: Nice, now at least three people will be driven mad by the pig drawing's udders... Any hint for us, or leave us forever in darkness? :'( (I've never been good at finding hidden stuff like this, as much as I wanted to) Like, which part of the map, is it text, is it a picture....
: Piltover Map Has a Jhin Reference According to a Riot Member
Someone's already found it ;) It drove them kind of mad (like, devolving into "is it that the pig drawing has 4 udders?" kind of mad) But you're welcome to keep looking. It's nothing significant or crazy lore-wise though, just a fun easter egg. I'm a huge jhin fan myself, so.
Onwodori (NA)
: I'm teaching myself Kindred's Piano piece from zero piano experience
Would like to chime in that I too am currently learning the kindred piece on piano (in addition to Jhin, and Taliyah, and now I have Camille to add to the list...). It gets pretty tricky but its a ton of fun to play! Also shoutout to Ed the Conqueror for making the piece not only SOUND like lamb and wolf dancing, but the way my hands have to physically move and cross over each other on the keyboard look/feel like the dance as well. Its awesome.
: So i looked on the map and it looks amazing really well done Riot guys and gals. One question tough, what the fuck is that thing between Ironwater and Bilgewater? Is that Illaoi's god? That thing is creepy af.
I don't think sailors plan to find out...that trade route skirts gingerly close to the coasts...
: This would be a terrible map for actual navigation. No latitude markings and the Rhumb lines don't connect.
> [{quoted}](name=Acanthaceae,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=P9Er0iTO,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2016-12-02T11:04:29.120+0000) > > This would be a terrible map for actual navigation. No latitude markings and the Rhumb lines don't connect. This is less of a trade map that you would bring on a voyage and more of a big-picture planning map used in the office. For example, Medarda would see which routes to take on a voyage that would yield him the best profits during current conditions, based on their relative location and approximate travel time. He might make note of changes, things that aren't sold anymore, etc.
ItemsGuy (NA)
: Out of curiosity (and if any of you know), how many interns came on board this summer? If the opportunity presented itself, would you continue working with Riot once the internship ended, or is finishing up your education more of a priority? (Also, hi there Kaisinel! Considering the first time I met you, you were in a critique line at the Riot booth debating whether you should leave or not, it really lifts my spirits to see that you've come all this way. Can't wait to see you go even further!)
Hey! And I saw this post and immediately recognize your username! :D Thanks for the support man! As for your questions, probably still finish up my education since I think that's important to me personally. As for number of interns I believe its in the 30s, but a little higher number than last year.
: Hey Interns! First off, congrats on being selected. I know that Riot is pretty selective about their interns. I'm currently studying Interactive Design and Game Development at SCAD and would love to apply for an internship next summer. These questions are mainly for Hexadriven, as I'm interested in the visual dev department, but I would love to hear answers from the rest of you guys as well because honestly all of the jobs at Riot sound awesome. As part of the visual development team, what does a normal day look like for you? What was your favorite part of being an intern? Thanks!
Normal day would be come in around 10am. Stand-up meeting at 11, where we go over what everyone is working on, discuss blockers, particular art topics that need to be tackled, etc. Then we get to work and its pretty much concept arting for the rest of the day til 7. Everyone of the team has particular factions/topics they've decided to focus on. Two times a week we have meetings to go over what we've come up with and discuss ideas/brainstorm/critique. Our team plays 1-2 league games together at the end of the day Friday. A lot of teams play more than us though :P Favorite part is definitely all the incredible art and artists.
: For VFX, VisDev, and other creative teams! 1. How's the experience been overall? Fulfilling, all that you'd hoped for, overwhelming, something else? 2. Does it feel like you guys have accomplished and grown from the whole experience? 3. Links to your portfolios/blogs? 4. What programs have you been using most, especially for VisDev? I'm assuming Photoshop but do you also work in something like ZBrush or Mudbox? 5. Most interesting part of the whole internship thus far? 6. Who's got your favorite design/FX and why? 7. If you could visually rework someone who isn't in the pipeline, who would it be and why? 8. What design would you defend with your life, fighting all comers who try to change it?
1. Awesome, but there's definitely moments of overwhelm/confusion. However, even the low points give me opportunity for self-reflection and challenges me to keep improving 2. Grown, but still growing 3. Not gonna plug on the league boards! 4. I mostly use Photoshop and good old pen/graphite/marker on paper for ideation, but there are people on my team that primarily work in traditional media, or use 3D programs like Maya. 5. Probably seeing all the fantastic artwork that people are working on. 6. I assume you mean champion, so Lucian. My favorite champion to play as well. 7. Honestly, many of the female champions. 8. Lucian, still :P
: In what ways has Riot surprised you or been different than what you expected, if at all? What are the key takeaways from your summer from a career and life standpoint?
I think the most difficult thing to adjust to was the fact that my team is heavily self-directed. Coming in I was given a ton of blue sky that, as a super green intern, I wasn't sure what to do with. I'm trying to learn to not be afraid to ask more questions, and the right questions.
Shénzhì (EUW)
: **@Hexadriven** Are you alpha male/female? Because there's one champion in LoL so horrible and ugly that probably needs balls of steel to tolerate a community outrage for a complete Fizz visual update. What [this thread](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/WtcUem1I-whos-this) is showing is giving me ideas: http://imgur.com/9M9QOj5 This idea is a Fizz visual update with this character who's been identified as the Serpent Caller. So pls.. Go alpha and _JUST DO IT!_ :)
That piece you linked is actually by the wonderful Mark Gibbons that worked on our team! He's done a lot of awesome work for Bilgewater and Shadow Isles. Unfortunately we're not the same team in charge of champion updates.....looks like you're going to have to tolerate Fizz in his current visual state for quite a while longer~~ (the rest of eternity)~~
Mewiyev (NA)
: For Hexadriven: were your expectations for working at Riot met (or exceeded?) I hear that Riot is a great place to work. <: Do you feel like you've grown as an artist since you began working with Riot?
Met and exceeded! Riot is a pretty unique place to work and I feel incredibly lucky. I think working here has definitely opened my eyes to new ways to think about my craft as well as spurred me to improve.
: Hello interns! I have a general question. What have been some of the unexpected benefits or insights you've gained from interning at Riot?
An endless supply of free candy and clothing
GodSizer (NA)
: Can I get the gist of what the art/visual effects intern had to do on a daily basis, it's the field im really interested in and would love to hear about what went down in that intern program! Thanks
Draw all day! Maybe cry at night because your team is too cool and powerful. Then draw some more.... We have meetings twice a week to review our work and offer critique and ideas. My team is very self-directed, so everyone has to make good decisions on what questions about League's visual direction we should answer with our art. That has actually been a big challenge for me personally!
: I want to apply someday as a concept artist or maybe an illustrator. I wonder what visual development is about and how it's different from concept/illust designs :o
Vis Dev is essentially concept art, but specifically world-building and development of the League of Legends IP beyond the champions. The concept art we do helps shape and evolve the foundations of Runeterra's visual look, feel, and culture--which influences and supports player-facing things like the awesome Bilgewater event!
: What are your favorite skins for Adc/marksman?
Arctic Ops Varus is superior!
: This one's here for Inahri and Hex. I'm currently in school for art and planning on applying next summer as an intern, specifically character design. I have a couple questions! What was the interview process like for someone in visual development? I know that a large portion of their evaluation will be on your portfolio work so do you think that that changes the interview process in any way compared to other positions? How often are you assigned blue sky projects for champ designs as opposed to developing something based off a designed kit. Do you have any examples of the work you used to apply for your positions? It'd be awesome to see where I should be when applying! And finally, what is it like working with Moby Francke? I had the chance to meet several months ago. Is he still as dreamy as I remember? Thanks a lot!
The interview process for me was 1 phone interview, then 1 lunch interview and then 3 interviews with different people on the team. Portfolio matters but I've learned that in Vis Dev, while rendering capability is important, it's even more important to be able to think up fresh and surprising concepts/ideas and communicate them. Work in Vis Dev is actually not champion-based. It is a lot more blue sky. We do a lot of work for world/lore building that contribute and help provide foundations for Runeterra overall and awesome events like Bilgewater! Also Moby is awesome :P I'm such a huge fan of his work. This would be stating the super-obvious but Riot is full of amazing artists that I'm incredibly lucky to work with and admire immensely
: How were you introduced to the program? Through a college program? A scholarship program? :)
I first checked for internships on the Riot website, but Riot also attends several of the events at my school. However it was at Game Developer's Conference where I really was able to get my work reviewed by Rioters and I eventually got contacted for an interview. I don't know how it is for other interns, but as an art intern I know several other art interns that also got their interviews after meeting Rioters at GDC.


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