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Quáx (NA)
: I honestly have no idea. But that's off topic. Sion doesn't need another rework.
Yeah maybe a rework would be too extreme but he needs at least something to help him out, he is not in a good state after the reforged runes.
: Why? He is one of the reworks that are actually good and not complete cancer.
Yes and that’s the problem lol. He needs to counter that.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hello how r u,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nale7E2O,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-04-30T13:26:27.319+0000) > > The last rune you want to take is comet... So you don't even play League for longer than a year if you believe that Comet isn't good on him. It's 30 to 200 damage for free every time you hit a skill. Every damaging ability is guaranteed to make it hit. Good for poke.
Sion is a heavily team based champ, that needs to scale to fix his low stats. Why do you need comet damage? Hows that going to help?
Quáx (NA)
: Sion already got reworked in 2014(I believe) Ryze has gotten reworked twice. We don't need two champions who get dumpsterfired twice by Riot. He's fine right now IMO.
What was the reason for reworking ryze?
: are you serious? Sion thrives with the new RR, take comet, manaflow, transcendence, gathering storm, shield bash, and overgrowth, then just build tank and AD or AP, you're a high-durability poker with a strong engage, good poke between teamfights, and enough damage to help win teamfights easily. Sion's pretty strong at the moment if you know how to play him
The last rune you want to take is comet...
Quáx (NA)
: He already got reworked. We don't need another Ryze.
What’s that supposed to mean?
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: Nobody got time for picks and bans unless you’re going ranked
If you want to have fun with your roles and champions I would go draft. Expect to take any role on blind.
: Is this really toxic enough for a chat restriction?
Play draft mode lol. Basically just try not to criticize ppl in game too much and especially not with swear words. Mute anyone annoying. Ignore a troll/noob.
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Dr Dog (NA)
: im gonna say it ahead of time, thank you for being able to choose stats with runes
I'm still not happy cause it's too restricted and has no regeneration runes....why is it so restricted? Does adaptive only work with ad, ap?
: That’s being added in preseason.
Oh good news lol. Took forever, don't know why, but anyways it's good. Do you know where are the notes about the upcoming preseason updates?
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: 8.19 Fail Notes
I wish Darius just got removed from the game.
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: I'm a Sion main here too, just made plat yay, I agree on a lot of points. However, I do like the W buff. He's supposed to have this great HP pool but its honestly shit because of his low HP per level and low base HP. Like the passive is just making up for how bad his base stats are until late game. However, Sion isn't a late game champion which is evident by his drop in winrate as games get longer. So the W buff will help him out a bit in my opinion. Or they could just keep the passive the same and fix his base stats but I think the passive route would reward good farm while in lane.
Yeah that's how it feels too, it's like as if your fixing your terrible stats. But still the 'w' buff seems odd.
murderess (EUW)
: Sion currently has a 49% winrate in Diamond, [Sion players with 10 games on him have a 55% winrate]( For comparison, that is the [winrate that Yasuo players with 80 games]( on him have in Diamond. Sion, however, peaks at a strong 57% winrate for the more experienced players (aka 30+ games, there is no improvement after 30 games as Sion is a simple champion). The only reason why Sion is not played is because he is just too damn boring to play for most, you are not the victim here.
Just play Sion and you'll see.
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: Prediction: If Riots plan to buff tanks is just to buff their damage
Yeah that's what they are doing with Sion...They buffed his 'q' damage recently lol.
Jøkèr (NA)
: I think the biggest flaw in your plan (despite it being creative and cool) is that you are playing sion support in top lane. TOP lane. I fail to see the logic in that. You are using font of life to heal your allies, but you are on an island my dude. Unless you have your jungler camp your lane, I can't see you utilizing this strategy effectively. You are essentially trading whatever damage you could get for a strategy that cant be used well enough until lanning phase is done and everyone starts grouping up. In this season, the majority of games' outcomes are decided at the 10 - 15 minute mark. Assuming your team consists of a bunch of monkeys slamming their hands against their keyboards in SOLO QUEUE, you would arguably be very behind with the strategy you have. I could see it maybe work in a premade team with effective communication.
Yeah that's the problem, but even if I build what I am supposed to, it doesn't work with the team me, I tried everything possible.
: Tanks are meant to be team reliant. That's what the trade off is. Fat and allot of CC for less damage. Instead you're an enabler. You allow your team to carry you by getting them fed (jungler) and keeping them safe in team fights. And I honestly like this about them, I love getting my team fed and leading the charge. Sure sometimes it doesn't work out. But when we give tanks too much damage, we end up with {{champion:516}}, season 5/6/7 top lane {{champion:111}}, cinderhulk {{champion:113}} in s5. Gragas current, J4 current (tbh has he ever been a tank?). And tbh you'd be better off with {{item:3190}} {{item:3107}} than athenes and ardent. Or just go flat tank without those items. Give Naut, zac, sej jg a go but take ignite over flash, as it allows you to fight for crabs Bring tanks back to the jungle, and shit will b allgood
Yeah I know what's their job but it doesn't work anymore in this season. And also yeah I don't understand why the devs are obsessed with fuking damage lol... instead of buffing Sion's early defense, they buffed his 'q' dmg, I don't understand.
Jøkèr (NA)
: Why are you building ardent sensor on Sion?
Sion's slows, cc and item slows (randiuns omen) proc "font of life"...the healing procs ardent.
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: Towers are actually useless
O man that was the funniest thing I've seen,
: Patch 8.14 notes
The {{champion:14}} buffs are absolutely terrible, it's like as if nothing changed. I can't believe devs came up with this after such a long time, it's a terrible and clueless buff...
DaCurtis (OCE)
: Create a Third Rune Slot for Base Stats!
O wow did you draw that? Btw I definitely agree with you.
Phat Pat (NA)
: New Aatrox is amazing.
PPl are just too used to old aatrox. The reworked one is a completely new champion and I love it too. He is a bit too overpowered right now but he is incredibly fun and has nice abilities. (I played one bot game and then immediately took him to ranked with absolutely no trouble, he is pretty op) I play him as a tank, with tank runes, items that support his healing like spirit visage, death stance and he will be tankier than Sion. With incredible cc, damage, amazing passive (if timed) and a super useful ult.
TakaDama (NA)
: Should I ban Aatrox until he becomes viable again?
It's too early. Wait a while. When players actually know how to use his stuns he'll be op. You can constantly stun ppl. He looks simple but he is fairly complicated to play.
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: Wow, absolutely not. The old system was boring stats. I like having real choices. Sure not every time is great for every champ.. but that's because the new runes matter. Hard pass on the old stuff.
I would want something similar to the old runes. Something more added. These runes make it really unfair to play for some champions. You are forced to pick something you don't want (stats and abilities).
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GripaAviara (EUNE)
: This game is so fucking unfair
I have account in silver, and my main is platinum. With my main champion I have trouble in silver cause of bad players..very often....I recently got demoted to silver 4, and my main account is plat 5 and it's being ranked up. I was trying my best in my silver games just teammates where bad. I'm not sure at all why this is. I assume it's maybe because of my case, ppl have second accounts in a lower rank than their main, and troll on their second account. That's my guess. Or it may be cause it's too late to rank up. The better players ranked up, ppl from bronze or new players (learning still) are trying to rank up and you're stuck with them in silver. To rank up in silver look for an op champion, that can win a fight 1v5 lol and is hard to focus down. There is no team play in silver right now.

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