: Although bursted is not a word in English, some writers erroneously use it as a past tense or past participle for burst. As mentioned above, burst is itself the past tense form of this verb, making bursted unnecessary and incorrect.
This thread was 4 years old Im sorry?
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Kecuz (EUW)
: Using meme arrows outside of 4Chan. Thanks for the cringe OP. Didnt read btw
wtf you've come onto the boards to do nothing but complain. Do you have anything positive to say at all?
: Idea for a Sona "rework"
I really like the idea of Sona being a rhythm champion, but that's just me Making her passive revolve around hitting abilities to the right beat to make them more effective sounds wondrous. There could be visual indications for deaf players as well.
A4o0o (EUNE)
: LVL 110 Glorious Capsule not recieved
By treasure menu you mean loot right? If so that's kinda weird.
: PSA: Common posts on this board
Very comprehensive list. Pretty sure this is the best tl;dr for Player Behavior there is. tbh this should be stickied.
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: nice one but april was last month guys? oh wait!
Fuckin gottem lmao They should probably fix this tho
: no its the villain from "meet the Robinsons" his name is "Goob"
Woah I was WAY off https://i1.wp.com/teaser-trailer.com/wp-content/uploads/mrgreene.png?ssl=1
Wolfeur (EUW)
: What is that? A British Waluigi?
: Nah, the best feeling in the game is seeing default ahri/leblanc/syndra splash.
> [{quoted}](name=ThePennyPincher,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=nIWo4Gyi,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-04-27T13:22:19.646+0000) > > Nah, the best feeling in the game is seeing default ahri/leblanc/syndra splash. Or Pool Party Graves :^)
: > I love how they always say they're working on big exciting projects for player behavior that never come out. To be fair, we never said we were working on this. I played around with it in my spare time during Thunderdome. Are there any player behavior projects you were particularly excited about that never came out?
: > [{quoted}](name=FurorDivinus27,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5cN8NP4o,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-04-26T12:07:11.918+0000) > > He can't. The wind up is a dash (and can be blocked by Steadfast Presence), the actual attack is a blink and will go through it. It works in the same way that using Ezreal's E or flashing will not trigger her W. his E can go through veigars stun/wall thing too. The auto attack after pressing E i mean, not the dash
... Because it'a a blink. That's how blinks function
: I just wanna say: any champion with a sharp weapon can be "BloodMoon"-ified.
And even those who don't can be "BloodMoon"-ified See: Zilean, Twisted Fate
: Arcade Sona! I love them retro SFX/VFX. ^^ {{sticker:sona-playing}}
: The one excuse I've continually heard is that making Karthus's quote global would somehow contribute to global quote creep, but that excuse has become increasingly flimsy at a time when a whole bunch of champions are given global quotes for abilities that are not even global. We don't need to hear Kalista literally across the entire map every time she bonds with a champion or presses R, nor do we need to hear Quinn call Valor when she decides to mount up in another lane. If Riot truly wants to address global quote creep, they should start by cutting out the useless noise generated by a great deal many existing abilities, whose influence isn't global, but in Karthus's case, his global ult already has a distinct visual and even audio cue, so superimposing his powerful voice on top is a no-brainer, one likely to have minimum negative impact for the tremendous joy and terror it would induce.
I do believe the Quinn global is useful just because of how quick and easy it is for her to roam using her ult. Completely agree about Kalista though
: Dividers for yours post
: I'm glad you like it :) || |- |{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}} |{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}} |{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}|{{champion:45}}|{{champion:117}}|{{summoner:35}}
Elohaven (NA)
: Star Guardian Swain
Riot, THIS is the Silver Daddy we all wanted
: Personally, I like: {{champion:240}} The music for the champions you mentioned are beautiful to listen to and truly masterpieces. I just like Kled's because it's FUN.
Okay but like all of you forgot {{champion:163}} who was like, the best :((((
Eggbread (NA)
: If Yordles Mimic the Society They Grow Up Around...
Fizz was literally morphed from yordle into fish ok :^)
: IF Wolf ever did that, and got lonely over time, and split himself with an axe, which new two deaths would we end up with then?
goode boye and bad boye
: Nazi Germany usually get's a mark. Stalinist Russia and Maoist China have human rights violations beyond count, highest civilian death population too. Then we can go to the Mongols, just, the Mongols. There has been no fictional society or monster I have ever read that has been half as terrifying as the Mongols.
Mongols were pretty lit to their own people though
David7l (NA)
: I think it's interesting, because the artists need to create an icon that can convey what the champion is doing during the ability/what the ability does, in a very basic sense, without actually using any words. Of course there's gonna be some similarities, but it's cool how despite those similarities, we can tell which abilities belong to who, and usually what it implies the champ is doing, no text description needed.
Having no idea what Kai'Sai does, I can assume that icon is probably her passive and has to do with her having an armor of some sorts that probably gives her resistances?
: Rengars scream looks like he stepped on a Lego
: Something that makes Urgot's ultimate even scarier.
So you're saying, theoretically, old QSS could have negated his entire ult? Then again, I suppose that would have been true either way.
CLG ear (NA)
: I think it is our fault
I can't get over how clunky her w feels to use. Honestly if her W were improved I would play her so much more often.
: Some reasons why the old League might have been better
I agree with all of these except plants. Plants, at least in my opinion, have been a great addition to League. They bring in a ton of new options and opportunities. At the very least, keep the honeyfruit. It gives more options than one might think. Not only could it be used for sustain, but it could be used to slow enemies while you get away.
Jo0o (NA)
: Worst thing about Riot is they only let me upvote A Modest Proposal once.
Holy shit we had to read that in 6th grade Honors English and I was confused as fuck despite using sarcasm literally all the time.
Montag (NA)
: What push-to-talk key do you use for voice chat?
I use button 3 on my mouse. Assuming the mouse has at least 4 buttons, button 3 is the most easily accessible, being that my thumb on my right hand isn't doing anything else.
: It doesn't convey much personality. It's pretty stiff. Not in a militaristic sort of way either. Just like... what you might expect from an amateur animator (not that the animator who did this is an amateur, but...), or an old video game animation, or an unfinished animation. There's no sense of weight to his walk. No Anticipation. No windup. That sort of stuff. It just looks bad.
Uhm, just asking why this thread suddenly got attention two days ago when it was posted like 18 days ago? I don't mind, just seems weird.
: Quality of Life Update across the board
I thought this was an announcement of a QoL update for the boards :(((
: Riot doesn't like birds, apparently. Maybe they're too costly to animate. Edit: people need to learn what a joke is, smh.
: I'd love to see an Akali update where she is torn between following her duties as the Fist of Shadow or perhaps chasing after more personal gains through say the Order of Shadows. Perhaps she knew both Shen and Zed growing up and agrees with parts of each of their philosophies. That Order must be maintained, but Ionia cannot let another nations try and trample over them. Maybe she uses Shadow Ninja techniques as well as say Shen's spirit powers (maybe she has a kama made out of shadows and one made out of spirit energy like Shen's Sword)
: What could be more romantic than the love of your life trying to kill you every now and again? http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/001/150/935/cec.gif
: He's an older man. He's not supposed to have a perky, bouncy walk. He's not supposed to have an athletic, dashing movement. He's supposed to move like a a man with a strategic objective. Additionally, his arm is held out because that is his weapon. He has to have it exposed in order to properly fight and use his magic.
Still feels more like a stick up the ass walk more than anything a human would naturally do to me As for the arm, it explains a lot, but it still looks awkward imo ######Side note Im in love with his kit and it looks really fun to play as and against
Trias000 (EUNE)
: Why is Riot pushing Ekko into jungle?
Ekko is a kit that leaves a lot of versatility. It seems Riot's new direction this season is to not pigeon-hole champions to one lane/role. This could perhaps play a part in that.
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: I'm not gay but for Bilgewater Swain... https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CPnC20XWoAAMmx8.png ... maybe.
: Modern Medicine in Runeterra
I like to think that, albeit not explained very well, {{champion:74}}'s passive somewhat covers this base. I'd still like to see a full out support that does this though.
: I literally still won the game, im lv 6 with riven. "First time" Your whole comment is a joke
I mean, to be fair you said you "don't play riven" I won't say that's a fair reaction, but it's not an *unfair* reaction.
: It's not about the kit. It's about their visuals. Their exterior was made pretty, but they kept all of the original rigging and animations on all of the champions they did these half-baked VGUs on, so they still feel old and clunky, and this is further made worse by their antique as hell VOs. Maokai got a new one, yes, but he's still not complete.
That's a completely fair point to make, but I believe it's all in taste. Personally, I think that the new Fiora looks great and the only thing that looks clunky is a Q + W combo which looks like a hot mess. Again, I'm not too knowledgable in Shen, but I could see how it would be jarring for Shen to be changed as much as he was while maintaining the same voice and visuals. His sword looks ugly, there's no other way to say it.
: Please tell me “minor” doesn’t mean Shen or Fiora level VGU. Because they didn’t get the full treatment and feels bad that it’ll be years if they ever do. And no, I don’t play them but I still want every champ to get the same up to date bells and whistles as the next guy
I thought, at least the Fiora rework was a success. Or at the very least better than her old form. Can't say much for shen because he never really appealed to me pre-rework, but he's fun enough to play post-rework.
Wolfeur (EUW)
: So you already confirm it? Last time, you just said you were *looking* at bringing it back.
Hey just saying you posted this twice!
Theorex (NA)
Anidan (NA)
: She's burst, but I only recall 2 abilities that directly do damage. Her R doesn't damage by itself, her W can steal spells that aren't damage. Hell, if you get down to it, her E by itself isn't that outrageous but if you combo it with her Q it becomes absurd. You're looking at a "burst" hero with only 2 spells to burst you with, so she probably shouldn't have the damage to 100 to 0 anybody at all and if she does have that capability then that's a problem since other heroes have to dedicate their entire kits to damage for the ability to 100 to 0.
Her W can get damage items. Doesn't undermine your point, just thought I would point it out.
: > [{quoted}](name=Cloud273,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=7QttgyEh,comment-id=000b00000000,timestamp=2018-01-14T02:54:36.799+0000) > > There is a BIG reason why you should shove. It's called first tower gold, and you fail to mention that in the OP. The more I shove, the closer I get to first tower gold. There's smarter ways to get damage on a turret than to have yourself exposed to danger for minutes on end.
> [{quoted}](name=chipndip1,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=7QttgyEh,comment-id=000b000000000000,timestamp=2018-01-14T05:13:55.586+0000) > > There's smarter ways to get damage on a turret than to have yourself exposed to danger for minutes on end. This isn't me bashing you just generally wondering: What smarter way is there to get damage on a turret than to... Do damage to the turret? The best way I can think of is forcing them to back which isn't always a guarantee depending on the mobility of your character vs theirs.
: Next up: Sivir pls. She needs it so badly.
Anime girl Sivir is best sivir
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