: Petition: Lower damage universally by 10%
It would literally be the same game except shields and heals would be even stronger.
: How to buff Caitlyn's early game to make her the lane bully she should be...
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: I will definitely try mals again! I really suck with tf however:P On the topic of AD runes I was using those to help with my cs, but I will for sure change them! If I don't want to build full AP swain, should I just do it anyways? or should I build something else? I will re watch my games for sure... might even do that right now. I also think that duo-ing with my friends is not working out. aha If you wouldn't mind, could you look at a game or two of mine? I would really appreciate it! (If you're able to, which one would be the best type to send (bad/good/avg and how would I send it?) I'm honestly just trying to get better and get to gold before the end of the season so I will take whatever help I can get when it comes to my own improvement! Again, thanks so much for the response, Chase
I'm at school right now and have work after so I'll be able to watch one of your replays later today if thats okay, and I can just watch it from op.gg so you don't have to worry about sending it. Add me in-game (HerbieVG) and we can talk more there!
: Trying to get gold
Hey friend, so I've been looking at your op.gg and I just wanted to give you a few tips. First, the Swain pick is obviously working very well for you so keep playing it for sure. But when I was climbing out of Silver/Gold as a mid laner, I found most of my success with champions that could roam and impact the map much more. I'd recommend picking up Twisted Fate. Another pick you could try out is Malzahar, he's super strong right now and can pull in a lot of free wins. Next, I think you'd benefit greatly from switching up your builds on Swain. Righteous Glory and Deadman's Plate is not optimal. I also noticed you're using AD runes which is not what you want to bring on Swain. I recommend using Champion.gg to find the most optimal builds/rune pages for Swain or any other champion you want to look to play and make sure you're using tier 3 runes, because despite what a lot of low elo players think, they make a huge difference. Now when it comes to actual gameplay, you seem to die quite a few times. Every death is avoidable so make sure to look back on how you died and ask yourself, "How could I have played that differently?". Make sure you're tracking the enemy jungler by warding optimal spots and paying attention to the mini-map so that you don't die to ganks. I also noticed that you average about 5 CS per minute, this is not very good, those few CS you're missing every minute turn into whole items later in the game. I also think duoing with your friends is not working out at all. Your winrates together are pretty bad, so maybe stick to normals when your friends want to play with you, unless you both make the commitment to improve and climb together. Thats about all I have from looking at your op.gg, but I'd be happy to watch one of your replays and give you more specific pointers if you'd like. I wish you the best of luck in solo queue!
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: Shudo, the Ancient Author [ Mage (Support) ]
This looks like a super cool concept and would love to see this style of character introduced. His E seems a little on the strong side, as it amplifies damage from all sources. Also Death Sentence is the name of Thresh's Q so you'll have to rename that when you get the chance. I love the concept and I feel like with a few changes it could become an awesome champion.
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Msatie (NA)
: searching for my dark apprentice. in return i promise you diamond 1. gold to plat i can duo with
: Darius
I feel like he's super annoying, but because he isn't used in competitive he wont see any nerfs. I personally think Pantheon is a worse problem but he probably won't see any nerfs either. I think if they make it so stuns interrupt his channeling he would feel a lot better when laning against.
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: I just realized how broken Ekko is
Tank Ekko is on the poweful side, yeah. He doesn't die but he still blows up squishy targets. I think the main problem is how sticky he is. This is also complemented by his get out of jail free card, being his ultimate. His Passive should honestly not speed him up if his Q slows the target anyway. He does have a really bad win rate though, so I really don't know how they're going to make him more healthy without making him useless. More buffs to AP Ekko but nerfs to Tank Ekko would just result in his AP side becoming broken.
: Smeb is hands down the best top laner at worlds. If Rox wins worlds, it will be because Smeb just outclasses his opponents too well. I'm not incredibly well versed on junglers at worlds but I would have say best jungler would either be Trick or Clearlove. Mid is weird. Mechanically, Faker is the best (although you can make arguments for Scout). Bjergsen is up there as well and I think from a team synergy perspective might (I say this cautiously as I'm not sure it's absolutely better) be more impactful than Faker. Faker is the king of the solo plays and that's great and can solo carry SKT. However Bjergsen is so good at playing around his team that he can help his teammates carry pretty hard. So I guess this one comes to what you look for in a mid laner. There are a lot of good ADCs. Uzi, Doublelift, Bang, Pray, Zven, even ForG1ven. This one is too close to call imo. Supports are tough to categorize and to be honest I don't know that much about support players at worlds. I think Mata of RNG is solid, as is Gorilla of Rox and Wolf of SKT. Mithy from G2 is pretty good and has great duo synergy with Zven. Aphromoo is never someone you can count out, although I don't know if CLG will be in a good enough place for Aphro to be able to be the playmaker that he is.
Thanks so much! This is exactly what I needed.
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: Best Dragons
It depends on your team composition a lot of the time. I'd say the best dragon would be mountain or infernal. Especially if you stack a couple of them. Infernal is especially good when you're snowballing, and mountain is good for shredding baron or turrets when you siege. Cloud drakes are fine for roaming and rotations I guess, but it really doesn't compare to infernal or mountain. Ocean drake really doesn't feel like it makes an impact unless you're up against a poke composition.
: Why does kayle still exist in this shape?
Well. You seem. Very upset. Why are you. Talking like this. Anyway, she's actually super squishy and is very vulnerable without her ultimate. The main counter to her ultimate is crowd control, as the duration still runs down even when CC'd. Also I find that she pushes waves quite fast and she lacks mobility, so kindly ask your jungler for a gank. I'd suggest using Annie against her in mid, or Pantheon if you're in top lane.
: Baron Nashor Minecraft Model
Great detail! Anyone who downvotes this clearly got executed by the Baron one to many times.
: Funnest and Best Champions?
The first champion that really became a "main" for a little bit was Ahri, just her mobility and play-style seemed great to me. After a bit I got bored of her and I picked up Ekko, and he's a blast. Gragas is another champion that I'm probably going to look into climbing with, he's just really fun to play.
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: dont get alienware they are not that good anymore you can get a lot better for the same price. But first thing are you set on getting a laptop and what is your budget
Yeah, I travel between parent's houses so I'm set on getting a laptop. I'd say my budget is $500-$800 if that's possible.
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MissFrye (NA)
: Ranked
I feel your frustration ): I went directly into ranked right after I hit level 30 and I placed Bronze 3. Unfortunately it's a little late but you should have waited longer until you have a main position with a champion pool consisting of several champions that you can play really well. What I would recommend is going back to normals for a little bit and finding someone you can duo with, preferably a Jungler, or a support if you main ADC. Good luck climbing! I'm almost Silver 2 after a month of climbing from Bronze 3, 0LP. Hang in there. (:
Fllesh (NA)
: the majority of your player base is in bronze, silver, and gold.... why do you always focus so much time, effort, and resources to the pro scene.... the absolutely smallest part of your community?
These changes are to target lane swaps, how does this effect you in any way? For the most part the game is going to be vey similar because no one in solo queue performs lane swaps like they do at the pro level. Honestly you probably wouldn't have noticed if they just made the changes without saying anything. You're just hopping on the "Riot sucks and only cares about pro players" bandwagon.
Porocles (NA)
: It sounds like your network might be experiencing packet loss which is causing delays in your games. I think switching to an ethernet is an excellent troubleshooting step, and we can dig into some more solutions. Run a [log reader](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/209765743-Connection-Troubleshooting-Log-Reader) which is a tool that will get an overview of your matches and see what's going wrong. It will then provide some steps to help get this fixed up. Let me know how this works for you, or if the problem continues.
"Your average ping was 113 milliseconds." "The worst ping you experienced was 113ms. This means you experienced high ping during this game, which is likely where you were seeing issues. See below for a few recommendations to help out with this." "Your average percentage of packet loss for this game was 0.00%. Overall, this means you had a low amount of packets lost during the game." Also, I tried wired connection and it only made it worse. 113 ping was just one of the logs I pasted, almost all of the ones I tried had 110+ with 0.00% packet loss. I don't understand what the issue is.
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