: I'd rather they not? It's already an enormous pain in the ass that I effectively can't see invisible champions on the rift and the only counterplay is "have oracle trinket" or you're screwed. And even if you do have it- you can't always interact with the red outline you see running right towards the carry. I'd rather stealth be too weak than too strong. Especially in regards to melees trying to clear Shaco boxes.
I don't know if you misread it or something, but this was in regards exclusively to ARAM, not summoner's rift.
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: Can Apples get a thicker peel?
you can bite through an orange peel too if you weren't such a weenie
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 9
This has probably already been suggested, but what are your thoughts one a lightning drake that gives an energized effect? Since you want everyone to benefit from it, an increase in charge speed is out of the question, but what if, like, an energized basic attack from lightning drake created an aoe around yourself that gave you and allies an attack speed boost? Multiple drakes can either increase the aoe or increase the attack speed bonus.
: No matter how hard you feed, how much your allies flame, or how far you drop in ranks
: I want Vel'Koz onesies. I'd be the cutest life-disintegrator in the universe. . . . . . No wait I'd still be ugly, but purple and with tentacles!!!
they can't call you ugly if they're dead
: Only if we can have Meowkai onesies, too. >:]
why stop there? give us urf the nami-tee onesies
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: Take your main, switch their Q with their R.
{{champion:119}} 1: you can farm before minions even get to lane 6: thats a lot of mana for something ill accidentally lose before catching it once
: Make one seemingly small change to the game that would create copious amounts of chaos in the game.
: Whenever someone calls any champion that builds more than 1 defense item a "tank"
Oh, so when someone else builds more than one defensive item, they're told "you're a tank" and "soak some damage for the team" but if I build more than one defensive item, I'm told "you don't do enough damage" and "why the f*ck did you build ohmwrecker on kog'maw?" f*ck double standards
: League's Design Director, Ghostcrawler, actually gave his own **subjective** answer to this question on his personal Tumblr blog a couple of months ago: https://askghostcrawler.tumblr.com/post/155782009488/which-champions-do-you-feel-are-the-best > #**β€œWhich champions do you feel are the best representation of each subclass.”** > >WARNING: This is pretty subjective. You may feel differently. >**Marksmen** * Marksmen: Caitlyn >**Fighters** * Juggernauts: Nasus * Divers: Vi >**Mages** * Battle Mages: Karthus * Burst Mages: Veigar * Artillery: Xerath >**Slayers** * Skirmishers: Fiora * Assassins: Zed >**Tanks** * Vanguards: Leona * Wardens: Braum >**Controllers** * Enchanters: Janna * Disruptors: Anivia >**Spoon Drawer** * IDK: Fiddlesticks >1/12/2017
I was actually unaware that ghostcrawler had a tumblr. thanks for informing me of this
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: remember when graves was an ADC and not a bruiser assassin
The Graves Update Pros: ~No longer a Lucian clone ~Conceptually, the shotgun fits his thematic well ~Finally seeing competitive play Cons: ~Literally everything else
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Meddler (NA)
: Yeah, there are a couple of missing holes in AP/CDR itemization we still need to fill, another AP+20% CDR item in particular.
Could Netherstride Grimoire help fill that hole? +100% base mana regeneration +100 ability power +20% cooldown reduction UNIQUE – MALICE: Gain 20% movement speed for 2 seconds whenever you deal ability damage. It may require a bit of tuning, and the regen should be changed to flat mana, but it seems like a good item to bring back into the game.
M0b1us (NA)
: It rewards you for getting hit. So its really strong on AP champs that commonly take hits. So Swain, Ryze, and Cho are the strategic niche.
so what your saying is that its better on tankier mages and not as good on mages that need mana and sustain, such as kassadin and malzahar?
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: You know how only the autoattack which applies Ricochet will apply on-hit effects but not the bounces? It's like that and the behaviour is consistent.
oh okay, for some reason I thought it applied to all kinds of crits, such as bullet time
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: Evolution of a Dragon Champion
Would it be possible to have a Burning Tides/Shadow and Fortune-esque story about Ao Shin? He is already established in the lore through the SG Udyr comic. All you have to do is make lore about him, don't even have to work on the champ itself.
Skelenth (EUW)
: {{champion:114}} Ally: Teaches you the power of % HP True damage Enemy: Teaches you the power of % HP True damage
I feel that that is a better description for {{champion:67}}
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: Binding Mouse Button 1 to Attack Move Click interferes with UI/HUD clicks
Something you can do is set the original M1 functionality to Shift+M1 so that it will function as a UI/HUD cursor as long as you hold down shift
Sharjo (EUW)
: The last two champions also had the same primary writer from Narrative, who also worked on Tahm Kench and Rek'Sai's. So yeah, I think it's ok.
Oh okay. Didn't realize they worked on Rek'Sai too.
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Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Which ends up being 20 minutes of mostly one word long lines. Much hype.
The lines start to pick up the theme at around 5 minutes in imo.
Smithney (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hex Pancake,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=jrfwPYvy,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-12T20:57:08.592+0000) > > Seriously though, Jhin's kit looks really cool and fun to use. Can't wait to hear that VO. HERE! HERE! Here it is! It's ~~freaking glorious~~... I mean... incomparably magnificent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwQ3i9L0j74
A true masterpiece.
: I'm sorry, whats a VO? :/
I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it stands for "Voice-Over", which is the voice lines of the champion.
Because after the Mind of the Virtuoso was released, the rioters have been hyping Jhin's VO
: I drew Jhin in MS Paint.
That face is what gets me
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JARmates (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hex Pancake,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=2cJVmz3T,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-11T01:08:14.321+0000) > > Salt is a natural preservative. But bd and bns?
You're gonna have to tell me what those abbreviations mean >.<
: everytime i play kat i change the hotkey for my ult to the delete button
All I can think of now is the picture of someone super stretching their finger across their keyboard.
: I think KateyKhaos saw this thread, I think she tweeted about it Yeah she did, look, here it is https://twitter.com/RiotKateyKhaos/status/686614023723339776 Senpai noticed you, Pancake
: PSA: Your account and any money spent on it is not your property.
So if Riot owns all of the accounts, does that mean we are all technically MMR boosting? /s
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Meddler (NA)
: Serious question - what do you think's an appropriate ratio of serious responses to joke responses for a Rioter? Would genuinely like to know whether you feel it's inappropriate to ever post something non serious, or whether it's a frequency thing that frustrates you.
I, for one, appreciate humor from rioters on any thread. You guys make pretty good jokes tbh.
: Give ridiculous reasons why things are OP.
{{champion:107}} is op because he makes players temporarily colorblind
: Gameplay boards drinking game
Take a shot every time you see a "QQ PLZ NERF" thread Take 5 shots if that thread is about zed or yasuo
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: Yeah. Anivia has ten of them.
Wouldn't it only be 8 since birds only have 4 toes per foot?
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: 10$ RP Christmas Giveaway :D
Bullshit, Overpowered, Vayne
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