! Position: Mid/Supp Substitution (Optional): ADC/Top Region:NA Skype? Yes, My skype name is Heelwax Mic? Yes. League Name: Heelwax Smurf: Oridust Champions I'm best at: {{champion:157}} Yasuo( 74%), {{champion:268}} Azir (76%), {{champion:201}} Braum(42%), {{champion:236}} Lucian( 60%),{{champion:22}} Ashe(67%). I can play other champions, however these are my go to at the moment. Thoughts and concerns (Optional): I am currently Plat II and I own every champion. If I am to high ranked you can still add me and I will be happy to give you tips or what not.


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