bad fizz (NA)
: LF players for a serious Gold/Plat Team
IGN: Hero of Hope Rank: Plat 5 Champ Pool: Thresh, Rakan, Leona, Nami, Janna, Lulu, Annie, and Blitz Team Experience: Played on a few teams back in season 6 and beyond but haven't done much team play in about 6 months. Comms: Any i have most and can DL what is needed How vocal are you: I talk more then i should lol Are you a shotcaller: yes but im more of an engaging shot caller for team fights objective shot calling isn't my strongest. Availability: Any time after 7PM MTN time
Omnia (NA)
: Looking for ADC, Support, and Top for high gold-low plat team. 3 subs also needed.
IGN- Hero of Hope Rank- Plat 5 Role- Support Champ Pool- Thresh, Rakan, Leona, Nami, Janna, Lulu, Annie, and Blitz Strengths- easy to communicate with and will work with team to take high priority objectives or kills. Weaknesses- Sometimes forget to ward when I roam to other lanes, also have a problem over extending thinking I can put play someone sometimes it works sometimes it goes bad. Other Relevant Information- 26yrs old
: Gold/Plat team LF support
Plat 5 support Main 25 Years old IGN-Hero of Hope Thresh, Braum, Nami, and Rakan are my mains but, i can play the others decently well
: Smurfing ADC LF Support Duo for gold account / silver flex
: LF Duo (Silver/Gold)
would you be willing to play with a plat 5 support main?
vSurge (NA)
: P2 smurfing looking for duo
Support main here plat 5 if you want to play let me know
: Looking for a gold to plat top lanner
Id be willing to play top for you guys im plat 5 and im looking for a team my main role is support but i did main top most of last season im open to using any voice chat app since i have them all
: LFP Looking For A "Willing To Help" Mentor
Plat 5 Support and Mid main add me on league if you want to play
: P4 ADC main LF duo
Ill Join you support main plat 5 I also have discord
: plat adc looking for duo support
Ill play with you im a support Main plat 5
BIackfox (NA)
: Just a fyi, you are not scoring pussy on league. Even if you found a chick, which you won't, she won't be hot like you are expecting.
> [{quoted}](name=Sorakas Tits,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=iBFEthEs,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-12-14T03:59:36.128+0000) > > Just a fyi, you are not scoring pussy on league. Even if you found a chick, which you won't, she won't be hot like you are expecting. LOL the thing you fail to realize is that I'm gay hence my name... So before you assume anything make sure you know what your talking about
Bídoof (NA)
: ill wear a dress
> [{quoted}](name=LvI 1 Bidoof,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=iBFEthEs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-12-14T03:07:34.257+0000) > > ill wear a dress okay that works too
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: looking for a mid-high silver support main
Top 5 champs: Thresh, Janna, Nami, Alistar, Morgana age:25 why do u want to join: I want to be able to climb and learn to work on my macro plays so i can further my team skills rather then solo que pros/cons of having you on our team: when i engage i fully commit to a fight when the call is made on the flip side of that if no one is calling shots I can tend to get greedy when i believe we can snag a pic but end up dead (some times it works out)
: Team looking for top or support
Still looking for a support? I added king
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Shuno (NA)
: Team Limit Break LF Support, Mid, Top
Im interested in joining your team im 25 main support and gold 5 i main {{champion:412}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:25}}
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higgy73 (NA)
: looking for Support for ranked team silver+
: ADC LF support silver+
gold 5 support main
: im a bronze 2 adc ( for now >:] ) looking for a supp main
Zenswayx (NA)
: Looking for a jungle for our team Silver+ (if you're bronze you will be removed)
(Optional) Age :25 Timezone : Mountain Role : Jungle/Support Solo Queue Division : Gold 5 Team speak Communication Application & Microphone Accessible (Y/N) : Y List; Your Top 3 Champions for Role Applying :Jungle: {{champion:64}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:106}} Support: {{champion:412}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:53}} Briefly describe your play style : Can play aggressive for objectives if we are ahead but capable of playing safe and assisting team to catch up if we get behind Your strongest attributes : can smite steal effectively, ward consistently, ping and open communication with team Your weakest attributes : Taxing too much or not at all, can have a tendency to dive when i think a kill can be won from the dive. Why you would like to be apart of a tournament team : Looking for a team that can work well together and to learn to improve and move forward with skill sets and team comps also teams are much easier to work with rather then solo que Your past experience on a tournament style team or ranked team (If Applicable) : No touny style team but had a casual team back in seasons 3,4, and 5 The best time to reach you in-game : anytime im on
: How to get your 2016 World Championship Tickets
{{item:3460}} there now i can just make it to all of the games
: Welcome to the maaaaaaaaain event!
Allexx (NA)
: Looking for a 5man / future team
IGN:EliteTeddyV3 Role:ADC/SUPP Rank:S2
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: People that are telling others to kill themselves has to stop! Please help me get this noticed!
This guy was saying this stuff too me all game telling me to kill myself because i made a bad play.
CV coco (EUW)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=CV coco,realm=EUW,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=yRN44x0a,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-07-15T12:43:51.082+0000) > > Hello:) perhaps you would like to join our teamspeak community? It's called The Chaos Vanguard and we have just expanded to NA section aswell, so new people are always welcome<3 More info here: > > > TS: > Forum: > Website: I tried joining i filled out all the stuff but idk what to do next i joined the teamspeak idk what to do next
WhytKiD (NA)
: New Ranked Team, Gold IV+
IGN: EliteTeddyV3 Rank & Peak: Gold 4 Still climbing MID/SUP Top 3 Champions: {{champion:103}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:115}} Timezone: MNT Age: 24 Time Available: ANY
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: Making for a BRONZE TEAM
IGN:EliteTeddyV3 Age:24 Skype Name: elitetedii Lanes(At least 2): jng, adc, sup, mid, top Main Champs(At least 3):{{champion:53}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:254}}
: If you own every champion and every skin, Riot will mail Phreak to you. Upon unpacking (a hammer or crowbar is recommended to open the crate), he will grant you one (1) high-five and up to three (3) puns of his choosing, at least one of which will be a never-before-heard exclusive pun.
logged in just to upvote this lol
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Celebis (NA)
: u still need a duo?
> [{quoted}](name=Celebis,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=38ZOzXiY,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-02-25T17:31:45.187+0000) > > u still need a duo? do you need a duo? ill play with you
: Looking for DEDICATED JUNGLE AND AD CARRY; High Bronze to Silver VERY encouraged to apply
EliteTeddyV3 ADC Any i have all you have listed Cait, Lucian, and Trist are my top 3 favs i like to cycle them depending on counter picks I play apox. 4-6 hours a day except for saturday I'm more of a team player and would play something that is requested by the team to better suit a wombo combo for a higher success rate I rarely get angry at league i learned that no matter how bad your loosing you can always make an epic come back if your willing to cooperate with your team
: Azir Q&A: Gameplay - COMPLETED
Okay quick question does Azir's ult stop dashes say like Diana if i push her away after one dash can she dash back to me or will she be blocked?
: Redesign Diana. BUT! With no numbers!
why not just have the whole map do night and day and certain champs (Diana, Noc, Elise, Etc) get bonuses and vice versa sunlight grants (Leona, Garen, J4, Etc) bonuses would increase the availability to team fight during certain times making timing all that more important. (Say a champ like eve was stalking during the night phase her passive range of being seen is shortened ) allow more opportunities to gank or with Diana like we were saying she gets more procs during night phase like maybe a lower cool down on her q Etc.
: Zilean rework
your Q seems a lot like Vald's ult with the increased damage and a boom at the end. His E seems too much like Ori's W it does the same thing except in your version it doesn't do damage. Also the W you added i do agree with the mechanics behind it and how it could work but time wise it needs a "battery" it seems like it last forever the way your putting it also with the charge time it would make team fights a mess say i don't have the w placed down when a team fight erupts what would be a good time for its charge time 2? 3? maybe 4 secs? team fights are all about split second timing yes it could be useful if you placed it out of the team fight before it was started but it still needs a "battery" timer if it could last forever it would make it way to op i would place it in a bush next to a pink and pick fights all the time I'm not saying they are bad ideas they are pretty creative its just they are very similar to the other champs
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: There were like two videos i saw removed
On my end I have at least 6 removed camping hard, ad carrying, supports I'll have to get the names of the others
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