: Draven Passive Buff
Draven is built to be a High Risk, High Reward champ. If he can get that cash in with a kill, he will snowball to high hell, if he can't get these cash ins, he will fall off. By giving him assist gold, it removes like 90% of the risk of Draven, and will make him really good! If you want to be safer with Draven, play with a Pyke support. If pyke R kills, you cash in still
: Any beginner tips for playing Ahri? (Complete noob)
I am no ahri main, but i can at least give you the bit of ahri i know. >> Hit your Q on the way there, and on the way back for max damage >> Always start a combo off with your E, as that in have the rest of your abilties do more damage >> Wards, i cannot stress this enough, WARD. THE. MAP. This goes for everything in League, vision wins games >> Ahri is a good poke champion. Make sure you're poking other player with your Q and autos enough to damage them, but not enough to over extend or miss farm >> Learn to manage Mana and Cooldowns. This one takes time, but being able to not run out of mana(OOM) while still using spells, will be the difference between a won lane vs a lost lane >> Enjoy the champ. Don't force yourself to become perfect every time, don't force yourself into liking a champion. If you really do enjoy Ahri and want to learn her, then you'll enjoy her even if you're bad with her. Don't force yourself to enjoy a champion
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: And that's stupid, it should be in the direction the highest damage is coming from. Can't expect brains from riot though do they go with the -200 IQ "solution" of making every ability target the furthest unit even when it makes 0 fucking sense.
it's not stupid, it's strategy! gotta position the braum in the right place, make it so it will shield, there's a lot of things you can control in the game, abuse those things, and accept that you can't win them all
: hardstuck in gold
Some times, you can't blame luck every game. If you lose 10 games in a row, luck isn't the problem, you were in every one of those games. You need to accept some blame, find out what you did wrong, and fix that! If you're a good player, then roam with TP to help the losing lanes, help your jungler invade with how how lane pressure you have, be willing to help the team, not just yourself
: Braum is one of the most useless champs in TFT
You want to win with a meme and watch a braum 1v9? Get a 6 knight buff with a Braum, build a: Thornmail, Dragon’s claw, and a warmogs. Unless you face void, you basically win if you can get a 3* braum with those items, it’s absolutely insane
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KvNashke (NA)
: Tier 3 JG/SUP LF Clash Team
send you a request, you're welcome to play jungle! :) p4 top, then i'm iether in mid or ADC, not sure yet, team fell apart today so...
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: Comments on Irelia
What i find a fair and good balance is when a champion will 1 shot me, but can be killed just as quickly({{champion:238}}), won't be killed but can't kill me({{champion:57}}) or someone who can do some okay damage and won't die easily, but i can still kite and play smart vs({{champion:420}}). But when a champion can 1 shot me, has 25,000 dashes, can stop my auto attacks, and still won't die... that's when i have a problem. The ONLY counter play i've found to a 13/1 Irelia, is a 100% Crit Jhin who can just out run anyone. The E nerf did nothing to hurt her
: Disallow Banning Allied Champion selections?
Let's say i'm in a lobby with you, and you say ban Zed, i see this and i think "oh zed's not a problem" so i hover zed so you can't ban him. Or a troll is in your lobby, oh (champion X) is OP and we don't have first pick, i'm gonna hover them so they can't be ban.
: A Tank meta CANNOT exist anymore. Conqueror exists. People who are afraid of a Tank meta are 100% FUCKING stupid
That's like saying Tank meta can't exist because Vayne exists, or BORK exists. People say thing's can't exist, such as Sion going mid, which happened, or anything other than marksman can't play bot, where at one point marksman were almost unplayable in bot. Just because that's what it seems, things will get found out, and suddenly you're back to the tank meta
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: > [{quoted}](name=Hencho101,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LvyvhMt3,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-10-07T20:39:50.671+0000) > > As an ADC main for over 2 years now, there is no such thing as a bad support. I've had a Raka that got me a double kill at level 1 when i'm on VAYNE. I've had sonas who would get hooked in by blitz and we walk out with doubles, i've had a Zed support and we ended lane 15/3 together. Just play what YOU want to play > > But {{champion:12}} is good. We need more Cow mains out there NO NO MORE COW MAINS. KILL THE COW HE'S EVIL. > [{quoted}](name=WeaselRune,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LvyvhMt3,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-10-07T20:45:25.444+0000) > > The best defense is... something something... death is the longest CC.... NAILED IT! Nope, Death is the best CC.....You didn't nail it =/ To OP: Healing supports are kinda toxic in their design. They cover up the flaws of their allies a lot through heals and shields so they're kinda kept weaker than they should be because of that. On the other hand Nami is OP right now so you have that going for you. One problem with healing and shielding supports currently is that they all build the same because "why build straight AP when you can build heal and shield power with some tank items and do practically the same thing"?
> [{quoted}](name=VoraciousX,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LvyvhMt3,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-10-07T21:01:38.284+0000) > > NO NO MORE COW MAINS. KILL THE COW HE'S EVIL. But i love having Cow on my team! not so much the other team, then it just turns into such a FARM lane..... i'll.... i'll just let my self out now
: Healer Support
As an ADC main for over 2 years now, there is no such thing as a bad support. I've had a Raka that got me a double kill at level 1 when i'm on VAYNE. I've had sonas who would get hooked in by blitz and we walk out with doubles, i've had a Zed support and we ended lane 15/3 together. Just play what YOU want to play But {{champion:12}} is good. We need more Cow mains out there
: Questions 10 placement games ranked solo/duo
This will be a little long, but... Hey, just you're average G3 every day player who's been playing season pre-season 5, and been an ADCarry/Jungle main sense season 6. Here's some things i've found to be very helpful. 1. So it does all depend on when you play, Usually you will play vs other unranked players. After you win a few games you may go vs some bronze and low silver, but they try and keep you in you're own skill ranking. 2. There's not that much between ranked and normal. I am almost only playing ranked these days because i find normals are full of afkers. The biggest difference is that in ranked games, you will almost never run into troll things like a talon support or a caitlyn jungle. People will usually not want to ff unless it's a loss on matter what(it's 0/40 in kills and you're an early game team for example). 3. So it does all depend on what roles your looking to play, ill go into detail about that a little later 4a. If you want to increase game mechanics then i would just say play the champ. It's that simple. I was able to teach myself Zed without ever looking at a single guide by just playing him a shit ton. 4b. Teamfights depend on you're roll and champ So here's some tips i found to be helpful. I went from bronze 5 all the up to silver 5 back in season 5 and have been climbing higher and higher every season. 1. **Understand the different roles and what you want to do in those rolls** If you want to play ranked, you need to have 2 main rolls, and be able to play the others and not feed in case of auto fill. Top, Jungle, Middle, ADCarry and Support all have different jobs and it depends on what champ you play in those said roles. Ill go though each class that plays in top and list easy champs in each of those rolls. Top laners are usually tanks(like {{champion:36}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:78}} ), Bruisers(like {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:24}} ) or the much harder Carries( {{champion:23}}{{champion:80}} ). If you are first starting out i would avoid playing carries until later, tanks and fighters are much easier. Tank team fights are to front line and just sit there and soak damage while ccing the other team, stopping them from getting to your back line or being the engage. Fighter team fights depends on the champ, but they are still front line, soak damage and help you're back line get through the tanks Jungles are usually Tanks({{champion:32}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:113}}) or Assassins({{champion:11}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:56}}). Tank jungles have the same teamfight as top lane tanks Assassin jungles are mid line waiting to find a good time to go in and try and get onto the back line and melt them before you die Mid Laners are usually Control Mages({{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:74}} ), Burst Mages({{champion:99}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:45}}) or Assassins({{champion:245}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:103}}) Control Mages are Back line using you're CC spells to try and lock down as much of the other team as you can while still putting out consistent DPS. Burst Mages are also back line, but they're job is to try and burst down the back(if they can) or the mid line Assassin Mids are kinda like jungle assassins in team fights but much more bursty. ADCs are ALWAYS Marksman({{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:18}}) only. They're are different kinds of them but they all have the same job. In teamfights you are back line, and you have 2 jobs, do damage and **SURVIVE!!!!** Attack what you can when you can. do NOT run into the other team's back line, play safe and let you're tanks keep you safe. You are the carry, LIVE. Supports are mainly Support Mages({{champion:117}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:26}}), Utility Mages({{champion:25}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:40}}) and Tanks({{champion:44}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:12}}). Both support mages and Utility mages spend their time in the back line with their ADC, you're job is to LITERALLY baby sit you're ADC. Buff them and let them carry you. Tanks are back line with their ADC waiting for someone to try and kill you're ADC, so you peel them off you're ADC with your CC and peel spells. Pick which one you want to play and try those champs out when free week comes. If you just want to buy champs RN, {{champion:24}} top {{champion:254}} jungle {{champion:1}} mid {{champion:51}} ADC {{champion:201}} Support. They are all really good and are very easy to learn and pick up 2. **Don't Rage** Be able to be un-tiltable. If this means you /Muteall at the start of every game, do it. If you tilt and rage, you WILL lose. with out any questions. 3. **WARD** For the love of god, use your Trinket and ward. Get your {{item:3340}} and put wards down and buy {{item:2055}}. Vision WINS GAMES. No joke, If you have a ward up, put down a ward in a bush or somewhere to give you good vision. 4. **Understand you can't win them all** No one will win every game, everyone will lose one here and there, people will go on 20 game losing streaks and others will be on 20 game winning streaks. Just accept each loss and move on 5. **People have Bad Games** If you're Mid is 0/5, don't rage at them. Calling them trash and raging at them all game will do NOTHING. The only thing it will do is make them want to AFK and leave. Be nice to them, Maybe something is happening to them in their normal life, Break up, Death in the family, Depressed, or hell even an abusive home, and they're playing league to forget. Don't just go off on people, let them play and accept that maybe they aren't the best, maybe they got auto filled or anything BUT rage at them. I hope this helps, good luck! :D
legean12 (EUNE)
: How to Climb
This is VERY LONG, so feel free to read or skip, up to you! :) While i may only be Gold 3 ATM, at one point i was 1 game off of plat, but ended up getting an AFK due to a power outage so RIP that idea. Back in season 5, i ended up being placed in bronze 4, but climed my way all the way up to silver 5, then was silver 1 in season 6, gold 5 in season 7 and climbing this season; so i at least have some experience with getting out of elos and ranks. I will try and give you tips for each lane, but i am a ADC/Jg player mostly with a little bit of mid, so i will have more tips for those lanes than others. Ill also give you a few tips of champs if you've listed them and i play them. The champs you listed, some of them i would avoid playing. For top i would avoid playing Riven. I still have yet to see a good riven in gold or lower, and it's rare to see them be any good until diamond. Tips for top, I'm not a top main, but i would just try and play something tanky and not feed. Farm under tower if you have to and look for TP ganks around the map. For Jungle i would Avoid playing Lee Sin. While he's an okay jungle, he can and WILL fall off and be useless late game. With him not having green smite or sightstone, it's hard to get reliable wards for ward hops. Unless you can land 90%+ of you're Qs, he has no good way in, and you HAVE to be able to Insec 100% of the time or there's little point in playing him. If you're jungle then here's tips that i do all the time. You NEED to get the Scuddle crabs. They give 100+ gold and a shit ton of XP, Usually people will go for the top side 1st, so if you think you can fight them, you can try and go for top side sudds. If you are a very shitty early game jungle, DO NOT risk it, go for bot side after your buff. Make sure you give your team the kills. While you may not have as much fun, it's how you will climb. If you're team is fed then they can carry you, if you have all the kills then they can focus you and you die then you have a bunch of under fed teamates that won't do anything. If you can, focus on ganking bot.** ADCs are THE STRONGEST CARRIES IN THE GAME**do not ignore that lane. If the other ADC gets ahead, you will have a hell of a hard time winning, while if you can get YOUR ADC fed, they can carry a game. I play Kha'Zix as well, so if you're playing him focus on trying to get a strong early game lead. Unless the other team's jungle is a strong dueler({{champion:5}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:77}} as an example) keep strong vision up and some good map awarness, but feel free to try and be in the other team's jungle, both counter jungling and killing the other team's jungle. Back if if there's a MIA lane though, you have you're jump for a reason. As an early game kha if you KNOW you're limits and know how to teamfight almost perfectly, feel free to take the early game kills. That is something i do and it will work most of the time. It's a high risk(as if you fuck up or don't know how to play when ahead, you WILL lose the whole game for you're team) but a VERY high reward(I'm talking like 1 shotting 2 squishys in the back line and winning the game for your team). Unless you understand the other team, what the game is looking like and you're limits, just give kills to your teamates. For Mid i would be worried about Zed, but he's not that hard. As long as you understand the big parts of his kit he can be played at lower ranks and do fine(He's one of my mains). For my mid lane tips, roam. Roaming is a huge part of mid, shove the minion wave and try and come gank a pushed up bot lane or top, try and be a mini-jungle. Even if you're match up is bad, then roam and you can get fed. Zed is one of my best mid laners so here's some tips i got for him. Keep track of his shadows, you can juke like a fucking MAD MAN if you can keep track of shadows. If you're facing someone like an Oriana or Lux, you know then when you come out of your ult, a CC spell will be coming right at you. Before you ult onto someone, trow out a Shadow with you're W and hop back the SECOND you get out of your ult. People will almost never expect it and as long as you can use you're Abilitie's off your shadow, you can get some fucking sexy kills. Mind you it will be hard to 100--0 people with out the standard tripple Q combo, so poke them low before trying to engage. If you can mange minion waves well, try and hit 6 before the other mid laner, the second you hit 6 before, engage IMMEDIATELY. It catches SO MANY PEOPLE off guard. For ADC i think Lucian/Xayah are 2 champs that are extremely strong and easy to play while still having room to improve. For my tips i would say focus more on last hitting than being agro, A kill gives you 300 gold, but if you are up about 15 or so farm, you are on par with the other ADC on gold if not a little bit ahead. Only engage and poke if you are built to do that. Cait/Ez should be poking 24/7 and draven should be punishing the other ADC for misstepping every chance he can get(with with over extending himself that is). Wait for your support to engage before trying to go in, or counter engage if you can. I play BOTH Lucian and Xayah so... Wall of Text(TM) Lucian is prob one of the strongest dueling ADCs in the game(behind a good vayne) his burst is fucking off the charts and can delete ADCs like an assassin if he get on them. Make SURE you do not waste you're passive, weave auto attacks in between you're spells. Start every combo with a E if you can as you're passive will lower the cool down of your E. You're BEST burst combo if you can is E-AA-W-AA-E-AA-Q-AA-E-AA, and that will usesually fucking melt any squishy. You can cancel the W animation with your E, So if you're trying to kite, you can W behind and E forward almost at the same time(it's kinda hard to do but once you get it, it will be easy) so you can get the movement speed for kiting. another strong engage tool is your W-E-AA and just keep going with the standard burst combo. You're Ult can 100-0 any squishy and half health any tank if you can last most of if not all of the shots late game, try and use W before your ult though for movement speed. In lane try and keep a minion between you and the other ADC, whenever they stop to auto a minion, Q that said minion and hit the other ADC off of you're Q. Try and play lucian with an agro support as you will have strong lane pressure that way. Xayah is really strong as she can make her own CC, use Q-AA and you can get almost an instant root off, it can catch people off guard at level 2. Use you're Ult to avoid any kind of CC or burst spells coming after you(this CAN avoid a zed ult being put on you, kinda like fizz E). her self peel is fucking INSANE. i will sometimes not even get a defensive item because of this. a 100% crit chance xayah is fucking INSANE. Poke with her feather splash damage(kinda like lucian) and if you can, fight in the jungle, a Runnan's Xayah fighting in the jungle i would say is tied for the best DPS you can get(with jinx fishbones in jungle). For support you can mostly play anyone and do fine. Just focus on trying to baby sit you're ADC, if this means you only counter engage, do it. I went for bronze 5 all the way up to silver 5 by being a 1 trick Braum player and only counter engaging. for tips i would just say make sure to get a ton of wards and don't play too over agro, you will die. Just pick 2 roles to main, have 3-4 champs you can play in those rolls, and be able to play at least 1 pref 2 champs in every other lane. I hope this helps, and good luck on the rift man, hope to see ya in the upper ranks one day! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Reworks aren't needed. Just tune the kits. Akali and Aatrox are unrecognizable
> [{quoted}](name=Shobek,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6oAR5j3a,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2018-08-12T00:42:59.641+0000) > > Reworks aren't needed. Just tune the kits. > > Akali and Aatrox are unrecognizable The champs were out of date and COULDN'T be tuned, they had to be changed
: Nobody asked for the skarner rework and a lot of skarner players disliked it.
Maybe so, but it did allow him to see some play. Not saying every rework is a success(LB, Kog'Maw, Kha), but most are.
: Stop removing things from the game!
{{champion:104}} rework made him MUCH better. {{champion:13}} rework made him much better and not so boring. {{champion:114}} rework made her playable, {{champion:122}}/{{champion:86}}/{{champion:82}}/{{champion:72}} rework made them all better. {{champion:44}} rework made him playable. {{champion:8}} because Pre-rework vlad was clearly much better. {{champion:78}} rework allowed her to be seen in a game and NOT considered a troll pick. {{item:3026}} rework didn't make it so that the game had 10 GAs and didn't punish ADC damage for building it. {{item:3174}} rework allowed for support mids to work better. {{item:3147}} rework made the item good. {{item:3035}} rework let players pick 2 options of what to build. By reworking and removing things, it allows the game to evolve and be new. No one would enjoy playing vs 6 Sunfirecape perma invis Evelynn or face a Raka mid. For as much as i hate the new Kat and want her back, it adds more depth to the game.
: What's A Fun Champ To Play Even When Losing?
{{champion:107}} went 1/9 with him and could STILL 1 shot a fed MF in less than a second. {{champion:20}} because you'll be about just as useful behind as you will be fed. {{champion:432}} because you're bard, no more needs to be said
: STOPLAYING support, go play mid, replace your adc play Azir.
> [{quoted}](name=PERIMITION,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GyooJhQ9,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-07-30T05:26:56.427+0000) > > STOPLAYING support I disagree, every team NEEDS a good support player, I chose to main ADC BECAUSE of the supports i play'd with! Support mains are some of the nicest people you'll ever play with. People will love you if you know what you're doing and can carry games. Season 5 i carried my self out of B4 to S1 by maining Braum and carrying my team(Even got a Draven a penta). I only stopped playing support b/c i didn't enjoy many champs and i was only a 1 trick Braum, now if i could make my choice again, i'd be a support main, i LOVE playing Tresh, Rakan, Leona and so many others. But at this point, i can just carry games as ADC and really don't want to give that up
: I really like seeing {{champion:12}} in game because he has a really strong team fight initiator, and op.gg says he's at the top of the meta at the moment. Raka, morg, pyke, These are all good. Lux though is a choice you can also take mid. Depends on how you like to play.
He's one of my favorite supports to get when i play ADC, he's a good agro lane as well
: Need a champion to main
{{champion:497}} can carry a game HARD with his engaging. You just gotta learn him, he is hard for a support champ.
lykkelas (NA)
: yeah try it out, i'm just using it in normals too you're right though, this is a very early-mid game focused build but from what i've experienced, the later the game goes, BC and DD felt like they were enough to help me survive long enough to deal the damage that i need to do. and i also save ghostblade active to help me kite i'll wait for ur input aha
Alright, played 3 games, 2/1 Game 1 was nothing special, just got REALLY far ahead in lane and ended game 11/1/10m only got up to a tri Game 2 faced a mundo, i found that i had that problem of trying to kill a tank was true, i had a hell of a hard time killing him, ended game 15/3 only got cleaver components Game 3 was a loss, all i need to say is yas is a bitch to face and a 800 damage Garen Q, i tried swapping Tri for a cleaver in the build, didn't really help that much So things that i've found: I noticed that you have 2 phage items, it's not exactly all that important, but it is wasting a slot for another item The tri was hard to play around, when the thing about Lucian is to spam your abilities to get an E up, i feel like that tri stops that idea. If i don't use the tri, i feel like it's a wasted item, but it was strange not dashing around everywhere. You can't kill tanks that well, and this build is hard to pull off that much DPS when behind(but that's just lucian) Never really got the full build, but i feel like Tri kinda defeats the purpose of Lucian. While i never got to play with DD, i feel like BT is just overall better, you're weaving Autos into the combos already + it's a double hit and you get the healing twice. While i get the purpose of the build, i feel like there are just better builds out there. If you like the build and want to keep some things in there, replace the Tri with a GA/LW item swap them out. but then you're down to only 80% CDR, that's only 48 more AD. And truthfully, if you like the cleaver/Ghostblade just go with the older lucian build({{item:3508}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3026}}[swap for {{item:3036}}/{{item:3033}} when down} and then boots of some kind. It's not that bad of a build, and an interesting concept, but lucian may be the wrong champ for it. An older Zed build took that idea to the next level, you were a tank with a double cleaver getting about 300 AD and had mobility.
lykkelas (NA)
: check out my Lucian build
I have about 450+ games on Lucian, so here's my input on it: The stats you again from this build(feel free to double check items) are: 270 AD(342 with rune) 100% CDR 550 mana 650 health 40% attack speed 5% movement speed I admit, these stats are better than i expected, but i do see a few flaws. 1. This build does lack in a way to deal with heavy tanks, While yes Cleaver is nice, ghost blade doesn't really help with the tank shred, the standard build has bother a BORK and a LW item if it needs one, that gives a MUCH better tank shred than this build. 2. Triforce isn't that bad of an item on lucian, the problem is you want to BURST someone with him, meaning you E-AA-W-AA-Q-AA-E-AA as fast as you can, not try and wait for a triforce proc, i've tested out the DPS on lucian with dif builds(Crit, Tri, Pen) and found that tri does have better DPS, but only by about 100, but it takes much longer to pull off, and in that time, you may die due to divers. 3. It's hard to replace an item for GA. GA is one of, if not THE most important items for a carry. You get 2 chance's in a fight, compared to 1, and that 2nd chance can be the make or break of a game. 3.5 It's an all or nothing build, there is no room for any defensive items(Maw, GA, QSS, Ninja/Merc boots), so if you need to live, that build won't help you with that. I may try that build out in a few normal games, and let you know how i feel about it.
Violett (NA)
: Please revert Leblanc
This is the problem with balancing assassins, they either do TOO much damage, or not enough damage. The assassin re-worked LB COULDN'T assassinate! An assassin's job is to either kill the carry, there by making it a a better fight for their team({{champion:238}}/{{champion:107}} ), OR to wait and be clean up({{champion:55}}/{{champion:121}}). The assassin re-worked LB was neither, she couldn't delete due to delayed damage, and she couldn't clean up due to lacking in resets. Why would you pick LB over any other assassin if she was NOT an assassin. They reverted her b/c she wasn't what riot wanted her to become. I HATE LB, i hate facing her and she can be a nightmare, but i think the revert was the best thing for the champ. I feel like they should revert Kat due to the delayed damage + mini game as well, but oh well.
: lvl 30 accounts
No, selling level 30 accounts is kinda like a pay to win kind of thing. It gives you an advantage over other players b/c you spent money to get ahead of other new players. Those new players that do it, will just feed and feed and feed, and then they quit thinking they wasted money on a shitty game even though they are just new and those other players are more experienced than you are. It's not like a fresh level 3 players hops into a PvP game and they face level 100 players, they face players of the SAME skill level. You ever seen a smurf mop the floor with shitty players? How about that in EVERY GAME, but no smurfs. Oh and you get an auto loss in a few games when season resets due to newer players. It's just not healthy for a game to let new players who never played before go into ranked and fuck over their teams.
Algido (NA)
: I learned to support so I could second-role it than get auto-fill protected and be able to queue up my true secondary w/o risk. I haven't been auto-filled a single time this season in ranked. However, that is beside the point. I'd bet that ~90% of people would prefer a 5-minute queue or even longer and not risk being filled than to either lose 3 LP and go on a timer or spend 30+ minutes (including champ select, loading and post-game) and lose whatever one's LP loss is. So I agree with you when it comes to a game to game basis but on the other hand, it creates cases like mine which encourages (or forces...) players to learn a role they'd rather not. At the end of the day, I don't have a solid opinion one way or the other. Both sides have their positives. One being that you won't be placed in a role that is a near certain loss unless your team can pick up the slack, the other improves queue time and potentially the state of the game by increasing the player base that can support at a higher level. I think my approach is optimal for both myself and the game. It's not like learning the role is extremely difficult and it ensures (unless one is unlucky enough to get filled while having support as secondary) that one will only need to know two or three roles. There **is** a problem and the only solution is auto-fill. When I played WoW several years back, I recall getting 20+ minutes queues in LFG when I wasn't on my tank and in a game that doesn't have something to do during the wait, a queue time that could be as long or even longer than a match itself would almost ensure the demise of the game itself. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Yeah, WoW queues still suck when not on a tank or healer. So with as few people as there are who hate support, i feel like queues would be WAY to long.
Tetsip (NA)
: Is league currently dead?
This meta is just ass, so people are just playing norms or quitting till it's fixed. Riot won't patch it because of LCS and something about how it "makes matches more interesting" or something just as bull shit
: I can't speak for other lanes, but tanks taking up residence in top lane wasn't exactly gradual, and pushed just about every duelist fighter out. It was a little more gradual in solo queue, but in professional play it was pretty darn quick, and left very little time for players to adapt.
The thing about it is that tanks kinda fit the same style of of the other top laners at the time, as well as thoe duelists were still playable. The thing that screwed over every Marksman was how they got rid of the other things in bot lane for almost 7 years, so the pros were trained to ONLY play Marksman. The pros(and many others) thought that because how riot didn't allow these things for 7 years, it would get patched out in 1 or 2 patches. Now with how it looks, it may be running through WORLDS. With Mages and Bruisers running around in bot lane, marksman ARE just useless! So how your asking marksman 1 tricks(almost) to play mages and bruisers, champs they are never use to playing, and they can't just play old ADCs because they will get destroyed in lane. Don't use Doublelift as an example of how marksman ares till viable, NA just sucks(sadly ]:).
: **"At the end of the day, this is just another meta shift"** I think this statement is a bit too cold. Imagine how players who main ADC feel.
As someone who fell in love with the role BECAUSE of the marksman champs, this meta is killing my enjoyment of the game. I still play the marksman, but when facing things like Yasuo, Irelia or Vlad i just don't enjoy the game like i use to
: 10 ban blind draft would fix URF
They addressed this a little while ago. AR-URF seems to be the only thing they're doing now. When ever they put up normal URF, the game had a ton of player playing it, even players who were inactive for a while. But when URF was turned off, they lost almost double the players. The older players played URF then just couldn't go back to the boring farm for 30 minutes game. AR-URF apparently stops so many players from leaving, there by keeping the game alive
Vekkna (NA)
: >We don't need anyone who can ger a pentakil with a faceroll. {{champion:555}} and yet here we are. >She was cancer then.we don't need that. Don't go there. Yeah, she was cancer *then.* Look at fuckin' season 8 and tell me that old Kat would be cancer *now.* I think she would fit right in given the current state of AD assassins, the Leblanc and Rengar reverts, Evelynn rework, Kai'sa and Pyke existing. Yi's untouched state since Conq was added, etc. Don't take my word for it, just look at the numbers (level 18) * Pre-rework QEW: 575 + 1.15 AP + .6 bAD * Post-rework QEP: 510 + 1.55 AP + 1.0 bAD + .5 AD * No change to ult With 0 bonus AD current Kat breaks even damage-wise at **18 AP.** That's without multiple passive procs, shunpos, or autos from shunpo AA resets. With two passives and two shunpos it looks like this: * Pre-rework QEW: 575 + 1.15 AP + .6 bAD * Post-rework QEPWPE: 825 + 2.8 AP + 2.0 bAD + 1.0 AD In other words, her damage is far, far higher now. What about other assassins (and jumpy champs)? * Talon QWP: 690 + 4.1 bAD, applied in .75 seconds * Akali QWP: 550 + 2.25 AP + 1.3 bAD * Leblanc WQE (no E proc): 625 + 1.7 AP * Zed WQE: 610 + 2.6 bAD * Kayn WQ: 792 + 3.7 bAD * Kha'zix EQWP: 860 + 4.0 bAD (non-isolated is 710 + 2.7 bAD) * Jax EWQ: 575 + 1.2 AP + 1.5 bAD * Lee QQE: 590 + 2.8 bAD All of those are higher damage basic combos than old Kat, and most of them are just as fast. Most of them are also lower risk since they have guaranteed ways to go invisible, go untargetable, dash out, or blink around. >she was low risk high reward I think you have that exactly backwards, except for the summer of season 5 when she had a 60%+ ban rate. She's actually much *lower* risk now because she gets a shunpo reset from jumping to a dagger. If shit goes sideways, she will always have another E up when it's time to GTFO. It's also worth noting that if she jumps to a dagger now, she's doing substantially more damage than Despite having far more damage now, she lost the thing that every other assassin has: damage on demand. Her basic ability damage was shit, and her ultimate was the highest-counterplay skill in the game. Her entire identity was about being an opportunist, and if you did that poorly you ate shit. Low risk? If you pick a bad engage on almost any other assassin, you just disengage with your designated disengage button. Jump over a wall, go invis, snapback, or whatever. Old Kat has a rep for being faceroll, but she was extremely punishing. You fucked up, you died. There was no "do over" button (hi, Ekko) or escape.
Don't forget the fact that if you went in EARLY, CC and your dead. If you went in late, CC can be back up OR you have no team to back you up and your most likely dead. You had to be in that perfect spot at the perfect window or YOU. ARE. DEAD. Nothing else to that. Once get get that 1st kill, yeah she was face role, but the problem is GETTING that first kill.
: Suggestion for Dark Harvest/Katarina Gameplay
If it worked off abilities then champs like {{champion:7}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:142}} ALREADY quarter health you with like... 1 or 2 abilities, they don't need any extra damage. If it's nerfed then that hurts all the auto attack champs that can take it, as it will do less damage. And welcome to where marksman are always at. Fleet foot work or press the attack(maybe) on everyone, unless you are playing {{champion:81}} or {{champion:119}} those are your ONLY two options
: first: pyke get buffed on pbe ( this hard joke bb riot) second: Turrets? wth are turrets? (riot said turrets dont need buff ... that even adc´s can dive you at lvl 3 doesnt matter) third: why you think the average gametime is at 15 min actually. xd
> [{quoted}](name=OPChampsSucks,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UoUm7Ykj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-21T18:17:49.379+0000) > > second: Turrets? wth are turrets? (riot said turrets dont need buff ... that even adc´s can dive you at lvl 3 doesnt matter) lol marksman, in this meta?
: He's a Champion that has every advantage in the game in his Kit. Zero Counterplay. The People who play him become dependent on the absolute Bullshit in his Kit that they Lose the Basic Game knowledge to play anything else
You mean that getting: • 100% crit off 2 items • A shield for playing the damn game and moving • An ability to to make marksman useless • Mobility out the ass • CC • Short cooldowns • One of, if not THE best level 2 in the game • Free armor pen Isn't good champion design? Fuck yas and everything about him!!! And on top of that all he always HasAKey to victory!(i am so sorry)
: Stop with the YASUO buff he is broken
I think the worst time I've EVER seen Yas was when i ended lane 1/8, I fed and fed HARD!!! I was so far behind and i thought i threw the whole game, no one else did anything either. I then got 2 fucking items, got caught in the jungle, then 1v4 quadra. like REALLY, WTF is that?!?!? That should NOT be a thing!!! i SUCK at yas, he's one of my worst champs... and i can still 1v4 quad, he's just kinds BS... https://gyazo.com/27a34791e80346d80c44fdb4ae424812 Best i got as proof, this was a while ago
: League of IKE
Yes, i am only gold 5, YES you might be higher, yes i might not be best on team, but if you're going 0/5 in top lane i WILL tell you to stay under tower and farm. If your trying to build a {{item:1401}} on {{champion:121}} or something, i WILL let you know that there are some better items you could build. Ranks don't always reflect game knowledge. When i was b4 i had a shit ton of game knowledge, i may not have had ANY mechanics or maco abilities, but i understood how the game worked. If their trying to tell you to try and 5v5 fight when they're a team fight comp and you're behind, that's a problem, but most things are act trying to be helpful. Not trying to tell you how to play, but trying to help the team.
: {{champion:236}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:145}} Not all ADC's are dead.
I mostly play {{champion:236}}, {{champion:119}} and {{champion:145}} but still can't seem to beat the juggernauts. {{champion:145}}(me)/{{champion:223}} vs {{champion:157}}/{{champion:111}}: I go 5/7/3 was under tower all game and the ONLY reason i didn't feed harder in lane was because TK was act good. The Yasuo went 14/5/10 and we lose because i couldn't do my JOB as ADC and carry. {{champion:119}}(me)/{{champion:111}} vs {{champion:6}}/{{champion:412}}: They kept going in again and again and again, i got no farm, no XP and was REALLY behind(at one point 3 levels behind). I end 8/10/3 with 135 farm in a 26 minute game. Urgot ends 16/6/12 with 157 farm. I either don't know or CAN'T beat the juggernaut/fighter bot lanes.
Rioter Comments
: I thought they were clearly a GoT ripoffs with the whole Lion v Wolf thing and the throne recalls and them fighting to be king.
> [{quoted}](name=cackulator,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ctOr5Iws,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-06-17T00:22:46.076+0000) > > I thought they were clearly a GoT ripoffs with the whole Lion v Wolf thing and the throne recalls and them fighting to be king. Well, maybe you're right. Gonna be lynched for this, but... Never act seen GoT so i wouldn't have been able to see it
Asamas (EUNE)
: For me Darius looks like Malekith for the MCU: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/marvelcinematicuniverse/images/0/0c/Mal2.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/250?cb=20131019175444
> [{quoted}](name=Asamas,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ctOr5Iws,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-16T22:12:10.762+0000) > > For me Darius looks like Malekith for the MCU: > https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/marvelcinematicuniverse/images/0/0c/Mal2.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/250?cb=20131019175444 Damn, it does look very similar!
Rioter Comments
: [Idea] Report option in pre-game lobby for hostile behavior, then chat revision after forced dodge
Well, the problem is, that requires people to look into the mix! There prob isn't enough man power at riot for this to work. Now if we allow master/Challenger plays check a box while waiting for a game to allow them to look into these kinds of problems, i feel like enough people would be okay with doing this!
Waves (NA)
: HMMM this is a bit interesting don't know if these actually should've hit me LUL
These can at least be somewhat okay~ let's just not bring up fucking {{champion:25}} Q into the mix okay!!!
: A Question: High Skill vs Low power
Skillful champs(such as {{champion:238}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:157}}) are champs that can ALWAYS have a chance at winning the lane no matter how bad of a match up it is, and can snowball out of control and solo carry games almost. While things like match up knowledge is things that can just help you in a match up. I understand how to play Lucian VERY well, my top played champs and prob my favorite. But the thing about him is, i can know how to play in any match up, but if i face a REALLY good Leona, i'm kinda fucked. I can try and play around it, but she knows what she's doing and outplay me, so i get fucked. While champs like Yasuo(who i play here and there) and after going 1/8, i can pick up a 1v4 quad and snowball from there because of my outplay in my kit that takes time to master! TL;DR: Skillful champs can do well no matter what, Game knowledge can help, but can be countered if the other player is good enough
: As an adc main i wanted our lane to have less attention, I didnt want my entire role unviable
You know who the top 5 ADCs are right now? {{champion:145}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:81}} and only 1 of them builds crit, and that's Draven, who can do damage already and can get the gold faster. You know who the worst 5 five are? {{champion:15}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:429}} All of them mostly crit/attack speed based and YES take 3 items to do damage and games already over when they hit that power spike. You GOTTA adapt to it. Don't be TSM and play week 1 meta at worlds in week 3, it WON'T work!
: Why is this even an argument???
It forces people into role's their not that great in, but it also improves how the player needs to play the game. I SUCK at Top lane, can't play that role for SHIT! But these days, i don't feed and i understand how top laners play a bit better than before auto fill
: How do you play around Zed?
That's kinda just Zed being the bitch of a champ he is, one of my fav mid laners as well! What i've found is he is punishable before 6 as long as you can dodge his Q's. ◙ When his Living shadow(W) is down, that is one of the best times to poke him, as he won't be able to counter to for another 15 seconds or so. ◙ Stay behind minions as Q will do more damage to the 1st thing it hits ◙ His ult can make him un-targetable, so don't try and burn a burst ult like Syndra's/Veigar's before he ults ◙ Pay attention to his shadows!!! He can blink to them ONCE, if he uses a W and doesn't reactivate, don't be by it ◙ Before any CDR/Skill ranks, his W will allow zed 1 Q and 2 E's. If zed W-E's, don't get hit by the 1st spin, but he can use that spin AGAIN a second time before the shadow goes away ◙ If your playing an AP champ, Rush the Zhonaya's or at LEAST the Seeker's!!! As an AD Mid laner, Well, you got Ninja's you can try and use ◙ Zed will start a burst combo with W then Ults, so right as he gets out he can try for the triple E and Q, if you have flash up, that will trick some zeds up A LOT! So as he ults in, flash as he comes out of it ◙ Some champs like Fizz can avoid the Death Mark if they have an invulnerability skill. Same with zhonaya's, us it before the death mark can be put on you ◙ Dark mark will pop doing the SAME amount of damage he did before the mark pops. ◙ If Zed ults you and you see a shuriken over your head, it will pop and kill you Hope this helps!
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