Xavanic (NA)
: Don't be troll by feeding him then, he's literally fucking useless if behind
any champion is useless if behind, you can't make arguments of something if it applies to everyone lmao
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Jamaree (NA)
: It’s also good on Illaoi, just throwing that out there.
wouldn't death's dance benefit Illaoi better?
: So remove Death's Dance too, right? While we're at it, can we remove Bork since it only benefits champs with AS steroids or their own %HP damage? Why not remove all items and balance champions individually like in HoTS? You might have had an argument back when Akali had her own in-kit healing, but now her healing is gated behind completing that item. Which is an even better solution than gating it behind a level requirement, since you can keep someone from getting gold longer than you can keep them from getting exp. Will was removed because it wasn't taken on anyone besides champions who abused it alongside their own in-kit healing. Those champions were adjusted specifically because it was removed during the same update. If anything, you could argue that it needs its price drastically increased since it is way too gold efficient compared to every single other first item.
I personally think that assassin's shouldn't be able to build healing items much less powerful AoE healing items. If they reduced or removed healing from HGB then I'd be completely fine with it. But what I'm not fine with is Katarina/Akali slowing me, jumping onto me while I fight back and them drain tanking all of my damage with that item. Old katarina relied solely on burst from Luden's echo but the current iteration gets an unnecessarily powerful slow and spell vamp. Just with that item she can all in anyone with minimal magic resist. Take heal? Grievous wounds is now 60% on her R. Barrier? lol. Exhaust? LOL. Katarina has just become a joke. I think that Akali with the item is fine especially with all the changes she's had recently. I was hesitant to include her but I'm afraid when she's buffed again that the item will be overwhelming to combat. What am I supposed to do to counter HGB or DD? Build Morellonomicon? I can do one of two things: 1) I can build my first item while they build theirs and get pounded into the ground and they run rampant healing out the ass until I finally get Morellonomicon but by then it's too late and they have other means of dominating me (Zhonyas or even more burst) OR I can build Morello first, mitigate their healing but then I cripple myself by not building my first item.
what kind of ram do you have? I have 16Gb 2999MHz DDR4 ram and league only occupies 700Mb
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: > [{quoted}](name=Hextech KøgMaw,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jAEctHho,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-31T17:43:42.929+0000) > > it's not really a burst meta. there are just champions that are better than kog'maw in many ways so there is no reason to play kog'maw. he lost his niche when they released Kai'sa Not to mention his indirect nerfs. Like the rageblade nerf and changes and the cost increase on Bork.
and those nerfs were due to other adcs being dominant (kai'sa and lucian), so their presence dropped a little but their builds are extremely flexible compared to kog's
: I’d love kog to be playable again. Burst meta has really fucked him hard.
it's not really a burst meta. there are just champions that are better than kog'maw in many ways so there is no reason to play kog'maw. he lost his niche when they released Kai'sa
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: Are you sure it stacks additively? That would go against Riot's history of handling how % values and their interactions work in the past. Usually its either multiplicative or only the greatest value applies.
you're right. if she doesn't have R then she can ignite or use an ability with morello to get 40%. if she does have R then she gets 60%. what I don't understand is that katarina isn't that bad in team fights. sure she can't win in a full out 5v5 but she's an assassin, her team fight should be asinine
: this is what ya'll get for thinking you can run HEAL in mid lane. HA HOW DARE YOU!
she already runs ignite so she gets GW pre 6 and now post 6 my healing is negligible while she heals from hextech gunblade
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Ahlas (NA)
: Riot, please consider reverting the Riven changes of patch 9.10 and nerfing her in simpler way.
at max CD riven Q cd is 3sec. who think that is okay for an ability that CCs, provides mobility and damage
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: How is Evelyn and Riven not being nerfed
They need to reduce the amount she heals when she is invisible. I can't count how many times I've evaded an Evelyn gank and reduced her health to 75% only for her to go invisible and heal up again.
: It's bad to compare a champ to themselves in Aram but holy shit Irelia is awful to go against in Aram with conqueror. I've yet to see one go poorly. Just buys Trinity then tank items and out damages everyone.
She plays like a fucking pinball machine bouncing off everyone. It's literally impossible to click on her since there isn't a gap between each Q
: > [{quoted}](name=Ryzê,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FIp1nxOy,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-07-13T04:33:03.986+0000) > > what does EQ actually do though besides damage? Literally nothing clears the wave, so now I can't fight unless I'm playing something that likes being alone with ryze and his minions.
you do realize that before seraphs that clearing the minion wave isn't accessible with just one EQ? Am I supposed to just surrender the wave to Irelia and pick up the scraps?
: new ryze is obnoxious shitter tier champion honestly "look @ me everyone i can E + Q" E + Q E + Q E + Q E + Q
what does EQ actually do though besides damage? Literally nothing
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: Shaco rework
every shaco i've played with/against either refuses to build their jungle item or simply "doesn't" have to, maybe instead of asking for buffs just build your jungle item and you'll be able to perform better
: Yeah, he needs more nerfs
if you're losing to this version of ryze i feel bad for you
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: ideally u would keep a minion wave distance between u and irelia since uk shes gonna fk u up at melee range ik i am not saying much since u already know that probably but how she ended up too close to u? did she successfully e'd u or cleared the wave too fast with q spam? dunno how things in ur elo work honestly
the issue is that she can Q onto back line minions that are low to get close to you then Q to you even when you try to get away. It's just too easy for her
: does ryze have like the slowest mvt speed in the game? this happened to me too but not with irelia i can hardly walk away from skillshots even when i see them coming
340 base MS vs Irelia's 335 but Irelia has 250 AA range which is huge compared to other melee champions. The second she gets phage she just kites with you
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Reksee (NA)
: Opinion: More Mobility does not make the game fun
Those champions should have lower base movement speeds
MadamYeti (EUW)
: ryze nerf sucks
it's not a stun, it's a root
Riot Jag (NA)
: Update on Teemo changes
> we weren't comfortable shipping something for Teemo without his entire playerbase being happy about it so its okay to not do this for Ryze?
: [GAMEPLAY] Ryze Q projectile and some dashes
Yeah I've had this happen with champions that dash through you (Akali, Irelia). Not exactly sure how it happens. QEQ would probably gotten you the kill though.
: instead of one eq u need two of them now to clear a wave riot fked ryze so don't expect him to farm as good as he used to be
Yeah this iteration requires too much setup for the backline if you don't go a specific route. For some reason it's so stat dependent to clear properly.
Yenn (NA)
: Implying Ryze can ever reach level 16 before the game ends
getting level 16 isnt that hard but getting decent amount of items on a scaling champion is very difficult
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Haze97 (EUW)
: I am giving up Katarina.
Katarina literally has 52% win rate what are you crying about?
Kelg (NA)
: They just turned him solely into a champ that's supposed to bully immobile melee toplaners, since we didn't have enough of those already {{champion:266}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:518}}
: 1. Play a tanky champion (most top laners fit this criteria) 2. Scale/snowball early to make sure you can at least try and duel her 3. Control wards 4. Know evelynn's pathing. Predict where she will be. Engage against your enemy laner only if you know where she is 5. Shut her down early (if you are a jungler, invade her. she's extremely weak pre 6). If you aren't a jungler, just roam into the river to prevent her from getting scuttles. She can't contest scuttles early!
She has % MR penetration. Did you even read my post? Control wards don't reveal her and she doesn't need to clear them if she's invisible.
: Her W has a charge up and also tells you the second it's fully charged where she is with an arrow pointing to her.... Run Toward a Turret..... Place a control ward near you.... or be ready to Flash when the Heart is full and flash out of her range.....
Be ready to flash the low CD ability. Very nice.
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Míellá (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ryzê,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xotv4n8O,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-21T13:45:20.337+0000) > > Seems like you haven't played enough Ryze when you say "It'll deal good dmg by itself". And yes I have. I'm not saying that it deals more dmg than ur other abilities, but what I am saying that its damage is mighty fine if you use it after your whole combo and decide to W Q (Q E Q **W Q**).
Long combo, QEQWQEQEQ does less damage pre 16 compared to 9.11 Ryze. So post 16 long combo QEQWQEQEQ does more damage but at what cost? losing his shield, losing his unfluxed root, losing his battle mage potential.
: Since his refresh mechanics on Q is untouched, his combos are not touched. The only difference is that the long combo now takes an extra bit more finesse to execute given unpowered W only slows people now and thus can be dodged if you just mindlessly spam. That's kinda it. Oh, and you lost the shield which is imo a good thing (let's be real, previous Ryze with his 2-rune shield + Seraph + AfterShock was completely bullshit), also because you get higher MS after a 2 rune combo now, which is always nice; I like to go fast. In fact, since E automatically bounce off/spread on first hit, lane management and combos have never been easier for Ryze, especially in teamfights where Ryze used to be outright unable to do due to his abysmal setup time. Personally, I like this rework so far. But still, I would like Riot keep eyes on his passive and ulti, otherwise the rest is probably at their perfect state. EDIT: Correction, i think his MS boost is now lower and not higher. Anyway, don't quote me on anything regarding his MS boost.
Long combo does less damage pre 16. So post 16 it does more damage but at what cost? Removing shield? Removing unfluxed root?
Míellá (NA)
: E Q W Q (E gets back on cd after that) E Q Enemies are usually dead after that. W resets the Q cd and because you don't have to max E anymore and can max Q, it'll deal good dmg by itself.
Seems like you haven't played enough Ryze when you say "It'll deal good dmg by itself".
: Ryze Q just bounced off my volibear tank and hit me for 2028 damage.
: Thinks of old ryze ult that made his abilities aoe and healed himself*** shudder
: Is it me are Ryze seems a bit.. overpowered?
It's appalling that they nerfed the champion so much and people still complain.
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: Death recap is not accurate and should never be taken seriously.
Which is bad because now we don't accurately know where the damage is actually coming from.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Tahm kench has 280 base damage, 70% slow on a 4 second cooldown.
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