: GJ Riot you somehow made the Jungle determines games situation worse
My enemy jungler actually said "this role is braindead, stop playing adc and main jungle, you can get every lane ahead and at least one has to carry the game" after i smashed his bot lane but he got his top lane and mid lane ahead so me being feed doesn't matter since solo roles have their morale broken and they are 0-5-1... And this basically every game from preseason, it's like they just define every game now. Or roles like adc has literally 0 agency unless jg attention is on you, almost a lane for the mid and jungler to get feed.
Pika Fox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Heos00,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=B8FEgAhW,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2019-11-27T02:16:24.152+0000) > > Not really, the problems that you said about the old runes in the first comment about the IP can be easily solved. > > And if you take guardian on yuumi you are basically trolling extremely hard, also if you are not taking pressence of mind rune (the rune that recovers your mana) you are trolling too lmao > Aside yuumi being a trash and garbage champion, theres no other playstyles for her, its or you go damage or you arew putting your adc behind by not having pressence on lane, even if they buff a bit the guardian runestune without making it OP the best choice will still be full damage yuumi. Yeah, they easily can be solved. They were. They were removed. That is the solution. The ONLY solution. And you clearly have no idea how to play yuumi. Yuumi doesnt do well with an ADC either way. Her kit doesnt mesh with one at all. Your entire job is to get through to mid game then ditch your ADC asap and spend as much of the game as you can ontop of an immobile frontline who benefits from your ability to put them ontop of someone and keep them there. You run comet when your ADC is self sufficient and will allow you to scale without needing to save them constantly. You run guardian when the ADC is not and will be unable to get through lane without severe help. Presence of mind is no longer really that amazing, as it no longer gives ultimate CDR. Its good for mana management, but on most champs its no longer vital.
And theres why Yuumi has trash win rate and is a trash champion so its a bad idea to take her as an example, in a game where average games lasts 25 minutes and are decided by the first 15 minutes theres no "guardian" rune to help your adc, buff "guardian" a bit and it will be still trash for yuumi, buff it more and any living creature will abuse it. The only self sufficient adc is ezreal and he still gets zoned pretty hard in 1v2's...
: They were good at playing around large amounts of vision*, not necessarily macro overall. They knew how to make correct decisions when they had full information on where the enemy is but they are bad at anticipating where the enemy COULD be and playing around using no information as information.
There was a KR pro play, idk if it was Afreeca vs Rox, that the Afreeca jungler anticipated perfectly where the Rox jungler was at the point he landed an skillshot and killed him without any type of vision on the river or enemy jungle, all of this from fog of war. So they are pretty good at that too...
5050BS (NA)
: Riot is building League for the KR, ZH crowd. They want games to last 15m. They like killing and being killed in under 1s. Riot has dumped the NA, EU crowd because even tho we are the ones that build the game to where it is and the ones that spend the money on the game, KR and ZH have a bigger Market then us. Its 100% about the $$ Riot can make.
Not really, they are build league for western teams to have a chance at worlds and making it "more fun" (imo i just get bored of pro game's super fast clownfiesta's everytime) but a canc3r to play, even when the meta favors western team they still end up losing worlds 3-0 KR was extremely good at slow macro CN was pretty good at slow macro The rest of the world sucked at that meta so Riot changes it to still have Asian teams dominating worlds just with a weaker KR... lmao. As someone stated up there, the most played games on China are games that needs huge time investment, probably is more about us, the western public wanting faster games and crying about that our Region's sucks at worlds, also Riot wants to compete vs games like Fornite i guess
Pika Fox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lil Homie busta,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=B8FEgAhW,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-11-26T20:58:28.111+0000) > > You say this like there's some sort of customization in the current pre-game system. The players will always pick what's most strong -- it has and will always be like this --. The whole point of the old runes is not to eliminate this problem that will forever exist, but to give more variety to the pre-game strategy and make it less mainstream than it is now; both these things were true before runes reforged. True to an extent, except theres a major difference now. New runes actually impacts and enforces different gameplay styles. Even if one is "the best" in general, it might not be "the best" for an individual, and you can easily pick a different loadout for your own personal playstyle or matchup. You can go comet yuumi for extra aggression and early scaling, enforcing a playstyle where you harass and level Q and W first, making sure you scale now and hard. Or you can go guardian yuumi, focus more on E and make sure your team gets through the early game if the lane is going to be extremely rough. Likewise, a support can always go spellbook if youre in a game where you need to swap summoners mid way through. There is so much more variability, none of which are troll, because you arent choosing passive stats anymore. Youre choosing actual gameplay changes. The old system was garbage, and will never return. No designer would ever think the old system is good. They will not come back as a result.
Not really, the problems that you said about the old runes in the first comment about the IP can be easily solved. And if you take guardian on yuumi you are basically trolling extremely hard, also if you are not taking pressence of mind rune (the rune that recovers your mana) you are trolling too lmao Aside yuumi being a trash and garbage champion, theres no other playstyles for her, its or you go damage or you arew putting your adc behind by not having pressence on lane, even if they buff a bit the guardian runestune without making it OP the best choice will still be full damage yuumi.
: OP your problem is garbage champions not marksmen. Darius is a shit champion, he has no agency, a lot of melee champions have no problem with range. Likewise a champion like Varus has issues with everything that can easily get close to him while Kaisa doesn't. Not every marksman is OP (Varus) just like how not every melee is garbage (Darius)
His problem is probably trying to kill an adc in the middle of a teamfight while he gets focused by another 5 champions, then baby rage about how he got cc'ed to dead and then died without realizing that his champion is a lane abuser, 1v1 abuser at some points (early-mid game) and needs teammates with cc to succeed in teamfights, also he is not a frontline that can tank 3-5 champions at all...
: You’re right. Its just another salty player taking things out of context again.
Basically yes, another salty player complaining about not being able to kill an adc while he tanks his support and probably the mid laner in the middle of a teamfight, with a no gap closer champion like Darius... lol
: > [{quoted}](name=NaughtyWord,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=W7WGVJZy,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-11-21T06:45:23.188+0000) > > This guy plays mostly Warwick, Darius, and Yasuo in Summoner's Rift according to match history. > > > Dude, you play Yasuo with 2,000,000 dashes, what the fuck are you on? You play Warwick who gets some of the largest movement speed boost in this game, what the fuck are you on? > > I would say you might have a point with Darius, but then again, if he is on top of someone, especially and ADC, he will absolutely shit on them, so again, what the fuck are you on? > > At the cost of being a wet paper bag. > > At the cost of being a wet paper bag. Why don't you build crit and attack speed and you'll be in the same spot adc's are where the overwhelming majority of them fall apart to a scuttle crab sneeze. > > Hard CC? > {{champion:21}} has no hard CC$ > {{champion:145}} has no hard CC, in fact, doesn't have CC at all. > {{champion:236}} has no hard CC, in fact, doesn't have CC at all. > {{champion:81}} has no hard CC, in fact, doesn't have CC at all. > {{champion:29}} has no hard CC$ > {{champion:96}} has no hard CC$ > {{champion:119}} has no hard CC$ > {{champion:15}} has no hard CC, in fact, doesn't have CC at all. > {{champion:18}} has no hard CC$ > {{champion:429}} has no hard CC$ > > $ These champions have a soft cc, things like snares (slows), knockups, etc. > > Of those that do have a Hard CC > {{champion:22}} on a skill shot ult > {{champion:67}} situational, do try to stay away from walls. > {{champion:235}} if you want to count her as an ADC. > {{champion:222}} has her traps > {{champion:51}} has her traps > {{champion:498}} is situational, do try to stay away from feathers > {{champion:202}} technically has a hard CC, but he actually needs to hit you with some ability before hand. (I'm not counting teammates here, just kits in a vacuum) > {{champion:110}} on a skill shot ult > > > So MOST ADCs do not have a hard CC, quite a few have no CC at all, and of those that do, are either situational, easily avoided, or are skillshots on ults. So again, I've no idea what the fuck you are on about. > > Laughs in {{champion:15}} {{champion:110}} > > The 325 club (slowest movement speed for anyone not named Janna): > > {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:498}} > > The 330 club: > > {{champion:119}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:235}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:67}} > > The 335 Club: > > {{champion:145}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:15}} > > > Meanwhile your champions: > > {{champion:122}}: 340 > {{champion:19}}: 335 > {{champion:157}}: 345 > {{champion:141}}: 340 > > The champions you mostly play are faster than all ADCs with the one exception of Warwick and he's faster than most ADCs. This is of course before his MS burst toward weakened players, most likely the ADC. > > So I've no idea what you are talking about. Draven and Tristana have hard cc BTW Draven has stand aside and trist has the ADC clump knock back version of dragon's rage
And Trist is stil a trash champion even with all that, you have nothing to complain if you are playing a lane abuser like Darius. Also if you CC Draven most of the time he is just dead. I don't know why the fuck people is complaining about adc's in this thread when they don't even have the same agency in the game as a solo laner... zzz
: Look on the bright side, poke supports are getting fucked as well by the removal of the MP5 and on-hit damage on the Spellthief/Sickle line. So it's just going to be an all-ADC party again I guess.
Hope you were right with the "all adc party" on bot lane but it stills matters a shit ton if your support picks senna into a meta support like leo... So i don't know what is Riot doing tbh
5050BS (NA)
: No Squishy can play around AP Malph Riot HAS to nerf it to the ground. There is no Counter play to it.
Almost no counterplay yeah, if you get hexdrinker before your 3 item powerspike you just fuck up your entire build until 10 minutes more lmao. Flash only counter and if you dont have it you need to wait until he waste his ult on someone else. Almost every adc suffer from this vs any champion with the same naturality and riot needs to do something about it since theres no more enchanters lol
: Senna simply does way too much poke damage
Yeah, if your supp has the 50 IQ, is a bot or is a non-meta support that can abuse senna like leona or nautilus you will get outpoked and you are going to be basically unable to farm. So much undodgeable poke damage, has literally 0 sense.
arowin242 (EUW)
: Firstly, i agree on the part that damage overal needs to be nerfed, however i do have something to say about the champions you took as an example. AP Shyvana and Malphite are literally hit or miss. If Shyv misses her E she wont do jack, if Malp misses ult then he becomes useless for the next 60-120 seconds. Garen was effectively reverted back into a bruiser/juggernaut who will win trough attrition, his main weakness is and has always been his lack of mobility / weak teamfight. they gave him back the damage he lost in jugg. update from season 5 and took some durability as compensation. **getting to close to him was supposed to be a death sentence** Vlad has always been a massive balance issue, so much so that before his rework WOTA (will of the ancients) was solely balanced around him. regardless until level 9 he's essentially a potato who relies on jungle ganks to get truly ahead. Senna suffers from the same fate as Jhin and Graves before her: by altering how her AA fundamentally works they had to slam allot of crap in her to keep her playable. (it doesn't help that she's an unholy abomination made from parts of both thresh and lucian.) Pyke was meant as an assassin support, riot failed once by making a tank playstyle/ solo pyke viable and promptly gutted both and gave him lethality scaling so his support-assasin role is the only thing he has left. Swain and Shaco can both easily trigger Spellthief's edge for gold and both have utility that makes playing them as a support viable. (see glacial augment) there are more egregious examples of damage creep in the game, if you wish i can elaborate. That's all
You are also forgetting all the fkin CDR that is in the game right now, i have seen an AP Shyvana do her E twice in less than 10 seconds... Like all those champions have little punish window than before, wtf is this, URF?
: So every champion should just be a syndra, walking damage with every single bit of their kits power budget put into cc and damage. If you ever get caught its instant death. Okay bro.
Not really, at least they should have a lot more of cooldown, if they fuck up they just get away so easily... It's a pain to play a champion that punishes cooldowns (example adcs) vs any modern 3 dashes champion since after they complete 1 - 1 1/2 items they are basically at 40% cdr with no cds on dashes and it's basically impossible to punish them until they get cc chained.
: In every single one of my games recently is bot lane that messes up the most and will feed all game until no matter what we lose to an adc carry not to mention we can hardly contest dragons with such a bad bot lane I’m actually losing the majority of my games all of a sudden which has never happened before and I’m getting so tilted
Hmmm, i feel like every game is decided by solo roles not getting fked on lane and support not dying 5 times on lane because he picked sona into nautilus :thinking: The same feeling applies to every role despite ones having more impact on the game than others, the matchmaking is just fked and needs some way to take in count individual performance at least a little bit.
: Late game champs like {{champion:157}} can beat your ass in during first ten minutes thanks to bullshit like conqueror and eletrocute. I say runes are a major issue, and the lack of defensive items vs true damage
Also all this rune shit, cdr, low respawn times and damage basically cuts off pretty much the outplay potential, i haven't seen so many outplays like before... Theres so much shit in the game right now that turns the game team oriented in having a good positioning and use their ults and cc properly...
: Preach ! I'm so sick of games already being over at min 10. I want 20min laning phase back.
Worst thing, games already decided at min 10 or from champion select but they still lasts for 20-25 minutes since theres people not wanting to ff and the enemy team needs to win manually... zz
VeXuM (NA)
: Hey Meddler, what is warranting the nerf to bot lane xp? Is their leveling really an issue? I feel like in most games, bot lane is usually 1-2 levels behind solo lanes on average
Btw they just failed on reworking Adc's items (making them more healthy) and they just reverted them but nerfed, which it basically left adcs with even less agency on the game when supports where the reason of why adcs were strong... big yikes. Now they reduce shared experience XD
Palaven (NA)
: Designers Fail To Understand The Top Lane Problem
To be honest the whole "Does it matter if i win my lane when the enemy botlane is 7/0" is a bit BS, adcs can feel the same way xd. Think this way, im playing adc, im even or winning lane but how do i help my feeding top laner and mid laner? I think sidelanes should have more ways to help other lanes, at this point they should revert league to old league or just make it an extreme clownfiesta. For what i have played from toplane, i think the worst thing of it is getting counterpicked, not so much the "i have no impact" thing, since i know how it feels since i main adc and i got to the point of not caring about my inting solo roles.
Nithke (EUW)
: I kind of disagree, even though they are one or two level lower, if you get a lead you quickly outscale the solo laners and become an unstoppable machine, I think the better botlane wins is not a myth.
Lately i haven't seen an adc carry harder than any bruiser/assassin if he isn't duoing tbh. Since its pretty easy to kill any adc that isn't ezreal (hence why people cried so much about him, even when wasn't strong), just takes a few keys or hit your keyboard with your head to kill any adc when his team is not peeling. Unfortunate. Even when i play any other role i never see an adc as a problem until 3-4 items, the problem about botlane is that there is 2 people who are easy to kill and farm for junglers and mid laners xd
: Balance is hard. Sound and fury are easy.
I get that balancing is hard, but they are a complete big development and balance team with testers and etc, there's no justification for things getting out of control so bad like (shaco and garen) and no justification to the mess that they are doing with the game of only executes and one shot fiesta, all of this without even try to hotfix it... At this point they just using league to funnel money on their other games that they have been creating for 2 years
: Kaisa's build path and scaling needs to be revised.
At this point of the game design, every champion should be an assassin and "high dps lategame hypercarries" should stop existing. People just overrates her so much because they can't braindead walk and kill her with R since she can do the same to you, shit, even when i play any other roles that aren't bot and theres a Kai'Sa in the game, i never see her as a priority or big treat if she isn't feed or has muramana completed, even some pro players struggles to have a +50% win rate with her since she can die so easily by simple AoE dmg. The same thing happened to ezreal, people can't kill him easily with R, people complains about him even when he has shitty win rate and is hard to carry with him. At this pont Riot should rework the entire Adc role and champions around a basic attack amplifier instead of one shotty RNG crit and give them actually agency into the game. Btw i haven't seen any Kai'Sa's in a while in my games lmao, im not even a Kai'Sa player or something so, down votes come to me :d
: im done playing adc :C
They just gave up on that role, the RNG factor of basic attacks will remain and it would be a pain to play further from the middle of the lane of bot with such weak champions on early game and it still will be a pain to play vs new high mobility champions zz
: Preseason 2020 Gameplay: Rise of the Elements
Already gave up on adcs? They will still remain with the RNG basic attacks and basically being only playable if duoing botlane? Tanks, adcs (basically scaling champions like azir) and mages will remain unplayable too? Im pretty tired of the mobility and one shotty damage that is on the game right now when playing non mobile champions...
: Dodging Solo Q
Dodge before second 5, their client is fkn trash and they barely fix bugs.
Rioter Comments
: There are some problems with the game that I don't want to ignore
At this point and in the current state of the game i feel like every champion should have a dash, do massive amounts of damage and have no cd's + 3 solo roles and 2 roaming role, lol in 2019 OMEGALUL
Jøkèr (NA)
: Get rid of promo games.
Or just stop rigging promo games.
Tsuko (NA)
: No offense Riot, but your matchmaking system is absolute dog-shit.
Put you with 4 people with 7 loses streak. Put you with 5 people with 7 win streak. Repeat.
: > [{quoted}](name=huhndog,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xd94AUn8,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-09-08T14:39:01.166+0000) > > Preach. I love playing tanks, but doesn't mean crap when I get instantly deleted even with a full build and a possitive KDA ADC's cried hard enough and they got what they wanted. Nobody wants to aknowledge Infinity Edge stacking and the sheer absurdity of the damage later game ADC's with all the protection afforded to them by supports are doing. No lane matters anywhere close to as much as bot lane, and nothing has been done about it. 21 kill warwick with GA, thornmail, tabis, and deadman's plate and I still melt like butter to Caitlyn's, Jinx's, Xayahs through my E damage reduction in less than 10 seconds. Now you understand why everybody just goes kamikaze assassins, because if it's going to be a game of dying in less than 5 seconds might as well be either an ADC or assassin/burst mage. Frontlines simply don't last in the current state of the game.
Wtf are you talking about? The real reason of why the game is like it is right now it's because everyone gets 45% cdr so easily and every buff on champion, rune and item since season 7 has his damage buffed instead of something else (result of constant crying about Adcs being too op), this has nothing to do with a role that depends on every other role to succeed, the game right now is just URF but without the adc special buff. Literally this is the worst meta for any adc that ever existed, they just die twice as fast by AoE and has little to no room to punish cd's. Btw they just got hard nerfed 2 times, IE crit and global crit item cost and now the average game time is 15-25, no more late game. If botlane is any important it's because there are 2 people that can be killed and 4 manned so easily that means 600g of worth. Basically another comment of another player mad because he couldn't oneshot an adc in the middle of 5 people.
: **Kaisa has been meta for 1.5 years** That statement hit me hard, because it is the truth. How has league of legends become so stale?? Because this isn't exclusive to Kaisa, but there are many others (Aatrox, Akali, Sejuani, Tham etc). The meta is "different shades of damage meta" since the lethality rework, and is honestly getting boring, even more than it is frustrating... Pure tanks are strong only when they deal a lot of damage, and unviable elsewhere; soaking damage is not a part of the game anymore, since **years**.
Yeah, damage is the main problem as a lazy way from Riot to shortening game lenght and basically forgetting about LoL and move the money that LoL produces to another games. But people just doesn't seem to realize... The game design plan right now it's extremely bad, unbalanced and sometimes boring, they just using League to grind money so they can release another TFT trash game that's probably going to fail.
: Kai'sa every game
Boards: I dodge when i see an Ezreal, always lose... Also boards: LOL EZREAL SO OP, NERF, I CAN'T KILL HIM IN 0.5 SECOND WITH ALMOST EVERY EXISTING CHAMP LIKE ANY OTHER CARRY XD NERF (Not even an ezreal main) When people start to realize that the problem is the bad game design plan and the path that Riot took to shortening average game lenght and start to complain about it instead of complaining about champions the game will change tbh.
Sucction (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Heos00,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WE0KkQaf,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2019-08-28T19:30:09.740+0000) > > Yeah the tristana example is actually pretty bad lol, to be honest at this point every adc should have at least 1 form of dash or blink since every new champion that is being released has at least 1 form of mobility and when you put a champion with a dash and all the CDR that is now in the game is like playing urf, even Tristana has a bad time vs all that mobility and cdr so she basically dies by getting AoE'd or dashed by someone lel > > Is that or just lower all CDR and mobility when it was back in season 3 and keep adc's like adc's. Adcs should have very little or no mobility. Examples like Lucian and Jinx are fine, Kai'Sa is not.
Also bruisers and assassins shouldn't have little cooldowns, dashes and still doing more damage than an adc, but here we are, with bad champion and game design/planificaction in an attempt to make it more "fun", less "strategical" and "shorter game duration" so casual people can play it, but it does the opposite tbh i don't know how the game right now is noob and casual friendly.
Sucction (OCE)
: Hm no. Tristana has had the same ult and W since the game came out pretty much, and energy champs have always kept energy provided they're played well to regenerate it with their kit.
Yeah the tristana example is actually pretty bad lol, to be honest at this point every adc should have at least 1 form of dash or blink since every new champion that is being released has at least 1 form of mobility and when you put a champion with a dash and all the CDR that is now in the game is like playing urf, even Tristana has a bad time vs all that mobility and cdr so she basically dies by getting AoE'd or dashed by someone lel Is that or just lower all CDR and mobility when it was back in season 3 and keep adc's like adc's.
Aamano (NA)
: Riot if youre not working on fun player engaging content then WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING
I really want to know what the fk are doing with the skin sales money, it's like they have been doing a sh*t ton of skins these past months without any significative game changes, it's the same fast paced damage one shot boring af meta after 2 seasons, there is no gamemodes and they are even removing them, like wtf... also no events, where is that money going? Also they just reduced the budget from Wildcard regions talking about esports and so many other things lmao. If they are putting that money on their new games and if those games fail they will be completely idiots for stop caring about LoL playerbase
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 23
Really not any plans on lowering the damage that is in the game right now? I think they are better ways to decrease the average game duration, instead doing an one shot meta almost unplayable or unfun to play for some classes of champions, like immobile or no-dash champions.
GilxeN (EUW)
: Had a game where my garbage bot lane decided to invade their team, ofc I had somehow to help, ended up we gave to their adc 3 kills, u know what happened after all? the Adc abused of his lead to asburdly unceroverable condition, ended up he quit 18-2 with 33k dmg done in 20 mins, and our ADC like 7k dmg done. GAME IS FUN SNOWBALLING IS FUN, Season 9 is the best season so far... NOT...
It gets worse with that lead and then the amount of gold that there's on the game right now, turret plates for example lul
Stratixx (NA)
: I remember when league came out. I was only 16, when I bought the league of legends collector pack and played the beta. (Remember that stupid summoner spell that silenced you?) let me tell you, the game was fucking Golden; I may have been a terrible player, but I had so much fun playing new characters, different metas, and exploiting funny glitches. Remember dodge runes? (Fucking Jax) Remember Spell vamp? Remember Sword of the occult? Remember when there were actual Aura items? Remember revive? Remember when there weren’t any blast cones nor gate in the Base’s wall? Remember blocking minions as heimidinger? Remember Madrid’s? Remember old Crabgot and one shot poppy? You may tell me I have my nostalgia glasses on too tight, but go look up the original league and season 3 championship theme. Go look up gameplay and see how much more diverse it was (funnily enough it’s less diverse with less champions.) Literally.. watch the LCS with TSM and Cloud9 in S3. Everyone doesn’t die in fucking 1 second. I used to complain about games lasting too long, until almost 40 minutes each. That is when I took this game for granted. Riot brought in RGM and dominion, with the famous All for one, Urf, and Hexakill. Their first mistake was taking it away. With a game, you don’t REMOVE content which the customer liked and expect them to do so. Nowadays... No counter play 10-15 minute games No game modes You can only play meta champions No masteries and garbage runes You know I wouldn’t mind these ripoffs like eternals if the game was at least fun. I may put this part in another post, but.. Riot tries to demote toxicity while they try bringing toxic shit in like champion mastery, emotes, and eternals. Damn.
"Madrids" LUL I just want the old runes back man, i miss them so much :/
: pyke. an assasin with stealth. mobility, fast heal IN COMBAT a hook, an execute, slow. stun
Riot need G2 to win worlds Keepo, I think they only won MSI just because they abused him. Idk
Moody P (NA)
: marksmen defined as a class by requiring team assistance to succeed, all the strongest marksmen have multiple self peel spells and completely stomp out the champions meant to counter them? something not adding up here
Lol that marksmen definition stopped making sense when they started to introduce hyper mobile champions that can deal stupid amounts of damage and be tank enough to 100-0 any adc (bruisers on the mayority) if they alone no matter what and a bunch of CDR that without mention that supports have almost 70% of lane control on laning phase. At this point every champion should be self-peeling and deal a bunch of damage. Tanks were defined as a class meant to rely on their team to succed, also supports, assassins and basically every other champion on old league lol, now champions lose their identity and everyone has a dash, some form of life steal, stealth, safety, etc. that most of adcs and tanks don't have. Im fine with a new adc with mobility, fits well with the new League of Le(Damage,CDR,Dashes,OverloadedKits)gends.
mark6028 (EUW)
: Who needs good game design if you have a Blaustoise
They should give a dash to every champion, even supports and adcs at this point tbh, feels so bad to play an immobile champion now.
Ieafboom (NA)
: How are there so many diamond players with ~45% winrates?
It's the matchmaking that makes you have winning streaks and then losing streaks over and over, idk which proplayer talked about it in depth, but who i remember talking about it is Faker saying that there are extremely big winning streaks and losing streaks and in past times people won't have larger losing streaks and get demoted and promoted for challenger so quickly and so often. Probably those 45% wr diamonds are people who demoted from higher tiers. The matchmaking is pretty bad imo and doesn't make any sense.
: IMO, the reason old runes sucked was the giant barrier in form of what was then IP. I think they’re healthier for the game, although maybe not as fun and interactive, which is what Riot wants. Maybe they should bring back old runes, but remove the cost attached to the old system. To keep their idea of current runes, maybe town down the power of Masteries (essentially what current runes are), and make them less impactful. Kind of a compromise between their ideas. Maybe I’m just talking out my ass, what do I know....
I mean, if you had creativity with old runes you could do some funny things with any champion lolol New runes just makes some champions abusing them and getting nerfed after 1-2 months. They can, as you said, tone down the current runes and bring back the old runes, free for all and changeable on champion select.
: Bring back the uniqueness that old runes provided
Man i remember a support in worlds 2015-2016 i think having literally crit chance on glyhps (i think, i don't know how to spell it) on Janna LMAO, literally getting crits when harassing the enemy laner with autos, and i also remember my friend playing draven (the best main draven with the best mechanical skill i have ever seen, since he otp) with full AD runes, no armor and no mr, just plain AD literally making a shitshow of every botlane. Now runes reforged killed the different ways of play the game and some champions with them, since not every rune is for every champion, like draven, PTA doesn't fit him very well but it's the best among these sh*t "runes" avaible for him.
: I can't bad mouth them on here but it's a pretty well known issue these days. Riot just doesn't care when we speak up about it and just keep doing the horrible crap they are doing already.
I remember a posts from dev corner with a list of to-do that said "we heard you guys, we are going to..." "lowering the damage systematically" "adc's have an exciting and better build path (crit users)" "Jungler impact is lesser in early levels" "New and better ranked system" And some other thing and the game is still the same, adcs are the same build as before that everyone complained but nerfed, not excited and not better, the damage sensation is basically the same, they just nerfed the red smite a bit, jungler impact in early levels almost the same (I think this is the only thing that the change really felt, a little, but it felt) and they tried, did a mess with ranked and they backed to the same thing without saying or doing anything again, just a punch in the face to the community that plays rankeds for a month. I don't know what they are doing this lasts seasons, as i said on another post, it's like they move people from different work departments over and over, they don't have a leader to work with or just putting all the budget and interest on a new game that is not TFT, idk tbh.
: > [{quoted}](name=Heos00,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wP57jz79,comment-id=0007000000000002,timestamp=2019-07-22T09:21:24.557+0000) > > Adc itemization is just a mess right now without any tanks, if they get fed it's a massacre with the right team, if they behind (or without any lead) they are just trash until their powerspike except of Vayne but she dies with the AoE on teamfights and the problem with her is PTA that (+ new R buff) suits her so good, again, so much damage from runes and r%%%%%ed buffs. Vayne is the only marksman besides Caitlyn and Twitch who actually needs 3 items to be a threat. Jinx needs 2. Sivir needs 2. Trist needs 2. Draven needs 1. Lucian needs 1. Jhin needs like 1 or 2. MF needs 1. Ashe needs 2. Xayah needs like 2.
I mean yeah, they all need 1-2 items taking in count if they are ahead of the enemy team, thats why i said it was a massacre if they ahead, but if they are'nt ahead then it is still very little damage if they dont buy infinity edge-essence reaver as 1st and 2nd and viceverse, it's like pretty incosistent damage since its % crit chance.
: > [{quoted}](name=Yasashi Kokoro,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wP57jz79,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2019-07-20T17:05:38.531+0000) > > #I know right? > > Why aren't people complaining about JINX WHO IS WAY OVERPOWERED AT THE MOMENT? > > #Why complain about Kai'sa who is perfectly balanced?!!!! > > #These haters! There's 4 ADC's I'd consider nerf worthy. {{champion:15}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:145}}
I don't consider none of them nerf worthy tbh lmao, all adc's are hot trash from the top to the end, they only work with a duo and the right sinergy. Probably it's more about that the game is extremely snowball right now that if they get their 3 item powerspike before anyone else gets their proper item power spikes it's just a massacre. If you play any of them from behind or with a top/mid/jungler fed and you and the enemy bot laner are even, you will encounter that you do little to no damage to any champion. Adc itemization is just a mess right now without any tanks, if they get fed it's a massacre with the right team, if they behind (or without any lead) they are just trash until their powerspike except of Vayne but she dies with the AoE on teamfights and the problem with her is PTA that (+ new R buff) suits her so good, again, so much damage from runes and r%%%%%ed buffs.
: Nerf Kaisa
It's not Kai'Sa, it is tanks being just too weak and damage (from almost every source) extremely high.
5050BS (NA)
: Riot only reads Reddit and Twitter.
And even sometimes they don't really care about reddit and twitter, there was a thread about damage, another about CDR and another about the promotion games of ranked but they didn't even respond to them lol
Stratixx (NA)
: League of legends boards is useless if riot doesn’t listen.
They used to say: "Player experience FIRST"...
: I have watched only the Mord clip...how can you even claim that's about damage? That's about him sustaining everything with his shield and taking 10-20s to kill anyone. I can only imagine the rest of the clips are more of the same or super fed Rengars/Zeds/LBs/Veigars deleting people w/ DFG and/or a full combo at full build, and 5-10 kills + 3 levels up on their opponents. You also realize that most of the montages are made by high level (Challenger, or high Diamond before Challenger was a thing) going into normal/low ranked games and just dumpstering people because they're better....right? Also, yes. There were statistical outliers in the past, or EXTREMELY fed champions, who could instagib people. Like DFG LB/Eve, or a fed Zed, Rengar, etc. The problem is that with the hyperinflated gold state of the game, this shit happens FAR earlier in the game. And, to an extent, it doesn't matter if you're fed or not. A 1 item 0/4/0 Zed will delete a 4/0/0 ADC and there is virtually nothing they can do about it after getting jumped. In previous states of the game, if you were against a full AD team, you could build a ton of armor and eventually outscale them because they simply couldn't kill you. The team fights might last 30-40+ seconds, but they couldn't kill you. Nowadays RIOT has adopted literally the reverse approach. Damage will eventually outscale resistances. As such, a full AD team cannot simply be beaten by proper building and scaling. Plus damage items have continually gotten stronger with more being added, while armor/MR/HP has been lowered across the board on tank items. Damage dealers have so many options to remove the armor of enemies, and so many good damage items, that they deal the same damage to tanks now as they would have to squishies in S2-4.
Ya i still don't see the oneshot damage in those videos besides the gragas who killed Rek'Sai at 1/4 of her Hp. The times where you can actually see what was damaging you, feels good man, not a stupid amount of dashes and damages, times where there wasn't extremely outdated champions compared to the multi dashes, stuns and damage that Riot is releasing right now...
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