: Do you ever just feel unwelcome?
Yes, I feel that way literally every day. Its a burden to be sure. I am very sorry to hear that there is another person who shares this feeling of emptiness. I hope me and you both find a way to overcome this. I pray for us both friend. Good luck out there.
: Updated Client Switchover: Out with the Old, In with the New
I hate how little recognition is being given to the people who(on really old machines) dodge from champ select frequently on the new client because it takes so long to load in! Yes! For your information it is happening still, even with your recent updates, ive had the new client since its inception, and routinely check it every time a new patch comes out for it, and I still dodge as of this morning in my most recent check! On low spec mode! Please do not force us into this new client, and keep the old one as an option, for the extreme outlying cases, of people who cant possibly afford a new laptop/computer due to life constraints..
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: Yeah how about you stop blaming supports for you feeding?
Im probably going to get downvoted to oblivion for saying this but I absolutely hate it when supports sit there right next to me and do absolutely nothing for me when im 2 v 1'ing. Im going to try and be as civil in saying this as possible. "doing nothing" is a term pretty broadly used by ad carries who just want to pin them losing lane on someone, thats not what im saying here.... Im saying when the support sits in the bush as thresh texting their girlfriend for all lane phase, and im picking up kills 1 v 2 solo and they dont even get an assist. or when im in that 1 v 2, and I happen to fuck up because im a gold scrub, they walk out and remain 0/0 and flame me all game for being a "typical shit adc". Im picking out thresh here because if a support is doing absolutely nothing for me and they flame me for dying its usually a thresh, ive had some really fucking cool people who play off meta shit and carry my ass to victory. I'd rather have an AP ezreal support or an ahri support over an alistar who never combo's anyone, or saves his ulti for when hes just about to die to an auto attack. Could I play better as an adc? absolutely, but not all supports are free of sin, just needed to say my two cents. if this post gets ignored or downvoted to oblivion I dont care I just wanted to say my piece. Thank you.
: How it feels when you keep killing your lane opponent.
Raptorkarr, you should friend me. I love playing with fellow riven lovers, I mained her for like 5 seasons, have almost 1400 games on her recorded in ranked. more in normals. I havent played her recently however.
askar1 (OCE)
: Calling a position, just like in ranked - for normal games
Normal Draft gives you the ability to choose roles and ban champions just like ranked. If you want a normal blind where you can choose roles (team builder) that doesn't exist anymore sadly.
: Champion Design
wow neat idea!
Doofs (NA)
hahha! The very first thing I tried typing when it asked that question was "my friends" im glad im not the only one! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2ttzxPb9hE


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