: > [{quoted}](name=HellSingsDOG,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=LKnZqZLY,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-10-30T21:26:38.493+0000) > > Someone needs to go back on there meds, lets go to the doctor together we'll get you some happy pills! No, you need to go back in Minecraft and grief their carrot fields and houses because you're on a 12 year old kid level.
Oh no your insults they burn get over yourself my dude =') pathetic.
: YOURE GETTING UPVOTED? AHAHAHAHAH THIS COMMUNITY IS SO FUCKING DUMB. The guy literally said "Flame me and i will troll" in a 74 word sentence. That's why the community is shit. That's why it's all running downhill, because you oversensitive little schmuks over populated the game. You're always acting like a victim, nobody can tell you "hey, can you play a little bit passive", you will instantly start trolling and throwing the game because you think that you deserve the best ? Not only that, but you troll-asses will report them for being negative towards you, the one who told you to play safe will get perma banned, he's gonna have a dead account, his hours of playing are useless now, his money spent on an account is literally spent on nothing now. Deep in your soul, you all know that you're bad, but you just dont want to admit it, instead, you report everyone and start trolling. You say that you don't care about rank ? Fine, you will stay in gold 5 forever because of your attitude. But hey, after all, i'd rather play with a 45% winrate 0/21 kda player than with a flamer who carries me :)))) After all, i want to have fun in this game, i dont want to climb :)))) Im happy with my Silver 5 rank and my 36% winrate :))))))). Cannot believe, guy literally said that he will intentionally throw the game if someone calls him out and you upvote that... Fucking silver community. GOSH.
Someone needs to go back on there meds, lets go to the doctor together we'll get you some happy pills! But for some context nobody is playing the victim as you say it both parties are to blame offender, and the guy who started trolling due to flame both are to be punished. I do report toxic players i'm a toxic player myself at times and it deserves to be punished it's not being a "oversensitive little schmuk" it's the rules of the game and as said above all offenders should be punished. And if someone does get banned even if they got troll baited it's their own fault get over it.
: Ok, done. Wait, while you're at it go proofread the rest, I typed it in like two minutes after losing a game to this exact scenario. Not exactly a high quality post because usually I just shit post, so not much effort on my end. Ok, now I need you to revise and edit it for me, then email it to me at kaimorel@yahoo.com Make it look spiffy with Comic Sans. I got you, buddy. Now go ace that entrance exam and make us proud.
: I casually just do minor mistakes cause it's funny when they spam ping. Like one time I as support with relic shield took 1 cs without the passive up and our fed adc told me to hang myself so I wasted my ult and flash as they spammed ??????? Omg best feeling ever
"Go kill yourself you took my minion" proceeds to accidentally 2v1 as janna
: Wow, someone who uses snowflake as an insult but *cares* about people not being complete douchebags? First time I've seen someone use the term without being a snowflake themselves. +1 OP
There needs to be a balance dammit you can't just be asshole 24/7, sometimes you gotta be nice and care about the other guy.
: ***
No no the whole thing, I need you to revise and edit it I checked my inbox it's not there I'm gonna need you to do that by tomorrow morning fr tho.
: What could possibly compel a person to do this...
Wait punching is killing? no wonder everyone is so scared to fight nowadays. Better than one group I played I'd played with threatened to kill and rape my mom and sister, then after they were dead rape the bodies so they could have another go, all while I would be watching they were the kind of "Trolls" I dislike, infact they said they lived in texas I could have called the cops and they'd be in jail or probation got m8's locked up for saying less serious stuff than that.
: I got permanently banned but I think it's not fair.
I've been perma banned around 5- times, I can personally attest each time the ban is more than fair 3 choices m8 1. Shape up on a new account so you don't get banned 2 Don't give a crap go screw the system and make multiple accounts to dodge punishments 3 Cry complain and leave This is their game therefore it's their rules don't like it? either follow the rules, or repeatedly get banned.
: ***
k done wait while your at it go proof read the rest typed it in like two minutes, after loosing a game to this exact scenario not exactly a high quality post because usually I just shit post so not much effort on my end. Ok now I need you to revise and edit it for me, then email it too me at kaimorel@yahoo.com make it look spiffy with comic sans
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: MFW people complain about malphite Q damage nerf
Yes but his early game poke )'= now i'll have to act like a real rock and just walk up hit smash walk away )'= wont even use q waste of mana.
: A nerf to the True Damage insta kill Cho'gath
You say kite I say I see a cho with ghost/flash, dead mans stoneplate and RG a 1.5-2k true dmg ult have fun kiteing flash ult for your entire hp bar :/ then continues to knock people up and generally use his large hitbox to block any spells he can while stoneplate is active and his black life if competent goes in very very hard. My main problem is this kinda shit is why guardian angle hourglass are mandatory.
: just same story everytime. My acccount got hacked/it wasnt me all day everyday from the scripters. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Dont use 3rd party software next time
what a jerk..{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} oh and he got unbanned cy@
Mendror (NA)
: Banned for scripting/hacking
He's back playing his account to all the people saying "same story blah blah" give people the benefit of a doubt.
TrulyBland (EUNE)
: I'm assuming that when you say "plenty" you are talking around the same area as with the old Tribunal? Because that old Tribunal was absurdly slow. While it certainly did quite a better job at **looking** like an effective system than the current one, the current one **is** by far a more effective system.
While the old was was and I fully agree slow it think that was more due to the response time of the automatic system and the time of a actual rioter reviewing someone who got way too many tribunals against them and the votes to show they did something wrong.. The current "system" is literally a bot scanning in game I could make a alt account troll for over 1000 games and the automatic system would never catch me... that is why riot needs to actually get involved with the community again they don't do that anymore.. This idea is for a "manual" system put in with the automatic bot system they have now riot generally wont manual ban a single person now because there "bot" scans for in game problems also accidental bans have occurred via the bot banning innocent people (rare) on a side note I never read so much absurd shit as i have in the tribunal it's like a bad sitcom of who's the biggest asshole i had a good time haha.
Die Alone (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=HellSingsDOG,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=A8bPv7r1,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-02T08:30:18.764+0000) > Real life threats/Inting/**avoiding afk** checks while sitting in spawn/racism Wtf, so not only people would get banned for flaming back when their teammates screw up really hard or int feed to get out of a miserable hopeless game faster, but also they should get banned for just giving up? What if they just don't wanna play that game anymore? Why should there an obligation that not only people should not adapt a toxic behavior, but also constantly try their best to win a game they no longer care about? So tell me what's next, people ragequitting and declaring to do so in chat without technical issues/real life emergencies should also be banned and only be vulnerable to leaverbuster penalties? That would be dope! I know it's unfortunate when people do that but a proper punishment would be to temporarily ban them from playing ranked (as this is where it should actually matter) or maybe permanently banned from playing ranked, but they should not lose their accounts altogether for giving up. The fact that you took it so far to an HWID ban is rather pathetic yet hilarious at the same time, downvoted.
"flameing" you can tell your teammate he should go kill himself and how much of a shitl0rd he is all you like but if you say your going to kill him and or spew racist comments yes then warrents a punishment because you obviously seem like a decent lad who helps for a fun game! Oh they don't wanna play? let's read a line of the summoners code below and so you GIVE UP? Selfish... that's all that is unless all 5 agree it's gg Seeking revenge on your own team by intentionally feeding and helping the opposing team does not promote fair play. Keep a cool head if you fall behind, don't give up and always do your best. No they would be subject to the normal leave buster we have now this whole basis is on uploading videos aka, I sit in spawn as nunu and spam dance flash around till 15/20 till you can ff while i sit around doing nothing but prob watching youtube minimized only tabbing back in to avoid Leaver Buster down voted for adding no ideas to this issue and generally not reading what my op was. oh shit just read your summoner name "reformed" meaning riot has banned you before don't get too scared to break the rules
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=HellSingsDOG,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=A8bPv7r1,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-07-02T10:57:54.252+0000) > > PLENTY of volunteers to upvote certain videos and then send those to riot like old tribunal. And what if there is hundreds of thousands videos every day? Everyone will post shit to try to get someone banned blaming him for loss. Hell every games ends, someone calls for 2-3 reports
If the judges are trolls they too get punished just like old judges lvl 30 only + they must agree to rules before and after for fair judgement and if so many people judge it as "legit" it could get sent to a rioter for a manual ban they use to do that.... idk if they still even bother Also "shit post" wont get anyone banned there is a video of every single word said in game and a log of it... if they somehow still get banned? They did something wrong then this system would rely on votes for punishment to get sent to a rioter for manual punishment also this is all assuming riot cares anymore about putting their hands into the community behavior like the old days ): pretty sure they smoke weed code come up with ideas/art/browsing forums, and after work go have fun. literally what I could see them doing
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Thing about video proof is that someone would have to go through those. https://img.memecdn.com/ain-amp-039-t-nobody-got-time-for-that_o_1582005.jpg
PLENTY of volunteers to upvote certain videos and then send those to riot like old tribunal.
MaropaL2 (EUW)
: they should start with you and the 30day ban, then move to perm.
Take my upvote trolls need to be punished even if it's me :^) oh no the downvotes! let me go singed adc and have fun in ranked :D! gimme those votes b0ys
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Veltox (NA)
: Did you ever face the unholy diver that is crit Hecarim?
I play crit hecarim for fun 1600 crit dmg with 700+ ms is.... VERY FUN until the cc hits you and their adc is dead =')
: Alistar is also a support people were building full ap... he was more along the line of Maokai. People dont find yasuo fun to play vs, it has nothing to do if he is op or not. I for one hate how item dependent he is compared to other champions because it is a double edge sword. He isnt feast or famine, he is do I have my two items so I can 1v2 yet?
I hate all he has to do i get 2 items to one shot my non-tanky teamates hard to protect them vs flash knockup instagib into a windwall that blocks my moves. just not fun :/
: yes https://i.gyazo.com/15343183e04c6050a8578c49d2227731.png and thanks to that name people can let me carry them with darius without flaming me in selection it's magic
upvoted for the name upvoted for darius adc upvoted for being a true noxian warrior
Reimυ (EUNE)
: There is absolutely no way Riot can reduce the frustration of playing against Yasuo except by completely removing his identity. His E is pretty core to his identity and is why most people hate him, it already does basically zero damage now, while increasing the cooldown (like they tried on PBE) makes it one of the most useless mobility spells in the game. Best they can do is rework his shield and windwall, but looking at other champion updates so far Riot will completely miss the issue and turn Yasuo into another failed gimmicky champion like the other updates.
useless? tell that to people who are good with him and dodge tons of skillshots.. while kiteing enemies as a melee but as for as dmg yes his e is poop lol! and if they rework his wind wall I don't mind the spell just fix the hitbox.
: Yasuo will most likely still be perma banned after his rework either way.
also the main problem people have with yasuo??? THE WINDWALLS HITBOX. it blocks stuff it clearly should not block period and happens very often you know dang well you did not hit the windwall but guess what? still blocked. I pick pantheon into yasuo top and counter him, has very much has counter play but I hate him I hate his kit, and I hate faceing him even if I know ill win the lane I think there is a bias to him where people just don't like him therefore hate the players and want nerfs so they don't have to face him. Rengars nerf was legit he was 1shotting people out of stealth.
: Riot so are you really not going to do anything about Fiora?
I like how the fiora mains came by and down voted people =')
: There is nothing wrong with chain-CCing. It'd be dumb if they took away that functionality.
there is something wrong chain ccing shacos boxes chain ccing traps of any kind is cancer, hey you used sash!? lemme show you what i think of "COUNTER-PLAY"
: This won't get the attention it deserves if you post it in gameplay. You need to post in report a bug to get any Rioter attention for buggy gameplay. Also I'd suggest being a bit more polite when you post it there. Rioters don't tend to like or listen to people if they are super rude about their bug report.
riot employees dunk on people they don't like all the time.
Rikari (NA)
: We don't hate you we hate the champ and everything about him,literally.
pretty much i see a yasuo i think you piece of shit. bet you like that windwall.... with it's shit coded hitbox.....
: Yasuo Players
Never met a single nice yasuo.
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: TFW you know you did enough damage for the Death Mark to kill them, turn around and... https://i.giphy.com/l0MYHgZXCAjDDFyec.gif
spam mastery to top it off.
: If it makes you feel better i have also never met a single nice jax, shaco, riven, zed or fizz player
I play jax can confirm i'm a dick and suck at this game but that wont stop me from being a dick.
: Riot so are you really not going to do anything about Fiora?
I agree try fighting against a champ with high ad ratios a ability to counter stun BY STUNNING YOU and atop of all that can chain aa's by stopping animations and doing true dmg while healing for massive amounts ... she can even riposte almost any single ability in the entire game to boot.


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