: Now how's that gonna work with 6 {{item:3072}} 's? Or 6 {{item:3143}} 's Or 6 {{item:3083}} 's How are you supposed to use/hold this thing at all? {{item:3078}}
{{item:3072}} : http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/powerlisting/images/4/40/Seven_Swords_Dance_Technique.PNG/revision/latest?cb=20140915224454 I don't know about the others, but 6 {{item:3078}} will give you http://apollo-na-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/1427727622278/TonsofDamage.jpg
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: When you are another year older and you realize you have succeeded at nothing in the last year
Happy birthday Fish! Funny thing is, it's my birthday too! http://i.imgur.com/PhijPZB.gif?nodirect
: You've been watching Simpsons haven't you Heretic!
Not really, it was just a coincidence :P
: Bagg-ed, and tagged! Eh, tried to make the pun work. Do I get a star for trying?
Of course! Here's a special star for you http://www.picgifs.com/glitter-gifs/s/stars/picgifs-stars-4190891.gif
Leo1024 (NA)
: How To Get Free God Fist Lee Sin Skin
Fortunately, it's possible to play in Practice Tool to enjoy God Fist Lee Sin without waiting for its cooldown tor refresh!
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: ...and you're to blame! You give love a bad name!
: Its true. They were BREAD for war. http://pa1.narvii.com/6294/d418b23d54a2bbc1bad30d3a192602a1bf639fdb_hq.gif
i'll steal you pun and put it in the bag...uette
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: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/xNnKqGOzOGI/maxresdefault.jpg
: Inb4 the whole enemy team crowds around you when it activates, waiting
Rioter Comments
: When someone upvotes/downvotes something so its four and types
Now every comments here shall have 4 upvotes Also 4 replies for each comment
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: What did Sona say when Ahri charmed her?
https://cdn.meme.am/instances/51067781.jpg Also, you're back!
DaIe (NA)
: Who Was the First Champion Ever Locked In?
>but what about the legend of the first pick? TheLegend27 must have the answer for this
: What do you call a crazy diana?
: The moon affects the tides. As do you affect his bloody heart.
Oh you, join us and let's become a love triangle
: isn't that tahm?
Nope, Kindred represent Death. They're the grim reaper of LoL.
: do you remember what happens after that?
Homer becomes the Grip Reaper and kills some people before growing tired of it and asks god to return the way he was. Great episode
Zarvanis (NA)
: For the folks who don't know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ussEA1nK5Ys
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I love these videos so much lol
Fazor (NA)
: It was such a fun game! I dressed up my Sackboy in the Tron clothes from the preorder. Good times.
My favorite one was the Assassin's creed dlc and Infamous 2. But the community...oh boy. Filled with "emos" and those never ending copied levels, especially the Mortal Kombat ones. But it was a great time.
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Fazor (NA)
: It's been forever since i've played that game ;-;
I miss this game so much. RIP my favorite game. https://media.giphy.com/media/l4JyRYDsbS2EbPbtS/giphy.gif
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: http://i.imgur.com/bofUVay.gif?noredirect
Rioter Comments
: Time to throw some shade bois
Oh no, is this another shipping post? Me with Tides? https://media.giphy.com/media/8VLgtJqaxIlhu/giphy.gif
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: how dare they exclude the most famous musician in Demacia and Xin
I bet it's because of her Ionian origins. That's racist _kappa_
: Is the funny part that you spent money on Chromas?
There's nothing really funny in this post, but I did it anyway ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯
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Cowseed (NA)
: Amazing how I made a post about this but it gets downvoted but now it's being used for upvote farm. I really hate league players :)
I just saw your post, I think your "learn to brain" is the reason why it has gotten downvoted lol. Gotta be more friendly :]
: Does sona get a legendary since she already has an ultimate skin?
There's nothing wrong in making a legendary to a champion who has an ultimate skin imo.
Rioter Comments
: I'm up voting because you used you're and your correctly.
: isnt that his lefty tho? hope the right hand isnt the jealous type
It is, I just didn't bother mention his left hand because the gf joke is used with the right one.
Mhihnj (EUW)
: I don't get it
Right hand = gf. Why have a gf when you just need your right hand to satisfy your needs ;)
: If Diana gets a Legendary Skin, would she not be a heretic?
Knoyle (NA)
: I don't get it. He's just looking at his h- OH I GET IT!
: but sona doesn't become a god in her skin
Skelenth (EUW)
: Avatar Mode! Yip yip!
Zaheer yip yip! http://68.media.tumblr.com/b7984ab64b61f32c4c65f5dd1e8dd7ea/tumblr_navqrxrMYl1rozvtbo5_500.gif
: Well she technically does in her ultimate skin, right?
: I love you.
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: Me whenever I get fed
Rioter Comments
: After you salvage the failed teamfight, the team replies: https://media.giphy.com/media/HyRc4Q87xFfMY/giphy.gif
Until you make a mistake and they "????" the shit out of you lol
: What every support main says when a new champ/rework is announced
Can't wait for people to try him for the first time in ranked too!
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