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: LF Gold+ Top laner for LCS League Style
IGN: Hellitor Rank season 8:Plat 2
: LF Plat Top Laner for LCS Style Leagues (Cash prize)
Hey going to post in your discord in a sec just wanted to talk to you about times when you get a chance. IGN: Hellitor
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That Way (NA)
: Team Nobu Recruiting Gold Team. Looking For The Best Players.
IGN: Hellitor Role: Top Solo Rank: Plat 4 Flex Rank: Silver 1 (havent play a whole lot) Champion Pool: mainly play wukong/Renekton. Play nasus, Darius, illaio, malphite. Learning a couple other at the moment Team Experience: Just came back to league recently. I have played on many different teams. Been playing sense season 1 Availability: 12east- to whenever Other Information: I dont get off work till late. If that does not qualify me then thats fine. But willling to be a fill in if someone needs to get off.
: As a wukong main my main tip is stop playing him.
> [{quoted}](name=boricCentaur1,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EE0s8EIO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-30T00:45:27.844+0000) > > As a wukong main my main tip is stop playing him. Its not really about the champ selection, its more about asking about if I was doing something wrong Micro or Macro play wise. I have over 1000 games on Wu
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Ariyaku (NA)
: LF Top and SUP gold pref
I am currently working but could you provide information about the times your looking to play?
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: Plat/Gold Competitive Team LF Jungle
IGN: Hellitor Role: top/jungle Champ Pool (Best 4): wu, sej, trundle, shy Highest / Lowest rank: highest rank plat 1, im plat 5 right now (came back form long break) Years of experience: been playing sense season 1 Any experience in other teams: many Strengths / Weaknesses: objective control, ganking opportunities, reading the other junglers movement patterns... weakness is not getting enough wards and over committing for things Other Information:
: Plat adc starting a SERIOUS TEAM PLAT + PLAYERS ONLY
your friends list is maxed out man add me when you can
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ColtEx (NA)
: Making a dedicated competitive team
Name: Andrew IGN: Hellitor Age: 22 Best role: Top 5v5 experience: Been on several teams Can you commit to practicing 5 days a week: (we can discuss specifics IG) yes Current rank: Plat 3 Top rank: Plat 1 Your goal as a league of legends player: To get better as a top laner and go as far as i can possibly go Any other side notes/comments: I will be dedicated to a team, I will show up on time to practice, and if i cant i will let you know ahead of time. I play quite alot during the night.
Rh2ridoy (NA)
: [LFM] - [SERIOUS] - Looking for a TOP and COACH for a serious and dedicated ranked team
IGN: Hellitor Age:22 Rank: plat 2 Role: Top Top champions in the role(5 min): Trundle, Renekton, Wu kong, Malphite, Shen Can you make the following times? Monday-Thursday: 8-11pm on weekdays (7-10pm CST) (5-8pm West Coast) Shotcalling ability(1-10): dont want to shot call from top lane but 7 Prior Team Experience: i have been on many different team Strengths: Zoning, lane pressure, engaging team fights, split pushing, following calls Weaknesses: Warding, over committing to things As a 5s team, you will have set practice times. How do we know that you will continue to be able to show up for practices? yes In the past, the team has had huge issues with leaving players, and loss of dedication. In 2 months , how do we know your going to be here? I want to get better at this game and continue to grow as ateam Do you understand you will be dropped if you fail to show up on time constantly, especially the first time? yes Why do you want to join this team? i want to be on a good team and lear to get better as a teammate, and eventually enter tournaments
Ljubisa (NA)
: [LF] Serious Players for Ranked 5 Top Gold+ (ADC tryout spots filled)
IGN(In Game Name): Hellitor CV(Curse Voice): Hellitor Age: 22 Rank: Plat 3 Role: Top Top 5 Champs in Role: Trundle, Wu, Renekton, Shen, and Malphite Prior Team Experience: Been on several teams and have lots of experience with working and communicating with others Strengths: Lane Pressure, csing, Zoning, Team FIghting, Split pushing, And following calls Weaknesses: Warding, and over committing to things
: Starting Ranked 5s team. Must be gold or above to tryout.
IGN: Hellitor Rank: Plat 2 Role(s): Top Communication program: I have all Champion(s): Top 5: Wu, Renekton, Malphite, Shen, and trundle Timezone: Central
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Allahdin (NA)
: Rank 5s serious plat+
Ign:Hellitor Rank: Plat 3 Role/roles: Top Top 5 Champs: Malphite, Wu, Trundle, shen, renekton Playstyle: I tend to be very aggressive in the early game, and try to get a lead if i play someone like trundle, wu, and renekton. I play passive and scale for teamfights with someone like shen or malphite. 1 thing you can bring to the team: I consistent top laner who will make good tp plays and split pushes very well. I will be the person my team needs, either it be a tank or dps.
: Making Serious Ranked Team Platinum + LF All Roles
Age: 22 Rank: plat 2 Role: Top Top 3 Champions: season 5(wu, shen, malphite) season 6 is different tho. I feel like fiora and trynamere are going to be strong and left open alot. Champion Pool in % [How Many Do you own]: all but 3 champs Can you shotcall? yes, but hard to do from top lane Team experience? Been on several teams Can you commit to practice? yes Favorite Pro Player and Why? Trick, He is just hilarious on his stream sometimes. Favorite eSports Team? don't really have one Favorite Streamer? Trick2G
: [Robin Hood Gaming][LFM][Teamspeak 3][Players][Coaches][Analysts]
User name :Hellior Do you have TS3? If yes what is your TS3 Nickname: yes, Hellitor Main Lane: Top Your Best 3 Champions in that lane: Wukong, renekton, vlad/shen.
Razzer (NA)
: Dark Wave Gaming Is Recruiting All Roles Except Jungle For A New Team. Coaches Apply!
IGN: Hellitor Role(Coaches below): top Champion Pool (Best/Worst): Best: renekton, Wukong, Hecarim Worst: Jayce, singed, and shen (dont really play these champs) Shot-calling (1-10): Hard to shot call from top lane but (8) Map Awareness (1-10): 8 Warding (1-10): 7 Strengths: lane control, knowing the match up well, snowballing, zoning my opponent, tping when the team needs me. Weaknesses: Roaming and knowing when to start team fights or back off. Time Zone: Central Rank (Not important): Plat 4 Daily League Play (Hours): right now, about 10 hours a day OP.GG Link: Do you stream (What is it?): no To you, what's most important to you in SoloQ games?: Learning from my mistakes, trying to get better at lane control Do you get a better understanding about the organization just by reading this thread?: yes i do
: Flexible, Dedicated Top Laner, G2+. Is This You?
Summoner Name: Hellitor Age: 23 Tier/Division: Plat 5 Position: top Main Champion: renekton Secondary Champions: trundle, irella, wu, others Why do you want to join the team? i want to get better as a team and be able to eventually enter tournaments What do you feel you bring to the team? i brings good communication, great game knowledge, and lane control List off a known weakness you'd like to improve on: warding, team fighting Prior Team Experience: been on several teams Availability: depends but flexible Mic: yes
: Team looking for top and mid laners
Hey, I am plat 4 and looking to join a team. I play many different top laners and think i could help out the team if you still need someone
: New Team Recruiting all Roles + Coach [Please Read]
Sorry about that, didnt realize that the time slot you had open there were lettered. I can make any of those times
: New Team Recruiting all Roles + Coach [Please Read]
IGN: Hellitor Solo Queue Rating (current): plat4 Solo Queue Rating (Season 4): gold 1 i think Age: 23 Time-zone: central Role you’re applying for: jungle List your best 5 Champions (in Role): wu, eve, shy, j4, ammu, yi, vi, ww, and others Biggest Strengths: calling out when to do things as far as objectives, and team fights. able to understnad where the jungler is going to be and counter it. read the map, gank effectively. Biggest Weaknesses: warding Meet all (8) Pre-requisites? (y/n): yes Meet all (9) Roles requirements? (y/n): yes Did you read original post entirely? (y/n): yes Did you answer the last question honestly? (y/n): honestly did Which Tryout Slot(s) work best for you?: (Ex: E, F, G, and H), not sure what you mean Comments?: Just looking for a team to get better with Questions?:
: [ LFM ] Creating a ranked 5's Team!
IGN : Hellitor Role : jungle/top Curse Voice : yes
: New Rank Team Looking for jg
IGN: Hellitor Divison: Plat 5 sorry added you before i noticed you said not to
Yamì (NA)
: Team Total Engage looking for Jungle
Role: jungle Top five champs in pool for your role: wu, vi, jarven, ammu, rengar Rank?: plat5 Do you have Team Speak?: yea Are you willing to learn and be coached?: definately, always looking to get better
: Vicious Goats looking for Jungler
IGN: Hellitor Age: 22 Top 4 Champions: wu, j4/vi, rengar, hecarim Time Zone: central Availability (week and weekends): pretty much any week day/ weekends are kinda up in the air but i am still on
Tulao (NA)
: Looking for Gold-Plat players (SERIOUS)
Age- 22 Time Zone- Central How often you play- Almost everyday Role- Jungle/top Best Champions- Wu, Vi, j4, ammu.... many others/ Renekton, j4, darius, tryndamere, vlad Do you have Curse Voice and a working Microphone?- yes
: Feenix Gaming Looking for Top and Jungle
This is going to be a serious team entering in tourneys weekly after we begin playing. Must be at least Silver 3 or higher. Fill out the app and then add me if interested. Rank- season 4- gold one--- right now silver 3 Role- jungle, top Top 3 Champs- jungle (vi, j4, rengar), top (Nasus, renekton, darius) Curse Voice- yes Tourney Experience- little, been to two touraments Strengths- communication, ganking, being where the team neeeds me to be, spilt pushing, objective control Weakness- need to ward more, sometimes i go a little too ham Time Zone- central
: Serious Team Looking For Top and Jungle
Hellitor Jungle Top 5 champs: {{champion:254}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:32}} Top top 5 champs: {{champion:75}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:86}} Strong point: drag and objective control, gank well, take advantage of things Weak Point: go a little too hard at time, need to ward more Whats Your Main Goal For Team: to improve as a player and advance the team as far as we can go
: LF adc, supp and top for 5s
IGN:Hellitor Role: Top Top 5 Champs:{{champion:75}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:48}}


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