Opop (EUW)
: Please don't go with the PBE lore for Full Machine Viktor
Precisely what I've (and other users of the #JanitorMains hashtag on Twitter) have been saying. I agree wholeheartedly about how skin bios often seem to twist or otherwise change the concepts that they originally were made to represent - yes, much lore has been retconned in the past years, but it seems disrespectful to cast aside what the creators were told to design for. (Blacksmith Poppy comes to mind: another lore skin - after all, in her original lore she was a blacksmith's daughter and helped out at the smithy - that's been put into a line that the original designers had no idea would exist. At least hers makes thematic sense!) The Spanish, as others have said, is incorrect. I'm curious to see how the joke (which I'm still not sure what it is. Is it a joke about Spanish telenovelas? About how Viktor can only receive the Spanish channel to watch Jayce? Why Spanish?) is translated - if at all - into other languages. Why is it included at all? Why take a skin that was meant to be Viktor's crowning achievement and turn it into a scrap-scavenging janitor joke of a character?
: I don't personally think it'd be worth the work, but if there was some sort of "toggle", it should only be client side, because your opponent has to look at your animation too, so if differences between animations troubles you, it could mess with an opponent too. I can't speak on the issue too much though as I don't really play Viktor nor have I seen the new anims.
The same argument could be used for changing animations in the first place, but I get what you mean. So long as I don't have to look at the animation, I'm happy.
: Yeah they should let us pick which walking animation we want. I have no idea why Zyra needs to look like she's strutting down a catwalk.
Yeah, I'd say the same for other walks as well - but then my title would have been "a toggle for Zyra, Shen, TF..." and that doesn't flow well, haha. Having a choice is very important!
: Really curious here, how does a change of walking animation without any gameplay change affect your cs and casting? Not calling you out or anything, would just like to know the reason
No worries! I'm not sure how best to explain it, but I think it is mostly just that he doesn't look the same. The different walk feels slower to me, which very well may be subjective. I think it's mostly the fact that I've played hundreds of games (I think) on him before this update, so it throws me for a loop.
Hotarµ (NA)
: Definitely support the idea of toggleable walk animations for both sides. If you don't like the new animation, you should be able to change it back mid-game or before loading into a match, and if you like the new animations you should be able to keep those regardless of what boot-tier you have. I love Shen's new animation (walking forward with one hand outstretched and the other gripping his sword) but the second I get boots, I don't get to see it anymore. It sucks having a badass animation like that for only 6-10 minutes.
I hadn't even considered that keeping the new walk animations (for other champions, in addition) would be a potential option as well! I agree. Some of the new walk animations do look very cool, and keeping them around for flavor even after boots would be nice.
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333lom (EUNE)
: Can Viktor's new walk be tweaked?
Yep! Hard agree with both points - especially the fact that tier 1 boots don't change the run. I have one thing to add to this, however! Would it be at all possible to have a toggle between his old animation and his new walk/run animations? I know that some other champions (Heimerdinger comes to mind) have toggleable walks, and I think Viktor would benefit from one as well. It would appease people who like the new "I'm on my way to destroy my lane" animation, but also retain the old one for Viktor mains who have grown to love it. I ask only because there's such a dramatic difference between his new walk/run and old run animations that it often feels like I'm not playing Viktor - I'm playing a champ that looks like him but walks incredibly differently. Thanks for reading!
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 14
Hi! I have a comment about the Viktor walk animation. I think that it would have been thematic and appropriate for a champion like old Swain, who needed a powerful walk, but for Viktor it just feels odd. No matter what version of the lore you look at, he's a man on a mission to save the world. The vibe his walk animation gives off is a man ready to dominate the world (a la Doctor Doom), which not only makes him feel... evil, I'd say, but too _heavy_. Viktor's augments are supposed to be superior to normal flesh and blood, but the way he walks in this animation almost feels as if he needs his staff to keep him upright. (Speaking of the staff, it's a little too short to be used in the fashion it's animated for. It's also more of a weapon than a walking aide, so I feel as though Viktor probably wouldn't use it in that way.) One thing that I noticed in many of the animations (Karma stands out as well) is how much bounce or energy the animator likes to put into walk cycles. This works well for some energetic or silly champions, like Shaco, but it gives the wrong ideas for champions like Karma, Viktor, LeBlanc, and Fiora. In Karma's case, the mantle shouldn't float around as much to the left and right - up and down, perhaps. It just distracts from her as it bobs around. LeBlanc's cross-leg stride looks much more like something you'd see on the runway than the battlefield - she may be a prideful woman who knows _exactly_ what she's capable of, but crossing your legs like that is killer on the hips and your balance. (I'd tone it down, maybe put more sway in the shoulders.) Comments on Fiora have already been made (I agree with The Djinn!), so it's back to Viktor... Viktor has way too much movement in the shoulders. His third arm and, by extension, the pauldron need to remain much steadier _especially_ since he can cast Death Ray while running. If his arm bounces around that much, I doubt his laser would fire in a straight line. What I'd recommend for the walk animation is something a lot closer to his current one on live. I'd probably shorten the stride, put Viktor's back more upright, and make sure to keep his (dare I say cool, if not iconic?) cape flapping in the wind. Viktor is someone who has augmented himself past the average human, giving him more strength and grace than any flesh-and-blood citizen of Valoran. All I see in the new animation is brutish strength.
: Arcade Viktor
Yes. Yes I want this very much. Riot please.
333lom (EUNE)
: Viktor's Gameplay Update and the problems it causes - petition
I agree, although the leaked second-tier augments were a bit OP. Perhaps some tweaks on those, and Viktor would be ready to rock and roll.
: Petition to keep Cassiopeia's lore but tweak it to fit with the Shuriman update
Agreed. I liked Cass's lore, even though I never ended up playing her. I think that making her tie in with Shurima COULD be a good idea, but not the way Riot's going about it.
: LCS Summer Split icons hit the store!
{{champion:120}} {{summoner:6}} {{item:3117}} Gotta go get that C9 icon as fast as I can.


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