: > [{quoted}](name=Herald Est Mors,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=IElh4Nsj,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-07T19:29:31.293+0000) > > Well okay um... I don't know how to go about this. Then again, I don't think trying to prove myself will help me out here, since although the people I originally talked to about this believe me, you seem to not. So because of this, I am going to ASSUME that you have no intention of believing me, but rather are going to discredit any "proof" I can give you. I am not going to play into this so... yeah. Your unwillingness to show any proof just confirms my suspicion that you aren't actually doing this for a Bachelor's.
Well to be completely honest with you, I don't really need you to think any sort of way about it. You can believe what you want, I have no reason to change that. What I was aiming for has been achieved, but what are you aiming for with this? If discrediting me and making me seem like a fool is your goal, then by all means try to do so. It makes no difference to me.
usul1202 (NA)
: If you're legitimately using this for writing a paper....... No insult, but I would be amazed. Low sample size, no ability to interview before/after, limited/no control group, and no screening for testers. What is your paper even on that you could write about this legitimately?
To answer what it's on, read my post, "Time To Come Clean". And to explain why I chose this board to gather information is this. Although the sample size may be small, you can gather a lot of information, every down vote that outnumbers the amount of comments speaks for something, every view that outnumbers those speaks for even more. It shows that my argument was enough to draw on certain people, but not others, and the question is why. See, psychology isn't like every other science, control groups and interviews don't work because subconsciously people will change there emotions and actions, it cant be helped. So by blindly subjugating people to it, you can obtain real feelings through what they say. Even still I can't prove what ive gathered is how they really felt, that's why this is such a difficult science. Maybe I am going about this wrong, but this is a free source to do so, and social experiments play a key role in social sciences like this one. I you have any questions id be happy to answer them for you.
KZ Engel (NA)
: the mods are jokes. i don't even read my mod messages anymore. they don't deserve that. i'll just have a "mod outplay counter" (like ear does xd) and not know what they did or what they arbitrarily deemed unacceptable. i won't change my behavior or mannerisms for a bunch of randoms who got pulled out of a hat to have meaningless power on a meaningless site
Only certain mods are questionable, on the Story Art and Concept page, they are actually very helpful. They aren't mods, but rather writers and story tellers, so unlike the mods they actually have power beyond simply closing threads and making people angry. Not to say all mods are "evil" and "bad", Djinn for example is actually a very nice person.
: > [{quoted}](name=Herald Est Mors,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=IElh4Nsj,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-06-07T19:23:05.595+0000) > > Would you like my school and professor's name? Lol I don't know what kind of proof you require but please give a suggestion so I can accommodate you. Anything that counts as "definitive proof" is acceptable to me.
Well okay um... I don't know how to go about this. Then again, I don't think trying to prove myself will help me out here, since although the people I originally talked to about this believe me, you seem to not. So because of this, I am going to ASSUME that you have no intention of believing me, but rather are going to discredit any "proof" I can give you. I am not going to play into this so... yeah.
: who are you dude?
Just a student using a free tool for gathering a lot of information quickly.
: > and how different emotions play into the straightline of an original argument. Wouldn't you need a way to check on their emotions to use that for a paper? It doesn't require too much posting online to realize people frequently interpret different emotions when reading what was written than the author had or intended while writing it.
Well, by acting as ignorant and stubborn as I could, I was able to draw people away from the original argument of the post within a few responses. Showing how easy it is to divert people from an original argument, which occurred due to the emotions they felt when reading my responses, and then how they themselves responded. Although you are correct, my findings here won't be definitive to what the people truly felt, phycology is all about inferring and working towards finding out how they really feel. So I am succeeding and also failing at the same time it seems, thanks for pointing this out.
: I'm going to need definitive proof on this or this post might as well be another one of your "trolls"
Would you like my school and professor's name? Lol I don't know what kind of proof you require but please give a suggestion so I can accommodate you.
: Stormrazor Theory
You might be onto something. Or maybe its a prelude to the Sacred Sword Yasuo skin which for some reason isn't in the game yet
: Hypothetical: what would happen if Jax picked up a Darkin weapon?
What if... He is Darkin already. Somewhere along the way he found a lamppost that looked extra weapony looking and it was a daarkin weapon. And he gave in because he loves lampposts. Meta.
grarrrg (NA)
: Someone start "Jax is the new Chuck Norris" memes.
: > [{quoted}](name=Herald Est Mors,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=f8JlMtaZ,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-06-07T05:16:17.642+0000) > > True, alright I see. lol and yes I know you didn't specifically mean me. > > see idk, maybe most reports don't need the instant feedback. But I don't think I can give up the argument on Hate Speech reports lol I do feel as if they are a lot more serious than the others, and affect people a lot harder too. How would someone even know what to say to specifically target someone... Is hate speech just ambiguous? So like, I say I hate purple people- but no purple people were in the game, but its still hate speech and punishable because a purple person could've been in there? What if a non-purple person that identifies as a purple person was in there... I mean this shit just spirals instantly. I guess I don't see any difference in all this stuff. If you shit on someone because they are any color, or height, or... whatever- its all the same. No one knows who I am on here. Can't we just not give a shit what trolls/retards say and move along? We can mute, we can ignore... unless we're in high elo we won't see them again. At least there are very low chances, this isn't worth our time. I think most of this stuff is trying to feel special or something based on a group something- and forcing everyone to respect it. Its not possible... unless you start locking people up n shit. We've seen this before... and that didn't go so hot. In the context of a video game, anonymous space- we just need to pretend we're all the same and enjoy it. Instead of waving our flags everywhere like they matter here. No one should care, lets have fun playing games together. People are ALWAYS going to shit on each other- fuck em, report and move on. Who cares if they don't get punished, you won't see them again anyways.
I can see you feel strongly about this, so I'm going to inform you I may end up taking this post down if the people I experimented on would prefer me to do so. I would copy paste all you've written, and make your own post about the issue's of reporting for various things, ill be sure to upvote it
Arsinik (NA)
: After about the third or fourth response I figured something must be going on because even the most toxic players I have played with in the past six years don't repeatedly try and bash kindness that hard.
So I was too stubborn, noted. Might hop on another account later today and try the same thing with a new group of people. When I come clean to them, I might even throw in the, "Maybe I'm Lying", card in there... ugh this paper is gonna be ass to have to write
Arsinik (NA)
: It would make sense because of how ludicrous you were being, either way the bait is too far in so I can't tell up from down xD. So I'm just gonna leave it at that.
Lol sorry I had to lead you on so far, I just saw the opportunity and I took it. But no seriously, you gave valuable information so thank you for that. Did I really play the character well(?), I tried to be as consistently ignorant as I could without it being reportable lol
: We all need just chill. People are always going to hate. People online are going to just act like they hate to troll your insecurities. Its nonsense. We can't waste our time policing the world. There are more important things to do. You simply can't have hate speech in an online game. They don't know you, so they can't hate you. They can just like... guess at hating you or something. Either way, none of it is legit- and even if they do touch a nerve, its a general nerve, not specifically you they hate. They just hate aliens, you happen to be an alien. They don't hate you, they are stupid- or have had terrible experiences with aliens or something. You shouldn't give a shit. Any sort of hate is wrong, like- hating people because they are short, or stupid, or have a specific skin color. Its all the same. Its someone hating someone for no good reason. People don't know what hate is anymore. The word hate is so commonplace thats its lost its actual meaning. Hate is equal to saying I don't like you these days. As a person, you don't need to worry about hate in an anonymous online game. They can't possibly know you, so they can't possibly hate you. For a legit or illegitimate reason, because they simply have no facts to rely on. They are grasping at straws. Besides that, you can't possibly actually care what some random person says about you, or you'll spend your whole life sad. Long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Its actually stupid to allow some fucking moron to control you by saying stupid shit. If someone comes up to me even in actual reality, and says I fucking hate you- you purple piece of shit. Like... do I know you? Why do you hate me? Why so serious? Its impossible to take this person seriously, because you know they don't know you. Unless they are going to knife me, and then I SMASH the mute button. I lived through years of this shit, people picking on me non-stop in school for being short and a nerd. Then one day I realized they pick on me because they actually are the ones hurting from shit they are going through. They shit on me because I'm an easy target and if they make me feel bad, then they think they are better than me and feel more secure. Only miserable people shit on other people. Fuck em, especially in an online game. Don't you have to get better at csing or something?
Agreed, well spoken/typed. And yes I agree, my cs'ing could use some work lol. I got picked on for being thin, and since I am Italian and Greek, super oily looking hair. Not a friendly combination, but its the reason I am becoming a phycologist, so I can understand those that bully, and why those who get bullyd let it get to them
: Because I'm An "Extra Mile" Kinda Guy
Wow you guys can be cruel, downvoting without commenting context as to why. Lol these boards aren't safe
Arsinik (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Herald Est Mors,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=P23lEhay,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-07T06:40:28.937+0000) > > You came on with hostility, and immediately called me wrong and toxic based off of things that didn't concern you, so I am in no way obligated to give a fuck about anything you have to say. You are being toxic on these boards, and I am asking you to stop lol. I've done it 3 times now. And you continue to flame me sooo.... I'm just asking for ya to stop. Because I'm not flaming you. I'm literally trying to help you so we can all get along here... I have been nothing but civil in every post with you.
Alright alright calm down lol. Read what I responded to last I don't wanna retype it. Thanks Thou
: {{sticker:sg-lulu}} That's what she said.
Woof woof means Daddy where I come from
Arsinik (NA)
: I'm most certainly not being hostile towards you if anything I have extremely lenient in the way I am conversing with you even offered you ways to help improve yourself. Please stop running around the forums click baiting everyone and promoting toxicity. I'm seriously trying to help you not get in trouble here but for some reason you are really set on being rude towards me and everyone else and I cant seem to figure out why.
Lol sorry for baiting you this far, just needed an outside of original argument for my paper, if you would like I can delete the OP for privacy reasons. I did say ahead of time this was a bait lol, but thank you for the feedback, I can actually do a whole page off of what went down here.
: And what, you want a bigger bone? I'm not really sure where you're going with this.
Call me Clifford, I want the biggest bone.
Rioter Comments
Arsinik (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Herald Est Mors,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=P23lEhay,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-06-07T06:31:59.133+0000) > > Annnnd personally insulting me soo like I said to the last thing you left on one of my posts, ignored. If you would like to provide examples of me being "toxic", insert them into your next response. You came onto this post, and did exactly what you accuse me of doing btw, but no matter you mean nothing and so do your words. I'm not insulting you I'm actually trying to help you. This is exactly why chermorg spoke to you the way they did... you do not listen to any reason we are trying to help you and you keep throwing it in our faces as if no matter what we say its the wrong answer just because you don't view it the same way.
You came on with hostility, and immediately called me wrong and toxic based off of things that didn't concern you, so I am in no way obligated to give a fuck about anything you have to say. You are being toxic on these boards, and I am asking you to stop lol. I've done it 3 times now. And you continue to flame me sooo.... I'm just asking for ya to stop.
Arsinik (NA)
: I've seen you all over the forums tonight and as I said in one of your other posts you need to stop being dismissive and actually listen to the people who are actively trying to help you be a better person. Please we aren't trying to fight with you I gave you the groundwork for a proper post on how to actually provide input to someone who will listen and you are just throwing it back in my face. If you are that unhappy with the game, as I said in the other post there is no place for you here... you are a detriment to our community of players trying to make this game a better and more fun experience for all who play.
So you stalk my profile, cool. Also you downvote stuff, also cool. idk why you are trying to highroad me, when I'm not even having a conversation with you. Again, let me ignore you, I don't care about your opinion, because you started out of nowhere with hostility. Please, make this post a better place and stop trying to belittle me, I am begging here bby
: First off, where did I insult you in this comment? By saying you're stubborn? That's not an insult, it's an observation. The same could be said about me, and I wouldn't argue it in the slightest. Second, he was honestly not being aggressive at all until you repeatedly kept pushing him. and considering how many posts I see each day with people complaining how this or that is unfair, how they shouldn't have been banned, etc... I think it's admirable that they can be so patient even after reading through stuff like that for multiple hours each day. Third, Ma'am if you really feel the need for that.
He came onto my post, disagreed with me, I accept that and argue it, he responds, I say I believe his opinion to be biased, and he insults me. So you know what, obviously you haven't read the logs, and therefore, you mean nothing to the logical side of this post. You are blind because of your own agenda against me I guess, but whatever. You do you "gal", I could care less at this point, my post is up, people will see it, and people will or wont agree.
Arsinik (NA)
: I'm sorry but that isn't the way to get anyone on the balance team or riot in general to pay attention. Try again by actually taking the time to write out the problems you have with the current changes in detail and put forth some ideas on how maybe to change them instead of just jotting down two sentences saying "this game sucks I hate it". Otherwise you just sound like a child throwing a tantrum because they have to adapt to something new and challenging.
I see you were successfully baited, and also extremely hostile, so sorry but what you are saying is ignored.
Rioter Comments
: Sometimes a moderator willing to get their hands dirty is needed, ie aggressive, and I say that from experience. I'm a moderator on a discord server with over 100 people. And I have banned someone before that made other people uncomfortable and harassed people in private messages, but because he didn't do it directly on our server, the other mods were hesitant to ban him. So I did what needed to be done. The other mods were upset with me, but I was quietly thanked in pms by some server members for removing the person. If I hadn't they would have likely continued harassing whoever they felt like that was on the server through pms. So yes, while some aggression may be unwarranted, I'm both a moderator on a server, and I've worked a support job before. Sometimes, it can be frustrating, and sometimes you have to be harsh. We are people too. And consider, it's quite possible you aren't the only stubborn person he has had to deal with today. While that may not entirely excuse someone for getting aggressive, it does not give you the right to repeatedly keep attacking them.
My stubbornness comes solely from his lack of understanding to any side other than what he presented. And again, insulting me. And I actually do have the right to make this post, sooo idk what youre getting at here. I used to be a Moderator for a Dota forum a while back, before Dota 2, and whether you feel it or not, his aggression is unwarranted and has no place in these player behavior posts. EVERYBODY THAT POSTS HERE IS ALREADY UPSET ABOUT SOMETHING. So honestly, why the fuck do we need some advisor coming in and rage-baiting us too. That isn't right, and it needs to be addressed. You sir, need to stop slandering me with insults. Otherwise all the time you've spent typing will be deleted, and be for nothing.
: To each their own.
lol idk why you got downvotes, but it is funny to see scrolling through the mass agreement these people have gotten. I agree with them to, however I'm not downvoting out of spite. here is an upvote bby
: You know, I'm getting a lot of downvotes but no explanation, making me wonder if people just want the thing but don't really want to explain WHY. It really comes across as "gimme gimme."
The free stuff we do get is simply stuff that keeps us playing, but doesn't reward us for really doing so. All events and missions are, you do what we tell you you dogs, and we will throw you this bone. I remember a while ago Riot gave out the free Riot Kayle skin, and damn that was nice. I also remember how during Christman, they give discounts, but no presents... THE RECIEVER SHOULDNT HAVE TO PAY FOR THE GIFT RIOT
: In theory, coding it specifically to always give feedback from Hate Speech would be plausible. However, it may be ineffective without changing reports in general. My theory is that when people report for verbal offenses, they select every report option that involves verbal components. Two come to mind and I probably won't mane correctly: Verbal abuse (insults, passive-aggressive, etc) Hate speech (racism, sexism, 0 tolerance, etc) What that means is we can't simply attach the process to the report option. At that point, attaching it to the length would be better; when 14 day or perm is issued, alert is sent. That may stop notifications from chat restrictions though. Which, yes you are saying maybe we don't need those ones (since hate speech starts at a 14 day), but then people will question even more is normal verbal toxicity gets punished. There is a programming/coder joke that is oh so true and I only bring it here to loosely explain what happens when certain system/processes interact.: 99 bugs in the code, 99 bugs in the code; take 1 down, patch it around 137 bugs in the code. Something that has to be done when you want to create a new system, is you have to brainstorm how to break/game/abuse it. Because while not everyone will, there will be those that will. Think about honor, one of the first thoughts people considered was "Hey, I'll just premade and inflate honor fast." Riot considered that and set up a precaution. Voice chat? People were afraid it would lead to more toxicity, so Riot made it op in with premades. A way to handle champ select hostage takers? We don't have this yet, sadly, because we need a safeguard to make sure people don't use it to force people to play a certain way/champ.
Now this I understand, nice explanation. Yeah I do see the issues there, maybe it wouldn't work how the current system is set up. And the bug thing speaks to the chance some do get through, so thank you for being helpful dude. Good to have knowledgeable people commenting on questions
Youfus (NA)
: Dude not a single rioter cares enough to make the game enjoyable
: > [{quoted}](name=webstar1108,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bzmA6Y2F,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-06T19:30:51.777+0000) > > I have played around 1500 ARAM's Guess what. That means nothing to me because I've played way more than that.
Well yeah, ive played 13 fucking billion ARAM games and I still think oracles extract is a waste of gold, and Warmogs needs to be put back. Like damn that shit aint ranked. Who the hell cares if a Garen has full HP after 3 seconds out of combat, he does no damage if he rushes the warmogs. Why people gotta complain about items, the issue is obviously poke champs need to be tuned down if youre gonna get rid of counter poke items.
: Come to me, All of you Bronzies and Silvers, Who are weary and burdened.
Kokua (NA)
: 5 people can read the exact same message and interpret it 5 different ways. Plain text has no emotion attached to it. People attach emotion to it based on how they read it. One piece of text may look informative, a statement of fact, or even come off as rude depending on who is reading it, and how they read it. Support is a very tedious job, especially on forums. You feel like you're repeating the same thing 100 times, and sometimes you just respond based on what is correct, not based on what they want to hear.
Oh wise sage, why are you not an advisor. The information you just gave meant something to the post and to me, the poster. You didn't enter this forum with a combatative mindset, and that's what Chermog seems to do. So to you, I want to say thank you, because this means something.
: Checking both will not cause any problems. The zero tolerance module is the only modules that cares specifically about the individual words that are used. The other modules read the chat for meaning. The individual words don't have a specific effect. "Fuck you almost got him" causes nothing to happen. "Fuck you", despite being the two exact same words that started the other line is flagged as negative because it means something different.
So is it just... luck that sometimes players get away with it? My friend uses hate speech frequently, whether it be Asian slang or blatant things. I have premade reported him before for it, but he never got any punishment. I do really feel like there is some inconsistency that occurs in the system, whether it be pure luck when a player escapes its grasp or something else I do not know.
: We explained why, you dismissed us, or tried to find holes in our explanations. What you want wouldn't work, but the level of explanation you are expecting can't be explained in a single forum post. You are pretty much asking for something that would take a few college courses of content to explain in depth. Yet because we can't condense that for you into a single paragraph, you've decided that clearly, we are somehow not answering your questions and are therefore wrong.
Okay friend listen, I am going to ask you to read the original post, and read the question I asked before me and Chermog and you started arguing, I insist you do that. Then, I want you to understand that the question I asked didn't need to escalate to the point it did, and clearly I gave a calm opinion as to why I felt his input wasn't satisfactory to me. Then he starts insulting me, so yeah, I am going to dismiss what he says. And you agree with him, right off the bat ignoring my side and simply stating how I am wrong. No middle ground, just 100% wrong, and that is why your argument deserves to be dismissed because it isn't an argument, what you've done so far is push your side. I have addressed other sides, something you are refusing to give me the same courtesy of doing.
: Chermorg can be aggressive in the way he types. Some advisors take a more conciliatory stance. For different posters, the differing approaches can be useful. Some need to be told strait up where they went afoul of the standards of the community because otherwise they won't hear. Some need to feel listened to before they'll open up to other perspectives. I believe that Chermorg fills a vital role in this community. ---------------- If you believe that he overstepped the bounds of what is acceptable and would like to converse with those higher up the chain, you can do so on the [Discuss the Boards](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation) board (where this post should be) or the [Moderation Discord](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation/7rtKBZLi-boards-moderation-discord-verification).
Oh, I do feel sometimes aggression is a vital piece of the puzzle, but not when it isn't needed, and that Is the bound he has overstepped on multiple occasions. Also I didn't even know about those other posting options, so thank you for the information. #Respect
Aneirin (OCE)
: Not much more I can tell you sorry - I read the whole thread and I don't think Chermog was wrong.
well that is your opinion lol, nothing I can do to change that. At least youre not calling me manipulative and other disrespectful things, so #Respect
: He admits to not responding to your later questions because you were slowly trying to back him into a corner with loaded questions. Which I definitely saw you were. I'm honestly surprised he tried to keep responding for so long before realizing you would just keep pushing and finally realized it had to stop somewhere. You are manipulative and reject anything that contradicts the belief you have. You try to make it sound simple when it really isn't If you want to truly understand what we tried to explain to you, and you swear to god you aren't trolling, I suggest going and taking some cybersecurity courses.
So.. I am manipulative. See, I could respect your opinion, but at this point all you're doing is personally insulting me. I TRIED to have a conversation with him, and it could have ended when I said his opinion was too biased, but he continued and started to lie and personally insult me like youre doing now, so I honestly don't understand what is making me the bad guy in this situation..
: Sometimes the system is just slow. No need to alert every time a punishment is given from a report. If you (mind that the you is not specifically about you.) don't report, the system does not care. A report had to be mad eto have a game reviewed.
True, alright I see. lol and yes I know you didn't specifically mean me. see idk, maybe most reports don't need the instant feedback. But I don't think I can give up the argument on Hate Speech reports lol I do feel as if they are a lot more serious than the others, and affect people a lot harder too.
: Honor level has nothing to do with the punishment system's decisions. The only interaction is that honor is lowered on an account after being punished. The notifications have specific limitations, and were purposefully designed that way. No system is perfect, but if the hate speech box is checked, the zero tolerance module of the IFS will engage to review the chat. You can assist in refining that module by typing in the comment section which comment you believe fell under the current zero tolerance policies and why.
First off, thank you so much for giving me a response other than outright disagreement. So honor doesn't affect it, but okay follow up question. If I check verbal abuse and hate speech on the same report, will that cause a problem? Are some words considered verbally abusive but not hate speech, so they are altogether ignored because the system is searching for something else?
: Well, if I was unsure to your motives before, I'm definitely not now. You were being dismissive of Chermog and actively ignoring or devaluing their responses, and then acting as if it were the other way around. And I read every single comment in that thread as well as discussing it thoroughly with you in said thread. But I won't be silent as while the rest was passive-aggressive, this is a blatant attack on Chermog.
I had no motives before Chermog began to personally insult me. I was being dismissive because he didn't answer my questions, AND IN HIS LAST POST he admits to intentionally not responding. So yes, this is an attack on him, and a well deserved one. Read through his comments on other threads. I've dealt with him before on another post by a friend of mine, and he hasn't changed. I can see where you're coming from, I am attacking him, but understand I have my reasons, and I know I am not the only one who thinks this way.
Aneirin (OCE)
: I think you're overreacting. I got the feeling in that thread that you didn't have much time for any opinions that didn't agree with you. Assuming the reasons behind people downvoting you doesn't help. You were both worked up - just leave it in the past and move on.
I beg you to read my replys, on my name as the Herald Of Death, I end up respecting the other commenters, all but Chermog. you need only but read what I wrote, that is all I ask of you, and nothing more. Edit: Admittingly I am worked up, but not without good reason. You aren't wrong about that, but please understand I have my reasons, this isn't the first time I've had to deal with how manipulative Chermog can be.
: Where Is The Line Between Hate Speech and Verbal Abuse?
So, ignoring everything with the Advisor Chermog, can I get some other opinions? I would delete the comments but it is evidence used in a post I made against this toxic advisor lol.
Rioter Comments
Chermorg (NA)
: You have claimed that the problems I state won't be problems, and I've told you why your proposed "solutions" to the problems will not actually work. You haven't responded to my most recent messages. I have tended to ignore your questions because they are loaded and leading questions. I will not fall into your mid game of you tricking me into saying what you want me to say. I'm done replying on this thread now. I do hope you can read what I've said this whole time and actually read it, not just notice someone disagreeing with you and an argument you feel obligated to win. Have a nice day.
I've responded to all comments, and also my questions aren't leading, they are legitimate questions you refuse to answer because they weaken your side.... as what any good arguementatist does, is ask viable questions that work and deconstruct to favor the arguer. There is no mind game, only me seeking answers and you ADMITTINGLY refusing to give them to me. I have read everything, and you seem so caught up in trying to delude my point of view you can't see that. But that's okay, cause in a majoritys eyes, those who walk away after doing nothing but throwing insults at the end of their argument have lost. Best part is, I don't claim your problems wont be problems, I give a reason as to how those problems can benefit the system, but you don't care because that doesn't help your case.
Chermorg (NA)
: You asked why people are downvoting you. I, for one, have not downvoted a single post in this thread - neither your OP or any comments. People likely downvoted you for the "holier than thou" and "i don't have to listen to your opinion" attitude, as well as the personal attacks you made there. You asked a question, I gave you an answer. Just as when you didn't like the reasoning I gave for the feedback not coming every time, you once again are not liking the answer and so resorting to being combative and aggressive.
Wow. I want to see evidence of my, "Don't have to listen to your opinion attitude". I've responded to every comment, acknowledged every point of view, then gave my opinion and counter argument. What you are continuing to do here is throw personal insults at me, and now are trying to make yourself seem, "Holier than thee rest of us". You didn't even respond to the questions I've asked you, and have consistently tried to make my argument invalid by YOURSELF being combative and ignorant, trying to bait me into becoming an aggressive OP so this post loses meaning, or whatever your gameplan is, but again, I will say it again, it is laughable. Edit: the deleted post is a copy of this one, I accidently reposted it somehow.
: Whose supposedly twisting words now? I explicitly stated everything made by humans is flawed. But you claim I said there is nothing wrong with the punishment system. Also, you did not explicitly state the streamers said or did the bannable actions in game, just on stream. Bjergsen could swear repeatedly on a stream while playing League, but only twitch or whatever site he uses to stream would be able to punish him for it. If he typed any of it in chat however, if even one person reports him, the system would flag it. Even Pro players are not immune to it, and Riot has proven this by fining pro players heavily before for breaking the rules and being toxic. So, no, you did not say that, though you may have been thinking that while typing your response.
Oh damn, okay I will admit I read that wrong, and I am sorry for that. And you may be right lol, Chermog has got me all fired up and I am responding to you after him, making it an unfair situation for you and I am sorry for that. Although I still disagree with you, I guess my argument in currently invalid by my previous lack of proper understanding xD
Modi (NA)
: You know what's awesome about not getting any feedback? You can just imagine and believe that they got the punishment. If they sent for every single time it was a confirmed report, you would be even more pissed when it didn't punish. This way, you can decide in your mind whether you think they got punished or not.
True, mystery is always nice. But in cases where the attacks are personal, wouldn't you prefer to know, especially if it was hate speech?
Chermorg (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Herald Est Mors,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=f8JlMtaZ,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-07T03:43:46.296+0000) > > Well of course you think that, you pretty much can't speak against the system. I understand where you are coming from, but I also believe **your opinion may be too biased** based on the fact you essentially work for Riot. And seeing as to how I've given takeback off of what you've said, and you've only argued your side without acknowledging any of mine to be valid, **means that we can't have an actual discussion about this topic**. Sadly, this is a time where over **players from the boards may be a better resource for finding an answer to the question I originally asked. ** > > Edit: Love how people downvote simply because I disagree with an Advisor. All the bolded parts could be easily construed as ad hominem attacks.
You are fishing way too hard. "Your opinion may be too biased" is a personal attack against you? "Means that we can't have an actual discussion about this topic." ??? How can anybody take that as personally insulting? You yourself don't take that as an insult, there just isn't any way an Advisor can get offended by somebody telling them they think their opinion might be too biased. What youre doing now is fishing for things that you can "construe" to discredit my argument, and THIS might be a personal attack, but that is laughable. Honestly Chermog, is me saying "your opinion may too baised" really offending you?
Chermorg (NA)
: No, it would not. The biggest way would be players finding out *just* how toxic they can be while avoiding the systems. That would be the worst thing to happen as well as the most likely.
And that would be were the system would have the chance to adapt. I still do not see the problem with this.
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